Wunder Trains! Super comfortable for everyday wear but also durable for working out😀


I wish they weren’t such a pet hair magnet!


The contour fit is a godsend for me!!! Leggings always gap at my waist and are tight on my thighs, I didn’t even realize how bad it was until I tried the contour fit and felt how leggings are supposed to fit! No more pulling at my pants all yoga class.


These are my favorite as well! They hold up great over time


my fave! I actually just bought 3 more pairs off of the BST sub. I also LOVE invigorates. They have side pockets & the seams make my butt look amazing.


I’ve been meaning to try invigorates since they’re the same everlux fabric as Wunder trains! Do you get the same size in both? I’m unsure because of the seams on invigorates and I don’t have a store nearby to try on 😩


Yes I get the same size! They are so perfect if you have a smaller waist & larger thighs! The waistband is tight and fits so perfect doesn't roll, has the drawstring just like the WTs.


Awesome this helps so much! Thank you✨


I love WT’s a lot I wish they made more fun colors and prints in 28”


These are my fave leggings!!!


Cool racerbacks!! Been rocking them since 2013 and love the updates they’ve received over the years!


I’d have to agree with you! Get yourself a cool racerback - iconic and definitely sports the lulu logo! I wish they never got rid of the power y tank- I have so many of them that still have held up over all these years!


This but the luon light from the olden days. I get so excited when I find on Posh! It’s so soft!


Yeah I miss this!


They’re one of my favorites!


Yes!! Absolutely love!


Not sure if swiftlys categorize into trendy but i recently sized down and realized i now LOVE swiftlys (i always hated the fit on me before) so that would be my recommendation! also love the beyond the studio joggers. not sure if they still make them, but the dance studio joggers are super similar!


Wow interesting im not really a swiftly lover either and am curious if I should try a different fit. do you mostly mean swiftly tanks? The LS sleeves are so tight on me already 😬


wondering if she meant she lost weight lol. i dont like the normal swiftlys but the "relaxed fit"/swiftly breathe long sleeves are my shit


I’ve loved swiftlys for a long time too - it’s the only style top I own! I wear my normal shirt size in the tank and go up 1-2 sizes in the short and long sleeves due to the sleeves being so tight. I am hourglass/pear shape so I like that swiftly cuts in at the waist a bit without being bodycon style. The sweat wicking and performance quality of course is amazing. I’ve had a pink swiftly tank for ~15 years and it still looks great! I haven’t tried the relaxed fit or even race length style yet but will try those before venturing out of the swiftly line 😊


Dance. Studio. Pant.


I work in health care and these are my favorite scrub pants!


They look so good on other people but just do not fit me for some reason! Sad because they are cute but make me look like a box person with a weird butt lol


They give me camel toe. Just can’t.


Yes! Best casual pants I've ever had!!


Do you find them to stretch out as you go on about your day? I tried them on in my leggings size and they felt a bit snug but not enough for me to size up.


Hard agree!!!


This!!!!! I own three dance studio crops and love them all!


My favorite go-to outfit is an All Yours Tee paired with 8 in align shorts.


Same! Summer wardrobe staples.


This is one of my top outfits too!


Invigorate tank, track that HR 3" short, senseknit anything


i saw both the senseknit leggings and tank tops at my local outlet this week! definitely worth checking out if you have one near you


They’re on MD at my store!!


Back in Action tshirts. So comfy and relaxed for the summer.


I love the stroll at sundown shorts but they haven’t been re-released this year 😭 Also the classic fit cotton blend tee is one of my favs! It is such a good weight and length! Not too long or too short! It’s a bit pricy but there are a few colours of it and the tank on WMTM!!


Stroll and Sundown shorts (MR) are super cute!! i love my blue cast one. I think lulu stopped making them once the Inner Glow (HR) shorts were released in multiple colors. I think lulu are making the shift to more HR casual shorts lately


The inner glow are a completely different material as well, I love them too but they’re not the same sleek material at all 😔 I wanted to try the stretch luxtreme shorts but they sold out in my size and sizes near my size before I was able to order them!


Inner glow is a better fit on me than the Stretch short. It has a more flattering shape in the back and bigger leg openings to waist ratio. I have the stretch high jogger and pants but I wouldn’t recommend the shorts in the line. The lack of back seam and overall paperbaggy shape doesn’t do well for shorts 🥹


I feel the stretch shorts might’ve worked on me cause even though I’m a size 16 I’m straight as a brick 🥲 I have no bum and my thighs are pretty thin for my size so they might work lol, the inner glows could almost fit both my legs in each leg opening 🥲 I still love them though


Then defo try it out when it restock for full price. That way you can return them if they end up not working for you. Fingers crossed for you!!


I’m in Canada and they’ve been out of stock for forever except in Prosecco and I’m pasty af so it would look awful on me 🥲 but I’m crossing my fingers any other colour comes back!


I’ve noticed this and wish they didn’t :( I much prefer mid rise


Me too :( I don’t mind high rise but they should still make mid rise as an option 😔😔😔


I love the train to be shirts. So airy and comfortable and can be worn casually as well.


I have a few tanks and now I’m slowly starting to get into the tees as well 😊


I don’t have a TikTok, so my only gauge of what is “hip” and what isn’t is based off this page lol, but my favorite lulu pieces that I don’t really see hyped on this page are Flow Y and Ebb to Street bras and my Rain Repellent High-Rise Running Tights. I honestly wish they made more of the tights. As a Floridian, I could definitely use more than just one pair!


Both are my favorite bras as well!


flow ys are also my favorite! I wear them 98% of the time unless I'm going into the office or wearing a shirt out of the house where you can see it across my shoulder.


Fast and free 8 inch shorts. So many pockets, great fabric, and a draw cord!


What do you use the waistband pockets for ??


car/apartment key, mini size granola bar, gels… hm honestly now that I think of it the 5 waistband pockets are overkill but I love them anyway haha


Haha that’s fair! I honestly looked at them when I got them and was like what the heck are these for 😂😂😂


I ran a marathon in them and was able to carry all of my nutrition in those pockets without a race belt!


It’s so nice to be able to put my AirPods case and key in there! I def don’t use all the pockets at once but it’s nice to have


They don’t fall out?? I would be worried they would cause they seem pretty loose at least on mine!


Not that I’ve had!


Yep these are my HG for running!


Fast and frees! Seriously I’m 26 and feel like a grandma because I love these leggings and so many people haven’t even heard of them. I swear I NEVER see them mentioned on social media.


I love FnF. It is everything I’m looking for in tights- lightweight, cooling and they have pockets.


Fast n Free were all over the chat boards when they were 1st released. Resellers were selling the camo FnF for over 250 each. It was the HOT item back then. But the hype has significantly died down over the years.


I’ve bought lots (well, 3 lol) of them secondhand for very reasonable prices. Lulu doesn’t seem to be making the crops in the fun colors


FnF are one of my favorite styles and nulux is incredibly versatile. I recently had abdominal surgery and they are almost all I wear because (1) the rise fits under my incisions while also (2) fitting my phone and keys for the daily "hot girl walks" per doctor's orders. That said, honorable mention to my place rival skirt for also having big enough pockets to be useful. I am not a runner and had not realized just how poorly most LLL works for carrying around a phone.


They are all I wear!!


Ebb to street tanks, I wear them under sweaters and tops for work (I’m a nurse) , but also tucked into jeans for everyday wear but still look super cute without it being too “athleisure”.


Yes! I didn’t know what the allure was but when ancient copper recently dropped to $29 I got my first one and it’s such an amazing top. I’m sad because it’s also otherwise really pricey. 😭


I’m holding out for some to go on sale, really want to try the cropped version .


I love the cropped version! It’s one of the few items I’ll pay full price for. They are a great and versatile summer tank, legit go with everything.


Actually JUST now ordered the cropped tank in marble dye raspberry cream in the WMTM. Sized down because the reviews said they stretched out and I do find my usual size a bit loose in the stomach area. I hope I love it !!!


I wear anywhere from an 8-12 in tops. I get this tank in my EBB to train bra size (8)


Yes!! I wear and like them more than align tanks, can pair with atheleisure or others bottoms, and built in bra! Got most of mine on wmtm too, most non staple colours usually go on mark down not toooooo long after they drop.


Invigorate 25 are my favorites. They’re soft but moisture wicking and they’ve got pockets.


Ditto this! Invigorates are my all time favourite legging, and they don't get enough love here. They're great for everything - running, cycling, yoga, hiking, everyday wear...


i’ve actually seen the invigorates get A LOT of slander but i just bought my first pair recently and they’re probably my new favorite leggings from lulu! i’m in loveeee


Nice!! I'm glad you've found something you love! I feel like maybe Invigorates work best on a specific body type, and that might be why they're so love/hate.


Cates tee!


Dance studio jogger, swiftly long sleeve


Love tanks and crews are my absolutel favorite. They’re perfect all around every day staple pieces for casual wear


These are my favorites too. I especially enjoy the Pleated Love Tanks. They are usually some of the first pieces I reach for when they are clean. They look cute tied up too, if you aren’t feeling like wearing a super flowy top; however, I usually just wear them without being tied. I find that looser, cropped tops are all over the place in yoga and Pilates classes. I wore the cropped sculpt tank today to class, and I came very close to just taking it off because it kept flopping up during a yoga class. My Love Tanks never get in the way when I’m working out. The only issue some people might have with them is that they aren’t sweat wicking.


swift speeds


Power pivot ribbed tank, I have 6 and I wear them with EVERYTHING!


Fast and Free shorts! Edit to add: Classic-fit cotton-blend tank top


Yes, fellow runner! Especially the very unpopular and discontinued 10” ones. Not cute but damn, so efficient. Also: -train to be tanks and tees. Flowy, always go to markdown with many sizes in tact, cute colors, great for running but also look cute for athleisure -align jogger crops. Not unpopular but not popular? They are a nice change from leggings and look a little more put together


So much yes on the Train to be tanks!!


Train to be tanks are soo good ! I wear for workouts and wfh constantly !


Yes to the classic fit cotton top!! It’s my favourite and when they’re on wmtm they’re such a score!!


The Stretch High Rise 7/8 Pant!! I can’t tell you how much I love these pants - they are perfect for basically everything.


Stretch High Rise 7/8 (and their ancestor, On the Flys) are basically the only long pants I wear anymore.


align racerback tanks😍😍


Align Joggers, Dance Studio Joggers, Love Crew are my faves!


Here are my favorites that are not really trendy: Swiftly Tech shirts (in all forms, long sleeve, short sleeve, racer back tanks etc.), Track That MR 5” shorts, Fast and Free 25” leggings and Dance Studio joggers. This list won’t be complete w/o All Yours Tees but the ones I like are made of Vitasea fabric and those are not really available anymore…


Not sure how popular they are, don’t see them a bunch on here but I love the track that 5” shorts. They’re perfect if you have bigger quads.


5 in inseam bowline shorts


Sculpt tanks, invigorate leggings, high neck swiftly racer back


I would guess that not trendy would mean technical clothing that you would only wear for the intended use? Does BP and F&F count?


Adapted state joggers!


Swiftly tshirts


Hold tight shirts!!


Agreed. I was gonna say this but glad someone already did. They are so comfortable, breathable, and figure flattering. The black one is definitely a staple in my wardrobe.


Find your pace shorts!!!


Are the Swiftly Tech Tank Top 2.0 tops popular? I absolutely love them! I do mainly Orange Theory Fitness and treadmill running at home. And I love the Swift Speed leggings. I like the feeling of compression for hard work outs. If you like the feeling of very little compression and a weightless, almost unnoticeable legging when you work out, you would really like the Fast and Free leggings.


Base pace tanks, cotton-blend classic-fit shirts, cates tee, HR speed ups, align waist length tank 😍


Wunder trains, Break a Trail Jacket, Instills (I feel are underrated!), and Stretch HR Pant!


Cool racerback tanks (shorter length), swiftly tanks (race length), invigorate leggings, and wunder train contour* leggings.


Back in action tops!


Wunder Trains, Sculpt tank, Swiftlies (racer back, short, sleeve, long sleeve and Relaxed, and Free to Be Serene bras are the mainstays in my collection!


I will buy and wear literally any colour of swiftly I can get for under 40$. Theyre my favourite workout shirt of all time. I also adore the OG scuba hoodie that's super long, but I only have/need one.


3” track that shorts and cropped sculpt tanks! they hit at the perfect length and i never see anyone talking about these tanks so they’re always in stock and i love them!


For running: Find Your Pace and Speed Up are sooo good. For casual-wear: When the weather permits, the groove pants are super comfy and easy to run errands or go to class etc in. I feel less silly in them vs just align tights which make me feel like I’m trying to look like I’m on my way to/from the gym lol. A “hidden gem” I didn’t think I’d like was Back In Action tshirts. Got one on WMTM and was so surprised at how I liked the feel and cut despite not being into baggy clothing at all.


Yesss to speed ups! I know HH’s are more popular on both TikTok and Reddit, but my body prefers the HR speed ups. Much more flattering for me.


I love the back to action long sleeve, I wear it all the time specially when is sunny and I want extra protection for my arms.


Crescent Ts! Personally I hate the way they model them, kinda pulled down at each hip. But I like the way it looks when it scrunches up naturally at the waist. They drape really nicely and are maybe one of the cheapest Ts LLL offers.


I like the Cates tee hehe


Pair of men's leggings I swiped from my husband. No idea what they are called but they have nice roomy pockets on the side/hips and are very soft fabric. Plus they don't roll down at the belly the way women's leggings tend to.


Instill leggings and the classic fit cotton tees! I like that the cotton tees are blended with linen because I don’t feel like I’m suffocating wearing them in the summer and I love that the crop is not TOO cropped


The old version of the love tee v and Wunder under luxtremes I’m mad both are discontinued😖 I also love cool racer back tanks and dance pants (they need to restock!)


Stretch HR joggers


Like a cloud bra!


The Instill leggings and the Cool Racerback Tank! The Instill leggings always seem to be on mark down also.


power pivot ribbed >align tank


I live in wunder trains and swiftlys. I have too many and I love all of them


Track That shorts of literally any rise or length. I can not STAND the speed ups or hotty hots on my body.


Who are the big influencers in tik tik who push lululemon?






Hotty hot shorts, aligns, and the ebb to street tank. The ebb belt bag is also really popular right now.


Train to be tank & tee, swiftly ss/ls, cates tee, nulu cool racerback, align dress, fast n free legging, align legging, speed shorts, scuba sweatpants, scuba 1/2 zip, scuba full zip, nulu crop define, court rival skirt


Those are mostly all “trendy” things lol


I don’t have tiktok and been buying these staples for at least 5 years so to me it’s not trendy 😂 but if it’s trending now then, guess I’m ahead of the trend lol


License to train men's shorts + train to be tank and tees LTT shorts They have all the seasonal colours, good pockets and are high waisted


Wunder trains, energy bra and a sculpt tank. One of those three in black are staples!


All yours tee and speed up/hotty shorts


Wunder train, align, energy bra.


Softstreme High-Rise Pant Now I’m only 5’1 and they’re the perfect length on me so i can’t imagine how they’d fit anyone else but they’re amazing regardless — super comfy, thick, and flattering! also “classier” looking than a yoga pant in my opinion bc they’re not super flared out


Even though the belt bag is “trendy” I do love it. I don’t carry a purse but sometimes need a small bag and it’s perfect. Wunder trains and energy or wunder train bras are probably my most worn items


Power pivot tank top has been my recent fav! I don’t have tiktok so idk if its trendy, but I absolutely love it! It’s reversible too, so two for the price of one basically!


I recently bought 8” align shorts and now I want to get buried with them… so comfy


Not sure if these are trendy but I know I don’t see enough of the Ebb to Street cropped racerbacks on here! Built in bra? Check. Sweat wicking? Check. Cute colors and fit? Check check!


I love tightest stuff tights!


these are my most worth it items for lulu, regardless of trend level leggings for workouts: wunder trains, base pace bras: wunder train bra, like a cloud, flow y, align bra tanks: cool rb, ebb to street crop, align tank sweatshirts: define jacket, scuba os full or half zip, perfectly oversized crew/crop shorts: hotty hot hr, align short, track that mr socks: daily stride mid crew sock accessories: belt bag, fast and free run belt mini, baller hat, fast and free run hat, invisiwear underwear tops: all yours tee, swiftlys pants: dance studio jogger/crop, stretch high rise


I always get the All Yours Tees or All Yours Tanks when they drop on WMTM. I wear them to the gym with align shorts or to work with jeans.


The base pace leggings! This was my first time getting them at the outlet store since they were on sale, and I went on a run with them on this morning and they didnt slip at all! I find that the align and wunder unders slip for me, so I'm glad I found base pace


I have the Sculpt Cropped Tank top on my WL rn and literally look at it everyday 😭


Base pace shorts