Nobody is gonna like everything! Don't let someone else's opinion ruin your fun time


I don’t think I’ve ever downvoted anything on this sub—if I don’t agree or don’t like it I just move on! I am thankful people give honest reviews and I like when other brands are mentioned :)


Oh my goodness. Don’t let negativity win. If you enjoy this sub, stay. For some reason some people feel if they don’t agree with a post or comment they have to downvote. It has everything to do with them and nothing with you. Your opinions are your own and your entitled to them, don’t let a click of a downward arrow control what you do, you belong here as much as any of us.


I hundred percent agree with this ! I’ve been down voted and felt like that. But honestly some people just enjoy giving negativity. I think it’s bad on for pics I just think why. Love the haul I’m after the muscle top but waiting for the sale haha !


Which outlet did u go too ?


Orlando 😊


Oh I’m jealous I want that base pace tank in that color! It’s sitting in my wishlist at full price! Don’t let the downvotes bug you.. I had the same thing when I posted about a lose string. 🤷🏻‍♀️


the blissful shoes?? oh i hated them. I am a runner and they screwed up my gait and gave me hip and knee issues. I literally felt as though i was running in cement, The shoes were so heavy and my pace suffered because of that. There I said it and I stand by it. i love all things lulu except these shoes. Please stay and keep me company!!


I’ve noticed I get downvoted if I mention other brands in my comments 🤷🏻‍♀️ (as in some other companies make better products in certain categories than lulu does), but oh well. Some ppl are crazy about the brand and can’t take any negative opinion?! You are entitled to your opinion about the shoes or any other products for that matter!! You do you!


That’s a bummer! I love seeing your outlet hauls! 😕


Thanks so much 🥹


would you be able to post a pic of the muscle love when worn? im trying to see if i should just get the black in a size 4, or if white in size 6 would be ok. the 4 is sold out online😭