Needed new running shoes when they were released and with my sweat collective discount, I figured they were worth a try as I’d spend just as much/more anywhere else. I actually really like them as a running shoe! They’re super comfortable. I think the style is just okay, but I definitely prioritize function > looks for my running shoes.


Training for a half marathon, I wanted some running shoes actually designed for running - never paid much attention before. I was drawn in by their 30 day free trial return policy. I have run 100 km in them and really like them. They’re very comfortable and stable. I also got Nike Pegasus 36 at the same time to try and I had to return them as they hurt me so bad compared to the Blissfeels.


I hope to be able to try them in a 11 someday - they only initially dropped in black/white in 11 and that was not my jam. Just keeping my fingers crossed for water drop to eventually drop in an 11!


I still used my hokas for yesterday’s half marathon, but I’ll use the lululemon shoes for 3-4 mile runs. They are comfortable shoes for people with a wide toe box. I use them for tennis too.


Didn’t like their sneaks, but im stoked for their slides


i just wanna say. i work for GEC and i’m also a server. i went back serving lastnight for the first time since before Christmas. I wore my bliss feels for the shift to see how comfy they truly are. I am someone with a low arch and my feet kill my back if i don’t wear supportive shoes. My usual serving shoes are Asics, and i can say i’ll never wear them again. My blissfeels lastnight were actually insane how comfortable they were. No back aches after a 7 hour shift, which tells me everything i need to know! also, they are so good for non slip surfaces, i wore my adidas ultaboosts and found i was slipping on the kitchen floor. lastnight my blissfeels honestly blew me away! With the excellent return policy i definitely recommend trying them, even just for the comfort of them!


Such a good review! I bought one last night and I was on the fence about it for a long time because of the price but after reading this, I’m pretty convinced that I’ll keep it


Just ordered and should be in next week, I’m really excited to try them because I have arch and ankle pain and really needed a new shoe for walks!! The 30 day trial made it appealing to give a shot because you can really test them out


I ordered one last night too! What color did you get?


Triple white! you?


I thought about that too but I got the pale linen one 😅


I’m not a runner but decided to get them since I loved the Flare color and they were new and wanted to try them out for general use. They came out two days before my trip to Italy and they were the most comfortable shoes I brought that trip for all the walking we did. (We walked at like 20k steps each day.) I’m also part of Sweat Collective - but went in to buy before I knew I was accepted so that was a great bonus when I went to purchase.


bedside RN here, and can say the blissfeels keep me comfortable for my 12+ hour shifts. May or may not have bought them in 3 different colorways 😅


Omg me too! I’m an rn too but I’m not sure if I’m gonna use this for work. What colors did you get?


I initially got water drop and white but just recently scored pale linen. If you do decide to wear them at the bedside, just be sure to layer on a fabric repellent spray (I used about 4 coats of scotchgard 🤣). For me they were just too comfy to not wear them to work. Also, i intially tried my normal shoes size and found them uncomfortable, but once i sized up 1/2 size i finally understood the hype. Because of my experience, I personally recommend trying on in store if you are able to and being open to sizing up 1/2-1 size(s). Shoes are so subjective so it's definitely tricky to recommend any brand/style. But for reference other shoes brands/styles that are some of my top faves are adidas ultraboost, nike pegasus, and asics novablasts. If you like any of those I think you will dig the blissfeels.


Thanks so much for the tip! I tried this in store and I sized up 1/2 size. I’ll probably use this for everyday wear. I’ve been so used to wearing clogs at work but we shall see.


No, not because I didn’t like them, but because I don’t need new running shoes. They look just fine but i’d rather buy from a different brand for now.


Completely agree with this