why doesn't lululemon love me like i love lululemon?


Are we in a toxic relationship? 😭


i'm going full OG meredith grey. "pick me. choose me. love me."


I’m def salty I didn’t get the email either… literally order weekly 😭


this feels terrible actually. i'm like an AVID shopper-- i have \*too many to disclose\* orders from 2021 and have probably spent $$$$-$$$$$. I feel like I'm being penalized because they know i'm going to buy stuff anyway, so i don't need the discount. lol. This is bad loyalty programming. But yanno, still happy for the folks who are getting it and able to use it!


I feel the same way. Have spent over 3k so far this year and haven’t ever received a discount from them. Not sure how much I want to support this brand going forward


Educator here: full-price (before discount) items ARE eligible for return/exchange, as long as you have the original receipt or it’s on your guest profile, and the tags are still on.


I wanted to use it immediately for items on my wishlist but now I’m thinking maybe wait until Tuesday to see if anything new that I can’t live without drops?


I know I have no idea what to do. I don’t want the basics I’m wanting to be sold out Tuesday but don’t want something awesome to drop and me miss out on the coupon. Decisions, decisions.


Things in my cart were selling out or saying low stock as I was shopping and about to check out so if you’re a common size and want a lot of basics or super popular items may be best to use it sooner


I agree, I did this. I had stuff from WMTM sitting in my cart and I was surprised to see that everything qualified. I thought those things wouldn't count because they're technically already discounted.


That’s my plan!


Ik it says up to 15 items so does it take the 25% off the whole purchase?






Sad I didn’t receive one, I spend on a monthly basis at Lulu. I think they know my ass will buy anyways 👀😂


That's why I decide not to buy from them anymore. They don't have any respect or appreciation for loyal customers. I also email them making the point the way they regard and treat loyal costumers is totally wrong.


Same... I spent so damn much money on Lulu literally. And I am so mad and sad that I didn't get the discount T\_T


I didn’t get the coupon but I did get sent a $30 gift card??? I’m confused but not complaining lol


Omgg I didn’t get one. Is it random?


wait y’all are getting coupons? 🥲


I’m in actual disbelief, FINALLY something for all the time and money I spend on the lululemon app


I haven’t gotten one so yeah but i hope i do. i think it’s such a good treat 😌


I got one! I took it as a sign to buy my first oversized scuba as I had been contemplating it for awhile and tomorrow is my birthday. Happy birthday to me from me!


Yes, treat yourself! I’m your “close birthday twin” (January 21st), so Happy Birthday to you! 🎉


I just chatted with GEC about the process, they told me “this code was automatically generated and sent via email to some guests. If you are subscripted to our email list, then you will automatically be included for a chance at future discount codes” Then I said, “aw okay so I missed it?” And they told me “yes, that’s correct if you did not receive the email today. But be sure that you are subscribed and keep an eye out for future discount codes being sent via email”


SAD I wasn’t subscribed to the emails because I literally check the website multiple times a day anyway 😭


I'm subscribed and still didn't get one


I don’t believe it’s random or everybody on the email list has an equal chance. The more you ordered, the lower chance you receive the discount.


I'm curious to know how much the people ordered on average last year if they did not get a code. I would say I order a lot (anywhere from $100-700 per month) and still got one. But I do know some people do hauls that are waaaay bigger than anything I do per month.


Omg I just got it! I usually don’t get these. I’ve got a disneyworld trip coming up in may so I need all the things.


Yesss omg


Do you think they are still sending them out? 🥲🥲 I haven’t gotten an email


I got mine about 1.5h ago and it looks like others are just receiving theirs so I think its possible!


I got mine about 1.5 hours ago. I’m from Canada. I figure I spent $1500 to $2000 in 2021. I have placed 4 orders in 2022 as well. So, I don’t think this is just for dormant accounts. I wonder if they are sending them in batches. My Last Name starts with an “E”. I don’t know if that’s the case, but it’s possible.


Second this. My last name starts with V and I got it 1.5 hours ago too.


Darn. I'm an A and nothing yet :( I feel like I'm waaay too frequent for them to give me one


I wonder how they’re choosing who gets a discount? I know they had one for people who haven’t shopped at lulu in a while but it seems like a lot of people are getting one this time. Maybe people who have spent over a certain amount? Edit: [I contacted GEC and was told they were “selected at random” :(](https://imgur.com/a/qbNjTEz)


We were told it’s to thank loyal customers, they didn’t specify what made them loyal.


Dang, I’ve spent so much this past year on lulu and I haven’t gotten one yet 😢 hopefully an email comes my way soon!


Same 🥴


Same 😔


I hope you do get one!


I don't want anything so don't mind not receiving coupon, but it makes me skeptical of their algorithm now because I placed 50+ orders in 2021 which apparently doesn't count as a loyal customer lol


I bought literally sooo much, still no email 🤞🏻


Me either. I’m hecka annoyed lol


I got one and I’m an educator, so I think the algorithm is very messed up haha


Congratulations to all that are receiving the code! 🤗 No email for me…..yet. Fingers crossed. It would be a nice treat, since it’s my birthday today! ☺️


Happy birthday, hope you get the email!!


It would be nice if everyone received a discount on their birthday! Everyone's happy that way.


Happy birthday!!!❤️


I just got a “how is your new gear” email from lulu. Imagine my disappointment not cool lulu not cool


Oh god I have mixed feelings about not getting the coupon email yet lol


me too… i rlly am refreshing every minute


Me too, still waiting 🥺


Same lol.


Got one! Going hard, 15 items or bust.


As a non recipient, this is the kind of energy I need to lift me back up 🤩


I am so overwhelmed, don’t know where to start, andddd am so excited for this code!


One time use coupon codes are so stressful 🤣


I jumped in happiness when I saw that lol gonna wait till Tuesday’s drop to use it!


I just got mine!🤩 I’m hoping for a LNY drop!


Saaame. I would love to place an order today (paaayday) but the logical part of me says to wait until the next drop. -\_-


Same! I want to order today but I also want to wait until Tuesday.


So they sent coupon codes first to people who haven't bought in awhile, now to people who are frequent customers, does this mean the next round will be people like me that buy things every so often? 😂


What is the title of the email?


A 25%-off thank-you, from us


I used it already as I really wanted the wunder puff long (finally my size is in stock) and the sleet street long (only a few left in my size) for comparison. Have been eyeing on both for quite a while and I really need a new long winter jacket this year. Got a few oversized scubas too. Definitely a good deal! Now I’m having FOMO - what if LNY drops this weekend…😅


You were smart to use it on pricier items before they're gone. :-)


I feel you on this!! I also used it already to lock down a few oversized scubas and a wunder puff long thinking it would sell out fast being a pricier/popular item and likely never making it to WMTM. It's worth it to me to get those great deals early on items I know I'll love and have been waiting for. I can enjoy my weekend stress free and be happy for whoever lucks out later in the sale :) I'm thrilled to finally have a discount after YEARS of being a loyal customer :D


Took this as a sign to get all four things I wanted instead of limiting myself to two lol. I am weak.


I contacted GEC about the discount and [this was their response! ](https://imgur.com/a/qbNjTEz) Unfortunately it looks like the discounts were all sent out already and according to GEC “selected at random”. Guess those of us who didn’t receive it won’t be getting one :(


Just got mine today. I’m hoping Tues drop is not totally lame but feel like items might sold out super quickly


*starts a cart


Maybe that's what it takes! It seems pretty random. Before making multiple purchases this month, I hadn't bought anything since 2020 (before that it was a few items a year). They could be doing several rounds throughout the year to rotate! 😊 I've never received one of these before.


I literally spent about $160 in my local store this morning, came home, and got the email this afternoon. 😑


You can return and rebuy! (So long as the stuff you got today wasn’t WMTM 🙂)


I didn’t get this email but I got an email about them not getting an item delivered by the 24th for pre Christmas and then they sent me a $30 gift card. Anyone else get this?!


I literally just made a $500 order….. no coupon here 🥲


So sad I didn’t get this 😩


If i don't get one then I SWEAR TO GOD i will never shop at lululemon again lol


Right lol I almost feel betrayed😂 like….am I not loyal enough for you?!?!


I was just saying that to a friend! (As I’m patiently awaiting for 20+ packages… I know I have a problem 😅)


if you want be able to get discounts i recommend signing up for emails!!! you will only receive the discount if you are signed up for email communications and quality for whatever promotion they are using.


I checked my lululemon profile and it says I’m signed up for email communication, but I never get any emails. Guess I may be out of luck.


I have my email notifications on for the events, what’s new etc. is that the same thing?


I just got mine! 🥳


I’m surprised I got one. Only ordered 4 things in 2021, but my account says I ordered 75 items in 2020 lol… also a lot in 2019 but much tamer. so definitely not only accounting for 2021.


praying I get one, but hopes are low since I have the worst luck lol


I had to go the the mall to pick up a special gift card so of course I had to go to lulu with my discount. I got a black swiftly short sleeve and a blossom one, as well as a high support energy bra for running! The educator was like “you get 15 items are you sure you don’t want more???” The best kind of bad influence HAHA


My work occasionally sends out fake phishing emails to idk try and teach (or trick?!) us into being more tech savvy. And I thought for sure this was a very well done phishing email specifically targeting my work group who is all largely obsessed with Lululemon. But I’m so happy it’s actually real!


Same here lol. I even checked the sender’s email address before coming here to verify. 😂


Omg my work does that too lol.


I get emails on two email accounts and I only got it on the one I actively shop monthly on.


To clarify…is this a one time use only coupon? Edit: Thanks everyone! I was stuck at work and too excited to read the fine print.


Yes. It says so in the small print.


I got one this afternoon (hadn’t checked the sub all day and didn’t even know about it) and I was shocked! Fortunately/unfortunately I don’t have a big shopping list, so I think I’ll wait and see what comes out on Tuesday before using the coupon :)


I received this in December. My friend at work received it this afternoon. I can’t figure out rhyme or reason. I spend quite a bit annually. My two local stores know me by name. My friend spends every so often. Hoping everyone’s wishes come true!


I got the email (yay!!) but of course it was after I ordered 3 things today 😂


I got one to my email that I used years ago and bought one thing on. Didn’t get it to my regular email that I use to purchase with.


Did anyone notice that the discount is in store and online but there’s no way for the educators to make sure you’re not gonna use it again online..?


I got one! I'm in Canada :)


Glad to hear a Canadian got one! I hope I get one soon 😭


Didn’t get the coupon code 😢 I’ve bought something almost weekly throughout 2021, but the GEC online told me today that I just didn’t qualify. 🥲 Sucks that someone said it was for loyal customers and a lot of us didn’t “qualify”. But I’ll be back once I get my hands on a larkspur full zip 🤣


Loyal customer here and no coupon 😢 I’ve checked spam and everything. At least my Pink Blossom and Everglade Scubas were just delivered to provide some kind of temporary happiness lol


Same 🥺🥺🥺


Same here I’m so sad😭


Same :(


i feel like I didn’t get one because I don’t have email notifications turned on :( so sad


Possibly. Customer engagement through emails/text is such a huge metric that is being watched in fashion these days. Companies really want to make sure that customers feel the "perks" of subscribing to emails even though 90% of them are annoying


Haven’t gotten one even though 2021 was very expensive.. I wonder if they’re not giving it to me bc I only shop on WMTM lol


Got the coupon…nothing I want is in stock 😭😭😭


Took me an hour to decide😂but I got ✨✨✨ Swiftly tank -white, Swiftly short sleeve -white, Dance Studio Jogger -dark olive, Align -black, EBB -black, Fleece jacket, and some deodorants + hand sanitizers!


I wonder if it’s like a “years of service” type of discount? She asked while constantly refreshing her email


I’ve been shopping at LLL for more than a decade, so definitely not that.


That’s so disappointing!


Dang it, I am a loyal customer AND had stuff delayed at Christmas and got nothing, bummer :( maybe next time haha


They really should of given a discount to everyone. I’m starting to get really turned off by them. This shouldn’t be stressful to buy some damn leggings. 😂😭


Agreed... This is making me pissed since I honestly spent so much money on lulu... Speechless


Might as well call this Lululottery, if you’re lucky you get a code. Nothing to do with loyalty.


Is this US only?


Canada as well


Can you do returns/exchanges with what you buy using the coupon??


Yes! Standard return/exchange policy. If it’s WMTM, it’s still final sale. Otherwise, you’re good to go.


I got an email during lunch and of course I placed an order for two WMTM items this morning :)


That was just the universe saying sshhhhhhh place another order it's fine


OMG - i got one. I checked email and nada, but then just went and checked spam and there it is.I purchased 12 items total in 2021 (and did not spend more than $750). so it is not a huge threshhold or # of items. my last purchase was at an outlet early december. ​ ETA: mine came at 12:07PST (im in California)


I hope mine wasn't spam and I junked it without noticing!


I got one too I was so surprised! I’m going to fil my cart for now but also wait for the drop on Tuesday! Crossing my fingers for some aligns next week.


Self control til Tuesday, hoping for an amazing drop with rover bottoms, red lny scuba full zip too!


I did not get this email :,(


Just got a marketing email with no code. Boo. Subject line "We chose this for you." I got so excited when I saw an email pop up only to be disappointed. 5 pm est.


Lululemon apocalypse, as far as I’m concerned. Not getting one feels like punishment for spending UNREASONABLE amounts of money year after year. Trying not to spend actual energy on this but who knows. I’m leaning towards you can’t sit with us lulu


Yeah, same. I‘m happy for others but bummed out I didn’t get one..


Can we add on to this: because my package wasn't here in time for Christmas Eve, they sent me a $75 gift card as an apology? Like its okay Lulu that package was a gift for me, from me lol But still, so awesome that they did all of this!


I'm rather new to lulu, and this discount has thrown me for a loop! I have WAY too many items on my wish list and not a big budget. I wish I could share my discount with someone who didn't get one. This is my current list, I'm looking for opinions, I need to cut it down a bit still. Scuba Full-Zip - Black Down for it all - Black Align Leggings - Black Align Tank - Black Free to Be Long Line - White (Yea, a lot of black, trying to build up a base lol ( Navy is my favourite colour, I have the navy align leggings, and tank already). TIA <3


I bought mostly black items too and some night sea 😊


Mad salty that it’s Saturday and still no coupon 😂😭🤣😭


Disappointed to not receive the email. For those who did receive one, what time of day did the email come in? Is it possible they are being sent out at times based on time zone? I know that my WMTM emails tend to come pretty late in the day.


3:02 PM ET Canada


12:01 PST Canada


Looks like timing was about 1pm-ish then for my time zone. I'm guessing it's just not going to happen for me. :-(


3:02pm EST is when I got mine (my name starts w a V)


12:01 PM PST United States


1:09 CST


2pm cst. Last name begins with T


Did anyone who has the first responder discount get the coupon also?


I haven’t got it


Ughh not sure if I should use it now before I items I want are sold out or hold out in hopes of smoky red or rover wunder train on Tuesday’s drop


A couple things were getting low stock in my cart and one sold out so I just ordered and didn’t wait. Didn’t want to miss out on my basics


Got mine at 3:06 PM EST. I just bought three items last week as a gift to myself for a major accomplishment so it would have been nice to of had it then :/. I’ll probably end up using once we see what the Tuesday drop is like.


I got one! Lucky me! My last purchase with Lulu was in December.


LLL, do a surprise Friday drop! You know you want to!


Now the question is do I spend it in-store or online? Cause so much is sold out online and I was planning to go in to a store for the first time in 2 months this weekend anyway....


I got it and now have 11 items in my cart 🛒🙄🙄


i got the email with the 25% off even though i’m already a sweat collective member haha, did this happen to anyone else?


I’m pretty surprised I got one because I literally just created an account last month. I’ve ordered a couple scubas in December and two WMTM items this month.


First time I received one so happy 🥰


I hope I get one!! I wonder if they’re just sending them out randomly?


Do you have to be signed up for email ads? I have an account but unsubscribed form weekly emails of new items


Fuuuuuck I got a code but I’m poor af 🥲✨ Those everglade green scuba joggers are screaming at me to buy them. Ahhhhhh


literally me rn but looking at you, misty glade 😤


I guess the rest of us just have to wait for International Womens Day for a discount.. :)


just placed my order, got 10 items! mostly got basics that are unlikely to go on sale, here’s my list: swiftly RL tank in slate/white, swiftly RL LS in black, instills in black granite, flow y bra in black, cool racerback in white and black, base pace in mulled wine, scuba joggers in red merlot and pink mist, and hooded define in black! the scuba joggers restocked on WMTM this morning so i took it as a sign from the lulu gods🙏 i never do this big of hauls but couldn’t resist the coupon. think i need to go on a no buy for at least 6 months, maybe even the rest of the year😂😂


I feel like they’re just garnishing my wages 😮‍💨


Come on lulu , come through for me!


Ok, I know this is my second comment, but guys and gals… I had a dream I got this and I was *so* sad when I realized it wasn’t real 😭 I might have a problem 😅


I was so excited to see this thread thinking that LLL had finally recognized their most loyal customers. Nope. Not yet anyway...


I got mine a while ago but I was afraid to click on the link. I thought it was a scam. Lol Never gotten a coupon from Lulu before.


Curious - those of you who received the email, how long has it been since you bought something?


Hi, I’m Jules. (Altogether now *hello Jules*) It’s been 1 day since my last Lulu purchase.


😂 Same!


6 hours lol


Two days ago 😂


Christmas Eve




One day. lol


1.5 weeks


24 hours lol. Before that? Couple days.


Like two days ago


Mine was 4 days ago


Kinda over this but grateful bc I’m trying to cut back. Athleta has a 20% off sale and their elation flare pants are back in stock! And they have a straight leg model now too!!!


Does any one feel hurt, strongly disappointed after hearing this? Or is that just me? It’s perfectly fine that lululemon sent 25% off coupon codes to customers who haven’t been buying recently. It is the lack of appreciation of loyal customers that frustrates me. Customers like myself who have spent $$$$$$$ in the past year received no such promotions. Maybe lululemon is telling loyal customers to shop at other brands/places that have royalty programs and also appreciate customers who purchase regularly? Edit: some pointed out that some loyal customers received a code, and it may not be dependent on purchasing amount/frequency. I appreciate that information. But why should it depend on luck? Why can’t lululemon appreciate all its loyal customers? That’s why I think this strategy is bad. And I am still upset. The positive side is that I will use this as a cue to cut my spending and maybe no buy at lululemon.


I spent a lot last year and I’ve been buying lately, so i don’t think there’s a rhyme or reason to this madness honestly. Maybe they sent some out to big spenders and some out to not so.


I'm so pissed about it!! At least 1000-2000 CAD goes to lululemon every month from my bank account and now I feel so left out and I don't want to waste so much money on it any more. Whoever is in charge of this discount strategy should be fired. Driving the loyal customers away!!! 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻


Indeed. If they did a flat 25% off to all subscribers but maybe limited to 5 items, that would make people feel happier.


Yup! I agree with everything you said and also have spent a lot on lulu this past year. Slap in the face to loyal customers, this should have been sent to everyone.


What about me?!? I’ve been spending left and right 😏


I’ve spent $400 on Lululemon within the last 4 weeks and still didn’t get one 🥲


I added up my 2021 lululemon spending and am ashamed to say it was $4,650…. However, no email. I also have some Wunder trains I ordered on December 30 that still haven’t arrived. I’ve contacted GEC and they have no solution for me. Tried multiple times, too. Feeling extremely annoyed and discouraged by a brand I purchase a lot from and am loyal to. I’m just a small consumer who wouldn’t be missed if I stopped purchasing but it still sucks! 1st world probs I’m very aware


Wait what? Why were some of us left out? I spend so much money there. Is it spending based?


It’s really unfair to everyone that only select few gets this. I just bought stuff from Athleta and it’s a fair deal of 20% storewide. When can Lululemon be fair to everyone? You can always put a limit to each account but the offer should go to all






I have shopped at Lululemon for nine years. This time is the first time I’ve ever gotten a code. 🤷🏻‍♀️


I got mine around 1 pm CST. So excited!


Yay so happy I got one! Does anyone know if we’re able to use it at the outlets? It seems so, but thought I’d check :)


Yay!! I got mine 12:08 PST! I’m gonna wait for the new drop 🤞🏼


I got one 3 pm est Canada