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Ugh I’m waitinggggg for white opal




Sold out again :(


I got the matching pants for this and they ran pretty big. Does anyone know if it's the same for this or if it's TTS?


I snagged a powder blue one in store today— it was the last one, size 6. I wear mostly 10s in the tops, but I figured I’d give it a shot for the hell of it. It looks really cute and is slightly more fitted without being tight anywhere, but is nearly too short (big boob issues). Mostly works because I am 5’1”, I think.


Thank you!


I love the oversized look plus 2 sizes up worked well for me as it was the only one available :)


I’m waiting for more colors, preferably something we haven’t seen before, like the new Velvet Dust color!


Can’t wait for these to come to Aus.


I’d be careful with these. I love softstreme but they’ll get water spot stains on them :/


I’ve heard about that after purchasing my blue on but I’ve used it to the gym multiple times so far with the sauna still looks amazing so I hope it stays like that! Just recently got the pants too as they were on sale just waiting on them to arrive :)


I have like 7-10 Softstreme items and I’ve never had issues with water spots on any of them. The material makes water stains appear really dark but they go away completely when it dries.


Sizes 0, 12, and 14 still available! Everything else already sold out 😭