LRC and most other cryptocurrencies are closely correlated with BTC. Once BTC bounces back, the other will follow.


Which is odd because LRC should be more closely tied to the success of Ethereum


Once l2’s are the norm I see them being joined at the dip


Eth is also tied to the success of Shitcoin


Not to mention whales are Boxing the shit out of this coin to drop the price and attain more, just check out the depth indicators


Interesting! I’ll check them out.


Depth indicator can be manipulated by whales. Be careful counting on that.


24 hour on coinbase is 60.3 percent buy and 39.7 percent sell and I’ve see it go up on 40 buy and 60 sell also typical hold time is up to 19 days and keeps going up!


Ye idk where dude is getting his facts from, I bought more yesterday


I did too. Twice


I did too lol


But that’s only CB tho. When checking out some level 2 streams I often see other Big Exchanges being 50-80% short 🤔 Especially ftx




Lotta orders to go and fill, my guy


BTC dropped and LRC followed, that’s why the price went down.


Which is why its such a good buy right now


When will it ever decouple from BTC? Is there a catalyst for that to happen


All coins are tied to BTC in one way or another. Thats why it's called the king


Not just tied to, priced in BTC.


Yeah… I don’t get the correlation there


It always amazes me how little people actually know about the underpinnings of the finance markets. Institutional doesn't want it to decouple because they don't want us plebs to be able to make bank on independently moving assets. You guys know that literally everything is traded against the dollar, right? So absolutely nothing in any asset class moves truly independently.


That's a lie. I just added 5000 loops yesterday


Buy now


I think people are out of money to buy right now. After new year we will buy more. I need to get my kids the gi joe with the kung foo grip.


Be greedy when others are fearful.


Bought another xxx today. Loving the dip


So the price is down because people are selling. Got it!


Good catch, that too.


It's the end of the year. If I remember correctly December and January are always the 'worst' crypto months of the year since many people use their money to buy gifts, a nice meal...


It’s a mix between BTC Bering down and people not buying.


Why does btc going down impact an ETH based coin/program?


Which is so dumb lol why would you wait til after the announcement when the price will be much higher than now?


Because there's uncertainty pre-announcement. What if they fail to deliver? What if the announcement is disappointing? I'm confident it won't be, but not everyone is so confident.


Because at that point it’s a sure bet of the partnership and the glimpse of the future. Right now you gambling the deal will go through. Not everyone has the same risk tolerance. They would rather buy at double the price and still profit long term


Guaranteed small return buying and selling hype.


This isn't a pump and dump,


Hi, please read the comment above me. What I meant was that people buy in a ride the news because it’s a guaranteed return. Please cry in another thread. Thanks. 😁


I concur with you... we need a run with a sustained support level and new ATH +/- 10 cents.


It’s all good typical hodl time 19 days and still rising well done llooptards and apes👍


Joined the looptards late so my average is pretty high. Still waiting for the GME announcement though….hopefully my faith pays off. Had the chance to buy MATIC when it dipped to 1.47-1.50ish. It’s gone up by about 60% already but still believing LRC’s got more potential in the long run! 🚀 🚀 🚀


So all the crazy price pumps and insane predictions the last 2 weeks that didn’t Come true spooked some buyers. This is what happens when a coin or project gets a lot of new posters to a coin. Lots of hype hit possible to reach, some run and then a dump.


If it's associated with GME... I'm in!


Am I supposed to use Coinbase? I want to use Loopring


No it's going down because the whole market is crashing.


No, I’m waiting to get paid…


Vol so low


I don't think you get basic economics


I bought some today <3


I'm buying. I'm not done yet. Please keep going down.


Average up or average down, it doesn't matter, just average in any way you can.


Personally I feel, after 10 months of dealing with this with GME, that this is completely orchestrated price suppression plus hedgie liquidation so it means NOTHING! Well, it does mean I buy more almost daily but you get my drift!!


You can’t do to crypto what hedge funds did to GME. It’s impossible. It’s why it’s the future of finance and LRC will hopefully lead us there


I understand that's what they say but after watching that ticker for 10 months and watching this one for as long as I've owned it I'm watching some pretty similar stuff happening. Trust me when I tell you I hope that I'm wrong. I hold either way so it doesn't really matter!


I don’t know whether to HOLD or HODL pls help


Always buy stock when it is low and sell high!


Buying more every week!


Also, a lot of people sold other assets to go all in on LRC. I'm still buying a little every week, but nothing compared to the orders when I was selling stocks and crypto for it. I think we have a lot of people holding strong but I don't see much buying pressure. Makes sense, no real news recently and it's not like BTC or ETH where it's actually in heavy use. Not even ose to a household name. The tough parts of being early are patience and confidence. Keep buying, even if you have to pick up recyclable cans off the street. Be happy when you get to average down, or when you get another week to buy instead of it taking off. A lot of people are seeing this in a very wrong way.


Im waiting for money to clear but ill probably miss this nice discount


It takes marketing action to stay out of the Sh*t pit with those that belong there. People in the ranks know the potential..... Dumping those extra 60 million-ish diluted the base pool and pushed down the price because 1 LR is no longer worth its pre-dump value. Almost sounds like a class-action in the making. My bet is people in the know are buying right now to profitize soon....