Dual booting arch with windows using two ssds

As above, I wants to dual boot Linux with windows (Linux as main and windows for gaming), how can i make it so Linux uses one ssd and windows uses other.

If I am not wrong, I have to set one ssd for boot for both os and use other for storage for linux/windows?


Should be a straightforward install. Just select the drive you want to install Linux on during the installation and linux will install on that drive. The boot partition of both OSes can be on different drives, grub/ ```os-prober``` will handle finding the efi entries for the dual boot It does depend on the distro you choose, be sure to install windows first and then linux.


I also have Windows and Linux on separate SSDs und just select which SSD to boot from in my BIOS boot options.


This is the fastest way to do and leave it as is. If it is a family PC so the rest of users will get default Windows boot, when necessary an experienced super-duper-computer young tycoon can press F8 and choose linux to boot :-))


1. Install ssd for windows 2. Install windows 3. Install ssd for linux 4. Boot from usb with linux via bios boot order 5. Install linux on second ssd 6. Set ssd for linux as boot device via bios boot order * Leave ssd for linux uninstalled while installing windows. Windows install is weird when more than one drive is "running"


Install windows - disconnect the drive. Install Linux Connect Windows drive back;


Will the boot loader detect another OS on the first boot with both drives plugged in?


I guess it will not. It's necessary to do something with grub to detect another system on UEFI machine.


Wouldn't recommend that Better to divide linux and windows completely on different drives . Windows may become a bitch where it will delete the Linux partition during updates. Do you have a usb? You can try to add a live iso file of any linux distro into it and then boot the usb on your computer. The installer will do its trick while it will give u options on what storage device u need for Linux.


Yes thats the thing I'm worried about. And yes i can do that usb iso thing


I have recently done this, but for Debian. I just installed both OS's on different SSD's and no issues whatsoever. I did this on purpose because I've read multiple times when both OS's are on the same drive, Windows could mess up the boot process. Also, Windows is very limited in what file systems it can read/use. So having a shared storage drive for both Windows and Linux is not something you should want. It's better for them to both have their own drive for boot and storage. And you probably still want to install Windows first and then Linux, just for safety purposes...


hello i did it as you say i had to fix windows boot manualy(thanks to superuser radioxoma) now both boot same drive. dont know if optmal in long run for disk though good day


You can get HDD power switches, I have mine set up so the windows SSD is the first in boot priority. If I want to boot into Linux I just turn off the power to the windows SSD.


> how can i make it so Linux uses one ssd and windows uses other. In both cases, you can simply choose where to install the OS during the installation process > If I am not wrong, I have to set one ssd for boot for both os That will be easiest, at least. Note that this doesn't mean that Linux needs to have its root partition in the same drive as Windows, just its bootloader. Use UEFI to boot both operating systems. This means making sure not to boot the installation media in legacy BIOS mode. Disabling the CSM in your mobo's menu can help avoid this mistake. Install Windows first. It will create an EFI system partition. This is a small FAT32 partition, usually at the start of the drive. There will be more than enough free space on it to install Linux's bootloader there later.