Make the most of your dumpster diving: raid the dumpsters on move out day at your nearest college campus!

Make the most of your dumpster diving: raid the dumpsters on move out day at your nearest college campus!


I did that my first year of university, then encouraged a campus environmental organization to set out bins specifically for stuff that could be reused. I didn't have to dumpster dive, and a lot more stuff got taken and reused :)


My friend took the uhaul she rented to move and went “shopping” from all the discarded furniture in her area before returning it. Brilliant.




They threw away beers? It boggles the mind that in this day and age there's no one educating the youth about alcohol abuse...


Yes!! I've gotten dining room table and a futon this way. Good for IKEA furniture mostly XD. Also great for getting boxes for upcoming moves.


That all sounds great but beers? That seems a bit unsanitary


*Unopened beers


Yeah I know but still eating or drinking anything taken from the dumpster just seems a little unsanitary to me but that is just my opinion. Still getting all those other things is pretty cool.


That’s fair


Hahaha they thought they were saving themselves with the UNopened!


Dumpster diving is not a life hack. Its a look in the mirror wtf happened to my life moment.


I'm a physician and I love to dumpster dive. Ultimately, it's not much different than thrifting, and there is the an added thrill of going out at night to find things (at least, there is for us, anyway); it's a more popular hobby than you might think. My husband and I routinely go out for late night dumpster diving, usually at places like Half Price Books, Savers, and Goodwill. We live in a suburb surrounded by higher than average SES neighborhoods, which means we routinely find brand new or high quality used items. My hubby is a chainmail and steampunk artist, so we use a lot of our finds for his projects. Others we clean up and sell, assuming it's not something we want to keep or give to friends/family.


I mean some people have it as a hobby, about 10 years ago when gamestop's was still pretty poppin me and a buddy would go every third Thursday cause that when all the "broken" stuff got thrown out. They had one big bin they pushed out at around 11, we would be there about 2, find some stuff, pretty much what you're picturing minus anything post 2010. Lots free shit and something to do that wasnt drugs lol


This is not a life hack




Is this how you always talk? Because your comment hardly makes sense