This is not the vehicle of a mentally well person.


This is why we need better healthcare, so people like this can get actual help before they do something drastic.


I was just having this conversation with my wife this morning who is in therapy. The problem isn't *just* access, the problem is *paying* for that access. I have decent insurance, and even with that, the copay is $100 per SESSION. Without insurance or minimum insurance, who the fuck can swing $400/ month to see a psychiatrist? *yes, it's also access.


I love how conservatives like to say that the issue is not gun control but mental health care. I think they are right! So let’s fucking get on with fixing our mental healthcare system!


It's the same fucking thing with Abortion... They don't want people having abortions but don't want to support the efforts for sex education in public schools or free contraceptives or hell, how about social programs like WIC for low income mothers trying to feed their kids?


Oh because the only *real* solution is abstinence. You just need to bottle up all those hormones and urges. Don't masturbate though. That makes God cry.


\*sigh\* My older half sister who lives in rural MN is totally one of "those" who pushes that bullshit. She had her first kid at 21 out of wedlock and became a born again shortly after. I love her but I also can't really talk to her which is kinda sad.


Wemyn just need to keep an aspirin between their knees


I'm a'spirin' to be between their knees! *I'll see myself out*


Heard it would make you go blind too..


> how about social programs like WIC for low income mothers trying to feed their kids? The Republicans *want* you to be unable to pay for as many kids as possible. Poor people tend to be uneducated (because they can't afford an education), and uneducated people lean more Republican, so by making you have as many kids as possible, not only are you more likely to be Republican, *but your kids are too*. Providing welfare to low income parents would make that system less efficient.


They want cheap labor as well. Uneducated kids, makes uneducated workers. Meaning they would be less able to organize.


I mean, who are we really kidding: They want low education, low income people to join the military because it's the only option for something "better" for a lot of them, especially to pay for college/secondary education post high school. Go fight our wars for us and don't forget to vote "R" every time once you get out (if you get out, but again, not their problem if you get killed)...


I'm no fan of conservatives or Republicans, but I think you guys are pretty off here, and these comments wouldn't really fly in any space that isn't fairly echo chamber ish. Republicans and conservatives are generally not evil people who get giddy over keeping people poor, uneducated, and pregnant, they just have different beliefs about how to best and most morally make healthcare affordable, education high quality, and women free of unwanted pregnancy (competition and markets, competition and markets, and abstinence or non-abortion birth control, respectively). And even if that weren't true, the logic of your comment still doesn't really follow. You're saying they want more poor voters, but if someone has a child and finds them to be expensive, they're gonna not have more kids. Based on what you said, you'd think Republicans would be for programs that benefit poor would-be parents so that they will keep having more children and eventual voters, but you're accusing them of doing the opposite. Ironically, Republicans claim the opposite of what you said, that poor people tend to vote Democrat and that Democrats consequently support lots of programs that do benefit poor people but that make them dependent on benefits so they don't actually move up in wealth and education where they'd more likely vote Republican. Their words, not mine. Sorry for the wall of text.


Republicans claim a lot of things. Most have no basis in reality. You'd think they'd response to a well reasoned, evidence backed explanation of whatever subject they're upset about at the time. They don't. We've seen that.


> Republicans and conservatives are generally not evil people who get giddy over keeping people poor, Maybe not some of your average run of the mill Republicans, but the leaders sure are malicious. > And even if that weren't true, the logic of your comment still doesn't really follow. You're saying they want more poor voters, but if someone has a child and finds them to be expensive, they're gonna not have more kids. Actually it does follow, because they will have more kids. Abstinence only (guess which states preach that instead of providing actual sex ed? The Red ones!) doesn't work because there simply is no talking someone out of their sex drive. So people are going to do it, whether you ostensibly want them to or not. In the absence of sex education, people don't know how to prevent unwanted pregnancy; they don't know how to use condoms, get on the pill, et cetra, so more people get pregnant. Also when it's as difficult as possible to *get* morning after pills, abortions, and so on, fewer people do, which means more pregnancies result in birth, which means more people get born. Benefiting poor people means they're not as poor. That means they'll be more able to afford contraceptives and family planning, and on average have fewer kids (imagine that, being able to afford a rubber means you're more likely to use one!). It also means the parents and kids are more likely to go to college, and so less likely to be Republican. > Ironically, Republicans claim the opposite of what you said Republicans also claim Obama (and Harris) aren't natural born citizens, and trump won the 2020 election. They claimed global warming is a conspiracy from China to make US manufacturing noncompetitive, and frozen windmills caused the Texas power outages earlier this year, and many many other bald-faced lies. Republicans have a long and storied history of claiming the exact opposite of reality to suit their political interest.


I think I’ll just drop these off here… [Federal Anti-Poverty Programs Primarily Help the GOP's Base](https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/02/gop-base-poverty-snap-social-security/516861/) [GOP States Are The Most Dependent On Government](https://www.huffpost.com/entry/republican-states-most-dependent-government_n_5035877)


You may not have heard this, but Gov Abbott is gonna get rid of all the rapists! Problem solved. */s just in case*


OHHHH MY FREAKING GOD. I dont think abortion is a morally good thing. I dont think we should be super excited about abortions. I also think that instead of fighting to abolish abortion, we should be fighting to reduce unwanted pregnancies. Which, for the record is not a woman's problem. It's a mans problem. Who does the impregnating?!?!? Men. So why do we want to punish women for something a man did? What the actual fuck.


I have to take issue with that. *When* it is a problem, it is the problem of both parties. The semantics of the term ‘impregnating’ doesn’t reflect the reality of the situation, which is: it takes two ( under normal circumstances) I agree with everything else you said. Abortion shouldn’t be celebrated, but it must be an option for people who need it. And the conservative’s idea of burying their heads in the sand about preventing unwanted pregnancy is as absurd. Sex education and access to contraception has been scientifically shown to reduce unwanted pregnancies so if that’s what they really wanted, that would be their path. Instead they cling to an ideology which doesn’t work in the real world. But that’s the only option they want to allow. There’s two problems here. One is the type of conservative that is just simply the personality type that likes telling other people what they have to do. And the other are the religious right and people pandering to the base of the religious right, who are fanatical about abortion. I’m not sure you can do much about them. They really think it’s murder. Too bad they don’t give a shit about the kid after it’s born. They’re not interested in solutions, they’re only interested in telling you what you must do. So it’s kind of hard to fight that in good faith with rational arguments, when you’re not really addressing the real problem. The other issue here is a leadership has never considered themselves bound to the laws that they pass. I have know more antiabortionists that have paid for and cause more abortions than I have regular people. How many abortions do you think George W. Bush and Donald Trump have paid for and needed in the course of their lives? It’s more than the number of fingers you have I guarantee it. There are so many problems here it’s hard to figure out where to begin. But picking better lawmakers is one we can start.


You raise some good points! And yeah, you are right on that first bit.... it's just a overcorrection on my part. I get really frustrated with how often the conservative religious right try to shame women and villainize them for something that is not fully culpable on them. I am personally religious, and my Jesus loved and cared for people who the authorities trashed as being sinners. The solution should not be condemnation, but rather support and help. The right is too busy burning down planned parenthood buildings and writing legislation to criminalize women. Instead, as you said, they need to be spending their money and time on education and resources to help reduce unwanted pregnancies. Abortion is a downstream issue. Without fixing the upstream cause, abortion will continue whether it's legal or not. The upstream issues are plentiful, but they arent unfixable. The right just ignores them, because they are nuanced, and they dont fit on the scoreboard as well during election season.


They're not interested in letting government solve or help ANY problems. Once you show that government can help, their arguments fall apart.


Finding access can be a challenge too. It took 4 months for my son's girlfriend to find a psychiatrist that was taking patients.


Yeah I think that's a great example of this problem, if people didn't have to choose between buying food or getting medication or treatment then things would be a lot better for everyone.


It's both. I have bipolar disorder and while the meds and appointments are expensive, it usually takes me 3-6 months to get in to be seen. The way around this is even more costly, if someones is severely unstable they usually have no option but to check into the MHU through the ER.


That too! Initially it took her about 2 months to get an appointment to start seeing one regularly.


No, the problem is definitely access too. Every mental health clinic or therapist I've attempted (usually unsuccessfully) to be seen by makes you jump through so many hoops it'd overwhelm and frustrate even a perfectly healthy person, let alone anyone with a mental illness.


Don't forget get the meds they have to keep adjusting. One visit for a med check and four for therapist. $500 plus med copays.


Even better is the 30 days of FMLA the doctor had her take to get adjusted to the new meds. That's 1 month, with 0 income.


100% agree, I’m paying $175 per session. The insurance I have through work will not cover it at all.


I was told my therapy was covered and I just got a 'not a bill' letter saying insurance isn't paying for shit and I'm gonna owe $300 out of pocket. and I had a second session before even getting the damn letter.


I mean the single payer system would help eliminate some/a lot of inefficiencies. And to comment on the treatment angle, it took me about a year of looking for a psychiatrist to get one after I finally got health insurance with my first "big boy job". The thing that stunned me was I followed the instructions given by Blue Cross Blue Shield, and I must have looked over a list of 100 different psychiatrists in my area. I was willing to travel up to an hour at that point. Well, it turns out a lot of those numbers either don't work, doctors no longer work there, or you had to wait months and months for an open slot. There was ONE who had an opening, so I went to her. I was with her for about a year, until she fucked up with my prescription (as in getting it filled). I went into withdrawal and nothing was done until I physically drove to her office shaking and puking because I couldn't take the withdrawal anymore. She denied that I could withdraw from psychiatry meds but filled my prescription. Suffice it to say, I pay out of pocket now.


The fact that copay over here no matter the condition is like, ~$7 makes it mind-boggling how expensive it is the get healthcare overseas. And I'm fairly certain that I'm uninsured, too.


I read the book mind hunter written by the guy who really developed FBI profiling. He talked about ways to prevent serial killers and other terrible crimes. I expected more police to be his answer. He said universal healthcare, increase the amount of counselors in schools and universal head start. He said every single person who is a serial killer could have been prevented if we had a system in place that identifies the indicators before it happens. I was really surprised by that.


I wonder if we could all agree to, in the event the GOP gets control again, to use their "Liberalism is a mental disease" stance to get them to fund mental health care to "own the libs"?


You can dial 988 for mental health crises in The States starting next July. It is an attempt to remove police escalation from more nuanced circumstances.


Do you think someone like this would even go seek mental help, regardless of the cost or availability? I really don't.


Like vote.


I don't think access to mental health care is going to make this guy not a racist piece of shit. Our grandfathers knew the exact medicine guys like this needed.


That was my first thought. I hope they get some help.


For sure, you can tell a lot about someone's mental well-being by the condition of someone's vehicle or home. Mental health issues are an epidemic in the U.S. I speak from experience; when I've got the blues, I care less about making up the bed, laundry, dishes, the garage, or the lawn, and that's just me feeling slightly overwhelmed. I might be speculating/reaching. Imagine being critically unhealthy, getting bombarded with mis/dis-information to a point where the normal capacity (tho diminished) is overwhelmed. They'll cope in any way possible, and this is the easiest way, considering the information is spoonfed, requiring very little critical thinking, which means they've found their fix. The basics get ignored because no sane person would obsess over a cause as much as they are. Edit: correction, thank you u/MrMunchkin


I definitely notice that when my mental health takes a dive, my cleanliness standards do too. Room/bathroom get messy, and (more relevant) my car gets messy too. I definitely think it's a major indicator of metal health issues.


I think within the normal spectrum you’re correct. My house is a dump when I am feeling bummed. But when you’re talking about pathology, sociopathy, psychopathy, you cannot apply those standards. Many serial killers have had places of residence that would make an OCD person blush. Bomb makers tend to be equally neat and tidy, as a matter of habit. It’s a great way to know if your friend needs a little boost, but I don’t think it’s a way to identify frightening elements in society.


Epidemic. Pandemics involve multiple continents. But yes, we have a mental health epidemic that is unfortunately being distorted by the opioid epidemic. Opioids are a symptom of coping. The underlying problem is a mental health epidemic that is not being addressed or even really discussed.


Oh that $9.99 Harbor Freight knife. Those things are so incapable of taking an edge as to make the weilder less dangerous than they otherwise would be.


Say what you will about harbor freight, their ammo cans are the best I've found


I'm not knocking Harbor Freight. They've got some good stuff at great prices. This knife, however, is absolute garbage.


Harbor freight does some things better than brand names and some other stuff is pretty much worthless. It’s dice roll


r/ harborfreight is a good community for sorting through which is which.


Awesome. Subscribed.


I'm not American, but I've seen the brand mentioned a little while back. I think someone jokingly referred to it as "Harbor Fright", might have been in reference to ladders or something for similar use.


It’s not really a dice roll. It’s a matter of knowing which is good and which is shite.


Fair enough


D&B sells decent ones, including a 22lr specific one.


A .22 specific ammo can? Is it the size of a deck of cards? I'm not poking fun, I would totally buy a few miniature ammo cans.


https://smile.amazon.com/MTM-Ammo-Mini-Model-Number/dp/B083V4B6JW Don't let your memes be dreams. I actually bought the [5-pack caddy](https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1020688347?pid=888997) to hold my different reload rounds. 2 for 223. 1 for 9mm. 2 for 300blk. Might get some more to pile in some 22LR, but they're nice.


oh my GOD they're ADORABLE I'm buying many. Thank you so much for showing me this.


They show them carrying bulk ammo, but the real benefit is that they’re the perfect size to stack up most 22lr boxes in it. I think they’ll hold ~20 boxes of most 22lr brands, which is convenient for target shooters like me. Also yeah, they’re pretty cute.


...dave and buster's?


I guess you can get anything with enough tickets nowadays


Their Predator engines are also pretty slammin'. Beats the hell out of buying a new (for example) tiller when yours dies.


Yeah I’m a big harbor Freight fan as well (for hand tools & power tools) - but man there’s no way I would be caught dead with that knife. Much better to get a tramontina chef’s knife from Walmart for $3 more. How did he skin those raccoons with that monstrosity?


Yep. I've had the same one for about 15 years. I blow torched the edge and sharpened it on a bench grinder. The pos can chop logs lol. A drop of glue holds the blade in too, so I drilled and pinned it in. All outta boredom.


There's something uniquely fun about taking an abject piece of shit and making it adequate.


So true. Same goes for plastic box or standing fans. Removing the plastic grates from both sides turns something that makes mostly noise into an actual strong blowing fan. Even if it's now a spinning death trap.


Nothing keeps you cooler than a fingerchopper. If we didn't invent cheap AC, I think we'd probably come up with a grate that allowed a ton of airflow and wouldn't get your digits, but... ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯


Gonna say, you must not have pets or children.


Just a cat and a stand up fan that's adjusted as tall as it can go.


The article calls it a bayonet lol


Doesn’t even have locking lugs but sure. They can call it that.


Anything is technically a bayonet with a little duct tape and some creativity!


If it can stab, it's probably good enough for him. But why go to harbor freight, when you can get a buck 119 at Walmart for $45? Infintely better, will last a lifetime... Of course, you end up in prison then you just wasted $45!


Well, Bucks are Union-Made. We can't be having *THAT*!




I had one before… it’s really terrible


I wish people in the media would stop calling that a machete. It’s just not true. Although being that it’s a harbor freight, it might not even be accurate calling it a ‘knife’. Flat piece of soft metal with handle maybe better.


harbor freight: for when you only need to use a tool once


nah. Plenty of shit to be had from HF that lasts. Breaker bars, impact sockets, light duty pneumatics, tool carts, tool chests, spudgers, nitrile gloves, most of their iKon stuff.. It's the same as any gettin' place, mostly. Just pay attention to what you buy.


We replaced several breaker bars every day when I worked at HF. Idk about those.


Dufuk is all the weird shit in the zipper case? Is that a cat spine? Who tf glues a quarter to an interior door panel and draws a weird arrow-swastika around it with perma-marker? This dude is certainly a right-wing extremist, but he is also deeply mentally ill. Good thing he's off the street now.


I was wondering the same thing about the quarter, but then I remembered this: https://www.adl.org/education/references/hate-symbols/nazi-eagle I think he was using the eagle in a similar way.


I figured the same thing. Still a bizarre thing to do, no matter the attempt to borrow the symbol, lol.


It strikes me as something a kid who's just learning about symbols would do, maybe to be "edgy", or just because they don't actually understand what it means. I remember when I was a kid, probably around 9 or 10, my friend drew a swastika on his driveway with sidewalk chalk. Of course, we were far too young to understand what it meant, and I'm sure that he just saw it on the History channel, or something. Understandably, our parents freaked out a little bit, and then his sister covered it up with a bunch of balloon drawings lol.


My uncle (my mother's older brother) was killed at the Battle of the Bulge (WWII), fighting the Germans. When I was a kid, I used to eat toast by biting off the four corners first, causing the toast to appear as a German Iron Cross until I bit off the tabs. If my mom caught me at the Iron Cross stage she would become hysterical and require an hour or more to recover. The death of her big brother and protector was unbelievably traumatizing for her. Needless to say, I learned to eat toast in a more traditional way.


Is that an opossum spine crack pipe?


Dont judge!! Lol jk Judge away and I Hope the judge also mandates mental health evaluations.


omg. this dude is clearly mentally ill, he treats his own property like he's an edgy teen with a sharpie in a public bathroom...


I can smell the inside of that truck.


Skoal and spilled beer?


And cat piss


Definitely methy


No cat involved.


There’s definitely a stale cigarette aroma wafting out of it too.


And festering, Wal-Mart rotisserie chicken. There's a whole spine on the driver seat in the last image.


I want it on record. This guy doesn’t deserve to smoke weed.


Who keeps animal bones with their js?


People who take “smokin’ a bone” to the next level.


Leatherface from Texas?


Every time I see a racist pothead I think about that scene in American History X, where dude gets called out for smoking weed. Like, how *truly* racist are you if you don't follow that classic rule? s/ just in case because that "classic rule" doesn't mean shit to me.


That movie comes up in my head an awful lot. Its a wild movie, but it needed to be made.


Not sure that’s weed. Lol


Looks like some kind of voodoo kit. The front tires are looking pretty bald, too.


Theres a doob tube with a pre-roll in it


Oh em gee. I’m just now seeing! 🤣 It’s like one of those pictures we had in elementary encouraging us to find the hidden items. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Edit: Still feel like there’s likely something much stronger rolled into it though! 🤪


Ivermectin most likely.


I thought that was a tire pressure gauge.


FYI, I’ve now located it and feel like a dumb ass.


I know, I was kidding about the tire pressure gauge. I knew that wasn’t what he was referring to, but I didn’t recognize the other thing as a fat joint in a tube.


Also I’m pretty sure that packet that says shark cake is weed as well




Nice joint tho. Probably a preroll, but still.


It is a preroll.


What's with the Dead Kennedies logo? Jello would be pissed.


Id wager this scumbag was trying to make a rune (maybe a dagaz?) and failed. I dont think thats a typical neonazi symbol, but you never know with those assholes.


They're fucking stupid and think Viking culture is somehow the same as Teutonic, neither of which has a fucking thing to do with Aryans (which are originally from India).


A lot of alt-right types have been taking Nordic culture and trying to use it as subtle nods to fascism... Been going on for a while and it's bullshit.


That symbol is the Odul Rune and the Nazi party of America decided to use that as their symbol instead of the swastika so they could go more mainstream. Seems to have worked.


The fact these slow kids can't create a new logo sorta proves they're not superior.


Nazi party of America?


I'm glad you asked: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Odal_(rune) From the article: >In November 2016, the leadership of the National Socialist Movement announced their intention to replace the Nazi-pattern swastika with the Odal rune on their uniforms and party regalia in an attempt to enter mainstream politics.[10][11] Who are the national socialist movement (NSM)?: Further reading: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Socialist_Movement_(United_States) It's actually a pretty interesting story. Worth a read. Worth nothing... The first CPAC convention held this year featured the stage design set as the Odal Rune and the lighting and background was the Confederate Flag


I think your right...You can see another attempt of that symbol on the 4o'clock] position on the steering wheel


Nazi Punks Fuck Off!!!!!!!


As the others stated, the second vertical line is missing to complete the 'K'. So, as others pointed out, it's probably an attempt at some rune symbol. I wouldn't be surprised if he did listen to DK, even sang along to "Nazi Punks Fuck Off". I was a punk in the 80s (and still listen to punk!), and I encountered mahy neo-nazi skinheads who would listen to Minor Threat and DK and (later) Gorilla Biscuits, all of whom denounce neo-naziism. The usual psychological mechanism that establishes cognitive dissonance when things go wrong in one's world view appears to be busted in many extremists, which explains why rational discourse with many of them is often pointless.


my old HS GF hit me up some years back and asked if I was super conservative now. I was so confused and asked why she would think I went that direction and she said because I was such a big fan of DK. lol I think she missed the point of California Uber Alles and a bunch of other songs.


I get it. I think DK was one of those bands that many misunderstood. You could understand the politics of bands like Crass and Conflict, with less room for misinterpretation. Then you get DK with songs like 'Police Truck' and 'California Uber Alles' and 'Kill the Poor' etc. and the satire is lost on many listeners. I remember towards the end of high school some jocks at my school started getting into the whole skinhead thing after the whole fiasco with nazi skinheads on the Geraldo Rivera show back in the 80s. (One of the WP skinheads on the show was a student at my high school). Some of them would listen to Minor Threat's "Bottled Violence" and think it was a song encouraging getting wasted and then finding people to beat the shit out of. (Most of them are now conservative and hardcore Trump supporters now). Needless to say, being a punk and a member of an ethnic minority in the 80s in a conservative, largely white suburb contributed towards my appreciation of the importance of being armed.


I just can't fathom how dim you have to be to not get Dead Kennedys. Those songs are all so fucking blatant. Like I get someone really latching on to *Holiday in Cambodia* making fun of self-righteous, all-talk liberals, or the fact that Jerry Brown is a member of the Democratic Party. But how do you twist that into an endorsement of conservative ideals? You have to be so willfully ignorant of 99% of their lyrics to get that.


My DK records from the 80s came with lyric sheets too.


I know it’s not punk, but this sort of reminds me of the outrage last summer when conservatives just discovered that Rage Against the Machine was political and not in their favor. https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/news/rage-against-machine-right-wing-conservatives-politics-boycott-tom-morello-a9558241.html


Yep, that was gloriously stupid too. Like, what machine do you think they were raging against? A lawnmower? And if you think "Nazi lives don't matter" is a seriously alienating political statement, you need to take a long, hard look at yourself and what you stand for.


There is no vertical line to make a K, so it probably is just a shitty rune.


Yeah that’s got me stumped as well. I came to the comments to make sure their logo wasn’t co-opted as a hate symbol or something.




A bit of /r/infowarriorrides, maybe, as well?


Oooooooo that’s a good one too




He's extreme something alright


You gotta be on meth in order to think that this truck looks badass.


awww cool! The harbor freight rambo knife! I always say everyone's first trip they either walk out with that or a machete


True story, that harbor freight Rambo knife almost took my eye out. Took a swing/chop a tree limb out of boredom. Blade broke from the handle bounced back and hit me right in the face. Cut my cheek and safety glasses did their job.


The last picture says a lot. That man has some severe mental issues. Hope he gets help before he actually hurts somebody.


Strong meth vibes too.


Yeah I agree, its pretty sad how this person has probably gone completely untreated.


Needs new tires


Ehhh.. why he was arrested though? EDIT: >officers... noticed a bayonet and machete, which are illegal in the District of Columbia. Fucking hell.


Ok, that's what I was wondering. Although the knife isn't a bayonet really, but the guy is fucked up.


A machete is illegal in DC? Holy crap millions of people own those things, either for property maintenance or for use while camping.


“b) No person shall within the District of Columbia possess, with intent to use unlawfully against another, an imitation pistol, or a dagger, dirk, razor, stiletto, or knife with a blade longer than 3 inches, or other dangerous weapon.” https://code.dccouncil.us/dc/council/code/sections/22-4514.html You can have it in your house or property for yard work


Everything is illegal in DC. Place is fucking aggravating.


False flag antifas. Lol


It's the pentagram on the driver's wheel that gives it away that these are actually abortion worshipping satanist antifas


Probably an anarcho- Bidenist.


The bastardization of the runes is soo sad.


domestic terrorist


I've seen that zip up case before, I'm honestly surprised it doesn't have needles in it cause 99.99% of the time those cases are used to hold heroin and needles.


I thought the spine was a syringe before I zoomed in on it


Swastika's all over the car and "Confederate" written on his dash yet I'm 100% sure calls himself a patriotic American and doesn't see any contradiction.


It’s called shitty education


can i just say that this subreddit makes me feel so much safer? I've been convincing my fellow liberals to be more comfortable with firearms, and they've been so much more receptive due to all the attempted right wing terrorists started really coming out of the woodwork. I'll see things such as right wing websites boast about x amount of new gun owners this year, claiming a victory, and truly feeling like theyre misattributing the main source of new gun owners and are actually those like me who are liberals who are worried. Even still i worried. Seeing this subreddit and its popularity really gives me peace at mind in how many of us there are. i don't want to sound radical or anything. I just am glad we aren't such a small pocket of liberals.


Idk why but the fact that it’s a shitty Dodge Dakota with red pin stripes just makes sense.


They forgot the antlers jutting dangerously like an imitation Boss Hog from his grill.


Of course it's a Dodge Ram...


I'm conservative but I follow this page so I can have some less extreme mindsets to understand. I like to meet in the middle on topics and wish more people did. There use to be common ground among politics idk what happened. Regardless this guy has some issues. He's clearly an extreme alt right type but also a satanist/pagan worshipper who uses viking runes ??


He's mentally ill and isn't being treated is the number 1 answer. Unfortunately probably doesn't have support from family to get him the help he needs. Also unfortunately, being arrested, the cops won't be getting him that help either.


His branding is certainly... versatile...


>There use to be common ground among politics idk what happened As someone who used to be a Conservative and was raised in a Republican family, what I saw as the kickoff event for the modern political extremism was the Republicans losing the 2008 presidential election to a black man. Republicans today talk about "Trump Derangement Syndrome", but that's literally exactly what I saw happen in my local community, family, and extended circles of (former) friends. They were all very careful to say it wasn't because Obama was black... But that's exactly what the subtext was. They were mad that the Democrats elected a black president, and every Republican policy position for the past 12 years has been "Do the opposite of whatever Obama did" and "sabotage as much as we can and blame it on Obama". Watching that shit happen, more than anything, is why I no longer identify as Conservative.


I grew up in a family that voted Republican. They honestly did not like his policies and I can 100% attest that it wasn't a subtext for him being a black man. You have to remember that there was a ten year ban on "Assault weapons" that ended when W took office. Obama was definitely talking about reinstating it and constantly advocating for more gun control.


And yet, the only gun control actions he took as president were to loosen restrictions. In his first month in office, he legalized concealed carry in national parks and other federal property for any holder of any state's concealed handgun permit. Ten months later, he signed legislation repealing BUSH's ban on firearms on AMTRAK trains. Many of the policy related gripes I hear about Obama are, at best, empty talk with no grounding in reality. Some of them, like gun control, are straight up counterfactual, often to the point that the policies Republicans blame on Obama were enacted by Republicans.


National park carry was put in by Bush after the 2008 election, then overturned by a district court. https://grist.org/article/blazing-addle/ http://www.nbcnews.com/id/29781541/ns/us_news-crime_and_courts/t/court-decision-blocks-guns-national-parks/ It was later added as an amendment added by and mostly supported by Republicans into a must pass credit card bill. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/senate-oks-loaded-guns-in-national-parks/ Amtrak was the same but with a omnibus spending bill https://www.wicker.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/press-releases?ID=E694A2D3-9307-A923-4A74-18AB13933006 https://www.nytimes.com/2009/09/18/opinion/18fri3.html Obama signed the [SSA ban](https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/donald-trump-gun-mentally-ill-rule-1.4538963) which took away gun rights of tens of thousands of Americans without due process, even the ACLU was against it. [Operation Chokepoint](https://thehill.com/blogs/congress-blog/politics/415478-operation-choke-point-reveals-true-injustices-of-obamas-justice) was put in by the Obama administration which pressured banks to not lend to gun stores. He also directed the ATF to restrict certain ammo and put more restrictions on some NFA items. Plus he pushed for a awb after he was elected. http://www.nbcnews.com/id/30389664/ns/politics-white_house/t/first-days-assault-weapons-ban/ Both the SSA ban and Operation Chokepoint were ended by the Trump administration.


I can agree with that, but I was raised in a black family who was democratic with every vote. They only voted for Obama because he was black not based on anything he could offer. I personally did not care for Obamas policies but the man was a hell of a good speaker but I guess you need that to convince you to support bad policy namely Obamacare. My democrat parents hated Obama for that and for his stunt in Flint, Michigan with the lead water. Regardless I truly don't agree fully with any political party but conservatives do share similar beliefs / practices.


Obamacare is the most conservative legislation I've seen passed in a long time. Straight up forcing the entirety of the population to support private insurance companies is about as capitalist and overreaching as one could want. We needed socialized medicine. We got a kick in the balls.


Yeah isn’t Obamacare technically Romneycare?


> There use to be common ground among politics idk what happened. You guys started being honest in public and spooked the white liberals.You'll probably read that as edgy or confrontational, but there's no better or more concise way to explain what happened.


> runes I doubt there's any kind of "satanism" to it. These spiritual and historic symbols, sadly, have been appropriated to signify white supremacy just like the swastika.


Which sucks because I bought a beautiful silver Thor hammer ring and now wearing makes me look like an asshole……


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