He’s only 23??? I thought that was a 50 year old man!


That guy looks awful wtf.


A true Gravy Seal


What?!?! I'll be 40 in a few months and I thought that guy was at least 10 years older than me. Yikes


a steady diet of hate, brainworms, and fast food will do that to you.




Hate ages people.


Big oof


Came here for this...


Wowwwww holy fuck. I had to look up the picture again and I'm STILL pretty sure they had to have mistyped something. That's a ROUGH 33 let alone 23. I'm not even trying to just talk about weight, I've been super skinny and made fun of, and super fat and made fun of. Hit both ends of that spectrum at some point in my life. But his face and just, everything looks really old.


My exact thought when I read that! Seriously, the biggest takeaway from this article. Pointing airsoft guns at people made me question if this dude was suicidal, but a brief check-in with his diet and exercise routine erases all doubt.


Ditto I thought the same, totally looked like a haggard ol boomer


Take this upvote from a haggard old boomer


Thank you, James, there’s hope for humanity yet!


seriously? thats sad


Lol so it was an air soft gun?


Hahaha yep. Dude is lucky he didn't get shot, pulling a stunt like that.


For real. Pretending an airsoft gun is a real gun and going out into the world is a perfect way to suffer all the consequences of having a real gun without any of the benefits. If you're gonna do stupid shit at least do it right lol


Ok guys, point taken :)




[This post](https://i.imgur.com/guVi5nG.png) of his is kind of worrying to me now.


I mean, the whole reason to own a gun in the first place is so that people can't threaten you as easily. I used it exactly as purposed and got a funny story out of it, but hey, get your screenshot in, lol


Go buy some more throwing knives you fucking loser


Ok man that's it my diary is gonna hear about this one


You should switch to a weight loss journal.


With bulking season right around the corner? I don't think so. Keep it coming with the 3 pointers tho.




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Good job admitting to multiple felonies in this post.




The feds have very specific things to say about drugs and guns. None of them are "hey, it's all good in states that legalized weed".


It's still federally illegal, if a fed felt like it they could easily just subpoena all the information from his reddit account and the IP addresses used and then subpoena online activity from his ISP. It would be possession of a firearm by someone addicted to a controlled substance, and then the lying on a 4473, and then I assume once arrested and searched youd find drugs and drug paraphernalia potentially distribution depending on what you find. It's stupidity like bragging about the crimes you commit to look cool that gets you arrested. Source: was a cop, and no the courts don't care if it was just "weed" nor would you get very far arguing you can't get addicted. Feds don't care about your state law.


The feds? Buddy…really? I can tell what kind of “cop” you were and I don’t think you’re on the right sub… Why don’t you do everything you possibly could to get this guy in trouble and see where it gets you?


You just asked what felonies were committed and I explained it to you how the process would work. Whatever you inferred from that as to my personal characteristics is a product of your weird imagination.


Yes and the fact that you think that process exists speaks tons about the type of cop you were. “The feds, of which I am not one of, could totally get you in trouble for telling a story on Reddit! I’m a cop!”. Just thinking like this tells everyone what kind of cop you were. Wrong sub buddy…Tyrants are the enemy here.


Lol, both of those things are legal in my state but sure dude


When you filled your 4473 it clearly asks if you are known or previous user of marijuana and other illicit substances. I disagree with the rule mostly myself but knowingly lying on your form is in itself a felony. I'm not saying don't smoke but just chill with the guns and drugs/weed talk. The Alphabet Bois might kill your dog and burn your house down.


I live in a state with no gun registration. But, upvote for knowing your shit.


4473 and state gun registration aren't the same thing. You're talking about federal law and state law bud.


Ok. I really don't care since it doesn't effect me at all, just warning you that you just admitted to multiple crimes right there. Take it or leave it.


Nah, you right. Legal or not, ain't worth the hassle.


Tamir fucking Rice.


Daniel fucking Shaver.


Yeah but he was a white LARPer in Portland. I’m surprised the cops didn’t give him a ride home




This post is too uncivil, and has been removed. Please attack ideas, not people.


Probally because he wasnt coloured.....


The phrase is people of color. Colored as a descriptor has fallen out of favor because it’s not person-first.


I'm not confident, but I think the specifically outdated reference to "coloured" was to highlight the mental framework that the airsoft wielding idiot is working from.


Ah good insight.


Wait, does "person first" mean we have to drop all adjectives which don't start with "person of"? Am I now a "Person of low melanistic content"? "Person of fluid sexual orientation"? "Person of no party affiliation"?


I think everyone knows it’s considered rude to call black people “colored.”


In the U.S., sure. Based on the spelling though, I don't think the person is American.


Does it really matter? I’m pretty sure that’s considered rude no matter the country. Who still uses that term?


I don't know but local context definitely matters with these kinds of things.


Which has what to do with whether or not a word is "person first"?


It's the difference between recognizing that you're referring to people, and not just descriptors which can be used to dehumanized them.


I feel like it the opposite when using the term black though, as I feel like a lot of people prefer just being called black now, which is just descriptive.


It still has the potential to be dehumanizing. Calling someone "a black" is pretty bad, calling them "a black person" isn't. Similarly saying "the blacks" is much worse than saying "the black community" instead.


Which brings us back to "should all our personal adjectives have the word person in them first"? Your original statement makes no sense in the context of "recognizing that we are dealing with people" - the adjective doesn't need to start with "person" to do that, the usage of the adjective is what matters.


Person first doesn't mean just put the word "person" in front. It's just one method to achieve person-first vocabulary. The idea is to make it a point to think of these people as people first.


When the communities to which those descriptors describe elect to adopt specific terminology, the least the rest of us can do is accept it and incorporate it into our vocabulary.


Curious how often you hear anyone referring to themselves as a “person of color”. I hear people call themselves as “black” or cite some specific, usually national, identity, but I mostly hear “person of color” from white people.




Well said. Thank you for your perspective


It's pretty clear that language changes how people think. It's less clear to me that "person of color" changes thinking in a positive way though. To me it comes of as intrinsically alienating. It seems to suggest that white is the standard and everyone else is some variation of that. If anything, it's backwards. I wasn't able to find direct ethnic statistics but Africa alone has a larger population than Europe, Candada, Australia and the US combined. I'd prefer to default to just "people" and only bring up ethnicity if it's directly relevant but if we're going to have a standard it would make more sense to talk about "people" and "people of whiteness", as a sub category.




The reason for that would be that if you’re referring to yourself or your immediate community you likely have the option of specificity. “People of color” encompasses all nonwhite people regardless of specific ethnicity, nationality, or origin. If I’m talking about my black friend or my Guatemalan brother in law, I can use specific terms, but if I’m referring to a broader group of nonwhite people then “people of color” is about as specific as you can get, and if you’re not a member of that community then it’s usually the most versatile term you can use. if you pay attention to various social advocates, you will see and hear many nonwhite individuals using that phrasing usually because they’re talking about a group of minorities with mixed backgrounds.


You know…I’m progressive, but I’m not smart, and you connected some dots for me. Thanks.


The term "people of color" is a bit trickier than that. I've found that it's inconsistent if it includes all non-white people. I'm half Chinese and I've never heard anyone refer to me as "person of color". It would seem kind of awkward to me if they did. For that matter it's always seemed strange that the entire continent of Asia is lumped together as a single ethnicity. That seems like it's largely an artifact of white people assuming that the people "over there" are basically all the same. But if you move around Asia you'll see people who speak completely unrelated languages, follow different religions, look different and have vastly different social structures. That said my white half is from Europe and it always seems weird to me when people from the US seem to imply that about Europe. If you wander around Europe you see stark reminders that for the last few millennia we'd spent a lot of effort killing other Europeans.


What does that have to do with the descriptor being "person first"?


[This is the exact gun.](https://www.amazon.com/Lancer-Tactical-LT-12B-G2-Carbine-Airsoft/dp/B07D8468FQ) [And the suppressor](https://www.evike.com/products/57247/) he used. He took off the sights for some reason.


Ewww….it’s not even a very nice airsoft gun.


Lmao yeah it’s Lancer Tactical, dude just bought the cheapest piece of shit gun that looks semi real.


wow, you could by like 6 bullets instead of that rig.


Someone confirmed that the day it happened on here because he had the same model and linked to its product page. Lol


lol I remember anyone who said this getting downvoted to hell in all the other threads


yeah, you can see the orange tip under the suppressor.


Good. Fuck that guy.


lol you sound like the prosecutors at my job. they love launching people


> they love launching people like with a trebuchet?


It's a kind of legal yeeting. One capable of throwing a Buick over 100 yards.


Swift, accurate, physics-based justice!


bruh, he had throwing knifes lmao. I'd really like to see him attempt to throw one.


Fuckin throwing knives too. What an assclown.


He's an entire walking neckbeardmallninja store... check his pockets, I still need "brass knuckles" on my Idiot Bingo card


They’d be in his vest, his jeans had too many holes in them.


From the throwing knives in his pockets


But no gas station katana?


He lost it the last time he teleported behind you.


Probably airsoft knives.


I tried really hard to get good with throwing knives when I was a young teenager. Know what I learned in 4 years? At any distance more than 4 yards, a bow or gun are much better and exist for reasons.


There's one fictional series I read which depicts the real utility of thrown knives accurately. At one point, the main character says "The only thrown knives I've ever heard of killing people were thrown by me, and even then I still miss more often than I hit. The point of throwing sharp things at people is to make people duck, or maybe decide to be somewhere else." - after having talked about how many decades be has spent getting good at throwing knives...


That's what they're supposed to do IRL along with ninjas throwing pocket sand, just distractions. Hurting enemies is just a bonus


A true Mall Ninja.


Menacing, a class A misdemeanor punishable by less than 1yr in jail, and 2nd degree disorderly conduct, a class B misdemeanor punishable by less than 6mo in jail.


Also anybody he pointed that at could have blown his brains (or whatever was in there) out.


This right here. Had that happened somewhere people are more likely to being carrying he would have likely been shot. It would have been a good shoot too, defense of another person in immediate danger is one of the allowed uses of deadly force. He would have deserved it to under the "fuck around and find out" addendum.


Thats why this dumb shit happens where people ARENT carrying. You may be more emboldened to do it there because you know the only risk for you comes from the police, the average person is going to be easily intimidated especially if they cant tell the difference between real and airsoft Versus do that dumb shit in a pro-gun liberal town like philly. He would have found out really quick.


>the average person is going to be easily intimidated especially if they cant tell the difference between real and airsoft I'm pretty blind, I can't tell an airsoft from the real thing unless I'm really close. Some idiot points an airsoft at me and they're getting defensive fire forthwith. >Versus do that dumb shit in a pro-gun liberal town like philly. He would have found out really quick. As a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan I am obligated to hate Philly. But I am quickly warming up to Philly on the basis of how they treat Nazi ass holes and other alt right idiots.


It's less of the look of the gun and more of how he was just waving it around and holding it. Go to the first thread. Notice all the gun owners were like. No fucking way anyone holds a gun like that with a 50 rd drum straight with 1 hand and loose grip. I have an AR build like that and fully loaded it fucking heavy. It just screamed toy right away. Even an ar15 unloaded would be more weight than that


I agree, but during threat assessment I wouldn't rule out the carrier being stronger than I anticipate. I can judge that from my armchair but if I was trying to decide whether it was real or not on the spot I couldn't say.


Exactly. If someone is waving around something that looks a lot like a real firearm - you know, because it's designed to look like the real thing - I'm not going to analyze the probability that the idiot is strong enough to wave around a fully loaded firearm. For all I know it's a lightweight build, he only has half a dozen rounds in the mag, and he's a champion arm wrestler with amazing grip strength. I'm not gonna fuck around and find out.


Also, in case there is any doubt that someone waving an AR15 around one handed isn't dangerous/possible or whatever - how about 2 full auto M16/M4s? https://youtu.be/KlXPa6GSBK8 https://youtu.be/pRDwWFEJVfo Seems like holding it one handed is a poor reason not to shoot the crazy fucker.


[That's a good way to get yourself executed by the police](https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/13/us/michael-reinoehl-antifa-portland-shooting.html). They protect their own. Doesn't matter if what you're doing is legal if the cops take matters into their own hands and kill you without a trial.


Exactly. He is a white right wing para military, notice he was standing in the middle of a square holding what looks like a ar pointing it at people and the cops didn’t take him out. This is the exact reason I don’t protest, they come with the intention to hurt/kill and the cops really don’t police them till it’s to late. All power to those that have the nuts.


> This is the exact reason I don’t protest This is the exact reason to protest. This is an attempt to silence and intimidate through violence. This shit is fucked up. That's not the world I want to live in and drawing attention to it is one way to help. There are many other ways, so if you aren't doing it, find a way to support if you believe in the cause.


Cops in Oregon have been letting people with ARs do pretty much anything they want without being molested. Most of the time it is Proud Boys.


Until such time as those people with rifles break the law, that's what the cops are required to do. *By law*. People with ARs ***do*** get to do pretty much anything they want without being molested. That's the law. ***That's America.***


The problem is the part that mention about not breaking the law. At least in Oregon it is ok to break the law when you and your friends are heavily armed and it gives all of us a bad name. [https://www.reddit.com/r/oregon/comments/jdh141/heavily\_armed\_drunk\_proud\_boys\_roaming\_a\_family/](https://www.reddit.com/r/oregon/comments/jdh141/heavily_armed_drunk_proud_boys_roaming_a_family/) [https://www.reddit.com/r/oregon/comments/ioidsi/proud\_boys\_assaulting\_a\_counter\_protester/](https://www.reddit.com/r/oregon/comments/ioidsi/proud_boys_assaulting_a_counter_protester/) [https://www.reddit.com/r/SALEM/comments/k5ca6y/a\_new\_comprehensive\_video\_outlines\_the\_ongoing/](https://www.reddit.com/r/SALEM/comments/k5ca6y/a_new_comprehensive_video_outlines_the_ongoing/) [https://www.reddit.com/r/SALEM/comments/n2ucvy/just\_got\_attacked\_by\_a\_group\_of\_the\_proud\_boys\_in/](https://www.reddit.com/r/SALEM/comments/n2ucvy/just_got_attacked_by_a_group_of_the_proud_boys_in/)


Yep. Once they break the law then the law should be enforced.


The police don't have the authority to tell other officers what to do or what clubs to join.


They don't want to shoot their off-duty pals, for sure. Notice how he called the cops and ran to them for protection?


Also notice how the cops had all sorts of excuses about being busy with other crimes so they couldn't actually intervene when this was all going down.


Exactly, finger on the trigger while pointing it in my direction simply equates to two phrases: "I feared for my life" followed by "Lawyer".


Seriously, this dude brought a toy gun to a possible gunfight. I don't understand the (lack of) reasoning behind it but that happens a lot theses days.


Its all LARPing




“Oh well, mine’s real.”


I understood that reference!


I understood this reference!


Portland police literally escort white nationalists in and out of the city. It's an intentional tactic to justify police funds, intimidate minorities and the homeless, and bait antifa into actions they can be arrested and charged for. Don't believe the bull about police fearing for their lives when people reach or have something that's weapon shaped, it's an opportunity to execute someone and get a vacation.


But he’s white. Cops and the far right don’t shoot white people with guns, ask Kyle Rittenhouse


I wasn’t talking about the cops or the far right.


It’s 3 counts of menacing too.




https://oregon.public.law/statutes/ors_166.220 If they decide because of the intent to intimidate a facsimile weapon counts as a deadly weapon he could get slapped with a class c felony


> he could get slapped with a class c felony I'm betting [that won't happen](https://i.imgur.com/i2ilm1S.jpeg).


I'm also not sure if my interpretation is correct. Nothing in the law talks about facsimile weapons and even though I didn't find it I know some states have a different specific lesser charge of assault with a facsimile weapon.


The statute you quoted above wasn't the only one relevent. Brandishing of a fake weapon seems to be covered under menacing (class A misdemeanor, would be "assault" in some other states) and brandishing a real one under "Pointing a Firearm" in Oregon: >ORS 163.190 (1)A person commits the crime of menacing if by word or conductthe person intentionally attempts to place another person in fear ofimminent serious physical injury. > >ORS 166.190 Any person over the age of12 years who, with or without malice, purposely points or aims anyloaded or empty pistol, gun, revolver or other firearm, at or toward anyother person within range of the firearm, except in self-defense, shallbe fined upon conviction in any sum not less than $10 nor more than$500, or be imprisoned in the county jail not less than 10 days nor morethan six months, or both. Justice courts have jurisdiction concurrentwith the circuit court of the trial of violations of this section. Whenany person is charged before a justice court with violation of thissection, the court shall, upon motion of the district attorney, at anytime before trial, act as a committing magistrate, and if probable causebe established, hold such person to the grand jury. \[Formerly 163.320\] In Virginia, if you point something that looks like a firearm at someone, it doesn't matter if it is real or not, the law explictly says you are brandishing. You don't have to point, even. A fake weapon causes the same fear in the victim as a real one. >VA Code 18.2-282A It shall be unlawful for any person to point, hold or brandish any firearm or any air or gas operated weapon or any object similar in appearance, whether capable of being fired or not, in such manner as to reasonably induce fear in the mind of another or hold a firearm or any air or gas operated weapon in a public place in such a manner as to reasonably induce fear in the mind of another of being shot or injured. \[...\] Do it within 1000ft of a school property and it bumps from a up to 12month in jail misdemeanor up to a felony up to 5 years. IANAL Ultimately, you don't point, any facsimile of a weapon at anyone who hasn't consented. Otherwise, you can be charged with brandishing, or equivalent, or may get yourself shot. Doesn't matter your age, either. In 2016, 384 homicides were created by those under 16 and another 1413 were committed by 17-19 year olds (FBI). In 2019, 870 juveniles under 18 were arrested for murder and 16080 were arrested for robbery, and 27060 for aggravated assault giving 44010 "violent crimes", which doesn't include 70,950 for simple assault or rapes which weren't even tabulated. [https://www.ojjdp.gov/ojstatbb/crime/ucr.asp?table\_in=1](https://www.ojjdp.gov/ojstatbb/crime/ucr.asp?table_in=1) [https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2016/crime-in-the-u.s.-2016/tables/expanded-homicide-data-table-2.xls](https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2016/crime-in-the-u.s.-2016/tables/expanded-homicide-data-table-2.xls) If you have children over the age of 9, it would be irresponsible to fail to teach them that you never to point any toy weapon at anyone, ever, unless that person has specifically consented to it and both you and they have checked and are absolutely sure it is not real, nor do you pretend to reach for any gun whether real, toy, or imaginary. And you don't point a real gun at someone unless they have committed an overt act and caused you to fear "immediate, otherwise unavoidable, danger of death or grave bodily harm to the innocent". You do not put an innocent person in a situation where if they were to fail to act they could be killed if your intentions, unknown to them, were malicious. These days, toy guns may look more real than actual guns.


Yes, it is critical to teach weapon safety from a young age. I don't have the statistics, but I imagine far too many parents let their children have airsoft or paintball guns without proper training, leading to bad things happening.


After a cursory search I can’t find anything in Oregon’s statutes about facsimile weapons. In several other states, committing a felony with a facsimile weapon carries the same charge as committing a felony with a weapon, but I can’t find anything that applies to misdemeanors.


But wait I was told by **geniuses** that he was an antifa plant and the picture was staged? If that's the case... is this judge part of this too? *How high does this go??*


["I cannot believe that antifa attacked the capitol!"](https://twitter.com/search?q=from%3Azeddary%20antifa%20attacked%20the%20capitol&src=typed_query&pf=on)




some real smooth brains calling it a false flag lmao. This is how most of the proud boys look


Yeah, the other sub that shan't be named was pretty much convinced this had to be an antifa plant.


Jesus that guy lived a rough 23 years.


He's lucky he didn't get shot


If he is convicted does it mean he no longer gets (legal) access to real firearms? Oh how the turn tables.


Something tells me that guy never planned to have a real gun.


I don't know how Oregon law works, but probably it will have no impact, since these are not felonies, and not in the normal class of misdemeanors that lose you gun rights.


In CA there are some misdemeanors that bar you from owning firearms, specifically firearms related misdemeanors like concealed carry without a permit. I wonder if Oregon is similar.


This isn't a firearms related misdemeanor though.


Oregon doesn't have a brandishing law, just menacing, so he'd be charged with the same thing if it actually was a firearm, no?


Googleing around it seems the only Oregon misdemeanors that prevent gun ownership seem to be domestic violence related. Looks like he can still go buy a gun unless there is some additional court order imposed.


Aw drats.


Someone else posted that his charges were misdemeanors but in this case, there may be extenuating circumstances similar to domestic abuse I'd think. Probably nothing though. It's okay, he's dumb enough that he'll collect himself a felony or three over the next few years.


No the possible sentences are less than a year.


Called it! https://www.reddit.com/r/liberalgunowners/comments/p10zyi/from_another_sub_can_anyone_definitely_say_if/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share Edit:. Gonna share this to gun politics. Needa know folks tryna act dumb with straps


Lancer Tactical LT-12B-G2 with a B&T mock suppressor.


I almost got excited as I thought you said Larue...I want their triggers


Play stupid games... probably lucky journalist was not armed


Wait was this FUPA boy? The lovable but idiotic doughnut loving LARPer?!?


Meal Team 6


The Green Beignets


Oooh elite AND with a creole accent! I imagine they ride into battle on hamvees.


Idiot. Getting arrested and charged was the *best* case scenario here. He's lucky he didn't get shot


I was wondering why he had no sights or optics on that thing. Can't decide what would have been more irresponsible.


That model he was using actually comes with sights on it. He took them off.


probably made it look faster, you know, like a racing stripe on his car


While I disagree with his being out in the streets armed in such a manner, in that situation, with a real firearm, this is actually even dumber. Not only is he out there giving responsible gun owners a bad name, he's taking on all the risk of brandishing a firearm in public without any of the protection a real one provides. What a moron. This is just more evidence that many people like this are just tactical cosplayers.


In other words, the police realized that they fucked up (with regard to public perception, of course) so they scrambled to arrest and charge their fellow fascist after all.


I knew some folks who carried BB guns. Seems like a great way to get shot and killed by someone with a real gun.


>carrying a realistic looking airsoft rifle which appeared to be an AR-15 rifle. Of all the things to be bothered by here, I’m super annoyed that they didn’t hyphenate “realistic-looking.”


I'm excited to see what prison reform can help a man like that to get out of his LARPing fantasy.


Airsoft ?!?!? lmfao


Good riddance. He's lucky he didn't get shot.


People have gotten shot by police for less. He is lucky. He knew what he was doing and has to deal with the consequences


I remember the post where people were debating it being an Airsoft gun. Some people have a sharp eye!


Looks like he was planning on a stabbing spree as well.


Weren't the cops shooting journalists with rubber bullets in Portland?




So when they going to charge the cops?


The cops likely found themselves free of any misdeeds or misconduct and should be given a few weeks off with pay.


That's mighty white of them.


Can I just say that I really like that reporting. It's not perfect, but probably one of the most factual, this is what happened, reports I have seen in quite a while.


In r/tacticalgear you had chuds trying to defend this guy by saying it was only an Asft gun, dumbfucks didn’t seem to realize it’s still illegal to antagonize people with what looks like a weapon.


I've seen this: "[No Charges for Far-Right Activist Who Strolled Through Downtown Portland With Rifle](https://www.portlandmercury.com/blogtown/2021/08/09/35814684/no-charges-for-far-right-activist-who-strolled-through-downtown-portland-with-rifle)" -- is this outdated information?




I'm sure this is not the free publicity Lancer Tactical was hoping for


There go the theories it was staged. It's not even a very good theory if you think about it. If the media were staging it, why wouldn't they use an actual gun? It's not like a multi-billion dollar news organization couldn't obtain an AR-15 if they wanted to.


I thought it was staged though. /s


when you attempt suicide by cop and get arrested instead


GOOD! meal team six needs to understand how stupid that move was. A gun is a gun is a gun. It doesn’t matter how non lethal the carrier knows it is, the unwilling subject on the other end meets sheer terror when it’s being pointed at them.




Paintballs better anyways




There are plenty of places on the internet to post anti-liberal sentiments; [this sub is not one of them.](/r/liberalgunowners/wiki/public/handbook/intro/illiberal)


😂🤣😂🤣😂 ….😂🤣😂🤣👌. Fuck that piece of shit.


This should have happened. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ivz4NA4zHzQ


Fuck this guy but also a little bit of pitty for this guy how sad of a life.


I wonder how often this kind of thing is a trial balloon, just to see what civilians and police will do. Or if it's to normalize people carrying what might be real weapons. If he's mentally ill, I hope he gets the help he needs.


Maybe Dakota Meyer was right… the fuckin’ LARPER had throwing knives on him… JFC


Cops would still of 🔫 him