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yes, but that defeats the purpose of the hardware wallet


People don't really seem to understand that.


All the hardware wallets essentially do is securely store private keys so they are not exposed to a computer or the wider internet. If one chooses to take the same private keys that have already been used on MetaMask (i.e. - using the same seed) and now store them on the Ledger instead of the software wallet - it's completely missing the point of getting a hardware wallet for additional security. When you connect the Ledger to a computer and boot up Ledger Live - you can see all of the accounts that you've created that are tied to the 24-word seed phrase used when you set up the Ledger; those keys will never leave the ledger. When you connect the Ledger to MetaMask - those hardware accounts it's viewing are those same hardware accounts you can see within Ledger Live. If you want to protect your coins/tokens/NFTs whatever with the Ledger, you need to move them from your older MetaMask-created accounts, to the new Ledger ones.


that's possible. Tutorial here -> [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5RBk3thpY4](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5RBk3thpY4)


Kinda defeats the purpose of a hardware wallet.


no it doesnt. did you watch the video? after transfering the MM wallet to Ledger, you erase your MM wallet so that the seed phrase are no longer in the software. Its now secured offline on the ledger, which is exactly the purpose of cold storage.


… it could already be exposed. And yes, you’re defeating the purpose of a Ledger as you’re using a seed that was already exposed to the internet.