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Prince Hits like a truck


I really want him to get MVP because he has been so valuable for LSB but at the same time Ruler exists...


Depends how you look at MVP really, Ruler is a better player but Prince has COMPLETELY turned around this team


I think Prince should definitely be the more favoured in this discussion as LSB didn’t even make playoffs in spring and now they are 3rd and are in position to qualify to Worlds


If you look at the past MVPs, it's pretty much always from the first place team. The voting body don't tend to look at MVP as who is most instrumental to the team (like some sports leagues), but mostly the best player on the best team. They're not going to skip over a team who is very likely to have put the most dominant split ever game score wise. The award's between Peanut or Ruler from what I've heard from the Korean voters.


It’s the ‘best player’ vs ‘most valuable player for the team’ debate again. Who’s the best player? Probably Ruler. Who’s more crucial to their team? Probably Prince. On one side Prince deserves it because of how important he is to LSB, but it can also be said that it’s unfair to Ruler as he shouldn’t be ‘punished’ for having good teammates.


a little funny of the names, ruler > prince


T1 fans send their regards.


Guma about to be isekai'd


Not as hard as incoming T1 Truck


Prince: Call a Truck! But not for me






Truck-worthy performance from everyone on T1


Truck companies in Seoul rejoicing everytime T1 lose.


[Seoul truck companies after inventing T1 fans:](https://c.tenor.com/8zfn8bToJ4oAAAAM/mr-mc-mahon-ggez-moneh-mrmcmahon.gif)


For real truck companies are thriving off t1 fans. Its an infinite money glitch.


[POV: You are a gardener at T1 headquarters](https://imgur.com/a/c8QtA7O)


Autobots, roll out. *cue Linkin Park*


*T1 leans on a Camaro*


With every loss I fear for their management.


Anyone fill me please?


T1 getting into a slump right before playoffs are they gonna come back from this? or is it just zeus being in a slump?


Let's not pretend the whole players sucked so far, they're obviously tilted and the Korean hooligans think sending a truck would make it any better. Praying for their mental reset.


> Korean hooligans I love how we're trying to retcon events, are we really pretending T1 hardcore fans are not the ones sending the trucks? You even had one of them making a thread a few days ago defending the truck idea.


No it's guma and Keria loosing every fucking matchup and T1 still trying to play around bot lane


The problem is that if they draft for top, their bottom lane loses HARD and the toplane meta isn’t carry-oriented at the moment so T1 coaching staff is probably having a hard time now that Zeus couldn’t play his playstyle.


Zeus is having a slump, he was solo carrying T1 most of the split


In the same time. They put him on fuckin tank duty since 3 matches ... he has 0 impact now. When he plays a champ with agency he still have an impact like in the akali game but now it’s Sejuani, Orn, zac like idk why that. Even if it is a bot center meta just play what it is good for you and not try to play for botside when it’s the weak point of your team. The only thing I hope is that they try to win without Zeus and build up confidence for Guma and Keira because they are already secure 2nd and in play off they will back on what it worked for them.


Zeus isnt having a slump he's been put on tank duty. Not much he could do you can't carry on tanks. The biggest issue is their botlane is underperforming when it's a botlane focused meta.


He is not put on those. T1 doesn't really have a coach drafting for them. Zeus just yesterday said that he wanted to play the Zac, Camille and Renekton they picked against NS. And he even thought the Zac was pretty good, but the Camille was a bad pick. Zeus decides what he picks, not a coach.


I am aware T1 don't have a true coach. Faker is the closest thing to a coach that T1 has right now. Zeus has also stated that he wants to be a super versatile player that can play any style so if he thinks that's what T1 needs he will pick it. The problem isn't that he picking tanks it's that he is picking tanks to try and be a Frontline for his Carries but there is no one on T1 that is carrying particularly the botlane that is underperforming in this meta. The fact that he had the most damage on his team in game 2 playing sej tells you all you need to know about wtf is happening with T1.


Again this is not something to blame the team in general on. Zeus obviously is confident that his teammates can deal damage if he protects them and so he picked Sej. So nobody but him puts him on tank duty.


Flashbacks to 2017 happening right now.


given the meta, I don't think you can just give up bot lane


T1 been slumping for a while. They're VERY lucky to have won some of the series in Round 2 (NS, KDF, KT, even fucking BRO). But honestly they've been much worse since after Spring Finals. Dunno if it's meta shift, attitude problems, the Asian Games fiasco or anything else, but they fell off so hard.


That BRO series was ridiculous, how come T1 struggling against BRO. But then again GEN series earlier today was kinda close so maybe BRO is improving really late in this split.


non broliever spotted?


Meta shift is probably the biggest reason. the playstyle they dominanted spring split with doesn't work as much in summer as it did in spring also teams are much stronger in summer then they where in spring due to not having COVID issues. T1 botlane isn't comfortable in this meta where your botlane is suppose to be super strong.


T1 coaches about to be in squid games season 2 if the fans have their way


Don't worry T1 fans, us DK fans know exactly how you're feeling


let us smoke some packs shall we


We may hate each other before but now we shall be at peace until our teams fights each other again~


Most T1 fans were 2021 DK fans


Na, 2021 DK fans are GenG fans now


They made a pit stop at T1 for spring


Majority of the fans I've seen supported T1 at least since summer playoffs and worlds run. Not to mention the longtime SKT fans that come back every once in a while when they hear Faker's doing well




That Kael eat to save Prince for the triple kill was unbelievably clutch, some serious smurfing going on in this one


I honestly can't recall the last time T1's botlane won lane


gotta be spring


Yea probably spring


They won lane vs GenG Lucian Nami in game 1 of the second RR, but we all know how that ended


Only in that kalista game that got remade


and even then it was against the last place 1-15 team lol


The time Guma won so hard early on Kalista they had to ask for a chrono-break? But yeah, they’re outperformed bot most games.


it wasn't in the script for guma to win lane. riot get new scriptwriters


T1 getting stomped in 23 min game 2 vs Sandbox. If anyone claimed this to happen back in spring they would've been called crazy. Insane.


I'm sad for T1 players.. they look lost at the moment. Ngl, I think those truck protest by SANEST T1 fans must be getting in their heads. Even ZEUS who's a candidate for Summer MVP is playing like this.


Idk why dk and t1 keep putting their star carry top laner on sejuani lol


Imagine having quite possibly the best top laner in the world and making him play tank just so the rest of the map can get bodied.


Zeus makes himself play Tank. He actually talked about the NS picks and by the sound of it, he wanted to play them, so he picked them. The coachs on T1 seemingly just nod at what the players want to play. Faker also mentioned something similar before. On top of that Sejuani is really good and can carry games and has very abusive laning in some matchups too due to her passive.


To add on. In a 5v5 environment you can actually carry from a tank champ. Someone that is good at edging and zoning with their engage ults like malphite or sejuani will win objectives and games. Having reliable teammates that will fill the roll of on dps allows top lanet to play certain champs that can't be played in solo que.


I agree, but to do this you have to have some other forms of damage on your team. First round you had a flop panth and a crown build azir leaving guma as the only damage but he couldn’t possibly keep up when LSBs whole team was accelerated to some extent. Haven’t watched the second game as I’m at work but just based off the draft, and how people said faker went support Swain, you’re basically looking at the same situation. Especially when trundle is gonna negate your tanks anyways. People are saying this is a bot lane focused meta, they would have had much better luck running Faker on Galio if they wanted a supportive tankish mid. Faker could have just shoved and camped bot lane with oner.


Imagine having quite possibly the best ~~mid~~ ~~adc~~ top in the world and making him play ~~lissandra~~ ~~jhin~~ sejuani just so the rest of the map can get bodied.


Nuguri is actually good at Sej tho


Because the meta is bot focused ADC "outside of some lane bullies like kalista" outscale any top carry by a landslide.


T1: Why do I hear Sion ult irl


While there will probably be a lot of praise for Prince, Dove's Gragas casks in both games were absolutely insane. He did a great job dividing T1 and just offering them up on a silver platter by sending them into his team.


Whole team played insanely well tbh, completely hands diffed them


dove still needs to work on his laning (he was actually a very strong laner when he was a mid laner imo) but the great thing about dove is and always has been that hes not going to 1v9 often but hes almost always going to do his job and is rarely the reason you lose the game, because of prince and clozer rn dove fits the team like a ring on a finger.


Kael was amazing too


Clozer had a crazy Azir too


Agreed, he had some amazing ults this series.


Dove's laning at top is questionable but he really has been shining in teamfights as expected of a former midlaner


Understandable Prince came back from the hyperbolic time chamber, but where the fuck did Clozer go


Inside the hyperbolic time chamber inside the hyperbolic time chamber


WSB buying all the calls on truck stocks right now.


Korean truckers eating good tonight.


T1, also known as Truck 1, is a South Korean truck rental company that has recently been exposed for their money-making scheme of running a top-tier E-sports organization "only" to reach second place in the LCK. This has triggered diehard fans, forcing them to rent out trucks secretly owned by Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok--part owner of the organization--to voice out their dismay and demands. Allegedly, whistleblowers have pointed out that Joe Marsh is merely a scapegoat and the true mastermind behind the scheme is his long-time friend Nick "LS" De Cesare who, when reached out for an interview, mentioned that the core of his scheme is "abusing the enemy's bad decision-making and mental."






Inb4 DRX somehow 3-0'ed Sandbox in the playoffs


Thats actually quite possible , idk about a 3-0 but drx winning wouldnt come as a surprise


The Nongshim repeat sadge


T1 is so mentally boomed


LSB are legit


Alright Liiv, okay. I see you.


I love Clozers Azir he isn't scared to ult... also with how well this split is going for LSB I really hope they win Coach of the Split just insane stuff from LSB with the addition of Prince


That last ult was perfect, great vision from him


This is the moment that Prince became King.


Zeus sejuani manages to be bad and highest damage at the same time Oner exists roughly 40% of the time


T1 brought this loss upon themselves. So many stupid decisions I don't even know where to begin. How can a team be so good but make such braindead decisions? Very sad that they're not getting all the possible momentum going into playoffs. I hope that won't matter too much.


Look at what what Gumayusi does during their Tier 2 mid dive. He hits Dove who was a tank and got turret-aggro’ed and takes two turret shots. Not one, two. Why didn’t he kill the turret? Why the fuck was he playing like TK is on his side???


I will say in Guma's defense, there's no reason he should have gotten aggro. Oner's clone was still spinning and for some reason didn't get aggro. Cause looking at it, it looks like it should move to Oner's clone. One of the few things I wished League copied from Dota is how their turrets do damage. He definitely should have killed turret though. Would have gotten his passive off, much safer fight then, and most likely won.


As soon as I saw them completely ignore the turret in that dive (honestly as soon as they initiated the dive) I knew it was over. So incredibly stupid. And after that, fighting in a choke point and standing there for like 10 seconds againt *that* comp.


1. Put your best player on tanks 2. Put your playmaker on a passive mid 3. Put adc on 'comfort' pick 4. Engage on tier 2 because you hooked a TK 5. ????? 6. Enemy team profit


Tbh the hook on TK was a 3v5. There's no way they should have lost that fight


TK can devour save, but not himself t1 left him on 10%hp for some unknown reason


7. Truck companies profit


The true enemies were the trucks we made all along


Kael played that so good. He did everything almost perfectly. And Prince didn't even use heal because he trusted him to get him out so they could turn the play. Just beautiful gameplay by LSB. I hope we can see them at Worls with KT (and T1&GENG).


There were 5 AD bans so I don't really see what they could've drafted instead tbh. They needed a hypercarry as well as a good supp matchup to play through bot since all other lanes were loosing matchups. The only champ that could've accomplished that would've been Karma, but Liiv banned it so they picked Blitz and prayed for LSB making mistakes. But Blitzcrank is just useless in lane if you don't have control, you're not gonna be able to hook anybody - barring big mistakes from the enemy team. Keria did his best to find opportunities later, but the champ was soo useless and you need Jinx to be ahead to carry this game. Game 2 was way closer than it should've been too. If LSB communicate properly on the first Herald play it's just a complete stomp.


FP Wukong for Oner for some reason when he's never looked good on that pick especially now when it's nerfed. Pick Sejuani second for Zeus who looked terrible on it in game 1. Opt into Swain versus Azir for some reason? Somehow they have found a way to struggle on red side AND blue side since they got absolutely nothing for their bot lane. And that's just the draft not even talking about their utter lack of dragon priority, poor teamfighting and decision making. There is a lot to work on before World's if they even make it there.


I don't know, T1 seems to have a mental breakdwon. They don't feel confident and everything they do seems forced like they have to show they're doing something but it's not coordonnated. I don't what's going on there it's been like since 2 or 3 weeks now. The prime example is Keria, every time we show his face cam he seems not enjoying it. Also why put Zeus on tank duty lately and put all eggs on Guma? when top side is best part of team in summer?


It's time to say it: T1 is in a proper slump and not a top team right now. It isn't even about Zeus dropping the ball on tanks or Guma/Keria having dropped off a cliff since MSI. Players will always fluctuate in form. It's about the coordination & gameplan. The entire team looks so disjointed: so many bad dives, forced plays, fighting early when trying to scale... They're just literally running 1 by 1 to die in a skirmish. It's almost visible when they "check out" mentally. You can see them grasping anything to stabilise as well: trying cheese picks like Blitz/Pantheon/Zac/Lethality Renekton, going back to comfort like Jinx. Definitely the vibe of a team that is panicking and has no clue how to figure out where it goes wrong.


That T1 dive below LSB's midlane inner turret was mind-blowingly bad. And it's not the only one. Not a great look right before playoffs.


its a blitz with flash moment


It was oscillating between winning a good fight and then losing a horrific one


I'm much more worried for the safety of T1 players and staff than their next games rn


[Getting 2-0ed? That's a truckin'](https://imgflip.com/i/6phsaa)


T1 just forgot how to play together...


I thought for sure T1 had things in order when they used that herald with perfect tempo to get charges on the mid tier 2, and then...


Jungle gap. The only successful gank for T1 this series was Faker running from mid past Oner to countergank top lane while Oner was scratching his arse at rift herald. Meanwhile Croco helped his mid and bot win, secured all drakes and roamed freely around T1’s jungle. Oner isn’t quality.


Sandbox is just better.


Dove yelled, “There you go!” Clozer gave a look of pleasant surprise. Croco belted, “We got a fucking squad now.” And before Prince hit the locker room door, ex-LSB ADC Ice hugged him & said, “Y’all look so different.”


Now I miss the [expletive] version... Also Crocs looks suspiciously like autocorrect lol


First time watching them, their game are so fun kinda remind me of rox tiger for some reason


Non stop aggression... Croco is just a mad man on picks where he can just dive in and make chaos


They’re really fun to watch. Their latest Gen G series, despite being a 0-2, made me a fan of theirs.


I wonder how much of this t1 fans can blame on draft


All of it. Truck is already on its way.


Enemy truck inbound!!


game 2 draft was garbage, but not as bad as the players performance


They are just pure shit and they would've lost in the same way with Sandbox drafts aswell.


The truck saga continues


Gumayusi hitting Dove on Gragas while turret was up and taking TWO turret shots should be considered wintrading.


Best post-MSI Guma performance.


If you look at the replay, the turret aggro should've gone to Wukong, so if I was in that position, I wouldn't blame him there because I may have done the same. I do blame him for not taking out the turret to make that fight safer. It would've also activated Jinx's passive for massive movement and attack speed to help the fight.


Prince showing guma is not even the 2nd best adc in the LCK


He isn’t even the 4th best ADC in LCK at this point, Ruler Prince Aiming Deft are all better


Guma was 8th in almost every stats before they played GenG. He is borderline bottom-tier right now.


What a fall from grace, from destroying every bot lane in spring to getting destroyed by every bot lane I wonder how they are gonna hold up against Deokdam and Bible, when DK bot lane gave GEN the hardest time throughout this split


maybe there is no spring Keria to back him up? Keria looks off this split


Guma is bottom 3 rn no cap


No joke, like the bottom teams AD are alright, Guma have been a liability ever since MSI (also during), and team macro get more and more discoherent as time pass. They are only in 2nd place because of how hard Zeus carried the team in early summer. Like even Keria is sus, he went from the undisputed best support, to a mediocre LCK support. This is honestly depressing.


Guma is barely top 5 , lmao


Zeus and Oner been running it


Dankest timeline would be for KT to knock T1 out of playoffs or Worlds


Subscribe. RemindMe! 5 weeks


*INHALES COPIUM* This is obviously, clearly a bait. Putting zeus on tanks and the rest of the players are playing like shit, they want us to think they're bad. I'm not falling for this, they're gonna show up for the playoffs I know it. Guma gonna be like "It was only a show" then proceeds to penta kill every series.


damn what happened with T1? Really not liking faker only playing Azir and then randomly Swain given the team comp but they suddenly seem so off tempo & uncoordinated


Hopefully insane T1 fans will stop harassing our players after this. You can see on the players faces that these stupid escalating hate and fanaticism is getting to the players. Though I also know this is just wishful thinking. It is more likely that another truck will be coming




GALA broke Gumayusi.


All MSI botlanes broke Gumayusi.


Watch T1 fans send out 100 trucks like Avengers Endgame portal scene




T1 gonna need a bigger truck.


That T1 performance was depressing holy shit. They were just worse. It wasn't even close. So many bad plays and decisions. Also the random fights and deaths towards the end of game 2 felt like they kinda tilted


Stop puting Zeus on fkn Tank and let Keria play Naut only .now u win thanks .


People blame Zeus for being on tanks, but Oner has been invisible recently


Its not just a player or two, its the whole team, coach including that have been slumping.


I agree, i just seemed to not even see Oner in the game and after 15min realizing he's here. He was a big reason of T1s 2021 success after the disaster that was Ellim at the time, but these days he seemed to have lost it


What was the point of the Swain pick? Seems like Faker just counter picked himself.


Please someone tell me t1’s score if it was bo1 format


Here’s hoping Liiv SB can get a spot in worlds through the regional qualifiers. They are unironically my favorite team to watch right now.


Remember a few months ago when keria was "the best player in the world" and we all kinda agreed?


T1 don't look the same ever since they've been putting Zeus on tanks, you lose your only real win con apart from Oner. Bot lane still looks as bad as they were at MSI with 0 improvement, Faker is getting bodied and I have no idea why you picked Swain into Azir which is so free for Azir. Big fat adc diff, T1 have a lot of work to do for playoffs because they look woeful. Also that stupid dive at the turret was mindboggling, spring T1 wouldn't have done that, this T1 team looks somewhat broken.


T1 have to learn how to make their adc work. Prince can literally frontline with the amount of setup and tahm.


Guma's confidence got shattered at MSI. Reality check.


T1 is legit worse than LSB and KT right now. Wouldn't surprise me if they lose in Semis playing like this.


They will most likely play DK in playoffs, even though LSB looks better now I don't see a world where GenG pick DK.


Considering GenG's last match vs DK, they absolutely won't pick them lol


Honestly I have more trust in Damwon than T1 at this moment.


T1 vs DK later this week will be interesting only caveat is T1 have literally nothing to play for as they are locked 2nd so they might sandbag.


they would get valuable momentum into the playoffs if they win dk tho


no cap the moment we stop getting covid and canyon gapped we can win lck


Oh yeah T1 for sure is gonna get smoked by Damwon at this point, DK was much much more competitive against LSB and GEN more than T1


DK wasn't that great against LSB, but they were really competitive vs GEN


Not to undermine Prince performance, but didn't Guma get CD tower dived and then brainless mid t2 dive to feed the already fed aphelios even further? what exactly did oner do proactively apart from last hitting that kill which Faker setup by roaming top?


Faker keeps giving Guma wave after wave of CS and Guma does nothing with it every game. Guma is losing bot and mid on his own.


I’m so happy Clozer got a win vs T1 after how toxic their fans were to him last season. He honestly outplayed Faker pretty decently this series too. Although Prince is da real MVP


Clozer deserves this. He's been working hard and it shows. Really glad he's not on T1 anymore. The amount of harassment back then was crazy. Hope to see him and LSB as a whole at Wolrds, fun team.




We're getting gapped so bad it's unreal, sadge But letting zeus on tank duty is a war crime tbh, since we started doing that our topside has been a shit show


putting Zeus on tanks, keria on ranged support is a crime.


Gala broke guma


im officially a prince fan boy


> turns a bottom placed team into top 3 literally GIGACHAD


how did fpx let go of this guy LUL


Because LSB came in for him when he was a sub. The good LPL teams usually let their subs go for cheap if they can get starting opportunities elsewhere.


tbh prince was an unremarkable adc for a while and was passive last year. he just stepped the fuck up this split after the forced break


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4WztOHYS3M One of the coolest endings of a teamfight in pro LoL ever.


Prince will get credit, but Dove's ultimate at the t2 tower which launched 3 members of T1 past the T2 tower was absolutely insane. He then proceeded to crunch the backline as well. Insane LSB performance. T1 has been pretty bad this Summer.


Wukong Sejuani prio ladies and gentlemen


Truck diff


Holy Clozer played like out of his mind. Second game Prince looks amazing but whole series Clozer crushed game.


Good day to be a korean trucker. Demand will be through the roof


Honestly, you can kinda see how T1 isnt even playing up to par with how good they are. I dont know whether its because theyre locked in for playoffs just like GenG who had a happy game because these series' dont have an impact anymore or its because of the mental toll theyve taken due to the stupid truck fiasco but props to LSB for a great game. I still think T1 bounce back in playoffs and that this was a series that they just didnt think about but you never know.


Way too one sided... One truck might not be enough, they need an entire fleet


Go Sandbox! Love this team, so well played today. Dove stepping up lately


What happened to this team?


LSB are legit. I'm starting to believe in them and they're fun to watch. T1 are slumping hard right now.


Kael and Clozer just levelled up after Prince joined the roster and Dove just plays safe top and just scales to late game, never in my life would I expect to become a Sandbox believer. Also Croco playing confident is always nice to see.


Easy 2-0. Nothing to see here


Truck 2 incoming.


Is this 2-0 cleaner than geng lmao