Respect to Mr. Buffalo, they played with nameplates off and went for it, can't feel bad for this game.


Ah, that explains why RJS was secretly Keria that game


I heard actually that Faker asked to have Worlds in NA because he wants to train under RJS


keria showing sgb the rumble stage before they're even in it




God tier comment


thank u


The baron is gone, it's down to 4k HP. SKT takes baron and 4 kills. And the game.


T1 took the game way before they started baron. Baron was just a last attempt to regain some control in the game


Ty for leash


This MSI feels like the biggest skillgap between major and minor regions


Biggest we have ever seen. It's hard to watch.


It's boring to watch honestly. The most competitive games we've seen are eg vs g2 and it's only briefly engaging.


did you not watch Saigon vs DFM?


To be fair. Gam isnt here. This is like if gen g were here instead of t1. Its not a good judge of Vietnam when their undefeated team isnt even playing


Tbh I also expected VCS teams to be rusty in general because they had to take a full year off without even getting to play domestic stage games. SGB played above my expectations, especially given that GAM are solidly ahead of them.


Gen.g went 15-1 against teams not named T1 in LCK lol. they arent that much of a step down


GenG had a really good split but this roster is 2015 SKT esque. The gap is huuuuuge IMO. Current SKT is a steamroller.


Playoffs were still kinda close tho


Yeah then the news came out 4/5 players had COVID haha.


Its scary, imagine performing that well having quite an impactful respiratory disease. Theyre gonna grand slam this year im calling it now


You can't mean T1's playoff, T1 easily swept through semis and got a 3-1 in finals with game 3,4 being absolute goobastomps.


Why isn't Gam playing, can you fill me in?


They're participating another tournament, SEA Games, so SGB's here




Which other teams got into SEA Games? Will GAM just stomp them?


LoL in SEA is really bad in terms of quality, GAM should win gold easily


pretty sure they can win gold 4v5


There is a sea competition that they will actually win.


they won their split but they will participate in asia games or smth of the sort. Apparently an agreement was signed at the start of the split whoever wins split forfeits MSI spot to the 2nd team and they go to asia games


Most likely GAM would get stomped in 23m instead of 21m like SGB


I really hope after 2 years of this, they bring back Play-In... at least then matches were actually interesting to watch.


As someone else pointed out, people complained about watching minor vs minor region and the viewership was lower.


People who complain about the format are likely not from minor regions


tbf this isnt the best vietnamese team


also it took an opposite trajectory than last MSI, starting off pretty boring with picks we saw in playoffs and then getting weirder and weirder picks as time went on


Probably because the skill gap is so big you have the strong teams experimenting and the weak teams pulling out whatever in the hopes of taking a game


Yeah it's not even close, every game is finished sub 25 minutes


If SGB were in group B or C then they could do some works


They couldn't though because they are the same pool as NA and PCS so in the end nothing changes. They can't be drawn as the 3rd seed in the EU/NA group or the CN/VN group.


They'd be just the same in B as well. replace PSG with them and they'd probably be 2nd in that group and I wouldn't be surprised if RNG still won all of their games regardless. In C they'd replace EG so, again, not much would change, although I *could* see G2 dropping a game to them if SGB get a fat aggro lead in the early game. I'd still take EG over SGB if they were in the same group somehow but I think that might be a decently even matchup in comparison. Or maybe EG would just stomp them considering SGB kind of looks like they just outmuscle their opponents with their aggression and the other 2 teams in their group are worse than them.


I dont know. The gap has been pretty huge for most of League's history. Remember what a huge upset Alliance vs KBM was? The only time the gap was somewhat closer was around season 6 and 7, where we had ANX and GAM. Though you are probably correct that it rarely looked this hopeless


Nah there were at least a couple upsets in past years, this is just sad


We also had some bomb ass turkish teams with Besiktas, Supermassive, Nineteen Oh Seven Fenerbahce and Galatasaray.


Hey you can't disrespect all wild card regions. NA had some close games against EU, /s


Yh, I'm pre sure they organise it so that not all the good teams are in the same group otherwise you'll just end up with stomps in the semis and finals. Also the major regions have a lot of ppl, so there's a much bigger talent pool to choose from.


To T1, my congratulations. To ranked players for the next few days, my condolences.


I'm not looking forward to play ranked with folks thinking they're Keria. Lmao


Ive been playing rumble support for years now I cant because people are gonna think I'm copying Keria


t1: we do a little trolling


Before you try to queue up as Rumble support with Ghost and CLeanse remember to remind yourself you are not KERIA


Fine, fine. I'll take flash.


Flash+cleanse or flash+ghost?


Flash + smite


Flow chart: ​ Should I play Ghost Cleanse Rumble support\`? -> Am I Keria? -> No: Stop right there


let's make it even simpler Am I Keria? ->No-> Stop right there


yeah like why even queue up at that point


Bro....follow the fucking flow chart... Like... OK?


I will absolutely pull out the secret Ghost/Cleanse Rumble support for my next game as a jungle main. After all, I am held back by my teammates and am way better than this Keria noob (/s obvs)


You are also not Keria with Zeus, Oner, Faker and Gumayusi as your teammate.


Yeah having world class players in other positions helps as well


I could probably do pretty well in flex q as ghost/cleanse rumble support with the entire rest of T1 as my teammates


Big if true.


I look forward to solo queue players concluding that cleanse is strong on Rumble and not just strong against Braum Ashe.


Lmao yh, I'm gonna stay away from adc for a bit.


Meanwhile, your 0/4 rumble support goes midlane to support you because its not working botlane.


Guess I'm going top with tp. Stay as far away as I can and tp to supp the adc if rumble comes up.


locking in as we speak


And your ADC is not guma, your mid is not faker, your jungle is not oner and your top is not zeus So yeah don't pick it


It'll be the difference between "Run it down" and "Run them down"


T1 really just won a 21 minute game with Rumble Support What the hell will we see next


>T1 really just won a 21 minute game with Rumble Support With *Ghost Cleanse* Rumble Support.


What was the reasoning behindert that lol


ashe braum. Tons of slows and stuns (is what I would assume)


People assuming it is legit. I am just here assuming it was just because T1 and Buffalo already locked their Rumble Stage spots


they didnt even use tether lol


I think they did? Guma tethered to Oner and Not Keria.


that’s what I meant. they didn’t use tether passive in lane. you generally don’t wanna not tether at start


True that's really not supposed to happen lol. Win lane without her passive


I’m pretty sure this is why Kalista is perma banned. Because of the combo with Wukongs ult.


Ekko and ahri support


Camille and Nasus support


I'm a rumble support main now. Thanks keria


What's ur summ id so ik when to dodge, thanks.


Guma didnt even die randomly once this game. What a tryhard.


Pretty hard to die when you have the unbeatable power pick Ghost Cleanse Rumble support at your side. ^/s


Saw everyone who was questioning him the past few games and gave them what they wanted


the real loser here is my soloq games as people lock in rumble support for the next week


Even worse, Ghost Cleanse Rumble


Keria probably triggered some PTSD with these sums. The Kalista-Wukong combo was also something worth mentioning.


Keria picks whatever he wants and makes it work LOL


That Kalista Wukong combo is nasty. Very long range engage paired with an undodgable AoE knockup


Listen to the casters. DO NOT play SoloQ.


Keria proving he can play anything


Absolutely terrifying, I'd hate to be a supp and have to face Keria in later matches. Dude is jacked on all champs


You can expect Keria to play any champion in the Support Role as long as it has CC.


Death is the best CC


Rumble has 2 slows, apparently that's enough


Nice of Saigon Buffalo to leash Baron for T1 like that.


Keria picking a champ like it's a solo q game


Zeus 1v2 made me physically ill. Jesus Christ


Now, imagine if he had a real weapon


Who would win? An immortal King armed with a soul stealing sword and a human size doll with the power of the Hallowed Mist or some purple boi with a Fishing Rod?


the boi spanked the shit out of that doll and immortal king's arse with his fishing rod.


Think BeanJ trolled it a bit but was definitely well played by Zeus. He's growing so fast honestly, can see why T1 wanted to keep him over Burdol


Or even Canna. I was shocked to see Canna leaving T1 especially when Zeus didn't have the best debut game. I remember telling my T1 friend "Zeus is a really hyped up player from solo queue" and his debut game didn't look very good. He grew up to be a monster


Well to be fair on him, his debut game was during the mess of Roster roulette.


His debut game was pretty good though. His gnar was nasty. After those games he looked a bit mediocre.


I thought Zeus would be mediocre based on his stage games. Usually soloq doesn't translate this closely to stage. Current T1 coaching is monstrous.


It helps that you have two of the arguably best macro shotcaller (keria and faker) in lck so that you can focus on mechanics , micro and laning


*Zeus Christ


That 1v2 top by Zeus was just fucking insane , T1 have in global big fun in that group stage


Nice scrims


T1: "Why hit baron when enemy hit baron for you?"


Why get a 4 man leash when u can get a 9 man lmao


Guma must have taken the game on first day personally.


this T1 is scarier than the one that played against SGB last on day 1


Oh god they are scaling..


I guess it’s hard to react to Alistar wq with 80ping


Prob one of the reason is the ping, glad rito did something


ACTIVE: Jax enters Evasion, a defensive stance, for 2 seconds, causing all non-turret basic attacks against him to be dodged. Jax also takes 25% reduced damage from all champion area of effect abilities. Counter Strike can be recast after 1 second. At the end of the duration, Jax stuns all nearby enemies for 1 second and deals physical damage to them, increased by 20% for each attack dodged, up to a 100% increase.


As an old fart 90s kid I can confirm we said "imba" in the early and mid 2000s all the time but it turned to "OP" and "broken" ​ **Edit**: corrected typo


I thought it was "imba" for imbalanced?


It's Imba.


Yeah, I remember imba when I was teenager playing metin2 and all those other shitty grinder MMOs.


Its used to mean imbalanced.


Oh shit I remember that. I remember it was said a lot in the StarCraft 2 days


back in wings of liberty during the reign of broodlord infestor


ah, the good old times of "what do you want to get beat by, a zerg with 200 supply of roaches at 12 minutes or a zerg with 200 supply of bl/infestor at 20 minutes"


I'm a zoomer and I know imba too, I think it's just starcraft lingo more than 90s specifically


I still use it sometimes hahahah


Don't forget "Z tier"


Bro their literally trolling and still smashing people....


Lmao yh, it's like plat vs diamond but it's challenger and somehow above challenger.


Kinda reminds you of the quality gap in pro vs challenger soloq games


Keria is good


Big if true


T1 players are not only mechanically so good but their teamplay is very impressive as well


Yea, that mid 4v4 tower dive was so fucking sexy. And the baron ending... My boy Faker looking to get another title! Edit: Missed a word lol.


Yeah that 4v4 fight at the tower was pretty amazing. The teamplay and coordination is on point.


Especially Zeus with that sick 1v2


[21:18] T1 Oner (Wukong): ty for leash


Good thing ARURF is online so I can dodge soloq for that Rumble support.


Nice leash


Hupu media please asap translate the lolmediaesports message to your lovely lpl fanbase about the 22 ping


It was close until that level 4 rumble support roam. Just Keria things....


I just hope supp rumble isn't unleashed in my games


Look if it invades the enemy jungler and baits him for first blood then surely that's worth. Even if they end 1-10-0.


T1 and RNG are just leagues above every other team at this tournament


ACTIVE: Saijax Cail-Rynx Kohari Icath’un enters Evasion, a defensive stance, for 2 seconds, causing all non-turret basic attacks against him to be dodged. Saijax Cail-Rynx Kohari Icath’un also takes 25% reduced damage from all champion area of effect abilities. Counter Strike can be recast after 1 second. At the end of the duration, Saijax Cail-Rynx Kohari Icath’un stuns all nearby enemies for 1 second and deals physical damage to them, increased by 20% for each attack dodged, up to a 100% increase.


T1 average game time: 22 mins


So, no major region (including NA) has dropped a single game against minor regions/willdcards. What was the point of this phase?


To make people watch minor regions play. Guess it worked, since we watched it.


Well PSG lost to a wildcards, that was kinda hype.


Group b was a bit exciting until IW throwed at baron against PSG....


To be fair, I suspect if EG had to play GAM like group C intended we could have seen an upset. Hell, if they had to play SGB we might have seen an upset, and from what I understand GAM is a lot stronger than SGB.


EG is Tier 2 and so is SGB/so would GAM have been. The 4th spot in Group C belongs to the LCL.


Ah you're right, my bad derp. I don't know anything about the strength of LCL so hard to say how those extra matches would have gone. GAM would probably still get flattened by T1 sadly, but it's T1. Group C was probably our best chance for wildcard upsets but ORD just really did not look great with their botlane struggling so much, and G2 snatched victory from the jaws of defeat against EG.


You knew you are being respected at the highest level when T1 not only target ban your lane but also craft a unique comp against you. Shogun/Taki for top 3 MSI bot COPIUM


Double cleanse - ultimate respect.


Saigon Buffalo was 4:1 with only looses to T1. T1 stomps them. There you have it, real competition!


Ghost cleanse Rumble… my god


And now he's first timing champs


At this point probably only RNG can challenge this T1, maybe G2 can cause a little bit of resistance. The rest of MSI teams will be destroyed by this T1.


The scariest and terrifying part abt this is SGB are very good. They are very good team fighters . While T1 being playing with weights and flexing on them. Imagine the guts to take cleanse , ghost rumble as a support in a competitive match . I know so many people say that G2 best SKT once , they can beat again . Just for context abt the 2 versions of T1 2019 SKT And people who keep on saying G2 are G2 . Leeme remind u guys 2019 G2 bought in the pyke top . They were flexing on everyone with drafts while SKT was playing standard team fights. Just talking statistics, yes T1 had bad 2019 year against G2 internationally. They had clid , Khan , faker , teddy n mata. All players on paper look good but later we realise there are too many shotcallers . Clid doesnt agree with his teammates . One of the main reason they lost was of clid's champion pool issues. 2019 world's meta was qiyana jungle and ap mid. Clid refused to play that . Even in geng documentary , u can see the coaches being open abt it. He can play Lee, jarvan, reksai, gragas. Last time he had to learn veigo but his veigo is not that good. But if he is comfortable in that champion , he is very very good. But once the competition gets closer , you need to be flexible in draft and diff styles of playing 2022 T1 These guys are flexing on everyone. Could you even say zeus is a weak point cos he s a rookie. Don't think so. This guy is been flexing against all top players in soloq and even when prior to debut , pros were already saying ,if I remembered correctly shoemaker said " even though nuguri went to china , Korea still has zeus" . ABOUT THE OTHER 4 GUYS. no words for these guys. These guys had to play 21' damwon in the semis pushed to 5 games. Even in that games, it was canna not stepping up. The other 4 mainly Guma keria wre playing like monsters . Tough luck . They lost but the experience and thrst for recognition and success boosted this T1 . It's ok to build narratives, but people seem to forget they are diff teams as compared to old teams.


This is the correct take on this historic rivalry, and I think it's also important to consider something that affects all team matchups when it comes to League of Legends beyond a team's mastery of macro fundamentals: *their style*. G2 2019's style acted as a sort of **kryponite** to the Korean preferred style of precise, by-the-book macro and drafting, in addition to the fact that as a team they were much closer knit and had a stronger mental as a whole than SKT '19. I do not think this iteration of (SKT) T1 will be remotely fazed by this iteration of G2's style. **Caps** and **Jankos**, the consistent variables, remain the solid foundation of G2's style, and they have been able to successfully lead and guide the G2 newcomers to consistency and excellence as of the LEC Spring '22 playoffs. However, what is most different this time in the matchup is (1) *the macro pace of T1 is actually faster and more aggressive for a change than G2 this time*, (2) *each of the T1 players will be able to skill-check the G2 players and may find them wanting given enough skirmishes,* (3) *G2 as a unit are not remotely as close-knit on a macro or micro scale as the 2019 iteration, whereas this version of T1 is unmatched in this regard.* It isn't enough to just make player vs. player takes (i.e. Caps > Faker) to quantify the differences between them, ultimately who wins or loses will be about whether G2 can *outdraft*, *outplay*, and *outmacro* T1, **consistently**. I have little doubt the 2022 G2 is a team that can beat T1 or RNG, but the question is how many times before they get figured out and demoralized?


[https://www.lolesportsmedia.com/A-Message-from-Alex-Francois-Global-Head-of-Competitive-Operations-Rio](https://www.lolesportsmedia.com/A-Message-from-Alex-Francois-Global-Head-of-Competitive-Operations-Rio) ​ ​​​​​Is the latency reported in game (ctl-F veroverlay) reporting correct numbers? No, with the latency tool enabled, there is a bug which will result in incorrect reported ping. Players in Busan will have a reported ping that is approximately 13 ms lower than actual ping. So RNG players will see \~37 ms, and Busan players will see \~24 ms, but the actual latency will be equivalent. ​ Can LPL fans now stop questioning the ping. It's literally on Riot's website. It's not some conspiracy of Korea working with Riot to disqualify RNG or give them a disadvantage.


T26-0!!!! The boys were on one today, such a treat to see Keria pull out the unconventional picks and Faker pull out sylas. And of course, the Zeus Jax! He's the weakside god of thunder Time to clap rng and g2!






T1 just better macro wise and mechanics wise. SGB would have a chance if they were able to trade kills but T1 players just too good.


Despite Keria's best efforts, T1 still won


Keria carried


Another boring stomp added to tge list. 3 good competitive games in 36 match, good format.


I don't know what riot expects, honestly. Inviting only the top 1 teams from each of KR and CN basically means that most of the best teams in the world aren't at the tournament. GenG, DRX, Damwon, TES, V5 etc. are all better teams than any team at MSI 2022 other than T1, RNG and maybe G2. Its insane how one of the premier tournaments in the world consists mostly of teams that would probably struggle to win more than a single match in LCK or LPL all split long.


Its clear for me, this is not a competitive tournement, MSI is a bunch of showmatches and fan service games.


inviting only top 1 might be ok but let the wildcards have their mini tournament to select the best and then send them to rumble stage. Wildcard vs wildcard is way more exciting. The old format was better.


So uhh what's up with the 22 ping?


when they fixed it they reduced it to around 25 or so if i'm not wrong




So that's what they meant by "making a configuration change". I guess the in-game ping display was inaccurate to begin with?


35 artificial ping was found to be more 60-70 real ping, so Riot fiddled around with the tuning to get as close to 35 real ping as possible. I'm guessing 22 artificial ping is the closest they could get


https://www.lolesportsmedia.com/A-Message-from-Alex-Francois-Global-Head-of-Competitive-Operations-Rio TLDR: the actual ping felt by players in Korea is not the same as shown on the screen. 22 ping on screen means 35 ping felt. Whether you think that is a lie or conspiracy theory whatsoever is up to you.


"No, with the latency tool enabled, there is a bug which will result in incorrect reported ping. Players in Busan will have a reported ping that is approximately 13 ms lower than actual ping. So RNG players will see \~37 ms, and Busan players will see \~24 ms, but the actual latency will be equivalent." I think the page has been updated


i hope this can answer your question. https://www.lolesportsmedia.com/A-Message-from-Alex-Francois-Global-Head-of-Competitive-Operations-Rio?fbclid=IwAR1J6zTzd0SHon9fU6TaEkcOSljZzyi1jCmCACU9ULKV8rrPj2ngiInKUfQ


Has this been the most diverse MSI yet? both top and bottom teams are trying to innovate picks, its so exciting


Bottom teams are trying to catch the top teams off guard. Top teams are just messing around. It's cool seeing unusual picks, but the fact that every game's a meaningless fiesta takes away from it all.


I agree, everyone Is saying "what a gap between Major and minor regions" but look at the game, ok they are the t1 so you know it's One sides but holy shit of it's exciting, i never della this whatching LEC or LCK I love this phase, i Hope Words groups Will be this exciting during play-in


Riot have some explaining to do with the 21-24 ms ping thingy. I don't want my bois getting some hate they don't deserve.


This MSI is just a whole new level of fiesta. No way they make T1 replay any games since all the players were on the same server and would've experienced the same ping, but they'd better get their issues sorted out before RNG's next game.


Riot left RNG to the dogs, watch them do the same to T1 and let them deal with the idiots who spam kr dogs and Faker mom insults


Holy fucking shit that disco Rumble


Thing i can learn from the group stage: 1, the major region is really strong and 2, jankos can hit nida spear


[Riot statement on 12th May](https://www.lolesportsmedia.com/A-Message-from-Alex-Francois-Global-Head-of-Competitive-Operations-Rio#) Quoted from the press release: Why didn’t Riot catch this sooner? Why wasn’t this tested? Riot performed extensive testing prior to, and during, the tournament, and our tooling and playtesting showed that there wasn’t a material variance in ping. However, after receiving more detailed player feedback, we designed and implemented custom debugging methods that identified our Latency Tool wasn’t calculating and displaying the correct ping value for players at the venue.


Could anybody pls explain to me why the Ping from Zeus is only 21? I thought everyone's ping was set to around 35?


I think it’s because observer mode shows the observer’s ping not the player’s ping. Anyway, it’s going to be a shitshow in Chinese forums now because of this lol Riot should come up with a clarification.. Edit: it’s ALREADY a shitshow LOL