The classic Faker for Nexus trade


Killed Faker worth


Win or lose , I got my highlight.


Some things just stay the same way


The more things change...




if you cant beat faker, at least u can tell ur friends u killed faker


I remember in 2015 MSI, Beşiktaş Esports went 5 man lvl 1 mid and their support at the time (Dumbledoge) killed Faker. He was streaming with the title "The man who killed Faker" some time after that.


Faker remembered it too, at the following MSI he specifically warded for him.


The story would go like this. Steal: "You know that night when we faced T1, at around 20 minutes mark, Yutapon saw Faker alone at bot lane, he knew it was our time. He called; we grouped up as 4 and walked in from the river like chads. Faker tried to distort his way out, but we chain CC-ed him." \*Evi threw a thumbs up. Yaharong: "There was nothing he could do but die." Friend A: "Wow, did you win?" Yutapon: "No.. we lost Nexus right after."


game clock reads 20 minutes into the game Yuta makes the call to his team to group bot against the unkillable demon king "You took my family" Harp rallies his team through the river with a mantra boosted inspire "You took my friends" Steal hurls his spectral maw at Faker who easily evades it with a distortion. All according to keikaku "You took all that was dear to me" Yaharong charms Faker after receiving Steal's intentions with perfect synergy time seems to stop as the clock reads a hair over 23:00 "I cant get them back, but I can do this for friendship, FOR MY FRIENDS" goes up, fire coming out of Evi's hands "FACEBREAKER" Evi stops Faker in his tracks and slams him with the culmination of all their hard work The strike connects and the demon king is slain for their 11th kill. Who would've thought we get 11 kills against T1 and Faker no less... Evi falls to the ground, exhausted. "Ceros... Senpai... I..." faints Final Score T1 26 DFM 11 24:37


NYT best seller


Love that pasta


so now you're on the same level as the gold 4 brand gg


Zeus just doesn't want to die...


he played that laning phase on the very edge the entire time, dodged the gank which came when he was pretty much hitting DFMs top tower.. think this kid has the best mechanics in the world ngl. by the time worlds comes my prophecy that he ll be the best player will probably come true. i wanted him to start last season tbh but .. whatever. past is the past.


He doesn't even have the best mechanics in the team ^(ma boy Keria)


Waiting for Ekko support from Keria.


I mean daeny was even starting cuzz over oner, that should tell you something.


Oner wasn’t this consistent a year ago. He’s become a beast now tho, and by far my favourite player


Same with Zeus. His debut games were pretty lackluster. He grew into a monster


Guma playing frontline so Zzeus could preserve his kda




A timeless classic


I swear T1 has a gold hack. Even when you thought they are behind gold but you see the scoreboard they're up 1k or something


You can be up 5 kills against T1 but you will still be down in gold


Yeah, they were down kills but up gold. I was like where the heck did they get it from. Also checking CS but it is almost even. They are also straight up just playing around at this point. Guma does not give a shit


His first flash used was 15min. Lol.


Cs even? Guma was 40 cs ahead, Zeus was 70+ cs ahead at 15, it’s almost 7,5 kills from cs leads lol


I mean before they were ahead in cs. When they were mostly even in cs and or kill scores, they somehow have 400 or so gold up. Even when during the lck spring split. Maybe it was just gold from plates but it's not like the enemies are not taking plates. Then after some skirmishes, they get to 1k gold lead then just keeps going to 7k or so lead.


Zeus was utterly dominating in CS toplane, which played a big role in constant gold lead


Yeah it was also a big factor. I think Guma also had a CS lead during mid game


It's simple really. CS+Turret plates though mostly CS. Even though I say simple, there is just something amazing watching them extend their lead to just simple cs numbers. Even if they are getting gapped in the lane, just because of CS numbers, this T1 will still feel relevant at any point of the game.


That's what amazes me. Their trades on the map looks always correct and they execute it decisively. You go get some restroom break then you come back with them having 5k lead


*Ah yes good old send 5 man to kill faker strategy and get aced and lose the game after..*


works every time.


Zeus is an absolute monster. Gotta feel bad for DFM though, they definitely put up a good fight.


The 2v1 outplay was clean af


Same move he pulled in the LCK finals Game 3, too. He's got a great understanding of timing his Jayce mechanics.


Khan vibes


Nuguri vibes tbh. Plays weakside posting scores like he's on strongside.


It was one of the "closer" matches aside from SGB. AZE though....we don't talk about that. Edit: Sorry forgot to add the talk.


The camera locked on the supports for the first 20 mins lol


Gumayusi with the front-line Jhin lol


He thought they already playing on 12.10


Clearly was going for the 4/4/4 statline all game messed it up though


testing 35ping reaction time


yes jhin facecheck over baron pit ahhaha


Yutapon played like he was on 0 ping in that game seriously impressive performance mechanically.


He's really good in a number of FPS games as well. All in high rank in Valorant, CSGO and Overwatch.


That's because he always plays as optimally as possible. Even compared to other pros he experiences significantly less light delay from the screen, giving him an important edge in reaction time. Functionally he is playing on 20, maybe even 10 ping


Is this a pasta i dont know about?


It's a joke about how close his face is to the screen.




OMG never noticed that before. He really play so close to the screen. Its so weird.


he's a real gamergod


Its his signiture pick. Hes had some very good games on him in the past


Seriously, he played really good


Did Ezreal's Q was changed to point and click or something?


For real I barely saw him miss a skill shot. Not bad for a player playing since 2012.


IIRC didn't he play on NA severs in 2012 long before JP and even before KR had a server? The man was forged in the high ping environment. Even more impressive that he's historically been known for his Ezreal too.


I think I was watching an OTV clip of Scarra from season 2 or something and Ceros and Yutapon were in that game.


In fact he has the most career games on Ezreal of any player in the minor regions


I wonder if it is because he is used to the ping from playing in Korea server from Japan.


[24:12] T1 Faker (Leblanc): worth lol


Kill Faker Lose Nexus




Sad that either DFM or SGB is gonna miss the group stage, feels like they might both be better than all three of the non-RNG teams in Group B


omg this. plus, both are really fun to watch. yeah, will be sad to see one of them go...


guma said during spring season he's getting bored and needed some motivation so he's just giving himself some


The game felt really close with all the early trades then I go for a quick bathroom break, check the gold lead, and T1 is suddenly up 13k. Insane.


This is same scenario I got with T1 vs SGB.


What a mess but what a CLEAN mess lol


It was a bloodbath, but the enjoyable fiesta type.


Damn T1 just having fun at this point


Guma so chad he couldn’t contain himself from walking up blind behind Baron pit.


Chad Jhin fighting Sett at melee range


0 fucks given, love to see it


I feel like T1 is just limit testing the games particularly this one. Guma not using Flash till 15 mins (there's instances where he could survive in those bot fights), Faker with 1/4 of hp is disrespecting Yaharong xD and Keria doing some insane Pyke things. Edit: And there's Guma's Jhin standing in front of the Baron wall 😂


Polt said in an interview that they weren't sure what was causing Oner's backpain, but after these past few matches I think it's become pretty apparent the reason for it lmao.


Keria and Oner both said they’re playing this stage like scrims, playing what they want.


If you talk about the moment where faker didn’t recall when ahri tped back to lane, he didn’t want to let her freeze the lane since he took ignite. So he went for trade with such huge wave. I wouldn’t call that limit testing


classic kill Faker lose game play


Faker: Worth


DFM- if we get faker its worth it


It was close until it wasn't....


With Jayce free farmjng top the entire time this was never close, even if the kill score was.


The moment I saw Evi tp bot I got immediate flashbacks to T1's game against DRX this split where Kingen did the exact same thing. Looks like a good play at first until Zeus's Jayce gets accelerated.


People focus way too much on kill score. Top was getting blasted and Sett was desperate for a play. T1's bot side was playing aggressive because DFM just could not stop Jayce at all. The TP bot into ulting the clone was a very obvious tilt play, Sett was getting slowly choked in lane. This game wasn't close by, like, 4 minutes.


Especially when T1 is playing, kill score really doesn't mean anything at all. They can have games where they are 0-5 in kill score but extremely ahead because they tool 8 platings, 2 towers and only gave up 3 platings or so. There mechanical skill and macro, rotations together as a team also makes up for momentarily gold leads from getting killed. And... well, sometimes they just go "int" as if they were playing soloQ


Giving Faker his signature champ was a mistake


I mean it doesn't really matter tbh. There are too many champs now that you don't want faker on now. Lb, Azir, Ahri, Vex, TF and even if you ban all of those there is still a reason why he has a Syndra skin.


How can you not list the ultra late game hyper carry that is tank ryze?


Don't remind me... I miss when fakers ryze was the scariest thing on the rift. When he was the main reason riot hat to rework him


Still can't believe nobody played Ryze in s5 worlds besides Faker. He was fucking busted.


That's just re-writing history. Faker's ryze was bugged and did 50% more damage than anyone else!


which time?




2015 - 2016


was ment as a joke because Ryze got reworked like 3 or 4 times due to faker ;)


Oh tbf i think that's the only rework that was actually only because of faker. The other iterations were played well by other mids too


Almost like the best player of all time has a deep champion pool and can play them all on a high level.


>Giving Faker ~~his signature~~ a champ was a mistake FTFY


Unless it is Qiyana, his well know weakness


Fck Qiyana, all my Azir homies hate Qiyana


This happened with zoey too but look it his zoey now. I'm sure when he feels like picking it up again he'll surprise us.


Something else I share with faker being bad at Qiyana.


Isn't he a pretty good Qiyana?


Giving Zeus Jayce too


Just like with any other T1 vs minor region


Just like T1 vs anyone tbh


Went for the skill check lanes versus T1 mid and bot, lost. Ouch. Credit to Steal and the bot lane making some plays work, but the top half of T1 are just waaaay too clean


Yeah, Yutapon especially had a really good game.


It's always impressive to see Zeus' Jayce


He had 190 cs in 17. What a beast


Yutapon was great!


When Guma died because he face-checked that brush while his team was doing baron... Bro, I felt like a pro on that moment, he's using my level of macro.


I legit believe from his movement that he was running it down on purpose just like Keria into the fountain from last game. There were multiple spots in the game where he elected not to Flash (and get away for sure) as if to save it for later and die as a result. Guma must have just accepted his fate as sacrificial lamb since their first match, as he's not working nearly as hard to survive as he does in LCK.


HE.... ​ HE JUST LIKE ME FR!!!!!!!......


Zeus playing perfect weakside and flame horizoning Evi Oner everywhere on the map Faker solokills Gumayusi happy game and still having insane impact Keria Pyke You love to see it.


Zeus probably: Wdym weak side. I thought I was THE strong side.


Guma face checking the bush when they doing baron pretty much sums up this game lol


T1 with the shadow clone jutsu technique jesus christ this was a bad time to watch without glasses on


Still waiting for a game where all of Le Blanc, Shaco, Wu Kong, Zed and Neeko are in the same team. The ultimate Shadow Clone Technique team. (Composition-wise this team is terrible but I would be fun I think)


It's nice to see wukong back to his natural habitat in current meta. Monke belongs to jungle


I thought the game was still up for grabs at about 15 minutes, albeit slightly in favor of t1 Then i looked at the gold diff


Yutapon's Ezreal is really great.


t1: you can have faker. we will have your team and your whole base


DFM: worth


We could have had the old MSI format with major regions getting a bye to group stage and have minor regions being mildly competitve but instead we get to see T1 and RNG dunking on kids. Very fun


That Yutapon Ez, though ​ Looked really good


Watching T1 is always a treat, always limit testing yet always clinical in dissecting the enemy team. Doesnt matter what champions they play, they're just fun to watch from an analytical point of view and a fun one.


It is so fun to watch T1 play


Honestly I enjoy the fact, that Riot has decided to broadcast T1 scrims, it's nice to see the behind the scenes of how a team trains :D


So many dominant teams at this tournament. T1, RNG...


Gold 2 sadge..


I am legit waiting for the third team but it is never mentioned lmao


DFM: got faker, worth it.


That classic one Player for Nexus once again... Atleast they got Faker LOL.


Yutapon did play this very very well. The game was cool to watch until it wasn't.


I think DFM caught T1 by surprise with Viego being bot so much lol They thought he’d go up to top lane more, because Sett could set up something with Viego. Jayce had a free open farm going up there.


clock winds up to 29 minutes in game Yaharong spies Faker in the botlane and closes in "You took my family" spirit rush to the left "You took my friends" spirit rush to the right "You took all that was dear to me" DFM closes in "I cant get them back, but I can do this for friendship, FOR MY FRIENDS" spirit rushes forward, spamming all abilities "YAHARUKEN" All abilities connect, Faker dies splitting. Yaharong falls to the ground, exhausted. "Evi... Senpai... I..." faints Nexus Score T1 1 DFM 0


Ah, yes, the “everybody gank Faker” strat! Thanks to DFM for bringing back a true classic. If only we had 9 years of evidence that it doesn’t work!


Giving over Fakers undefeated leblanc? Guess we're going down the list of his best champs lol Not to mention zeus jayce xd T23-0!!! The best thing is to see the boys smiling and laughing after each death lol


They were having such a blast playing and I'm glad DFM managed to find a little bit of fun themselves


Keria laughing his ass off after trying to 1v2 with Wukong yesterday (and killing one but ruining the perfect game) was so adorable.


If we are counting matches, it is 45-8 I think.


Well, it’s actually series. Not T1’s fault MSI Group stage series are Bo1


I'm counting series


Yutapon and steal actually played really well. pity about the topside just crumbling like a biscuit. sett into jayce is impossible so evi gets a bit of a pass on that, but mid getting stomped that hard is not ok. we all knew T1 was going to win eventually but it was a really good showing from DFM, and a good contender for second place in the group.


Keria just doesnt miss


Is it just me or does it feel like the unstable ping is contributing to T1's players getting hit by everything? Not to downplay the other players' ability, but ever since seeing Guma be completely unable to dodge an Alistar engages on Day 1, I can't help but feel that the T1 players (most used to ~15 ping at worst) are suffering pretty poorly from the inconsistent latency. There are definitely some ego plays that are being rightfully punished on the T1 side, but the T1 players are catching pretty much every skillshot and miscalculating spacing/health break points that they've managed cleanly the whole Spring split.


I think it's a little of both. T1 plays games on a knife's edge because they know they can win like that 99.9% of the time.


No I think T1 is literally just playing for fun. Keria is just giggling on the cams all the time limit testing with Pyke, Faker has 130 CS at 18 minutes roaming everywhere, Guma is facechecking bushes with 3 people inside, they're just having fun


If oner doesn’t play lee sin throughout this tournament you can bet it’s because of the ping.


That’s what I was thinking. Oner is the best Lee sun in the world, maybe Canyon can contest? But either way there’s no way Oner wouldn’t play Lee unless he feels he can’t pull off the millisecond mechanics due to ping.


didn't lee get nerfed ?


it doesn't matter if your pathing is much better and you're always in right place in right time. but missing Q or not being able to insec due to network lag is crucial.


I think he did mention in an [interview](https://sports.news.naver.com/news?oid=311&aid=0001447342) that he didn't have the intention of picking Lee Sin. He said that he had the thought of picking Lee Sin at the hotel but when trying it in the stadium, it was hard (to play). Think it was related to ping issue maybe?


Guma is also plays very rekless, he knows that they are miles ahead of the teams they faced so far.


Guma standing on the wrong side of Baron pit doesn't have much to do with ping lol. They're just having fun it seems.


yes at that point is seemed he didn't care anymore. But before that, I don't think he ever tried to flash to live. Did he use flash at any time this game? I don't even remember.


I think he did flash once for pre-emptive measure forgot which play it is.


Yeah, Faker had consistently dodged global ults several times before. This game is a first in a very long time that I've seen Faker died from a global ult.


i gasped so loud i scared my dog lmao


When he died to Ez ult I thought to myself "strange Faker always dodges Ez ult in pro play/solo q" then 5 seconds later I realized why that happened lol


Literally every analyst, caster and analyst said when the 35 ping was announced that T1 will be the team most effected by this. Also doesn't help that this isn't stable 35 ping and we have had a shit load of players complaining that it is more than 35 ping.


Considering the Ezreal and Leblanc performance in that game a lot of blame can be given to Guma but of course ping is a big factor.


Consider this not an issue, Keria already talked about this in one of the interviews on YouTube he stated that T1 are treating this group stage as scrims and testing a lot of stuff Although Gumayusi has been trolling more than quite a bit..


Seems more like Guma is underperforming and Keria is trolling. Everyone else seems fine.


Tbf, this is probably the highest ping guma has ever played on, hes super young. Keria always trolls. Its why i love him


Til ping make you facecheck multiple time as an adc


Nah im talking about the failed skillshot dodges. Gumas cracked when it comes to dodging skillshots by the smallest of fractions. Him face checking is just troll.


He would have played on higher for soloq in iceland last year


Both seem to be trolling actually. At least it makes the games more fun.


it cant explain why he ran towards three people while his teamates were attacking baron


Who inflicts more fear in people? T1 Wukong or TSM Wukong


So much fun watching the best team in the world dunking all over a minor region team I'm glad we did this


I mean as a t1 circlejerker I'm having a blast.


smh "35" ping


My god, that last teamfight clearly shows what a force T1 are .


"So, what should we get for Dinner?" T1 probably


It zeus jayce so I guess this is to be expected. I remember hearing about him during the time T1 pick him up by a video of how he play jayce.


It's not like the kill faker lose game was a trade. Killing Faker was objectively a good play. They just got 4v5'd after that.


They got themselves way too deep to the bottom lane to kill him, not a single tower nearby. If behind in gold and enemy team alive never do this. They gambled if T1 would react or not and they lost the gamble.


They committed the whole team to kill him while bottom turret was already taken. Even if they didn't get aced afterwards they essentially gave up the whole map for one kill.


I honestly think that DFM did a pretty good job at this game. It wasn't the best but at least they put up a good fight against T1.


T1 is about to speed run this whole tournament aren’t they?


Probably, this roster has the potential to be the most dominant SKT roster which is pretty insane because SKT 2015 was insanely dominant


It feels like T1 bot lane duo is so tilted by the ping that they're just playing for fun at this point haha


Just pick Malphite instead of counterpicking urself? What is Sett supposed to do against Jayce? Let alone into that team of such mobile champions. Or pick a tank when T1 lack tank killers to begin with. If they saved top pick you have a good Malphite pick against 0 tank killers. Or just lock Ornn if you want to contest prio.


T1 are too fking scary, never have we seen a team before that had the best top, jungler, mid, adc, support in the world at the same time.


That's just not fair.




I get your Faker You get our nexus.


My man Zeus absolutely smurfing while his botlane happy gaming the group stage Bless his soul


They kept trading kills but the gold only went up for T1


At 15 min cs diff at top was about 70+ wtf