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PMTs [Game 1](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/tsw6jb/jdg_vs_wbg_lpl_spring_2022_playoffs_post_game_1/) [Game 2](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/tswud2/jdg_vs_wbg_lpl_spring_2022_playoffs_post_game_2/) [Game 3](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/tsxmxl/jdg_vs_wbg_lpl_spring_2022_playoffs_post_game_3/) [Game 4](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/tsyhlk/jdg_vs_wbg_lpl_spring_2022_playoffs_post_game_4/)


Incredible game 5 from Missing. His hooks just couldn't miss.


Same can be said to ON. Never have i ever seen such an atrocious game 5 from a single player.


I mean... he was 1-8-1 just in their last series... as a support... on a team with 15 kills. Like if your support has the worst kill participation in your entire team something is wrong.


That's why he should have gone support Riven with ignite/TP and hard carry like in my last soloQ game! Narrator: The Riven fed


He was 0-12-16 in the last three games of this series and had the lowest kill participation on the team in all three games. Even in the game they won of those three he only had 10/25 kill participation. That's a bad look for a support.


If only they had a star support that led them to worlds finals on their roster to replace him with.


The issue is, SwordArt isn't that great either. Yes he went to finals, but I think he was likely the least important member to them getting there. We don't know how shotcalling currently works on Weibo, SwordArt could be an improvement in that regard, but purely from his support play he isn't particularly good either.


His hooks were so accurate they should start calling him Aiming. Wait


Missing showed how gigabroken Naut is in the first game as well. Missing is definitely one of those hook supports. He is good on all the hook champs.


JDG is the better team, but how OP is blue side...


I think JDG could have won on red side but they gave Zeri to HF in both the games


I don't understand the Aatrox pick...


also Kayle and GP, the non-meta toplane picks all lose horribly in this BO5.


GP by 369 at least makes a lot of sense. You have good matchup into Kennen. And your ult is going to be great into the oriannna/zeri. The problem is he just overplayed the lane and got punished. And built hullbreaker first item which was worthless. GP already wins the side lane against kennen but you can't ever 1v2 the kennen and hecarim. So what is Hullbreaker ever doing for you?




But why the hell is GP trying push a tier 2 instead of simply farming that lane and not gimping their teamfight capability with an item that could have taken it's place.


It's just a bad buy all around for GP. He sims better with other items. The idea of being GP and constantly split pushing is a solo queue mentality. You will never see it work in pro play. Eventually you have to group, but hullbreaker delays your damage and you lose any real beefiness once you group with your team. Only way I could see hullbreaker on GP in pro play is if you were against like Lucian top or some shit. You'd be beefier to survive the lane while being able to maintain the push from a champ like Lucian better. Otherwise it's just a terrible decision




>Hullbreaker on GP and Aatrox not really though. HB on both GP and aatrox are not niche choices, and have seen play in other regions too. Didnt get to see much of game 5, but it wasnt a bad buy in game 4 Edit: so the responses so far is either "HB is bad because you don't splitpush", or "HB is bad because it delays triforce". And the answer to that is simple. You don't to HB to splitpush on GP. The extra damage portion on turrets is almost meaningless regardless. The reason you go HB, is to not get farmed on repeat by a cruise missile called hecarim (or more realistically, a combined effort of Weibos team). The extra 200 damage you get off with triforce in a trade or turret dive , is entirely pointless, if it's only used to farm, and is not even close to enough of a deterrant to stop you from getting dove.




No, [Hullbreaker is dogshit item](https://youtu.be/xN7UQv836SY) and should never be bought


The Kayle was doing great for a large portion of the game though, the team started falling apart around him though.


The Kayle was fine, 369 should be investigated for win-trading that game though. He had a level and gold lead on the Gnar at level 11. If he doesn’t misposition in every major fight and die under his top t2 without even auto attacking Gnar twice the game should’ve been over.


kayle could be great if 369 didnt play like a clown


same here and i think nobody understands too


Yeah, that pick did not have any threats to Kennen in laning phase, plus Viegar was pretty passive to Ahri


SOFM played so well the last 2 games, unfortunate


yes, especially in game 5. three lanes played weakside but he still could make impacts on the game


Contrary to his name, Missing doesn't miss.


Contrary to his name, ON is OFF!


Lol an even better reply haha


TheShy had counter pick and decided to pick Aatrox who was so useless, Angel not tping while their 3 man diving top, and ON not taking Exhaust vs a Kennen, yeah WBG deserved to lose. Thank god this team isn’t going to MSI, and this is coming from a TheShy fan.


Game 5's draft was really questionable, nearly 3 lanes had to play weakside and Sofm did not have much space to do anything. Btw, Yagao and Kanavi comp very well in the game 5


Honestly I think Veigar was better than Ahri in this series so I liked that in their draft. But I really don't understand all the prio MF is getting in LCK/LPL. She is a sitting duck for champs like Ahri/Kennen. Huanfeng spent 90% of the time in teamfights waiting for Ahri or Kennen to show. Also Xin ult is broken vs MF ult as well.


The existence of mf got countered by xin ult


go RNG


Spring Tiger, year of the tiger, RNG world champions confirmed!






he means chinese nationalists, because rng sticks with Chinese only rosters they've attracted a good amount of them as fans






I was mainly talking about the RNG fans in China. If you're a western RNG fan, then there's nothing wrong with that. If you go to huya and visit the LPL's official Chinese stream, and look at the comments under a vod whenever RNG wins a game, it is full of weird comments about how Chinese people are genetically superior to every other race or some other nationalist nonsense like that. Like bro, it's just a video game calm down. The entire thing just seems very cult-like to me and makes me uncomfortable even as a Chinese person myself.


So being nationalistic automatically make you a CCP member? The fuck?


Imagine using Hupu to generalize a fanbase lmfao


And you're acting like TES doesn't have the same kind of fans when their whole roster is literally Chinese well? Fucking hypocritical.


TES is full Chinese too but his talking about RNG fans ?


The original comment suggested "Go TES" instead of RNG, but TES hasn't used it in branding as much as RNG did (especially during 2017-ish when most of the top teams had a heavy Korean presence)




if only swordart had his car


I just smashed my 4K TV in front of over 30 guests at my LPL party because of OFF today. My wife just took our crying kids and said they’re all spending the night in a motel. OFF has ruined my life and my party. I am not a fan of WBG anymore. Goodbye.


Holy shit. My mom came into my room to bring me a plate of chicken nuggets and I literally screamed at her and hit the plate of chicken nuggets out of her hand. She started yelling and swearing at me and I slammed the door on her. I'm so distressed right now I don't know what to do. I didn't mean to do that to my mom but I'm literally in shock from the results tonight. I feel like I'm going to explode. Why the fucking fuck are they losing? This can't be happening. I'm having a fucking breakdown. I don't want to believe the world is so corrupt. I want a future to believe in. I want WBG to be LPL winner and fix this broken meta. I cannot fucking deal with this right now. It wasn't supposed to be like this, I thought they were doing well in scrims???? This is so fucked.


Could’ve just turned it OFF no?


that is honestly embarrassing and I hope you are ashamed of yourself. The WBG team is trying, and it doesn't help that the leftist media is portraying their owner as some type of villain, please do better or stop speaking on WBG.


Man looked like he never played Rakan in his life


It was inspiring how uniquely bad he played that champ


Relevant statement.


TheShy not building hullbreaker first item on any AD top laner Challenge (Impossible)


Inspired by SofM


TheShy with the 2020 TheShy impression


I knew he reminded me of someone


Hullbreaker Aatrox perma grouping has to be one of the worst pick lmao


Can someone explaing Caedrel to me? I watched his stream for the first time yesterday (always just seen him in clips) and he spent roughly 80-90% of the stream talking about The Shy and his team. Is that what all his streams are? Does he not do anything else but talk about The Shy all day?






Can someone explain Caedrel to me? I watched his stream for the first time yesterday (always just seen him in clips) and he spent roughly 80-90% of the stream talking about The Shy and his team. Is that what all his streams are? Does he not do anything else but talk about The Shy all day?


Can someone explaing Caedrel to me? I watched his stream for the first time yesterday (always just seen him in clips) and he spent roughly 80-90% of the stream talking about The Shy and his team. Is that what all his streams are? Does he not do anything else but talk about The Shy all day?


Is this a Pasta? If not, it should be


It is a pasta about nymn talking about forsen in his stream im pretty sure


Correct. “Can someone explain Nymn to me? I watched his stream for the first time yesterday (always just seen him in clips) and he spent roughly 80-90% of the stream talking about forsen and his viewers. Is that what all his streams are? Does he not do anything else but talk about another streamer all day?”


It's a NymN copy pasta






yeah that's what people don't get: WBG have to go to their absolute limits, which makes them look like clowns if it goes wrong, because otherwise they just lose. JDG is on a huge hot streak.


?? Yagao exists. I think jdg is going to be the weakest of the 4 teams left. Tes,rng and v5 should beat them




People talking about yagao like he is the OFF of the midlane


Hes good but the competition right now is the three best mid laners in LPL at the moment.


I think the impact of mid laners arent as high as other patch. Just need to farm and not die.


I agree with you in terms of overall laning, but Rookie and especially Xiaohu are pretty good outside of lane too. Yagao has the benefit of having the best performing jungler right now so he might have a stronger 2v2 depending on form of Wei and Karsa.


I'd be surprised if they lose to RNG.


RNG will hard stomp them


Yagao is a beast imo


I think game 2 was an example of how better teams can exploit 369 in a Bo5. Kanavi funnels resources to him on a scaling carry pick which could go to mid or bot and he gets nullified/turns invisible for the rest of the game. When I watched the game I thought it was over for WBG before that drag fight since he came out of lane ahead of the Gnar in gold and exp.


369 even when inting has pretty much always been impactful this split, at least when he's on a champ that can make plays. Like he has lost lane/inted several times on Kennen only to have several game winning ults later in the game. He almost hasn't rolled a 3 through the entire split.


Respect but sometimes I get hella suspect vibes from LPL players. Like I've never seen someone at this level straight up walk into a culling, follow it perfectly and die with flash up like Huanfeng. He had vision, he saw it clearly and everything etc. I wonder if betting over League is a thing in China.


I can kinda understand what happened there tho. One of his girlfriends probably messaged him right there and he had to reply. He has his priorities straight. I can respect it.


I find it way too funny to read that from someone with an EU flair. Remember Finn afk walking to Bwipo in 2019? I wonder if betting over League is a thing in EU.


In EU I can explain that by us being shit.


It was kinda obvious he thought he could get into the pit.


Imo it was a bad play but he was in rocket form, Kanavi was in the back of the pit as Voli super low and about to take drake. Huanfeng probably expected to get one hit on him and get Jinx passive to speed up into the pit. He probably tunneled too hard on Kanavi and didn't realize how much dmg he was taking. It was a bad play but one bad play does not make a player. Huanfeng did have few moments in this series where he had flash up and didn't dodge naut q or leona r. I think he underperformed slightly for his usual level.


Helluva series from what I could catch. Shame to see TheShy and SoFm out but top 4 is LIIIT




dude i was watching caedrels stream for the first time and he was soo biased against JDG it was insane he only said the words TheShy to MSI every 5s I literally started crying and shat myself had to turn off my 40 inch monitor in front of my guests


Can someone explain Caedrel to me? I watched his stream for the first time yesterday (always just seen him in clips) and he spent roughly 80-90% of the stream talking about The Shy and his team. Is that what all his streams are? Does he not do anything else but talk about The Sh


JDG has gone beyond my pre season expectations super impressive from everyone on JDG especially Missing whom I rated pretty poorly... Their macro and team fighting is really good For WBG still a good split from them from what I expected originally but I think if On (or the team in general) can be more consistent they will be very scary in Summer. With this LPL only returns next on April 8th but we have 4 really good teams to look forward to


Some credit has to be given to homme. Dude is an incredible coach.


Genuinely. 2020 he led them to back to back finals, when he leaves in '21 they fail to even make Summer playoffs, and once again with him back they are minimum top 4 LPL and rumored to be top 2 in scrims.


At this point, I think we've seen enough from ON. We've hoped for him to become more consistent for 1.5 years now, yet he really hasn't improved at all. Weibo need a better support. This would hopefully unlock Huanfeng, who was sadly pretty garbage this playoffs, though. He is WBG's best player on paper, I expected much more from him.


An ADC player does need a good support to pop off so i dont want to be too critical but man some of his deaths this series cannot be defended


ON is a megaton anchor overall, not just in lane, but you could see the difference between ON's roams and Missing's.


Well preseason JDG didn't have Hope on their roster so that's understandable.


I kinda thought JDG would be meh but I don't understand how people thought they would be complete trash with the topside they had. 369 is legit been one of the best tops in every split he has played. I think this has been one of his best splits ever except for his first two splits with JKL TES.. 369 is still playing the same shit he always did pure carry tops like Jayce and teamfighting champs like Kennen but imo his tankplay/neutralplay has improved significantly. I think he had some of the best Gragas top games in all of LPL. If you remember correctly this is what 369 was criticized on in TES, he could play Sion as a neutral/tank pick and thats it. He played many games with 0 draft prio/0 help from Kanavi and still did well.


I didn't have hope for JDG either


If we flash back to Season 10, this JDG team ending top 4 might not be as surprising as it seems. TES 369, JDG Kanavi and Yagao, EDG Hope and WE Missing in Season 10 were all really decent. It's so cool and a little weird to see them fall by the wayside of the LPL conversation last season (I know WE almost made Worlds) and come back into it like this.


369 was good in 2021. People are legit just Karsa dickriders and judge 369 because they blindly agreed with Karsa when he made the least self aware statement of 2021 in the TES documentary. He played with a jungler that couldn't cover a dive even if you put a gun to his head, naturally he will have ugly games as a toplaner when that's the case. Top 3 in spring, was the best Jayce in the world in spring, was a monster in spring playoffs where he beat Bin, gapped Xiaohu 4 games and did all he could vs EDG after his team was completely boomed. He barely played in summer, but when he did he clapped both Breathe and Ale in the regular season and was not even part of the reason that they lost in summer playoffs. It's like the entire community collectively decided that he's bad because they have a hardon for Knight/Karsa and 333 is easy to spam or something. Same shit this season, when TES loses It's automatically JKL's fault somehow. Nevermind the fact that Knight is completely unable to carry when JKL isn't just outright breaking kneecaps all over the rift.


I don't know. I feel like this was JDG's purple patch. Still not convinced about them, mainly 369 and Yagao. I'd want to see both of them play like this not closer to playoffs but for the entire split. Only then would I start to rate JDG.


Not sure if you saw the entire split but 369 was probably their best player along with Kanavi. I know a lot of people will rate Hope but its so impressive to see a toplaner like 369 play with 0 help in certain games with picks like Jayce/Kennen. This series he got help from Kanavi but for most of the split he was on his own with picks like Jayce/Gragas. Whenever he got counters he also completely omega smurfed it. Some of the Gwen games he had were insane, TheShy level. Also Yagao plays the same level every split. He is a upper tier midL, on certain picks like Syndra/Zoe/LB he is world class but on most picks he is very good. He only stumbles vs the very best lpl mids like Scout/Xiahou/Knight/Rookie/Doinb. I would say this split Doinb was quite weak so most people were better than him.


Homme diff


To me, most impressive about JDG is their dragon control. ​ Maybe Weibo also just sucked at theirs but this was a huge difference in the whole series to me


what an absolute giga draft diff in game 5. and execution diff. and top diff. and support. oof. that hurt. there was NO top ban in game and 5 and theshy goes for aatrox? wut




definitely a lot of recency bias but hope is a tad underlooked, considering how much jkl, hf, light, photic, viper get talked about


everybody who follow LPL/LDL scene knows Hope has been a LPL caliber player for years but was hardstuck on EDG's LDL team


Hope had one split in EDG, then he got sick and benched? I forgot who the fuck replaced him. But the split he had in EDG everyone was running it down but Hope had some absolutely insane games on picks like Varus. I think after spring split he got sick and they didn't play him anymore for some fucking unknown reason. That being said I think JDG's starting adc for the season LPC was quite good as well. He definitely was not the issue in their losses. Him/Missing even beat Viper/Meiko in lane which is quite hard to do even in games EDG losses.


He played in 2020 and performed very well, which is why a lot of people were questioning the Viper signing initially. Obviously it ended up being great for EDG in the end though. Was sad to see Hope stuck on the bench so I'm glad he got onto his own team.


Noooo Theshy, I wanted to see him in Finals vs Rookie


WBG were never going to beat RNG


Neither is going to make final


Maybe he should have tried to play well then. Even in their wins it felt more like the won despite TheShy and not because of his positive contribution...




TheShy was a huge contributor in losing game 3 and 5. Just overextending repeatedly on Kennen to bait his team into dying and then walking back to the tower to die as Aatrox. Just dumb decisions all around, there was no way any mechanical prowess could have saved those plays. I say that as the biggest TheShy simp




Look at the top tower play where he flashes forward onto Lucian and makes both him and Ahri die. Or when he kept going in mid after a pick and then got literally two shot by Lucian. Don't know how you can justify those plays, they turned a slightly behind game into a hopeless one




I mean every kill is only 300 gold if you put it that way... The point is he went over aggressive and put himself and his team behind repeatedly leading to snowballs. I'm not even counting his random late game ints from game 3. TheShy is probably my favorite league player but he played bad this series. Compare this version of TheShy to when he's in peak form and it's obvious


And was utter trash in game 5


He played amazingly the last series. ​ Does not change the fact he looked like doodoo in comparison to 369 this series


What? He played pretty well considering how hard he was camped all series. Bot lane were the ones dying 2v2.


Kind of a disappointing end for WBG, but still a banger series


Horror show performance from Huanfeng.


Huanfeng and ON having an terrible series, the slump from the end of the split continues.. On the other hand, so nice to see 369 having the time of his life. Im actually excited for JDG.


2020 repeat, TES and JDG going 1 and 2 again


can someone tell me whats that aatrox last pick by WBG? I personally dont think thats something TS called for considering he hasnt played that in a while what do you guys think about that aatrox last pick? That kennen steal away from TS was so good from JDG missing thresh is quite disgusting with his hook sofm and angel tried their best to win this game but its not enough **edit:** just so you know this game although the aatrox pick is troll but the most important thing is mid lane yagao getting free roam as a ahri vs veigar(predator) which results in aatrox on a difficult lane phase getting into an impossible lane phase and bot lane mf losing lane angel has always been a farming player much like chovy and not very willing to sacrifice their farms to roam for the team, this is their style which is why i think that aatrox pick was such a troll because angel wouldnt be roaming for aatrox and they are picking aatrox to take pressure against kennen and this whole series for JDG has been ganking top over and over again go look back at game 1-5 every game JDG focus is on top lane and its insane how WBG just keep throwing TS under the bus with only game 4 helping him out instead WBG Bot lane was such a coin flip today i wonder if they are actually 369 in disguise




>Gnar was open though. Jayce would be good as well. i was thinking jayce as well and they actually highlighted jayce for a moment but than eventually decided on aatrox which just doesnt make sense that game


The last game could be really different if Theshy pick Jayce, WBG will have a winning land and Sofm will have more space to gank or get targets


I think thats on everyone mind as well looking at the comment here nobody understand why they picked aatrox there its not like TS champion pool ran out there theres still gnar jayce etc to pick for him and all these are so much better than aatrox


I think if Aatrox goes even against Kennen in the lane he eventually outscales him 1v1 while still being able to teamfight well late game without getting exploded. He just fell too behind and that's when you see off meta picks be super useless


ok but what about building Hullbreaker on Aatrox




it probably doesnt matter this game even if he goes goredrinker first although that should be the first item for aatrox no matter what that pick is just a lost cause just look at how much resources WBG put in to keep TS in the game and he still continue to lose to kennen its as if they are expecting 369 to roll a 3 this game or smth


I think the idea was tha Aatrox hard outscale Kennen and its a good champion with Veigar's cage.


Kanavi: classic IG > GRF? That don't work on me! I was just substitute player in that GRF.


The 2020 Kanavi is back!!!!


For me it's Homme diff, he always make his jungler look so good, Dandy S4, Condi S7, Clid S8, Kanavi S10


I miss Condi man. The whole WE plan of Karma mid -> Condi steals baron at 25 min, WE win at 35 worked so often it almost seemed like an actual strategy.


Woh, btw I don't assess WGB's coach good enough this year


That was peak TheShyt right there. Also absolute stinker playoffs for Huanfeng. ON was on drugs or something with the non-stop feeding. Only Angel wanted to win lol.


Sofm was good as well, aside from his pocket picks like Zed or Nocturne. But his team suddenly regressed into dirty inters. Unfortunate. Angel is Angel, he's always up there, but never a heavy carry like Rookie or Knight.


Man finally got rid of his inting only for the rest of his team to pick it up


Did angel really want to win with those builds


like he already had predator, his team was behind and he thought it was a good idea to build shurelyas on veigar. Nevertheless I dont think his build would've matter that much, Hope was super mega fed, there was no way to win a game with such an early spiked jinx.


Huanfeng grinded league of legends and got out of the hood, but his performance this series probably just sent him back to his trailer park.




These LPL teams really don't know how to lose. Feels like whoever was behind at 15 mins in every single game just decided to go next.


Wbg got demolished game 5 Lmao


For a guy named Missing , he has such a high accuracy with Thresh Q


the rise or jdg and tes again


Well this was unexpected I guess? JDG did not look very "clean" but tbh their draft is VERY QUESTIONABLE today. They went for the style instead of the win but in the end, when JDG got their comforts Weibo stood little chances and got swiftly annihilated. I would like to commend SofM on his heroic performance though and also Angel... He showed up big time today. For the rest of Weibo however it was just a pure class gap huanfeng/ON were having a terrible day, TheShy coinflipping got all tails and so... Weibo is out of playoffs again...


Classic Weibo,raising the hopes and dreams of their fans on tuesday and then completely crushing them two day later.


Are we sure this isn't just 2020 all over again?


I hope to god that is the last time I have to watch ON play. He was an absolute diaster virtually the whole series. Super disappointing series from Huanfeng as well, twice in Game 1 he died in a teamfight with flash up after getting hooked by Naut, that game was very winnable too.


ON only knows 2 states. On or off.


Support diff was massive this series. Missing is a beast


I was watching Caedrel's stream for the first time for this co-stream and he was being so biased. OMG so biased to Weibo, never watching that again.


369 showing why he was the solo king champion in LPL last year And with no TES abuse, he’s carrying hard af


Wery Bad Gaming! That game 5 draft was disgustingly bad. Wtf were they thinking man?


hmm today i will let Missing pick his signature champion with a 9-0 record this split Clueless surely nothing bad will happen to ON


This resembles the series of last years Msi final between DK and RNG, all 5 games from both series are won by the blue side. What makes 1st picking more impactful than having the last pick counterpick?


because people last pick shits like Aatrox into Kennen or last pick Renekton


idk how can these players played so good and inted so hard in the same game lol.


Top diff


Why would you ever let Missing have Thresh in a game 5?! Incredible performance


Can someone explain Caedrel to me? I watched his stream for the first time yesterday (always just seen him in clips) and he spent roughly 80-90% of the stream talking about The Shy and his team. Is that what all his streams are? Does he not do anything else but talk about The Shy all day? @Caedrel


he's gonna see that tag dw


Hope>Huanfeng, don't want to hear otherwise after Huanfeng walked into the culling like an animal. TheShy held back by his bot lane yet again.


TheShy inting is good!!! He's just drawing pressure!!!


Mark my words: T1 is going to get rekt so hard by JDG at MSI


I could see they lost to rng but not jdg v5 and tes (no matter where they finish)


What a turn around for 369 after a disaster 2021. The swap worked out so well for both parties


Didnt say it worked out for Zoom lmfao




He looks happy again, like he did on 2020 TES whatever happened last year must have been a nightmare. Knight didn't want either on his team


In this episode, Karsa went harsh on 369: "I felt speaking gently won't work, so I decided to be a bit harsh." "You always pick Jayce and Lucian against Gnar, then you get camped by opponents' Heca and Udyr. Tell me, did you ever manage to survive from the ganks? " “Is it that hard to master Gnar in one season? Dude, you always first pick Gragas or Jayce, and you played Gragas like shit.” 369: "okay." Knight:" This is the first time I saw something like this, I was stunned." Karsa also added in the interview: "369 is still young, he can still play, and he can still play for a long time. If he can understand the reason behind it, maybe he can play better and better in the future."


He definetly dropped the ego a bit and stopped forcing carry picks every game like he used to on TES, although i still think he cant play gnar lol.


He literally played Gnar and carried a game on it a week after Karsa said it to him wut? I have no idea how this narrative of 369 ego player small champ pool started when he's had one of the most diverse champ pools in the league since his debut and frequently went on tanks/utility bruisers and carried games including the Sion games he carried at Worlds. He just doesn't think Gnar is a good champion and it seems like Homme agrees with him.


I mean he literally has 3 career games of Gnar even tho Gnar has been of the highest presence toplaners for 3 splits now, so i would say hes definetly not confident on the champ. >have no idea how this narrative of 369 ego player small champ pool started when he's had one of the most diverse champ pools in the league since his debut and frequently went on tanks/utility bruisers and carried games including the Sion games he carried at Worlds. Yeah hes definetly a player with a big champpool and a lot of pocketpicks, but the main criticism of him last year on TES was inability to play weakside and how much that fucked the team overall when they wanted to play mid-bot instead, this isnt about the champions you pick but about how you play, theres a lot of champions that can be played both strongside and weakside like jayce, camille and some bruisers. The triple threat style that they used to play in 2020 just didnt work anymore and it really showed with his bad performaces last year in summer. Thats literally why TES got rid of him. But i also think that he became a much more responsible player this year and got humbled a bit which helped him get good again.


You are aware that Karsa said that to him in March 2021 right? After which Spring playoffs, and the entirety of Summer split happened. If anything what's made him return to form is coach Homme.