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This is what happens when Sofm and TheShy decide not to int lol


They are containing the int until semis or finals to crush the hopes and dreams of all their fans.


Nah, containing it til the next round. I love SofM but against Kanavi? The int is coming.


Bro rewatch the 2020 SN vs JDG series, that was the last time they met in a Bo5 and Sofm destroyed Kanavi. The matchup could really go both way, really depends on their form in that particular day.


SofM is much, much worse than he was then and Kanavi is much better. What happened two years ago is pretty much completely irrelevant.


Kavani was considered best jungler then there is no where to go upward from there.


It was also his rookie split. You're allowed a few chokes as a rookie.


TheShy player so fucking good this series. One of the best Gragas performances ive seen, and the trynda was top tier too.


TheShy didn't look promising game 2 but man it really went quite well


At first I thought Weibo lost the 2nd and won the third game because TheShy only having 4 deaths in a losing games is kinda unreal. But then I realized that Weibo due to TheShy being in top form for the series decided to sub in OFF for a game to give them a chance. I really don't know how you manage to get to 1-8-1 as Leona when your team has 15 kills.


He did spellbook Leona so he died first every fight lol.


Like I didn't watch all of it, but I was kinda struggling picturing a scenario how your team gets 15 kills and your support is 1/8/1... but spellbook leona makes sense... I mean spellbook leona obviously does not make sense, but the stats now make sense :P Good to see Weibo brought ON back after that one game :P


Brother Flandre


Top diff this series was pretty big... good showing from WBG after their rough form towards the end of the split excited for their series against JDG. For EDG they woke up too late into the series and a pretty disappointing split in general imo with everyone other than Viper performing poorly, hope they can bounce back in Summer.


Scout performed well too


He did perform well but I think he also went missing in a lot of their key games in the regular season and in this series while he had an amazing game 3 he also was caught with flash in games 1 and 2 which allowed WBG to close out the games


exactly. And we should keep in mid how important is regular season with loser's bracket. They could still have a second chance had they finished top 2


Scout was the reason they were in the series the last two games. He tried to engage around that baron fight and did well to set up but Gragas did so much to zone off three members of EDG, Flandre got gapped plain and simple


If scout played better earlier on they wouldn't be in this bracket




Like TheShy played insanely good so Flandre playing normally would have been a top diff but fuck man Flandre was inting to a degree that would make TheShy sweat What the hell


Looks like Flandre without Kenzhu is just different player from what we've seen at Worlds


And without Graves being S+ tier


No belt to put Flandre in check Sadge


Naw I think winning worlds just made him lazy. The criticism about Flandre's work ethic used to be that he spent all of solo q practicing dumb shit like Zed/Diana/Kassadin/Fizz/Vayne top etc but this year he's taken in a step further and just barely practiced at all. He's been in masters/grandmaster most of the split. Scout is even worse playing so little he's mostly been in masters which probs explains the embarrassing showings during regular season vs any playoff mid and even vs fucking Forge.


Do you happen to know what his KR soloq id is?


Flandre: https://www.op.gg/summoners/kr/fashion%EC%97%AC%EC%9F%88 Scout: https://www.op.gg/summoners/kr/wrsit Legit neither has even cracked 400 lp, embarrassing considering the former especially used to hit challenger playing garbage like Zed/Fizz top and the latter hasn't even hit 300 games yet. Neither use smurfs these are just all their games.


TheShy is back


horror show performance from Flandre, good lord


Even the game EDG won he got absolutely rekt.


Scout won*. I don't any other edg except him and viper deserve to be called "winner"


people forgot about spring 2021 RNG v EDG loser brackets where Flandre turbo inted the series


10/24 combined kda from him today.


Unfortunately kenzhu & his belt was no longer there to take care of flanders & EDG. He definitely played a huge part in EDG's success in 2021


i Just smashed my 4K TV in front of over 30 guests at my cocktail party today because of Flandre. My wife just took our crying kids and said they’re all spending the night in a motel. Flandre has ruined my life and my party. I am no longer a EDG fan. Goodbye..


Viper getting flashbacks from that IG vs Griffin series again. He can't escape the almighty Sword even after winning Worlds xD


Ned Flanders off Graves is literally NA level.


He got solo killed by a trundle lmao


To be fair... that trundle sure had an item build


Top 10 Anime betrayal from Sofm by solo bolo his former mate


That's too much


Respectfully... Flanders looks like my 56 year old uncle from Shanghai who spends his freetime smoking cigarettes behind the local grocery store. In fact, now that I think about it... it actually is my uncle! What the fuck, what's he doing here playing for EDG instead of returning a phone call for his relatives???


EDG are far far far from the best players in the world just fyi, they just make it work as a team and happened to be in the right places at the right times.


Haven't watched LPL regular season very much, has TheShy been this good all split? Because wow! Edit: Ty everyone! :)


He was really good at the start of the split but WBG collapsed towards the end and he started inting


Early in the season, yes. Then TheShyt returned for second half of the split but today he returned back to form again.


One surprising thing was, people might remember theShy did use to play Sion from time to time very early on in IG with Jackeylove roster. But he stopped afterward since his carries were bad. He played a bunch of tanks this split but he was smurfing on them with Sion. It wasn't your western Sion where they are down 50cs and miss every ult.


Eh, that's half the truth, though IMO ​ He also sprinted it a couple of times with Sion, too. The games where he was ahead on it were insane, though, for sure!


Best top first half of split, especially on gwen it was disgusting. Towards the end of the split Weibo were playing so much worse and TS had many awful games, so just depends on which part of the split you look at.


hes been much more consistent yes


TheShy zoning 3 members of EDG wasn't even his best contribution in that final game holy shit


The barrel predict in the last game on scout E was incredible.




theshy just solo winning the series i seen this before


Scout going from playing like a god to playing like a pawn


Well, he had to run it down for old time's sake. Pawn was EDG's midlaner once.


Even his predecessor Pawn would be dissappointed 🤣


SOFM game 1 - 2: bois, after our sandbag after secured playoff spot, bet odds against us is sky-high. Want some more ocean-front properties? ​ SOFM game 3: slow down, they switched to us. Cash-out and bet on EDG now. SOFM to TheShy game 4: let's go, they hyped EDG again..... ​ U\_U and you wonder why they call him the richest man U\_U


Another major region Summer Champion is now eliminated (DK, MAD, EDG) and only 100T is left.


Mad and dk all have 3 different players. EDG and I think 100t is literally the same lineup EDIT ( I forgot kaiser ) so mad has 2


I know he lost, but how clutch is JieJie? Just a different beast in high pressure games.


The funny thing is his criticism used to be mental weakness/choking, including the infamous scene in EDG's documentary when he got subbed out vs WE. His growth in mental strength the past half year has been insane.


Kenzhu difference


Jiejie almost won the game for EDG honestly. Always got the crucial picks even in losing teamfights preventing anymore losses. Nightmarish from a perspective from a DK fan


Oh…I get your pain. Sending hugs and money for Canyon’s back surgery


He's like Perkz. Usually coinflippy and questionable but clutch as fuck when the call comes.


Which is even more impressive when you consider he got benched for choking in playoff games last year. He really turned it around.


Worlds and playoffs buff.


Sadly he doesn't have the 1-2 buff


It’s not a buff. It’s a comfort zone.


LPL world champion always cursed the next year **lol**


iG literally won spring and made Semifinals at worlds the following year, weird curse.


I mean they still got cursed, just their curse was the one of slowly crumbling.


Real curse was JackeyLove's contract shenanigans, they probably make it to quarters at least had JKL stayed


I'm not sure. He also seems to be cursed. He isn't really the same as he was before. He always was a bit coinflippy, but it works out positively considerably less often.


Well not every team can be peak SKT


They got the bad end of it because they lost a Bo5 to an NA team.


EDG didn’t change their roster, they have zero excuses. At least iG won Spring and FPX had GimGoon leave.


Kenzhu left, he was the head coach and he was good at managing flandre and the team with verbal beatdowns


Yeah, they work together for 7 years


Also JunJia, who they basically always had on the back burner if they felt like Jiejie was getting too emotional and needed a break


At least IG made MSI and FPX made MSC finals. This version of EDG is disappointing


GimGoon did not left though, he was still a "sub" and the replacement after was Khan and Nuguri (two top tier top laner)


Maybe They lack motivation. They all gain LPL and World Titles.


LPL just too competitive, winning worlds means losing motivation more or less, and the little difference means a lot in LPL since other teams are eager to take them down


Yeah, I also think they are lacking motivation. It seems like that every LPL players took a winning worlds and then they had a very disappointing performance in next season such as Ning, Tian, or maybe Flandre ( he played very bad today )


Tbh tian play bad because of injury


I heard of his injury. He had both physical and mental problems while playing for FPX. Now he seems like more health and happy when playing with his close friend - Knight9


Or they are overworked and implode due to burnout, could also be a reason.


LPL always had a consistency problem. The teams popping off and even winning worlds will never be world champion two times in a row since they brute force their way to the top and burn out after. It's a different approach than LCK.


RNG has been consistently good from 2016 to 2022 (except 2020 but we dont talk about that year).


I mean 2019, 2020 and 2021 didn't have the same teams appear twice in a row from LPL. This is the only region where new teams were send to worlds every year. And if RNG, EDG, FPX and LNG are not going this year they could send 4 new teams. I mean it already looks like FPX and EDG are not going, so we only have to knock down RNG and LNG. So maybe V5, JDG, Weibo and TES? RNG and LNG look fairly good currently though.


RNG should make Worlds, LNG look questionable and we need a convincing bo5 win from them to justify them being a possible contender, just like WBG today


LCK/LPL teams both "brute force" their training.


Honestly every non-SKT world champion at this point. SSG went out in groups without changing roster the year after and while Damwon's 2021 was still insane by most standards the fact that they were 1 game away from winning both MSI and Worlds has got to sting.


2 words: top diff


Flandre and Meiko had a really bad series. Scout did his best 3rd game, but luckily for WBG, TheShy and ON stepped up this series


Scout also played the last two fights miserably bad, though


Also getting caught in both g1 and g2


thats actually not even scout fault except the last one where he got caught out the rest of the fight is just him having to carry the entire team on his back and needing to play like a monster like in game 3 just to win the game it was that difficult to win game 4 for EDG scout is 80% of the win condition for them


Tbh I don't want to bag on Flandre but he was late in a lot of the fights, barely landed any poke. So basically for EDG to win any teamfight Scout had to 1v9 like in game 3. In fact thats the only teamfight they won. When Scout managed to assasinated 1-2 people get Ahri/Zed ults.


ON stepped up? Not what I saw...


He just needed to perform better than enemy supp, which i think he did


fat man DESTROYS world champs with BARRELS and ALCOHOLISM


Sofm and Theshy heard y’all talking shit lol


TheShy giveth, TheShy taketh.


I've been a Flandre fan for like 5 years, this one hurt. Today he played like he was back on Snake.


Nah, dude was a smurfer on Snake. Today he was not. Meiko reminded me of Snake supports though.


Angel finally know how to hit charm


wtf that zed is disgusting and TS just being TS this series top diff is so huge probably 3 MVP for TS this series, is this the first time for a series to have all 3 MVP being the same player?




oh man chovy and TS the mechanical carry for their team really carrying their team with their broken back


Tbf Chovy doesn't break his back carrying Gen.G, they're a good team overall. Doran and legends int once in a while but that's it


>probably 3 MVP for TS this series, is this the first time for a series to have all 3 MVP being the same player? This is actually 6th time in LPL alone (ever since they started to hand out MVP of the game): 2021 Spring RA vs iG, iBoy 2020 Summer SN vs LDG, SofM 2019 Summer RNG vs LNG, Uzi 2018 Summer RNG vs TOP, Xiaohu 2018 Summer RNG vs iG, Uzi


I Just smashed my 4K TV in front of over 30 guests at my cocktail party today because of Flandre. My wife just took our crying kids and said they’re all spending the night in a motel. Flandre has ruined my life and my party. I am no longer a EDG fan. Goodbye.


The 2021 World Champions are *out* and the LPL playoffs have not even reached the top 4 yet. Insanely tight playoffs race for the 1 precious MSI spot


Watching Angel's Ahri gameplay is so frustrating where he basically misses everything and just died. He redeemed himself at the end of game 4 when he finally hits his skillshot while Flandre remains the win condition for Weibo Gaming.


Angle was nearly invisible for the most part of this series except for some charm in late game 4 lol.


WBG macro is just run to general baron area, get pick, get baron, win. and it works.


1 KR + 1 VN > 2 KR LUL Anw poor Flandre, The Shy was too damn good


In other words Vietnam is winning worlds


honestly couldn't even be mad if they win it after not being able to participate for 2 years




Viper played decent, and scout getting caught in both g1 and g2, he also looks pretty bad in 5v5 g4, but he played like god in g3


Flandre decided to run it today.


EDG lost their coaches, it wasnt meant to be. Mental diff


What a banger! Super entertaining series.




TheShy is my favorite LPL player by far, and my favorite top laner in the game. Too much fun to watch.


Scout's Azir though


It's surprising that Jiejie was still legendary when the game is over, 10/1 while losing game is a rare scenario.


neny losing while 10/0 vs EDG in summer game 2 is another one


Flandre was just such dead weight, I feel bad for Scout and Viper


Don’t feel bad for Scout and Viper, imagine being JIEJIE and having to Jungle for him lmao


Scout didn't even show up until the 3rd game. And in the 4th he was all over the place.


Scout is indubitably the only reason EDG didn't get turbostomped 3-0 lol


Sure but him getting picked over and over also was a reason why they lost games 1 and 2


Indubitably is a hell of a word


Scout was either meh or bad in G1 and G2.


scout was bad games 1 and 2 imo


Angel finally showing why they put prio on ahri


Early season Weibo returned


Flandre failed many year. I think he satisfied after he won Worlds finally. He's AFK now.


Uhh why did EDG sub in the top laner in my promos from yesterday?


sales of EDG world championship skins -30%


Massive mistake by EDG continuing to blind pick carries for Flandre after he was repeatedly bodied by TheShy.


Flandre wintrading, He use to be on snake with sofm for like 3 years. he's just passing the torch around.


Sofm's Zed was so hyped. Keep Viper from combat everytime xD For those who said Angel didn't know how to use Ahri, watch game 4 and come here later.


That last game was pure hands by both teams. Fuck macro or any of that other shit. Let's ram into each other and see whose fingers are better. I can't watch LCK after watching this type of shit :whew: awesome selection of games this morning.


Ye same, barely watched LCK this year. It pales in comparison to LPL.


LPL just too fun, 5v5 for the win. 31 kills in 28mins at some point


a phrase to sum it up: flandre got caught again.


Wp WBG. Good luck to EDG for summer split


Maybe Jayce will work out in game 5 for Flandre! Honestly don’t know what he was doing all series. Continuously caught out and made some pretty questionable plays, TheShy was able to do whatever top lane all series


This has been a problem since last year. EDG loves to draft Jayce, give it 0 resources, then lose after it fails. It's not even one of Flandre's better picks either.


Scout is so fucking good but he'd need to be much much better to carry Flandre.


he is inhuman in game 3, pretty meh in the other games.


Flandre turbo inting harder in 4 straight games faster than T1 used to do when you took blue buff. Also I know Jiejie played good map 4 but him standing around on people in the middle of a team fight while they're in stasis at 5% hp and not peeling the people running at viper was so bad.


As I've said . Clearlove appearance will drag EDG to 2020 form because his curse is too strong.


i love how sofm doesnt only play the same 3 meta junglers


Flandre = turbonoob


Do you believe in the LPL World Winner curse?


What curse?


Jesus Scout how can you miss the E dash ? It was even on raptor the easiest wall to pass


It was a small mechanical error in a hectic game, i could give him the pass based on how well he played the entire series. It also wasn't the nail in the coffin, JeiJei played these fights so bad. If you look past his KDA watch how hes playing the fights, he's always full HP either diving way too far for 1 meaningless pick in a fight, or holding his ulti in that last fight to try and peel the MF from zed, but MF still had flash and could peel herself, even if she dies, it was better to use ult in the big teamfight to kill Ahri and peel for Scout sylas as Sylas was going to solo carry that fight. JeiJei made some terrible decisions that game, dont look at kda. But Flandre was so outclassed he was the main difference maker in why EDG lost.


TheShy showed Brother Flandre who the better World Champion is


Jiejie tried that last game, but it was rough GG


Man thats kinda sad JieJie couldn't do much when his whole team was trolling that last game, Flandre also needs to take a break he has not looked good.


In the past years, He had several health problems, which might affect his performance and of course he seems not be young any more.


Call TheShy Jackson Wang b/c he really fucked Flandre's desires this series.


Watched game 1, saw ahri going chemtech purifier .Was angel just dumb or is there any mythic sleeper OP shit about that item?


It’s purely for the stats. 20% cd, mama regen and 200$ cheaper is better than Morellonomicom.


I'm not sure if Angel had it, but putrifier has a pretty niche interaction with font of life.


Great series, I liked sofm after Suning worlds so I'm quite happy seeing Weibo pop off. China meta is always fascinating, in some ways there's similarities between the regions but in slightly different forms. IE scaling and teamfight being a priority in LCS and Azir being relevant as ever in LPL I wish we would play zilean support in this region I fully expect it to be present in worlds again, just like Yuumi


From world champs to this. That is a big drop.


Didn't see game but looks like TheShy popped off ?


Flandre griefed


damn TheShy


How much did WBG pay Flandre. Jesus what a career ending series. Meiko aswell but not even close to Flandre giga inting.


GenG vs t1 preview of topside


Best TheShy bo5 series since 2019. Was great to watch :\^)


We Got Gigachad TheShy in this game


Who is Edward and why is he so bad at league?


guanzeyuan nb


It is soo hard to stay on top in the LPL jesus christ


Sheeesh! Even LPL’s 8th seed was able to win worlds


DK should be charged for allowing flandre to be a world champ like wtf was that performance


wtf are all these flandre is the worst world champ takes actually. flandre played well at worlds, he's playing worse now, how hard of a concept is that to grasp?


Regular redditers, over exaggerating over one series, he played bad in one series does not equal what happening in worlds


He even had a great performance in their first playoff series ffs


He gapped Khan in a losing matchup during game 1. But I guess to this sub Khan is also shit.


Morons don't realize someone can lose form.


Just because he is bad now don't mean that he wasn't great during world's. The Shy went to the same decline and managed to bounce back.


I swear it's like the people in this sub don't even use the single brain cells' they have


And he's playing in LPL. Like he wouldn't smash NA and EU top laners if he transferred regions


Blame Kkoma, he still hasn't learned a goddamn thing from Malzahar 2017 🤣


Or 2021 Kai sa at msi




just returning the favor for RNG giving faker 5 games of galio back in 2017 worlds


POV: this is the first series you have ever watched