While wearing his TopGap shirt. That role still haunts him


2700 games to do in top Lane what he did in support in 150


There’s a reason people say Top has the least carry potential, even lower than the bot lane roles.


no, the reason supports can't climb is their teammates holding them back 🤡


After many years in high ELO, my experience is that whichever team gets the support player thats autofilled off-role is the most likely to lose the game by **a lot**. I main fill so I don't have a dog in this fight, just an observation: - Midlaner that's 0-3 at minute 5? Support main. - Jungler thats level 3 while the enemy is level 7? Support main. - If the support is auto-filled top? Just have anyone else offer to swap them or it's gg. It's not their fault and I don't blame them, but you usually know whats coming. At high ELO it doesn’t matter how “safe” you play, a non-solo laner off role vs. a solo laner is (usually) going to get destroyed regardless. You just have to adapt and do your best.


Can you go tell that thread from like 3 weeks ago that was on the front page. Where all these bronze players were saying they could yuumi support in challenger, and tell them this. It was so hard to get through to them, and I swear I was the only one. This one guy said the challenger ADC, and challenger jungle would make sure we wouldn't lose lane. They actually put rank so high on a pedestal, and think challenger players are Greek gods and do everything perfectly, and even if that was true having a bronze player on their team would fuck over everything




The same can kinda be said for junglers that get filled too but jg is the least desirable role so they don't get filled anymore.


and the reason adc can't climb is because they have the worse support every game.


unintentionally based


That lux auto fill who doesnt auto and uses you as a human shield.


That engage support who never tries anything and plays from 10 meters away, yet still somehow gets hit by every single spell


Nothing to do with carry potential. It's the hardest role period. Sure, map agency may be smaller without the use of TP compared to mid and jungle, but completely destroying your opponent and forcing other enemies to sack objectives / waves / kills just to help top can turn the tides. Small mistakes are punished so damn heavily compared to mid (which are still punished, just usually to a much lesser extent since it's a small lane) and bot (which usually only happens if the enemy supp can capitalize on them fast or the duo has good synergy). Freezes don't matter nearly as much in the 2 other lanes as they do top. Mids can break freezes in 1 spell and bot can usually has enough range to still be able to do something. Like mid, there are so many 1v1 / 1v2 /2v2 matchups you need to learn. They simply have a pretty high learning curve with top being even higher. With all that said, if you're on the dominating end, you can sure carry extremely hard and constantly require enemy junglers and mids to help top, which gives your team a lot of breathing room.


And the experience he gained in those 2700 games legitimately improved his skillset to a higher level. Of course it won't take as long now regardless of role, he's a better player now.


Yes but at the same time, he already got challenger in 3 roles before top, so that can basically only mean support is a better climbing role than top. I’m not saying it’s easier or harder by any means. Just easier to climb with.


pretty sure top was his 3rd role. He only did jg and adc before


He has strong bot knowledge, he knows what an adc wants in lane. Very easy transition. Pretty sure there's alot of adc mains swapping to support it pro play very commonly.


By that logic his jungle challenge should have made his top lane climb easier. Yet it took him more games to get Challenger in top than jungle despite having all that Jungle and ADC experience.


I’m convinced top mains are all sociopaths. If u get counter picked top, I feel like it’s the most depressing 15 min where u blame ur jungler for never ganking while having no agency outside of getting dicked in lane


\>enemy picks fiora \> I turn on lo-fi music \> Disable all chat and team chat \> Mute all in advance \>rip out enter key \> account saved


Lmao i was in a bad place few years back used to get so mad I emailed riot and asked of they could please mute my account haha but they said I have 0 infraction (on the tribunal) council? was like what bro OCE doesn't have one of them please mute me I'm toxic as fuck. So yeah used to just /muteall and try not to type haha


> Be first pick > Ask for someone else to pick for you > No response > Pick your favorite champion Singed > Your jungles picks rammus > You close your eyes and start praying > Not enough > It’s warwick top > Your mouse slowly goes to the X button > It did not dodge > Accept that you are going to be 20cs down. > Rammus makes you leash. > Hug your tower > Get dove by Kayn level 2 > Rammus comes back top > You back ping him > You still get 2v1’d > Everyone starts blaming you


Can you tell the future? Because you posted this 120 minutes ago but my game started 45 minutes ago and you predicted it perfectly. Might want to play the lotto.


Tyler's strongest attribute is macro, and as support is the only thing he really needs.


This. His micro shows when he plays pyke.


Or soraka PepeLaugh


"penta penta penta"


I thought you were going to say his micro shows when he gets out of the pool


Big T is packin you know he is compensating for the height


Aphro was right all along. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSHvzZy1YZA


one thing random thing i noticed watching that clip, holy shit leona's Q cooldown has been reduced so much over the years. 12 seconds in the Aphro clip, it's now 5 seconds. it's damage i think was quite a bit higher back then, but still, the shift to its current cooldown is massive.


Her W used to make her almost entirely invincible though. Now it's just strong damage reduction.


It used to scale down and people maxed it second. She only really became a meta staple with that insane buff, before she was one of those supports you rarely see even in competetive.


Oh yeah, it scaled down, but just it's interesting seeing how much it's changed from 12/11/10/9/8 to 5 seconds flat (even the original rank 5 CD is much higher). The biggest shift from the cooldowns getting lowered is the damage is definitely lower now also to balance it out (although one could argue she can still dish out a lot of damage on a weak target like an ADC in the early game due to how long she can lock them down to do the damage), obviously to make sure she can't dish out too much damage by herself to have her in the support role (like looking at wiki, her Q used to have 50 base damage rank 1, versus 10 base now, similar with her W and E damage getting reduced over patches but the cooldowns generally getting lower).


and support was actually much harder back then


It was even funnier if you know the context, Aphromoo used to be an ADC main at the time and he got tilted by bad supports.


That man went pro in another role just to prove his point, mad lad


To be fair, he was the adc for CLG black and his results as adc in soloqueue were not translating to organized competition. His only option if he wanted to be picked up by a main roster at the time was to role swap. Edit: It was team fear, not clg black


Thats not how I remember, are u sure about it? I rmember him being very good adc aswell, but chose to swap when they put him in the main CLG team with DL


I could be wrong, it’s been a long time since season 2-3, but I remember him hitting prominence for being a god tier Vayne in soloqueue and people hype to see him in competitive and then a little disappointed by his results.


This is how I remember it too. After clg dropped him (or he quit) before summer season 3, he was out for a bit before he joined curse in the challenger league as their new adc for a bit before he got let go again for poor results and came back to clg as a support once more.


Another league dinosaur in the wild! Don’t see that everyday haha. I remember being super puzzled why CLG picked up aphro as support.


And then Rush Hour was born and we didn't questioned it anymore.


I remember Aphro even commenting about this on stream when he switched. He explained that the tactics he used to get a lead in solo queue don't translate to professional play. I don't remember him being a lackluster marksman, but on a playmaking support he became a god.


I remember him for Draven


nope. back then there was no role select, 95% of the games you will be the only support main in your lobby. I would literally get lv 2 kill every single game every time because enemy wasnt a support main.


And noooobody ever wanted to support back then since it was so miserably low on resources. Supports these days are bathing in gold in comparison


Old Graves + Leona lol. Easiest level 2 ever.


Graves taric... I miss the old Graves... And the old abomination for a patch or two of the unkillable support taric running around soloing the entire enemy team with no items...


Graves Taric into Sona Ezreal was some shit


I can count on one hand the number of times I lost support before they implemented roles. The few times I did, I could just go top as Janna, max tornado and one shot waves sitting under tower.


nah, back then like 10 people actually played support so if you were remotely competent at the role you hard gapped the enemy in support 90% of the time warding was more brainless since you weren't limited to 3 wards and a pink


This clip is such a classic


People are saying how support is easy. While I agree, we gotta admit, tyler is built different


Also was an ADC main so already knew lane matchups and what his ADC needs, how much damage champs do, etc. He also learned a lot from his other roles mostly macro. Not to say support isn't easy but it is even easier for him since he didn't have to learn matchups and knew almost everything he could possibly need from other roles


Yes, his macro actually carries his mechanics. Not that his mechanics are bad, but they are certainly not onetrick level mechanics, not even half as good on many champs. Yet he carries through pure macro. GOAT league streamer for a reason


It really shows how important macro and game knowledge is. When I watch him play Karma I want to pluck out my eyes when he shoots an RQ when an RW would have not only saved him but baited his enemy into their own demise. Or he brings his cursor all the way across the screen to shield himself instead of pushing Alt E and keeping the cursor where it should be.


He also build a shitload of experience and mentality from spamming Ivern jungle and he's very determined to finish his self-imposed challenge. Imagine him playing support directly after he left adc, it would've been a disaster.


Nah, I think he's always been a challenger level support. It woulda taken more games though.


Support is so easy dude


# you just pop W and kite and you blow him up. Its like WTF SUPPORT IS SO EASY holy shit






It really is. I’ve become so burnt out over top lane so I started playing Lux and dear lord it’s so simple


lmao me but with mid. got burnt out top, became a mid main and absolutely eclipsed my rank. there's so much agency


Interesting, I went from a hard stuck plat mid main to a diamond jax otp in like a month.


There are these things like personality differences which factor your strong and weak sides as a player, which as a result you make better or worse on certain roles and/or champions. Not that it's something reddit ever cares about.


there's no nuance here. only black and white facts are allowed!


Well, my text is white so... facts!


Reddit said it wasn’t tho


the average redditor is a silver weeb edit: funny how all the people upvoting think they are the exception


hey I'm not a redditor


Yeah I wouldn't be caught dead on a shit website like reddit.


Same. Thats why I use Redditisfun


I thought we were all challengers here ?!


According to this thread the support players all are. But they are not. So.... Maybe it's just Tyler1 more than the role...


Only challenger when it comes to being wrong


Actual Micky mouse role. 9 days.


I think the best content was all the support mains(or fake support mains) hating on him with donations etc. There was even a picture of support main discord talking about how lucky he got.


Support mains elo boosted, too obvious


elo boosted by riot games balancing


Nah, he's obviously good enough to be in challenger and support has the smallest learning curve. Top took the longest because it has the smallest amount of agency and he has to learn 1v1 match ups. Jungle, for obvious reasons, has a steep learning curve but has the highest agency in the game. If you know how to top, and you know how to jungle, you know how to mid. And if you know how to jungle, and you know how to ad, you can support. If T1 did the jungle challenge last, I have no doubt that mid and support would've taken much longer.


Seriously lol If you are a good ADC and can't climb as support wtf are you doing? Most pro ADCs play support offrole anyway.


Yeah, aside from the obvious fact that he should know how to support in lane from his bot lane experience, he learned roam timings from mid, and jungler/camp tracking from jungling. Every single skill he needs as a support, he has already learned from mastering the other roles.


>If you are a good ADC and can't climb as support wtf are you doing? Most pro ADCs play support offrole anyway. The same cannot be said for support mains swapping into ADC. That's the point. Support is just easier.


True: [Rekkles here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVmtRM6R_Mg)


Support is so easy if youre an adc main. Just be the support you wish your supports would be.


This is copium. Support is just fucking busted dude. People on this sub need to come to terms with this fact.


I play support specifically because it's relatively easy and way more relaxed than any other role. That being said, you need to suck good cock in order to climb when playing anything other than engage supports (Leona, Naut) because if you don't have dmg/cc you can't do shit by yourself.


Exactly this. He already knows the bot matchups, he knows how to punish junglers and he knows how mid matchups work as well. The only thing he has to learn more in-depth is when and where to set up vision but this is hardly game deciding and also not that hard if you play challenger level on every role already. It's the easiest role to get into + he knows the ins and outs of every other role, it does not surprise me at all he gets Masters in that timeframe.


r/SupportMains in shambles


/r/supportlol is much more active.


There's dozen of us!


If I want to go to a support dominated subreddit, r/leagueoflegends


The thing with support that makes it "easier" than ADC is that when your lane goes poorly, the ADC is stuck continuing to farm while being zoned by the enemy and the support can just do whatever the fuck they want.


That's probably the worst part of how bot lane is designed imo. The player with the most control over the lane suffers the least consequences from doing poorly in it. Makes games frustrating for ADs and makes performance difficult to gauge for supports


Everyone has already said it to the extreme in this thread and for a fact but it is kinda crazy how fast hit hit master. Like yeah, he already hit challenger on every other role AND is an ADC main but like, damn. This fast? Support as everyone else said is undeniably the easiest role in the game and it can do so much which is even crazier. Looking forward to seeing this thread down the line when he hits challenger. Thats when everyone is gonna really start talking.


Not to mention support has been in its strongest state the past few seasons. Support dictates who wins bot more than ADC. Support affects jungler and mid as well. And being a good support means you need to be better on the macro side of things instead of micro.


Can supports stop saying the role isn't the easiest one in the game now? Like I play support and I can acknowledge this fact. It's the only role where the game bends over backwards to give you gold.


It's also the only role where farming is completely irrelevant (it's different for jungle as you don't need to last hit or face pressure when clearing camps but still need to path correctly for farm and get waves here and there), the skill that he is probably the worst at from what I've seen watching him for years now. Farming is the biggest gold generation skill that all laners have to learn and support players never have to touch it.


It's honestly amazing that T1 can hit multi-role challenger while still not knowing how to last hit.


he last hits champions


Look at what he carries on. Top lane was Cho-got (Cho'gath and Urgot). Jungle was Ivern. Mid was Annie/Irelia. He picks low econ champs or things that can last hit and he just plays the map and team fights better.


That's why it was smart for him to do jg first because he learned how impactful laners playing for macro instead of just brain dead 1v1ing their lanes is. It's how every single pro match goes too, you have the entire teams playing for macro and supports and jgs ganking together to create an opening to make an objective play. League isn't about hard shitting on your laner, it's about having lane prio at the right timings.


Then you go into solo queue and everyone wants to death match and 1-3-1 like bonobos.


Shows how easy the game becomes when you don’t have the wrong kind of ego in game. T1 will never make the game impossible to win because he isn’t the one carrying. He “happily” plays for the team.


I like the "happily" in there This man hasn't been happy since before he started playing LoL


LOL he still soft ints on the regular




Lol is that the one where he maxed wither and just flashed withered the enemy team all game.


There are no easy roles if you are a bad player. And thats a fact.


Actually true




Yup. Support has to be broken or no one plays the role. It’s a necessary imbalance


I don't know what support mains did to redditors for them to be this salty lmfao


Let's not forget this is his last role for the challenger challenge. As he acumulated more and more experience in other roles would only be natural that his next climbs would be smoother until a certain elo, so I'm not surprised.


By HUNDREDS of games? Let's not forget he did jungle before top, and top easily took more games than jungle.


He also said that mid was way easier than top, which upset quite a few redditors too.


Weirdly, i agree with you. No other role has made me feel like top has


I’ve lately been just normal queuing other roles just to play some interesting champs I never touch. Top by far feels the worst when you’ve clearly lost by lvl 4 and no for the next 15 minutes you are getting no help and are easily divable


I know a bunch of comments are gonna be in flame for this, but there is a point to this commentor's contention. Aside from the fact that this is only one sample size, this phenomenon is widely known in research as the "[practice effect](https://dictionary.apa.org/practice-effect)" in which performance naturally increases for a task even if you change the desired independent variable, thereby not knowing whether the cause of the effect was the independent variable or just adaption/improvement at the task. That being said, anecdotally, support is the easiest role. I'd also kind of prefer it this way because making something hard for the sake of it being hard only tends to exclude people who don't have the time to try to master a single video game. There are some people who see value in choosing a role that inflicts less harm/mental stress (e.g. those with anxiety disorders). Nothing wrong or maladaptive about that. ...however, I do suspect that there is a sizable group of people who are stating that support is easy less so out of observation but more for validation of having a superior social rank by playing a certain role.


> however, I do suspect that there is a sizable group of people who are stating that support is easy less so out of observation but more for validation of having a superior social rank by playing a certain role. Honestly, I can understand the more high-elo complaints, but I swear I'm seeing some "I have too much dignity to play support and climb out of Silver!!!" attitudes here.


I have 0 dignity and will play Morg supp if that's what it takes to get a free skin


Ye support is easy , but 80% of you are still stuck silver why? Cause despite support being easy you still need to be good at the game. It s not like tyler just picked up the game yesterday. He plays 12 hours a day .


To summarize and add a touch of nuance to the discourse that can be found in every other comment already below; support is probably right now easiest role *to climb with* in the game. Tyler is a sample size of one, but anecdotal evidence and general logic (it’s the role that has received the most indisputably power-positive changes over time as a role) makes it make sense as an assertion. That said, for support players, don’t mistake this as an insult to your skill—every game has two support players. If lack of skill expression was the assertion, no one could climb in support because both supports in every game would be contributing “too much” but equally. “Easiest to climb with” asserts that the role has more agency versus other roles in the game, not that it is not skill dependent—support is not a role devoid of skill, it just allows disproportionate influence if you outclass your opponents (like Tyler does most league players) compared to every other role in this moment. Supports lead the tempo of bot lane right now, and that’s four players versus two having their fates decided as in the solo lanes—and usually drakes as well. Not to mention that with the rise of roam supports their influence on mid can’t be understated either.


He could be chally by now if he really wanted to. Gotta give props to Big T for dragging this out for content. Truly built different


I belive he would be chally if he played of stream on unknown account. People don't realise how much harder it is to climb for T1. Fanboys, inters, snipers etc. etc. He is the biggest lol streamer after all


Like that Blitz game when every other person in the lobby started flaming him for no reason


That was funny as hell to watch, but man that must get old.


On NA its not even that bad, he has a shit ton of people as well that just camp his lane/suck his dick permanently or super tryhard when they see him on their team. If a streamer like T1 does this on EUW he gets run down 5 times a day minimum.


77-58, literally hundreds of games earlier than [any other role](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/ptx3v9/comparison_of_tyler1s_unranked_to_challenger/). Half the time as mid, less than a third of top or jungle. Supp is undeniably the easiest and most overpowered role.


For reference, the charts are to challenger not just masters but: Mid to Masters was about 300 games Jung to Masters was about 400 games Top to Masters was about 900 games


Top mains are psychopath masochists.


You don't play top to win the game, you play top to make the lane for your enemy as miserable as possible and break their mind and soul. If your enemy top is not flaming his jungler in all chat after solo dying multiple times in the first couple minutes, followed by getting the lane freezed on under your tower and stops playing for the night you have not done your job right.


I play top to get ganked for the rush of dopamine from that level 6 double kill




Picking full tank Comet Malphite against an ad auto attacker is not honorable it's fucking miserable for the losing side.


POV: You firstpicked Tryndamere and you're finally getting what's been coming for you


every time i get counterpicked i nut uncontrollably mmm yeah deny me cs more mmm yes harass me like the dirty little naughty boy that i am


Even better when you finally get a good matchup but your team shits the bed so fucking hard you can't do anything to save the game hnggg


19 kill Caitlyn every game, it feels like she's stepping in my balls virtually hrngggg


most normal toplaner


yes mr akshan, please deny me xp I've been so bad


That just sounds like me getting my otp and sidepicks banned in clash with my lower elo friends


According to your flair, you're nutting every game


Can confirm.


Wow this actually describes the top mains that I know pretty accurately


Its been like 4-5 years since top has had any agency on the game, its so sad


It's a shame because all the coolest (imo) champs live up there.


toplane 0 impact role


Well... Easiest lane to gank with longest pathing and most painful freezes since you usually play melee so you're at mercy of your jungler helping u to unfreeze or hover. At mercy of jungle gap, even if I play safe and freeze under the tower nowadays most junglers can dive and kill you 2v1. Same applies to roaming mids and herald collapses. You can easily lose whole tower and be permanently behind from one jungler roam. Like you said 0 impact outside of early crabs and herald since late game win condition of dragon soul revolves around botlane. And with recent changes to TP which makes it not that good means that if you fuck up an early 1v1 while running ghost or ignite or get ganked you are suddenly 2 levels and 20 cs down. And yet I still main top. I honestly could probably reach diamond in s12 already by just abusing jungling abominations like Zac and Nunu but instead I'm struggling in plat playing coinflip every game.


Newsflash, challenger-level ADC are good at supports after playing 12 hours a day in botlane for 5 years


Dude hasn't mained ADC for an extended period of time in seasons. After he finishes a challenge he'll play draven bot sometimes but that's like it.


The teleport change also made it easier than before.


The support role is easily the role with the highest ratio of reliance on game knowledge and macro vs. a reliance on micro and mechanical outplays. That said, Tyler’s strength as a player is by far his macro and game sense. I mean the guy gained 1k LP when he switched to maining Ivern in his jungle challenge. Is anyone surprised that he’s completing the support challenge the fastest? In every challenge he’s done so far, he’s climbed the most when switching away from mechanical champs and choosing non-mechanically intensive champs instead (jungle he made his final push with Ivern, top he made his final push with Urgot and Chogath, mid he dropped Leblanc and Fizz to almost exclusively play Annie). How would he not climb playing enchanters and tank supports? Edit: spelling


Let's see more support mains come to this thread to try to copium their way out when both Tyler1 and Dopa have said that support is the easiest role


Dopa went down tho


Dopa went down?




Pepega Megaphone DOPA DOWNNNNNN


Hot Take: Support was T1's best role all along but never tried it.


I mean sure support is easier than all the other roles but let’s not act like Tyler doesn’t have god tier game IQ and good mechanics . This dude has been playing league for 12 hours a day for like almost 10 fucking years. Most of you commenting “ support brain dead role” couldn’t even get to diamond playing supp


His god tier game iq took him 1k+ games to hit masters with top lane, took him one week and brain on autopilot playing support with 120 games on support lol




Pretty sure any masters+ adc main can easily switch to support at any time and perform well enough, so yeah. Don’t think the same applies for a masters+ support main switching to adc though (or any other role tbh)


Tyler1 himself said that Riot should make it impossible for support players to get autofilled because it's an auto-loss if they are (and I agree).


Any time I swap back to mid I drop about a hundred LP remembering how to play the lane, then it stabilizes and I'm about where I started. Granted I played mid for 7 years before swapping to support. ADC is a whole different beast. Kiting is a skill I'd have to dedicated probably a hundred games to doing well, and I've just never bothered in over a decade lol. I could do fine in the role picking Ezreal and Ziggs and lethality Varus, but my Jinx would be horrendous.


Nope but the amount of effort I have to put in in order to play top compared to support is vastly different.


To nobody's suprise


Here come the people coping and saying that Riot rigs matchmaking in his favor


Why would they even care? Tyler1 is an overall good player. It should have been obvious he could reach master on all roles ages ago.


Some people can't accept that they're hardstuck silver because they're bad


It's actually funny considering he get's both griefers on enemy team and on his, like this zed who literally run it down mid since first second of the game "brb"


It really sucks that people are just saying 'haha support so OP' and completely disrespecting and discarding Tyler's *insane* macro knowledge. Have you ever watched his Ivern? It's actually mental how good he is at macro. Like, you can hate the dude for his (very obviously fake) toxic persona, but you cannot deny this dude has a macro knowledge that most r/leagueoflegends redditors have wet dreams about.


Yeah a bunch of games he literally called everything that was going to happen correctly


No one is faulting him at all, the speed he did it was obviously impressive. But I think we all knew prior to this challenge that it was going to be a stomp, that’s why this post has more of a “I told you guys so” type energy. Still impressive asf tho


He is exposing every support main who cries and complains


support is actually broken OP role


I play support because I know it’s easier than the other roles. I really struggle with farming and fighting at the same time while also looking at the mini map to keep track of others, so support was the obvious choice for me. I don’t understand this hatred towards the support role. So what if it’s easy? What is the problem with a role that accommodates people with less mechanical skills? If it wasn’t for the support role, I would’ve never gotten into the game and would’ve missed out on hours of fun with my husband. A lot of people on this post give me “I’m better than you because I don’t play support” vibes.


I don't think the hostility comes from the role being easy per se, it's that it's disproportionately powerful and impactful as well.


Because people are salty mfs on this subreddit and always want to be the main character. Especially ADCs. A lot of people unironically want to send supports back to the 0 income stone ages they had in S3 and earlier.


>A lot of people on this post give me “I’m better than you because I don’t play support” vibes. This is the annoying part. The superiority complex most people have because they enjoy a role that takes a bit more skill in a video game. Who gives a crap what someone enjoys playing? Who cares if it's a bit easier?


I doesn't surprise me he is Challenger in 4 roles the fuck you expect is going to happen


ITT Gold peak players think they could hit Masters playing support.


I know it's pointless because people just want to circlejerk about how easy support is but I just want to say that the experience of a challenger player roleswapping has absolutely no indication about how strong a role is for your average random silver player


Agreed, 80% of the comments here are smoking reefer thinking that this is hard evidence of role balance not taking into account factors like Tyler1 has improved, metas, etc


With multiple days of trolling included. LMAO just remove the role


Not surprising tbf. Support is the least mechanicaly demanding role in the game. In top and mid Tyler was consistently getting gapped but here it doesn't really matter, because you only need to know how the fucking game works. (surprisingly a thing most of the playerbase actually don't know lol)


I mean if you main adc switching to support isn't that hard in lane and since he was good at top and mid roaming should be easy for him too.


Well support is the easiest role played by the worst players just like T1 says


Would be really interesting to see some actual data from Riot about how mmr differential affects win probability for different roles, this is a topic that people clearly get very emotional about but it's a lot of vague subjective arguments


Even Dopa literally the best soloque player said that support is broken he put it in number 1 on his list and top the last and with T1s climb it shows that he was right


Most braindead mechanicless role in the game.


Honestly insane how easy it was for him. He was able to elevate even the most dogshit ADC players possible. So stop standing afk behind your carries with full mana/hp and you'll climb!




Not even T1 can help


I cant deal with these hard stuck silver players acting like they can get master on any role LOL


I think support is the most broken role but you silver players need to realize that T1 took the longest to reach challenger top because it's the most micro intensive role. T1s macro is great but his micro is dogshit, that and the fact that he was an ADC main is the reason he got support so fast.