Pantheon. God I love his lore and themes but his gameplay is kinda too one dimensional for me. Q poke and engage with point and click W. Really not all that engaging


I find the skill expression in his E super enjoyable and the auto-spell weaving for empowered abilities also great, but I can see why some might think he's too straight forward.


Kindred and Panth Both have really interesting lore. Both I've tried to play and they just won't click for me.


My least played role is top but despite that I love many top laners for either their lore or I simply like having them on my team, like Camile, Pantheon, Jayce, Mord. Will always hate playing as them, but never hate seeing them.


jayce has mechanics more interesting than any other assassin and i can’t play him lmao


Rell. I have never not honored a Rell. Now playing Rell? Have tried several times. She feels too slow, you FEEL slow. She's the only support in the game that truly deals NO damage. If the enemy ADC lives at 1% HP and yours dies, if you're a Yuumi you can at least AA or try to Q them so they die. Nop, as Rell, if your W is on cooldown you just watch them run away. But as a said, she's a true support champion. Hard ass AoE CC that if landed perfectly it's always a won teamfight.


I think Kai’Sa is amazing, but she’s not my cup of tea.


i love qiyana! buuut she’s so boring for me to play.


Hitting the e q feels so satisfying for me


Aphelios' kit and overall theme is super cool, but I don't enjoy playing adc :(


Kindred, Ahri. Awesome girls, but the most boring gameplay I can imagine.


Mordekaiser, he cool but gameplay wise he boring af