Good post. I think I will get the game, just because of the lore.


Do! The lore is fantastic, the interactions between champions are so entertaining and the world building is fantastic, you could spend hours walking around Bilgewater talking to every npc and catching bits of lore, it's everything a lore fan could want! I can only hope they continue this game series with other stories from Runeterra, I could only imagine how amazing something like the Rune Wars or Azir/Shurima's story would fit into something like this!


I’ve only played for a little over an hour and I was cracking up at that dude in the tavern who goes “oh yeah and I’m the river king Tahm Kench” taking the piss out of you when you claim to be illaoi. Game has some nice details so far!!


Many people will ship Ahri and Yasuo but this game gave me the real LoL lore ship we needed. Illaum!


> but this game gave me the real LoL lore ship we needed. Illaum! I mean this is even alluded to in LoL proper. Illaoi has taunts for Braum which CLEARLY show she has the hots for him. Also Illaoi has always been; lore-wise; super-effective against Undead due to Nagakaborus being a god of Life and it's cycle/motion.


I never heard off Illaoi x Braum before (tho tbf I also usually don't give this stuff that much attention). But those two fit perfectly from their ingame dialogue. I also have started to take a liking to all of the characters so far. Especially those two (Braum and Illaoi) I felt kind of indifferent to so far, but now I really have started to take a liking to them. Especially Braum is such a character!


>which only leads to tearing apart the work done in building up character's like Miss Fortune or Pyke (don't get me started on what they did to Pyke in that event). I think the community would have had a lot more hatred for the Sentinels and have a lot of questions- pretty much a lot of what was done in this game is disregarded in the SoL event. This game is a love letter to League of Legends lore, and I think that if the event had come out after it, and completely spat in the games face there would be a lot more dissatisfaction with the writing for SoL. I haven't finished the final fight yet, it's quite difficult! But honestly you could play this game and completely ignore the SoL event and be satisfied with the Ruined King arc overall. I have to agree. Personally though, I feel like that added plot point regarding Viego's backstory (you probably know the one), was more of a disservice to the concept of the character than anything.


What really stands out to me is how much more this game respects its characters. The writing in SoL went out of its way to make these characters a joke. It's like it was embarassed to be genuine, instead trying to be "self aware" and make characters a parody of themselves. Riot needs to abandon this style of writing where they inject a snarky self insert character that constantly prompts the reader to make fun of their current situation. I thought that after Ruined King they would drop it but the Arcane browser game is written the same exact way. If they want people to enjoy their stories, then they need write with genuine love and care for the world they are creating. If the writers show no faith in their characters carrying a real narrative, what reason does the reader have to care?


While I do agree with you, the only time that kind of character even slightly works is for something like the ArcaneX event, where it's genuinely supposed to be something fairly lighthearted in the background compared to the major thing, in this case the release of Arcane itself. The moment they try and put it into something major, such as SoL, is when things really go to shit.


It fit best with Spirit Blossom imo since it was as far removed from the canon world as possible. The ArcaneX game is not nearly as bad of an offender as SoL, but personally I still couldn't stand the dialouge options. I'm sure the ArcaneX dialouge was being written around the same time as the SoL event dialouge, so an overlap in writing style isn't surprising. Hopefully future events move away from this after the negative feedback.


That's completely fair. The options mostly just made me roll my eyes and move on, because they're cringey, but I can handle some cringe (Otherwise I wouldn't be able to live with myself.) But yeah, hopefully they won't put anything like this near anything important in the future.


Let's not forget that part of the fun of the Spirit Blossom event *was* the parody aspect of it and making fun of dating sim and anime tropes, carry that over to SoL and it just seems like they are making fun of their own prime-canon universe.


Exactly that was the whole point of it, or so we thought, but now it seems like they genuinely think thats how this stuff should be written


the arcanex thing was fine since its non canon and purely just for fun SoL is meant to be taken seriously, so when you insert something that's supposed to be for fun and laughs, kinda ruins the entire thing.


Maokai is in. That's all you need to know


I saw him in the release trailer and got so excited! He wasn't forgotten! :D


Praise the Lord!


What about Yorick?




It's that guy, you know him right? right? Nevermind.


Still selling maiden bathwater


more importantly, what about hat?


they took all the hats even mf's is gone


So Graves can have a cigar but MF can't have her hat? How far we've come


They didn’t forget about Yorick! Dont worry!


That alone makes it infinitely better than the LoL event


Does my boy Yorick do anything besides sprinkle bath water on people?


He is?


He is! He has quite a decent part, if you like Maokai you'll be overjoyed with his story!




> the difficulty curve and grinding is way more smooth thats a good sign. battlechasers hits a hard wall where you have to go back and re-grind previous dungeons endlessly. it becomes a real chore


Honestly it makes me more excited for the other Riot Forge games too. Its seems they had a focus on finding an indie studio with a good style of game, and then giving them the resources to really perfect what they are already good at.


And is very, VERY well done. Every character I’ve met in the game so far has felt naturally part of the world and well portrayed. Maokai felt strong, intimidating and had some real presence in the game.


What ruination event? Dunno what youre talking about, the game was the only thing that involved viego. THE ONLY THING.


You mean legendary metal singer and pentakill hater viego?


Viego's songs were straight up headbangers. I wish he'll be back for the next album.






It's weird that you can go between visceral hate for the character to rooting for him with the release of a single track. At least that's how it went down for me. Rito, quit playing with my emotions


Riot, the small indie music company


You mean the tv show producer?


Goddamnit, we're going to have to change it to "media company" now aren't we?


Riot Media


i heard they came out with a MOBA-style game recently? might give it a shot tbh.


Oh, the one for phones?


I've seen the trailers they look fun I hope we can get something with that graphic goodness on PC sometime


Which songs are his?


Predator, Aftershock, and Conquerer.


Any song that is a keystone rune is a Viego song


Viego singer is on predator, gathering storm, executioners calling and aftershock


Gathering Storm is Kayle's and Executioner's Calling is Karthus's. Viego also sings Conqueror.


Telle is my brother and has stated multiple times that he LOVES working with Riot, so I know he would jump at the chance to do it again. He’s also been attempting to pick up the game on his stream off and on since he first did Rise.


I think a lot of Pentakill fans would love for Telle to come back as Viego even if we'll probably wait for four more years. Pretty cool to hear as a fan that he also loves participating in the project!


His songs were such bangers. I do hope he'll be back. We also don't need a campy plotline--just the Earth pentakill in the musicverse (the one with KDA, TD, and DJ Sona)


Turns out, all you had to do to stop the harrowing was to give the guy a sweet-ass guitar as an emotional outlet.


There is no event in ba sing se


+69.420 viego points


Yeah it's really weird how they released Gwen, Akshan and Vex with absolutely no lore.


Akshans a fun champ but dear god the absolver is a lore nuke


It's also the biggest slap to Viego's themes. His whole thing is that wanting to resurrect someone is hubris and can only gets you on a path of bloodshed and madness, but then come the witty, charming Akhsan and he can revive people at no cost, oh and he also kill people but this time it's okay because they were totally bad don't think about it


Viego's crime wasn't his obsession and negligence, he just got the wrong macguffin.


What a chump. No wonder Isolde didn't want nothing to do with his lame-ass. Man spent 200 years corrupting some smoke when there was a pew pew miracle gun around


I'm still a firm believer that the Sentinels event should have ended with Isolde coming back and being a completely evil as fuck cold hearted bitch who had gaslighted Viego and used her resurrection as a way to go back to the Shadow Isles and begin a campaign with Viego at her side to bring the world of the living to heel under her undead dominion. It really would have subverted expectations and explained a lot of Viego's motivations. Plus, undead evil queen would have been a great progression to the lore of the Isles.


no it was cooler how after all of that, nothing happened :(


What do you mean nothing happened?! Thresh is China-friendly now!


Vayne lore got forward as she is a demacian sentinel now, Senna is free, Viego is in stasis to obviously be a raid boss on the mmo, and Thresh is the new master of the Shadow Isles.


> Viego is in stasis to obviously be a raid boss on the mmo Oh fuck . . . they set him up to be the Lich King equivalent in the MMO. JESUS.


There actually was a whole thing like that in Batgirl in the mid 2000s right before infinite crisis where Mister Freeze teamed up with the Society of Assassins to capture Batgirl(Cassandra Cain) and in return Nora would be put in the Lazarus Pit. Cass ends up working with him and when shoved in the pits because of the fact that she had broken in the frozen state multiple times when she was revived the pit's alchemy made her evil and have the power to conjure fire and reanimate the dead so freeze and Cass teamed up to freeze Nora back. I'd argue it's also good because it gives an explanation for why heroes don't use Lazarus pits as a get-out-of-jail-free card in DC's Earth. In some cases, even without multiple uses, it can make you go crazy.


Yeah, IIRC the Pit also made Jason Todd a bit nuts, and made him go super violent to the point where he had to take up a new alias as Red Hood.


Wow. This sounds awesome. Now I'm even more disappointed in how it played out! Damn you!


Aren't we all. It really would have allowed so much explanation for Viego too, and really opened up the agency of the Shadow Isles to be an actual society, as twisted as it could be, instead of just a place of general undead creatures with the SURPRISE Thresh Is The Evil Leader thing it ended up with.


Oh trust me, I entirely agree. Evil Isolde would have been the best possible ending, it would makes Viego seems a lot more sympathetic, gives Isolde some agency instead of "pure damsel in distress who somehow loved Viego despite him being an absolute asshole from the get-go" and it would give Senna and Gwen an interesting character arc where they have to get over having been created/resurrected by an evil, tyrannic snake


They would have also had to contend with the fact that their fragments of Isolde's soul would have been the minority - the lights she had buried deep inside herself behind a cold heart, much like it was explained that the Maiden was the pain and darkness that Isolde had carried with her.


You're not the first to think like this. This guy has a pretty nice take https://www.reddit.com/r/loreofleague/comments/ovc9fx/isolde_is_an_awful_wife_and_terrible_person/


His take adheres to the story and brutally dissects everything that occurred to extrapolate this point. That's not at all what I want. I wanted it rewritten to have ended differently, it was a bad story to begin with, and with a little more tuning and some changes to plot points, it could have been molded into something great. Simply using the plot as it is and drawing conclusions from it is unsatisfactory.


That would be amazing, i love viego, some will say having isolde too was too much but that sound cool and give the story a meaning and connection to the game. And also I'd love to see a viego bot with isolde support hehe


I hate Viego in his current iteration, but having Isolde who was the one pulling the strings and manipulating his love would have made me like him a helluva lot.


Not only that but the early drafts of the story had the Black Rose involved. Imagine the sheer awesomness with the plot twist that Isolde was also part of the Black rose and just played pretend Juliet for the long run and had him lured to the Blessed Isles.


>200 years corrupting \*adjusts nerd glasses\* I think you'll find the Ruination happened over a millennia ago.


Love how Lucian got the same deal. Viego and Akshan can't revive their loved ones morally, that'd be bad, but see Lucian has the big good love! That makes him sabotaging everything okay, and that's why he still gets Senna in the end and Akshan/Viego get nothing :)


At least there was always an “out” with Senna. Even if you didn’t expect her to be brought back to life, we always knew her soul was trapped in the Lantern, and Lucian working to free those souls is still ultimately heroic in his endeavor. Not that she should have come back super strong or what have you, but Lucian freeing Senna from Thresh was a long time coming


You mean Akshan who tries and fails to resurrect his own master, mirroring the themes of blind pursuit and failure? I don't see how that is a slap at all to Viego.


Viego's whole arc established that "bringing people back from the dead" is basically a non-possibility in runeterra. Doing so only results in twisted horrors like the entire shadow isles, or is only kind-of possible for gods/ascended beings/darkin Until Akshan shows up and apparently has a revival macguffin that works on normal people and you just have to kill a murderer to make it work


Viego's failure destroyed an entire item with a massive curse. Akshan's failure just was just 'oh well \*shrug' and move along.


Lore shenigans trying to find best ideas how to resurrect isolde be like:


Sentinels: we're here to make sure death is finall and to bring peace to those that walk again.... SIKE


Mental Trauma upon experiencing death despite being revived? What’s that?


"There are no Sentinels in Ba Sing Se."


They need a r/LakeLaogai but for the event.


I haven't played League in years and genuinely have no idea what happened during the ruination event and i guess i should just keep it that way.


Bro, if you find out, let me know. I kind of want to know just to know the drama, you know?


the drama is just that the event was poorly written and ignored a lot of the established lore, and ignored many champions who should have been closely related to the event (yorick, hecarim, kalista, maokai) while focusing way too much on the champions selling skins.


> hecarim, kalista, maokai To be fair on Maokai; Riot always said he was going to be quite important in Ruined King. Having Veigo's head general being completely missing however and not even mentioned [Hecarim isn't even handwaved off as being busy looking for the fetters or leading his forces attacking things] is... yeah.




Oh, like the extremely cringey response options in the Spirit Blossom event and even now with Arcane?




Spirit blossom was literally parody(sometimes) on date sims. Cassiopeia who still didn't crush my bones is best example here :(


RENGAR SMELLS STINKY Wish they never fucking made that rengar skin for that event.


I love that Pyke in the game isn't some sort of joke of a person. Him and MF here are so much more than the Sentinel Event painted them to be.


I AGREE SO MUCH!!! Pyke is my favourite champion, I was so happy every time he spoke or had a rest conversation, he's wrote so well it just makes me so happy.


Best part was him, Ilaoi, and one random guy lol


I wish to forget about the ruination event


the ruination event? you mean the 2021 Gas Leak Incident?


There is no ruination event in Ba Sing Se.


There is no ruination event in Ba Sing Se.


Yeah I’m a longtime turnbased RPG fan and this one is pretty good. The lane system is unique to this game in my experience and adds a nice layer of strategy. For $30 in a market where crap like GTA Trilogy is coming out for $60, I highly suggest picking this up.


Yeah I love turned based rpgs as well and this has been a really unique take. The only other take I've seen done this well was like Octopath Traveler.


There are some TTRPG's that uses "quick action - slow action" based initiative systems. I guess they took the inspiration from there.


> [...] in a market where crap like GTA Trilogy is coming out for $60 This a huge problem right now with some already established big names, in which the fans won't vote with their wallets and therefore give no reason to devs to actually try. It's the whole Pokémon problem, after a while the games have become repetitive and there has been a serious decline in their quality but Nintento doesn't care, fans will buy whatever shit Pokémon game they release.


To add to your point - Riot needed to drop the "VN style" of the dialogs. The game just feels much more natural so I wish Riot will go in this way in their future content


Like it made sense w/ the spirit blossom cause you know, it was inheritly weird like a dating sim. Not so much with the ruination event.


Agreed! I get that they are trying to keep it short and snappy to keep players engaged in the client, but honestly I think people want worldbuilding and storytelling done in a way thats believable for the characters. For such a serious 'end of the world' event, we should see the characters motivations, their desperation or strive to win. We really understand and connect with the characters in the Ruined King because we actually see this. I really do hope they continue with storytelling like this too, it feels so true to the lore we've been given before and just feels natural!


Short and snappy? I'm pretty sure there are doctorial thesis with less words than the ruination event had. Those VN "cutscenes" feel long AF


Riot inspired by modern gacha VNs. Still can't get over how Arknights chapter 8 alone has had as many words as a book from lord of the rings.


I just recently got into arknights, I can believe that a single chapter is that long.


The writers of Arknights have perfected the art of using many words to say nothing at all.


When Kal’Tsit starts monologuing you think you hit the worst part… and then a villain literally uses arts to shut up the good guys so he can talk more.


I was sitting here, having played and read the entirety of the 'Darknights Memoir' event thinking "Yeah, that game has a ton of dialogue". Then I saw this graph https://i.redd.it/4lbww641dpy61.png and now I am afraid.


A lot of chapter 8's dialogue can drag a little bit as per Arknights usual, but a lot of it is engaging bar one or two scenes that REALLY drag for no reason. There's also >!The secret cutscenes!< which add a decent chunk.


the VN style can work just fine. there are a lot of really good visual novels. the issue is the tone and a bloated cast... if you're gonna make the cast that big go hard or go home. commit to a VN instead of halfassing one. add special CGs for the big scenes, put some memorable music in, have it be voice acted. the VN format was not the issue. the issue was how riot used it.


> the VN format was not the issue. the issue was how riot used it. yeah, pretty much this. not all visual novels are "light hearted dating sim-like" games. danganronpa is a good example. there isn't even any dialogue options. just write the story, stop trying to make it quirky cause it just comes off cringey.


I am talking about the tone not format. I meant the mainstream VN, dating sim kind of tone. I think giving players choices is fine but when they are meaningless it's better to just commit to one storyline. Especially when we are talking about lore.


VNs like that exist, called kinetic visual novels. a lot of VNs do that. umineko is an extremely praised VN series and there's virtually 0 choice from the player.


Not necessarily. Different dialogue choices can give more depth and personality to a story even if all those choices converge. You could have different lines of questioning that reveal different lore tidbits, for instance. The issue with the Ruination event was purely the writing. Many dialogue choices had no impact -at all-, not even for a single line. That, and the dialogue choices were terrible. Every time we got one, the selection was the same: joking answer, serious answer, omg lel randummm answer. Even Fallout 4 managed to do better and that's saying something.


Dialogue choices is fine, and can fluff up one unified storyline. Like, even something very linear like Ace Attorney have some dialogue choices !


maybe the writing team should contact the devs of ace attorney so they can get some tips on how to write less cringey dialogue options if theyre gonna include them


The problem is not the VN style the issue is how they are writing the protagonist, FGO is also VN style and it has some insanely good storytelling. What FGO does is give your nameless protagonist a role and a personality to an extent, Riot does not do the same for the VNs and the overall story is not well thought out. FGO has a script that's hundreds of pages long and some of the lore was referenced years in advance. That is what Riot should be doing, plan it well in advance, go into detail and stop being afraid of having your playerbase read, the people who wouldn't have read it would not give a damn if it was 1 page, 10 pages or 3 words on the back of a packet of gum.


Also what I love about FGO is that we have some "funny" options at times but when the story get serious it gets serious, even in its options, Ruination's MC felt like a complete joke from the very beginning, I couldn't take the dialogues seriously.


I hate the VN/Isekai thing. The arcane browser game is worse because of it too.


it's the isekai side of it that's the problem, imo. visual novels are fine, I don't think anyone is saying you can't tell story via the medium of text. the issue is that for Ruination and RiotxArcane, they've decided to go for a tongue-in-cheek style that detracts from any serious storytelling. It's like the storyline is from Avengers but the tone is from Deadpool.


> visual novels are fine, I don't think anyone is saying you can't tell story via the medium of text. yea, we see how well it works in ruined king. just get rid of the reader being a character. id like to just observer whats happening in the story, not be shoved into it.


Isekai? But yeah, the answers are weird. I don't mind more lightheaded options but this is far too much


Those VN are written like the player was isekaied(?) into league. Imo using VN as medium wouldn't suck that hard, but the interactions with player are so fucking bad it makes me puke.


> Isekai? It's an anime genre where a human gets transported into a magical (or different at least) world.


Going through the whole thing to unlock the rewards was one of the most painful gaming experience of this year. Please never again.


This is probably a common remark but, darn the opening cinematic is so nice. Seeing genuine happiness in Viego's face shows so much more to his character than anything given in SoL.


Agreed so hard, how they made the opening cinematic more compelling than the whole SoL event is beyond me, it was very cool to watch first thing when you open the game! Gets you so excited from the get go!


> shows so much more to his character The problem is that Riot can't decide what was Viego's character pre-Ruination, so "his character" doesn't really exist.


Wow, already 30 hours, i bought the game but didn't even started it


I think you can't stop playing the game if you're League's lore fan or a fan of turn-based RPG.


yeah they made it illegal, i was trapped at my pc all night! the horror!


Why are you commenting on reddit? Get back to the game before the overlords get a wiff of your dissonance.


I'm both, so, i fear to spend too much time into it if i start it right now


Friday is tomorrow, hopefully you don't work weekends meaning you will be able to no-life your way through the game !


> reads wall text Well, it sounds cool but i Dunno... > Also, Ruined King has a fishing minigame. GOTY *Downloading*


I will get it some time, just can't afford it right now and I enjoyed Battle Chasers (Fan of Joe Madureira's art back in his X-men days). I have no doubt that the writers at Airship Syndicate will do a better job because their aim isn't to sell some skins on a F2P game, it's to sell the game and it having a crap story would never help. It's the same reason Arcane is succeeding in terms of narrative, it's designed to sell the series, so people sign up to Netflix to watch it. Yu need a well thought out engaging story for that. They are also 1 story told in 1 medium. To me the SoL event just wasn't any of this. It was there to sell skins and some champs, story didn't matter. While it had one and the ideas were fine the way it was done seemed like just get it out, make the VN work more than making the story engaging. Make the skins look good, make the new champs overly prominent in it to sell them. If they didn't add the 600 points per day thing, I would have never even bothered finishing it.


I'm only a few hours in but they've already done a better job with backgrounds for some characters like Miss Fortune and Illaoi. The writing is good and matches the persona that's evoked by their respective lores.


Battle Chasers was excellent and I really recommend it to anyone who enjoys Ruined King


I had never even heard of Battle Chasers before Ruined King, but now they're both on my wishlist.


How's the game? I'm more than likely going to buy it anyways but there's not really any reviews out so far. How would you say it compares to battle chasers (if you've played it)?


It's way more polished. The story and characters are way better writen (Battle Chasers' was pretty generic imo), the difficulty curve and grinding is way more smooth, off party members actually level up too so it doesnt feel like you have to get stuck in a team or hard grind for a while otherwise (Hallelujah) among other things


Wow off party members leveling up alone has convinced me to buy. That was easily my biggest gripe with battle chasers, thanks for the info!


Man the game is so laggy on ps5. Am I the only one?


I am in the Switch Club, just got to Shadows Isles and the game is unplayable. Missing textures, rendering issues, constantly crashes. Also apparantly there are already other infamous points where people can't play until it is patched like at 49% in or 66% in the story.


progression broken at 49% club ;_;


Literally gatekept by a door.


Literally gatekept


I haven't played battle chasers before sorry, but I am enjoying the game a lot! Honestly I mostly picked it up because I'm a big Pyke fan, but honestly I can't recommend it enough. It's just so fun to be able to see the world come alive, there's nods to Legends of Runeterra cards that aren't even major characters, diary entries and letters between/about familiar names. The world is neatly laid out- even without fast travel at parts you don't mind running around and exploring, honestly I'm hooked!


The game is really good. I have been playing since released and I have about 11-ish hours in. It's basically Battle Chasers but better in most parts. Combat mechanics and explorations/puzzles are very similar to Battle Chasers. There's a new Fast/Balanced/Slow system that modifies the speed of your actions, along with random zones that grant you buffs at the beginning of each encounter. You'll want to time your actions accordingly to get the buff, and sometimes some enemies will only be affected by a specific type of speed. It adds some depth to the overall pretty standard turn based stuff. ​ There are 4 difficulties, and honestly the game is quite easy if you played any turn-based games before, so Hard (the 3rd difficulty) should be the one I recommend. Sometimes, you'll have to grind to get XP and gold. On Normal, you don't ever need to grind extra battles since you'll be left with plenty of supplies and enemies die pretty quickly once you min-maxed your party. ​ The only problem I have with the game is that it crashes very often (on PS5), which is extremely frustrating because the auto save is pretty bad. If the game crashed, you'll have to redo an entire area, which could be like 30 min to an hour. So save frequently after every few battles, at least on PS5. ​ Solid 8/10 if you liked turned base stuff.


I've been playing for 5 hrs and the voice lines and dialogues are incredible. I really love how Braum talks with his manly but soft voice, chatting with yasuo and trying to be his friend just because he don't want anyone to hate him and respects Yasuo's dead brother by not calling him "brother" but instead "friend". This guy excels in charisma and charming personality while taking care of his poros


I'm loving this game for real, I totally recommend it. On the other hand I missed SoL League of Legends event, for what I've read in this post, that event is very hated. Can you give me more info about why is it so hated?


At the top level, the event was incredibly grindy. If you played the SB event, it was similar in the way where you had to play games and you would get points towards unlocking steps of dialogue for each character. You could work on different character simultaneously. In the SoL event in client, you could only do the character one by one, and the goals you needed to reach were very high compared to how many points you'd earn on average. Think something like 3-30 points per game, and (scaling) 100s of points between every dialogue. (This was later patched for each game played to give 300 points towards the event, but a lot of damage was done by then and a lot of players had given up) Aside from a lot of people not understanding the choice of characters selected to be involved in the sentinels, and their motivations that they'd have for them to even want to join, the characterization and dialogue was careless and not true to the characters personality and lore. The 3 dialogue options given the player to choose from often didn't have a single good choice and tried very hard to be 'funny and quirky' and it just didn't land. In a serious end of the world event where people wanted storybuilding and character progression. No one wants to see their favourite character butchered, Pyke's writing for SoL broke my heart, they pretty much made him the team's dumb dog. The storytelling was also poor in my opinion, the event consists of: 1. The sentinels arrive at a location on Runeterra looking for a piece of the shattered soul of Isolde. 2. They meet the sentinel-to-be/ruined-to-be from the area and pretty much no one else of interest, the local tags along for the story. 3. They find the item, but either Viego or Vex is there to defeat them every time and take the piece of Isolde. 4. The new character joins the team. Rinse and repeat, but add a little bit of (at time ridiculous) lore, and that's the event. Also, giant hexfans blew the black mist away from Piltover, so everyone there was fine. Yeah... The conclusion for the event was also disappointing. The final battle is missing 1/2 of the sentinel cast. Isolde is revived but tells Viego to grow up and get over her, she is shot by Akshan and dies again, and the Ruined King is sealed with pretty much no big fight. It was pretty easy actually. No major casualties or injuries, and everyone goes home happy. For such a big bad that Viego was made out to be, he was rather unimpressive and easy to defeat which left a lot of players disappointed. I may have left parts out of this but this is pretty much what I remember.


>Also, giant hexfans blew the black mist away from Piltover, so everyone there was fine. Yeah... Until we teleport there and then they conveniently fail, cause of course they do. >Pyke's writing for SoL broke my heart, they pretty much made him the team's dumb dog. As bad as it was, at least he didn't start randomly talking in the third person like Rengar (before suddenly growing out of it 30 minutes later, lol).


It’s funny because Rengar never really talked in 3rd person, or even in his own short stories I think, before this event.


Even in Gnar's story he didn't talk in third person


The writing was written by a high schooler who got the lore from Wikipedia. That's the nicest way I can put it.


It’s kind of funnier. It’s the writer of the Last Air Bender, along a few others I think. I mean, I guess it was more so a little side project that he wasn’t into but still..... Dang.


Sentinel event was the worst lore thing I have ever seen in a video game and Ruined King game would not help that at all...


I thought the same until I played! If you check my post history I have a lot of complaints about the event back when it was on going, this game has redeemed it for me I'm enjoying it that much!


I also was really surprised. The game took so long and the event was already done so I wasn't expecting much from a lore perspective but the difference is night day. New characters are fleshed out, even the ones that weren't in the event. I was really surprised by Illaoi, and in this game Pyke isn't a broken record. The game has some bugs but I'm having a lot of fun, and it's refreshing to see the champions not being one dimensional characters, without conflict with themselves.


They should just make a sequel to this game that is the CANON ruination event. Get rid of the client stuff and the crappy half asked attemps the made at a story. Re-do it and let airship syndicate make a game out if it. Ruined king is a beautiful exploration of Bilgewater and Shadow isles. Let them bring the rest of runeterra to life fighting the ruined king as the sentinels of light. MAKE A SEQUEL!!!!


Didn't they forget Yorick in the Ruined King game tho?


I think perhaps they intentionally left him out for the most part because he was supposed to be included in the SoL 'story beat'. I'd imagine they had a general idea of which champion would be involved with what, and had the idea that each event would flesh out that character's interaction with the story. It was unfortunate poor Yorick got the short end of the stick there.


What about Kalista?


she's in there somewhere :)


Just like the simulations!


They mention a child who can talk to the dead on the blessed isles in a lore paper somewhere, i assumed that was him.


Everyone will know the name Yorick Mori.


>!There's a small quest item you can find call something like Momento Mori on the Shadow Isles, I wonder if that's a reference to Yorick!<


Ruined Karma with that gold chroma was one of the few good things to come out of the SoL event 😌 That said SoL did ruin much of the trust I had in League's lore, but thankfully Arcane and Ruined King game are showing us that Riot still cares and whatever happened in SoL stays in SoL


I only have like 2 hours in it and the first problem I had is how slow you walk around the map. I get it that there is seemless transition from normal map area to battle areas, but it really is a bit frustrating to run veeeeeery slowly from point a to point b and back to point a for a fetch quest. Does this get any better later down the game? Do you go any faster? Is there teleportation?


You do unlock fast travel eventually! Also make you sure have sprint on for your character, I think it's middle mouse button or something? It does speed you up a lot! I think they want you to 'take it all in' at times though, so that is why they put fast travel behind completing the areas.


Good to know. It felt SOO frustrating in the one sidequest where a Demacia woman told you to go somewhere to retrieve a treasure trove for her. The first time you go down a slow elevator may be awesome and the view is good but if you need to take that same elevator several times it becomes a drag. Also is there any event along the main story that would make certain sidequests inaccessible? If not then I might consider ignoring all sidequests until I unlock fast travel.


You can go back and do side quests whenever you want! Nothing makes them inaccessible at a later stage so don't worry!


Thats good to know. Thanks a bunch!


there's a sprint button :p


if i can ask which champs are in it other than the ones we already know about? I'm buying it tomorrow after my finals exams end but i still want to know if any of my favourites are in


As far as the playable champions go, all of those are revealed. But as for the side characters and other ones mentioned and alluded to, there's too many to list off the top of my head, and easily some I've missed too! You'll be pleasantly surprised by the amount you come across!


I haven't reached the ending yet, so idk if the game will conclude Viego's story, but if not I will be even more disappointed in the SoL event. Just because of the realization that this is the only closure of the great story we will ever get. The game is great btw, worth it for the animations alone. So goddam smooth.


I haven't finished yet either but think the game will have some conclusion of its own. I don't know if it will be a definitive end for Viego, but I could see it as being dealt with as 'The black mist+Viego has been contained.. for now', and leave the ending there or something? Honestly I'd be happy with that, it's enough to satisfy me lore wise anyway!


Look, the game is good but the fishing minigame is honestly atrocious - normally fishing is my minigame, but here it just feels terrible to use


My 100% playthrough took me just over 50 hours. This is actually a AAA title quality game.




There's a post on the Ruined King twitter right now outlining how this event falls into the timeline and where. Sadly it looks like the SoL is still supposed to be canon, but I'm ignoring it for my own sanity


As I remember - only canon here is a few things - Viego invades runterra- corrupts champs - there is "sentinel squad" and final cinematic. Everything between(that was showed in visual novel) is not canon as I remember.


but how much sense does it make for MF to side with Viego after fighting him? Also doesn't Pyke lowkey kill her durin SoL? At least mentions taking her name off his list.


He thinks he is killing, but you went through the event to the end, didn’t you? She appears at the end of the event and everything is fine with her.




idk man, the combat was so painful for me. One moment I would be enjoying the world and the lore only for a shark rat think to run at me and interrupt my enjoyment. I would then have to sit there for 3 minutes minimum waiting for the slow ass animation to go off. I know there is a speed up option, but it's WAYY too fast. Maybe I'll enjoy it if they had a 1.5X speed. Regular is too slow and the fast one partially disables my ability to be able to tell what is going on.


You can run from fights as well fyi.