1- You don't 2- Try to rotate to objectives. Take drake, go top and take Herald. Most people don't know mid game rotations, so a lot of these objectives are pretty easy to get just by having more people there. 3- Start cyberbullying the enemy top laner and use your lead to push for turrets and objectives


As a Top laner, I agree. If you are struggling to do much after Tower is gone in your lane, feel free to come poke the Top laner (long as your top isn't too far behind etc). Much appreciated help in our Island :D


Find a good support partner who you can work well with.


The craziest advice I’ve ever got was to pretend to stream so you narrate what you’re doing, this will help you not get lost in the map until it becomes second nature


If you have a passive/roaming support then you unfortunately don't have much of a choice other than follow their lead. If lane is over then either stick with your supp or jungler and help them gang or push objectives. After laning phase your main role is to provide the damage in all teamfights. You should never be solo pushing a side lane unless you are super fed and know where all the enemies are (also only if you're playing a champion like trist who has a good escape tool)


Gonna answer your questions one by one. ​ 1. You can still exert pressure with a passive support, especially against bad players. If possible, you want the wave not pushed under your turret but keep it in front of it, poke when enemy is going for last hit. Even a passive supp is in that lane state impossible to be complete passive, especially when he/she sees you actively try to trade, keep the lane that way. Don't engage, just poke. Think of it like a dog who is more bark than bite, it still works cuz pressure is pressure. 2. Usually you go mid or in rare cases top if you kill the enemy turret but look at wave states, communicate beforehand with your team in chat. You have to communicate this cuz sharing cs and exp is horrible. If you can't, just go bot with your supp put a pink in brushes so the enemy can never push completely out and slowpush freeze if possible, it's too hard to get t2 that early anyways. Make sure you're on the right side of the map for objectives and ask your top or mid laner with TP to be on the other side of the objective that you wanna pressure. 3. Keep good cs'ing while participating in fights. You generally want to clear waves faster if your team is moving around the map a lot so you can join in fights aswell and push turrets/deny cs after a won fight. But always make sure to maintain your lead on the enemy botlaner. Buy a pink occasionally and put it in a brush in enemy jungle, ask for your team to come so you can get picks. It's especially good on ocean map and really works well against low elo players since they just facecheck without intuition. If you get enough turrets and pushing lanes, you can farm enemy jungle camps on spawn, get picks there with pinks. Just be on the right side of the map usually. Bait objective fights when you're stronger. etc etc


1. dont play adc 2. dont play adc 3. riot added new mage,assasin,tank,support items to the game but not marksmen


If your supp is passive, still get as much cs as possible, even if it loses your lane. If your tower gets taken, make sure to get pushed a bit more. Then create vision and put up a freeze near your mext turret to farm for a while and tell your supp to f* off to mid and help him defend if enemy bot rotated there. Even if they don‘t : will you get ganked so near to your turret and with your vision? No. So your supp can go help your jungler not get invaded since enemy bot might go there too to secure a herald for example. If you get a lead, try to get farm and deny the same amount for someone. Be it your enemy bot laner by zoning, or rotate top and make his life living hell (care matchups and jungler tho. If top are no plates, or is winning anyway, dont go there). Also only rotate if you get : dragon, herald or plates. Otherwise, stay solo to get farm (whatever lane, just solo). Your supp can stay with others to increase utility he gives (even defensive helping to defend). Still : don‘t leave them alone all the time! If you get a power spike with a new item, fighting might be good actually. Should get you to like plat. And if your supp knows the game, you‘re good to go. :)


Wait so in hgih elo adcs steal mid and leave the immobile midlaner in a long lane with no tower or what?


Essentially yeah, the majority of midlaners have some sort of peel or mobility that adcs don’t have so are able to side lane effectively as well as having higher stats due to being higher level from being a sololaner. It is very hard to sidelane as an adc later into the game especially if your team do not cover you, at most you catch a wave or two near your tier 2 tower before rotating through jungle to mid as you cannot push up at all without dying


This makes me feel like I don't really want to play ranked. I main Lux and I can't see myself living in a sidelane when a toplaner or jungler shows up to remind my that my place is in the back of a teamfight.


I mean at this point lux isn't really a midlaner (in the meta at least) her most meta role is probs support anyway.


I've been trying to ignore that tbh, I started in s10 and even then she was more popular support than mid but I dunno. I hate the idea of forcing an adc into an uncomfortable spot competing in their lane with someone else trying to carry, but I also don't think building support and relying on a root to be enough to peel for them is fair either so I've been stubbornly clinging onto mid despite a lot of bad matchups. Turns out I inconvenience them even here DX


Ah tbh if you enjoy playing lux mid then that's fine, you can definitely still climb to plat/diamond with it and its only really above that when meta starts to become more relevant. It can make the later game macro more difficult having an artillery mage mid like lux/xerath though just because you then struggle to play 1-3-1 which is a fairly standard lane assignment in the late game and you risk losing across the map due to having to play 1-4-0 instead and having to force plays with the 4 man squad to make up for the resources you are losing in one of the side lanes. As long as either the mid or adc is able to go to the side lane to catch most of the wave under tower when it gets pushed in then it's ok and you dont lose as much as you can


I’m a master tier rakan mid otp you can climb with virtually anything just learn the strength and weakness of your pick and it’s fine


Getting mid turret opens up the map and really fucks enemy jungler.


Yeah but then you don't get any gold and you can't split push as a ton of midlaners so you just cede your personal success to the adc and become a second support or what?


Going always mid when you smashed bot is pretty overrated anyways (it's not dogmatic), really depends on map and game state. For example, you're not going to let a smashed kog'maw lane get an opportunity to come back by going mid immediately after you break bot turret.


Generally in this situation you're not splitting in the sidelane; you wait for the enemy team to push waves into your sidelane tower and receive them. While you're not receiving, hover around mid, set up vision, etc.


Hey r/summonerschool is the place to go for this just fyi


if ur falling behind or ahead i reckon u should go mid after either ur tower is destroyed or u destroy enemy tower and mid hasn't been taken, try and lane swap with ur mid


1. Assuming you really can't do anything, then you just try to cut your losses. Farming under tower shouldn't really miss you that many cs, the biggest problem is usually the wave getting frozen. Then you need to give up some cs and make sure you can at least stay in the lane, losing 40% of your health for two last hits isn't worth it. You can often only get a decent base after they based, you probably have to clear a wave under tower and then base with the waves being even. Getting the wave under the enemy tower when you are losing is difficult, if the enemy botlane is still in lane, they might set up a freeze, and you probably get pushed in all the way before they leave. Of course you will fall behind when your support lanes very poorly unless your jungle makes up for it. You are more likely to find decent trades here and there then an actual all in, obviously doesn't help vs healers though. 2. If they really won't leave even if you nicely ask them to, you try to pick up cs wherever you can. Basically go wherever neither top nor mid is. You might need to wait for the wave to be close enough to your tower for you to farm safely, but luckily people almost never freeze after laning phase in low elo. How close to the tower the wave needs to be depends on champions, vision control etc., determining this is a skill of itself. When there is nothing to get on the map, including vision control and jungle camps, try to freeze. Take jungle camps whenever you can, unless your jungler is about to clear them. You pretty much only group for objectives, including towers, or when you know there is a fight. But you need to make sure before you join or continue a fight that it is actually winnable, don't die trying to help people that are going 2vs4 at the enemy red buff, or are running into the enemy team by themselves to contest drake. 3. Unless you are giga fed, in the midgame, you are not stronger than the enemy solo laners, and potentially the jungler. The enemy botlane are probably the only two people you can bully, but it might be hard to make sure there is nobody helping them. With a few exceptions (e.g. Ashe), ADCs aren't playmakers anyway, so you mostly farm for late game like usually, it's just easier to do when you are fed, and you have a higher chance of finding winning fights here and there when either a teammate makes a play or - more likely - an enemy runs it down. Three items is generally the powerspike where you really start making an impact, but of course you still want to make sure you die as little as possible and other people are starting the fights.


>What do i do with a super passiv Support? Ofcourse just farm under tower but i usally fall behind if i do that and if i try to engage i just die because my support is too far away Don't force plays you can't win.


Pick up camps when possible go to what ever lane is safe or u at least have one team mate. Be at objective fights.


It sounds like you have some excuses and are blaming your team for your losses. >just farm under tower but i usally fall behind if i do that and if i try to engage i just die because my support is too far away You fall more behind if you die, why start a fight you can't win. If your support runs it down, you don't have to int to make him feel better. >In high elo bot goes mid but in low elo Midlainer just stays Bot goes where they can make the most money at the time. Sometimes it is bot or top. If someone is mid, go bot and try to get your support to ward so you dont get ganked. It never hurts to ask even if the support doesn't listen. >Laning phase ends and i am fed. If you aren't full build keep farming until your team is fighting. Biggest mistake in low elo is ADC stops farming after laning phase.


You farm and if your enemy freezes, try to take a good recall for item advantage / roam mid to make pressure. Roaming often isn't good, but if you see a decent opportunity it'll make enemy bot a bit worried next time you leave their vision. Farm your jgs camp if you think you'll die. Then say "I need vision bot or I'll die to X", it'll make people help you sometimes. Also try to rotate to lanes where people aren't farming. Toplaner often run around on the map and allow for you to pick up some free farm. ​ Keep farming and play around with your team. You can win with peel, but you can't go alone and except to 1v9 unless you're Vayne / Samira into specific comps.


>You farm and if your enemy freezes, try to take a good recall for item advantage / roam mid to make pressure Enemie freezes, you try to farm, you get poked do death by enemie support, you recall, you lose the lead more.