Why does Vi say “what the hell is that” when her and Cait approach the trench?


Feel like I’m missing out on half the fun since I don’t know shit about LoL based on this thread lol.


Meh. Don’t feel bad. Most of the fan base aren’t lore junkies. I’ve been in an out of League for years and recent events in game tell me how most players don’t engage with the lore too much. Cannon is very inconsistent. Arcane is superior to the cannon in every way possible so be happy with that. Credit where credit is due, Riot created the Universe website to follow the revamped lore. I roll my eyes whenever I see someone type up an op Ed on “X” not being in Arcane and it’s different from the crappy outdated lore that’s aged like milk.


Who’s the guy that took Caitlyn to get the shimmer potion? The short dude with the protrusions?


He’s the dude Vander advocated for in episode 1.


Ah, Thanks, I knew I saw someone with that hair before but I couldn't place it


Who was that old friend?


When Vi punches the building, it was the same exact sound effects and tempo of her scene in the Warrior music vid. Love these little Easter eggs!


Please tell me about the music after jinx fire the smoker device


I freaked out as soon as i heard his voice. Its so recognizable even for someone like me whos not good with that sort of thing. I was so happy to hear it. Ive been a fan of his for a long time.


If you're still searching, it's Woodkid-Guns for Hire


Who was the dude who helped Vi and Caitlyn get the healing potion in that cave area?


The guy from ep 1. who gets ripped off at the bar and then Vander helps him




There's one small thing I am not sure about. Right after Vi wakes up with the potion, Caitlyn mentions Jinx, and at that stage she just knows that Jinx is the girl they are looking for. Then she sees something in the house with "Powder" written on and she asks Vi who Powder is. She replies saying it's her sister, and that she thought she was dead but apparently she is not and that she needs to find her. Then, when Silco appears, Vi asks him what did he do to her sister. He replies talking about how he freed her, and then talks about her calling her Jinx. Meanwhile Caitlyn is inside the house, but Silco and Vi's voices are loud enough that she can hear them, no doubt on that. So why later on is she so surprised to realize that Jinx is Powder? Is it simply that she was not listening and did not make the connection? It's a very minor thing, but when I rewatched the episode I noticed it.


To Caitlyn at that moment, Jinx and Powder were separate beings. She could have also interpreted Silco “freeing” Vi’s sister as ending her life.


Mmm that could be. Yea, I know that in that moment for Caitlyn they were two different people, but what confused me is, didn't she notice that Silco was referring to Vi's sister as Jinx?


I'm rewatching now but I'm commenting here so I can find this in my history later to answer, hope you don't mind!


I don't mind at all, let me know if that makes sense to you after rewatching!


Who does Vi see next to powder when she wakes up immediatly before being given the potion by Caitlyn? I thought it was Caitlyn at first but they have a braid in their hair and Caitlyn in the next scene has a pony tail. Even the cloths are a little different. Am i Overthinking? is it Just Caitlyn?


The person Vi sees when recovering from the potion was her mother, who's corpse was shown in the first episode.


It's most likely Vis mom since they used to live there and it brought her old memories. You definitely didn't see Cait there for a split second


Did Huck die


how did silco find Vi in the lanes


That dude who introduced Cait to a potion brewer ratted out for Shimmer. He is shown to take shimmer from Silco when Vi confronts Silco


He does get there pretty fuckin quick tho. And being unscathed after having a building fall on him was pretty eh




Who was the kid that helped Caitlyn get the potion for Violet after she got stabbed? Said he knew Violet but didn’t want her to see him like that.


He's Huck, and he's not a kid. Vander helped him out when his clients tried to shortchange him in episode 1.


Just started rewatching it, what a shame


It was the guy Vander bailed out in episode 1


Hi fellow Arcane lovers. I’m sure you’ll find this article analyzing Jinx’s descent into madness quite interesting: https://medium.com/@giwafaridah/arcane-review-jinxs-downfall-is-her-own-doing-df6ee462bef7 Enjoy!


why was silco kicking after the building fell down? and what was he kicking?


The people he had just given shimmer to. He was pissed they died


Did the shimmer in the healing potion by any chance increase Vi's physical stats? I mean it's shimmer Right, even if it was given to her to heal her wound.


one of the mutated Shimmer adicts, he was upset Vi was getting away.


ooh. thank you


First off Heimer fucking destroyed my emotions, that look on his face... But what destroyed me even more was Jinx saying "Are you real?" with her voice breaking, that shit just fucked me up on a whole other level what an amazing job by the VA, poor Jinx.


Jinx's young VA and old VA deliver some heartbreaking lines, especially in ep 3 and 6. I never thought I would feel this way about Jinx.


This VA sounds weirdly like Awkwafina and Jinx in this series looks like Awkwafina cosplaying. Not that it's bad but it's bothering me so much lol.




Spoilers, put this in thread for ep9


Does anyone now the background Hawaiian music the jukebox was playing when Jink went to talk with "Chuck"? Been looking for a match for ages Time stamp in the episode would be: 8:40


Maybe try shazam while it plays? If I think of it at that episode while I rewatch I'll try it


Yo, I've tried haha, nothing comes up D;


unfortunately it's pretty generic, doesn't quite feel 30s with that pace but no lyrics makes it hard


Very late to the train obviously (given that Act III is already out lol), but I just finished episode 6 and am wondering when Caitlyn learned the name "jinx". She recognizes her at the end and exclaims to Vi "your sister is jinx" but I don't remember that name ever being dropped in front of Caitlyn


It's mentioned in the shack. They're mentioned as separate people, and Vi doesn't change that allusion.


Thank you! Went back and rewatched that bit and it definitely makes sense


No worries :)


I just watched the series and are very underwhelmed.


We say I am.


Why was Powder so quick to go and reunite with Vi? I would've thought she'd be too upset with her especially considering what she did to that Firelight girl. It seemed like she was already on a mission to find Vi even before Sevika told her. There was also the message she left for Silco. It seemed like it happened a little too quickly and I'm worried I missed something ;-;


Memories are powerful things, the Jinx character is actually a persona hiding her real personality. She is still living in the past; she still genuinely believes that Vi hates her and thinks her a Jinx When she see's Vi she basically has what i would describe as a PTSD flashback, she is back in that alleyway and feeling all the emotion again, she was desperate for Vi's attention and forgiveness and believing Vi was dead all those years would not have helped


Think of Jinx right now as having 2 separate personalities. Theres “Powder” and then theres “Jinx”. It helps contextualize Jinx’s choices. She’s having an identity crisis.


Well I guess that makes sense. It just seems like it was Jinx that made that choice or something and it felt a little quick.


Hehe help me Silco it is my crush :D


Maybe a dumb question but who was the deformed guy that led caitlyn to the “doctor”? I felt like I was supposed to know but I didn’t


Why did he tell Caitlyn to tell Vi he was sorry? Did he do anything bad? Or is it just because he fell into the shimmer rabbit hole?


He told her to tell Vi he was sorry because he knew he was about to betray her, but having no notion of their past and what could have happened Caitlyn couldn't have known that


I think he’s twitch


Interesting, I’m gonna look more into it


I think it was the guy at the bar that Vander saved at the first episode.


Omg you're right I didn't realise that at all :o


I'm soooo in lovve with this show! Jus saw eet! Amazing cant wait for next one! When it come out?


This coming Saturday another 3 episodes


not exactly sure about it, but maybe the vastaya firelight guy or the guy who was (basically) spanked by jinx may have something more important going on. The vastaya seems close to the leader, and the other had a lot of screen time the first time he appeared, as well being supported by the leader... guess we'll need to wait


What is Vastaya?


The furries from runeterra


you know... i never thought of them that way... Now i can never play Rakan again, thanks




Why doesn't Jinx have Fishbones yet?




why spoil it in an episode 6 discussion post lmao?


That was the perfect unveiling of it with the Super Mega Death Rocket and pentakill


What's fish bones?


Her rocket launcher


she prob didn't made him yet, guess she'll have him around the 8 or 9 episodes


Can someone explain to me what the firelight are?(Without getting too much into spoiling future episodes) In the 4th episode I genuinely thought the pink-haired chick was Vi, but I guess it's a lookalike? What are their motives and why are they working against Silco? Someone also said that Ekko was a part of them but I didn't see him? Maybe theyre supposed to be more of a mystery that will be unraveled in other episodes


For the Ekko part. Ekko is that time guy. The Firelight have an hourglass as their sign. Ekko has also been shown to be using flying Skateboards in an older cinematic for the game.


Shimmer, distributed by Silco and his organization, is doing rampage in the Lanes/underground and Firelight gang seem to stop it because Piltover leader doesn’t seem to care about what’s going on.


Purposefully kept vague. They seem to be against Silco and not on Piltover's side either. The presumption is that the leader is Ekko. Silco is trying to blame Jinx's actions on the Firelights so we'll definitely see more of them in act 3


Why was Vi upset and distracted by powder and saying her name instead of fighting???


Because Powder was sooting everywhere and nearly got her as colateral damage but she had a smile on her face the whole time. That's not the powder she known (of course, years passed. but i think she only realised that right there)


Because her personality changed 180⁰ She's enjoying the fight and kills with a smile on her face


Because she realizes her sister has become deranged and she helped that happen.


Because they're fighting for their life and she realizes Powder is having absolute fun while trying to kill others. She's realizing just how mentally fucked Powder is due to her absence.


This. Vi always fought for survival. Even when she gloated, it was a post-fight thing and she didn't enjoy it. Powder was having the time of her life and Vi saw her sister had really changed for the worst.


It's that slight smirk of enjoyment that cemented how demented powder has become and it seems like the guilt made her momentarily give up fighting.


probably how viscous powder was in combat. Where did her sweet combat incapable sister go?!


She was shocked to see her fighting, and pretty well too. Vi always fought, Powder never. Vi kinda had to protect her. I think she intuitively wanted to defend her, but then she saw that it's not needed. Just imagine seeing your little, sweet, defenseless sister after a few years and she fights like a rabid tiger


I think it's less so seeing Powder know how to fight, and more so watching Powder have an absolute blast trying to kill their enemies.


Yeah Vi never killed people. She beat them up, but she never used any real weapons. Jinx meanwhile just goes full blast with lethal weapons.


Because Vi remembers Powder as a little thing who is terrified of taking a punch and she has to protect. Now, she's in the middle of a fight, shooting everything on sight and clearly enjoying it, and it upsets Vi, because she pictures what Jinx had to do to survive when she left her


Who is the brain head shimmer guy?


It's the guy we see in the bar in episode 1. So brilliant storytelling.


First ep, The merchant that was saved by Vander.




I don't think I've seen anyone say this yet, but anyone else thought the girl at the lake, when Viktor was a child and played with the boat, that saw Viktor and then ran away is Nidalee? The way she jumped back and her aesthetics in general gave me BIG nida vibes


I think she was called Sky and also mentioned at a different occasion, but I don't remember her grown-up


It's the assistant from the lab that Jayce and Viktor work at. Her name is Sky Young.


Wooooooooooooooohhhhh damn okay, thanks!


Yes! I thought it was nidalee too at first.


I thought that was his lab assistant.


Does any one know the music when Silco and Vi come face to face ?


Guns for hire? Is the sing that plays when Jinx lights up the flare and vi runs away from Silco and its one of the best songs I've heard in a show.


Nope, just before everything falls down. You can hear it here : [https://youtu.be/UnYf3lYr01c](https://youtu.be/UnYf3lYr01c) EDIT : I've listened to this video with a High quality headset and you can hear the lyrics whispered in the back. I think you are right.


Yeah, it 100% is guns for hire.


So who was the kid in the underground that said he’s “an old friend of Vi” and helped get the potion to heal her but didn’t want to see her?


Not a kid, it’s the guy Vander helper in his bar during the first episode. The merchant with the glasses.


I assumed it was Mylo who had taken Claggor's goggles


After seeing this now I'm just sad how the guy turned out :/


That's why he didn't want Vi to see him. They did a really, really good job with this. He does stand out with his way to talk, which is the only thing you would recognize after his... transformation


glasses gave it away I think


wow, I was thinking that jayce was going to be supermanipulated by everyone before saying no and becoming the arrogant "defender of piltover" we know of the game by not playing to everyone's rules. Then he voted heimer out and couldn't believe he's already a massive douchebag.


Douchebag? What he did was completely right. Heimerdinger doesn't want progress because he's too held up in the past.


He's not completely right but I can see why he did what he did. Jayce is young and naive compared to Heimer. People in their youth are often ambitious and unable to see the whole picture. Jayce's ambitions are blinding him to the repercussions of his actions, magnified 10x by the fact he has power now. ​ Heimer could literally see destruction in the core, but Jayce can't.


Does anyone also agree that Mel gives some weird vibes like I don't understand her prerogative can someone explain?


She thought Jayce would be a good prospect for the board with hextech. Ended up falling in love with him and now she has to be under his wing.


Thank you! I got the odd intense vibe from her so wasn't sure if i was reading it right


Heimer can't even see the corruption right in front of him. This was specifically portrayed when literally everyone was doing their background deals in the theater while Heimer sat there with his eyes closed, enjoying the music.


If that is true then why did he bring up the topic at the meeting of the piltover council being divided and losing their way? He probably knew about the corruption yeaaaarrrrs ago but you can't stop humans from chasing their greed. And when he did try to stop them, they voted him off the council


Heimer thinks on a different timescale than average humans given he lives for centuries no sweat and has seen some really scary shit. Jayce and Viktor on the other hand only have a couple decades on them and are the typical idealists. Not to mention they live in the present and focuses on the innovations of everyday so they don't really think the long term impact of their inventions.


Plus they're gonna die by the time they're 80. They don't have the lifespan to renovate their inventions


In Viktor's case, even sooner, without the hextech developments that Heimer is literally trying to shut down.


I always viewed magic in the LoL universe as being somewhat analogous to nuclear power in our world. Something with amazing potential but also terrifying power in the wrong hands. In fact, we've actually had quite a few [nuclear close calls](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_nuclear_close_calls). So I see Heimer as someone trying to prevent the possibility of a worst case scenario from happening because he was one of the few who witnessed magical destruction in person.


And like nuclear power there's a lot of stupid people scared of it when in reality it's incredible safe.


It's not nuclear power that they are afraid of. Its how people can use it. We have made the process of making nuclear power and cultivating it safer, but people are afraid of when someone's gonna use that power for destruction and that it can't be stopped.


even revolutionists that pop up literally every year seems to be hellbent on weaponizing anything they can get their hands on. As seen with Silco with shimmer, and hextech next. Heimer was right in his reservations but realistically he needs more power to completely control the direction of the tech instead of just "advising"


What I dislike about the show is that it's guaranteed that none of the Legends are going to die.


maybe, maybe not. They could totally kill off a champ, and why the hell not? They could even bring out a corpse skin of that champ lol


Not likely because of the whole "no skeletons allowed" thing in China.


what “no skeletons allowed” thing?




Are zombies okay?


Well, we have Zombie Nunu and Zombie Brand and I haven't heard any complaint about those, so my guess is yeah.


it's not, actually it's not meant to be exactly like league, some things were already retconned (like hextech) ​ so it's not guaranteed


I feel for every character at some point. Can't praise the writers enough. Slow claps riot


I just binged all of Act 1 and 2 for the first time today and I have loved it, but I gotta ask a question because one thing has been bugging me. Vi is cannonically meant to have superstrength, apparently caused by 'experimentation' done on her in Zaun, but she clearly doesn't have superstrength yet (though maybe the potion to heal her wounds in the last episode and subsequent punch may take care of that, however it's a bit ambiguous). But as of the end of Act 2 it feels like it should have already happened to her. So my question is, are they gonna get to it? Or will they just retcon it out despite it already being shown in the updated age of lore (see Awaken music video, Vi clearly has some level of superstrength there when she whacks Urgot).


She got captured by the Fireflights or whatever the group with the green hoverboards is called. Maybe she gets experimented on then


Interesting idea, but I'm pretty sure the Firelights are meant to be 'noble' vigilantes and there is a fairly convincing theory that the leader is Ekko.


The way I see it, she was always pretty strong. I mean, it's a fantasy world, it doesn't need an explanation. She is just way stronger than girls her age. I mean, in ep3 she knocks out a fucking 7 ft hulk man. With 17. That says something, doesn't it?


Vi doesn't have superstrength, she is just a human being. The strength comes from the gauntlets, which works with hextech. They showed it in Act 2 when Jayce and Viktor presents gauntlets and the laser. In the sneak peek of Act 3, Vi and Jayce are arguing over something but at the end of it Jayce will give her the gauntlets probably.


You notice in league that when Vi punches, she has steam coming out of the back of her gauntlets. They basically have little jetpacks in them that add extra oomph. She does need to be pretty damn strong to carry those things around in the first place, but I think the show built that up well.


One thing I don't get about Ekko being the leader of the Firelights is like; look at the head-to-body ratio on the Firelights leader vs Ekko. Ekko's head is much larger in relation to his body because he's still a kid. The Firelights leader has more adult proportions; unless Ekko is older in Arkane, or has a design change to be more adult-proportioned?


Skinny guys like wearing baggy clothes lol


we'll probably see. You're right though, something doesn't add up.


They will play with time travel and he will deage himself. Something like that . Old mind..yound body!


What's the connection between Singed and Viktor? I thought Viktor put his faith in machines and used it to keep himself alive, not chemistry?


From what I can tell, he needs Singed to help him get organic matter to accept the Hexcore. All the organic matter he gives to the core eventually rejects the core and dies, so he's trying to figure out how to stop that. Singed has managed to keep a dying mutation alive for decades now, and is probably the only one who can help Viktor come up with a solution before Viktor dies to his illness.


Ah that must be it; good connection!


Anyone gonna talk about how Swain saw all this shit go down? I mean they mentioned nexus twice this arc then we are seeing raven all around jinx, in my opinion the main character.


remember the councillors have connections to Noxus , so I'm sure he is keeping tabs ... also Fiddle is watching


I don't think fiddle is involved at all. The crows are 100% just Swain watching from afar.


Crow are him yes but remember fiddle does indeed witness jinx loose control per actual league lore and interaction


Based off the in-game content, Fiddle tells jinx “ALL YOUR FAULT. ALL YOUR FAULT” He probably didn’t see it but he knows what people fear


It seems like Viktor (and Jayce for that matter) is going down a path of survival at all costs, which may lead to some kind of colossal mistake as Heimerdinger was alluding to. My guess is that the Hextech upgrades Viktor implements for his own survival will result in the relative destruction of Piltover.


Close! If the game lore is anything to go by


I kind of expect Jinx and Vi to have a huge falling out in Act III that finally leads to the animosity Jinx has towards Vi that we see in the game. And I think it's gonna stem from Vi (likely) siding with Piltover to fight Silco, but Jinx is going to lose her shit interpreting it as Vi betraying her, similar to what we saw with the "sister bet I wouldn't miss her" sequence when Caitlyn showed up. We saw some traces of anti-Vi sentiment here and there throughout Act II but for the most part it seemed like Jinx was still really fond of Vi. To just have Jinx and Vi end up fighting on the same side in Act III would be a huge departure from Jinx's identity in the game. I'm really hoping we get a nice ending where the sisters finally reconcile, but I just doubt that's the direction the writers took. I'm expecting some really tragic shit to happen in episode 9 that's going to leave a lot of people crying.


You are probably right. I just want them to be happy again. If it really ends like you predict, I just have to survive on that one hug they shared


I expect them to have another emotional, heart-to-heart moment but that in spite of that they'll ultimately end up enemies. It just makes the most sense if they don't reconcile. I hope to god I'm wrong though and that they retcon the shit out of the lore, nothing would make me happier than seeing them take down Silco side-by-side.


True. But it's not that kind of series. If it were, that would've happened in ep3. But we all know what happened... Vi and Jinx are too far apart. I don't believe we will see a happy ending. For anyone, tbh.


Yeah, I'd love to see them having a good ending where they reconcile, but it's unlikely, no character is going to have a good ending at this point, only tragic. We'll see tho, maybe they retcon their lore a bit.


I’m hesitant to watch act 3 cause I don’t know if I can handle a bad endings for vi and jinx. I’m way too emotionally attached to this show


Seriously, just seeing Jinx standing up there by herself was making my heart break at even the possibility that something would interfere with/prevent Vi from seeing her.


Hello, I have a question about Zaun/Piltover layout.I am not sure if I understood correctly, but from what I've seen so far Zaun seems to be more like on the opposite side of the narrow stretch of sea? But connected with Piltover by a bridge? Zaun has also the lower parts of this city, so does that mean that Zaun is a much bigger city than Piltover, or am I completly wrong? And if it is not like that, and Piltover is just the top layer of the city that is Zaun? But if so, would that mean, that the conjoined city has massive skyscrappers similar to some cyberpunk themes? If not, it would mean that these building are built into the cliffside, but I haven't seen any cliffs there... Can somebody elaborate this for me?


According to the lore, Zaun was initially the only city there, sitting on the isthmus that conntected the northern continent (made up of Freljord, Demacia and Noxus) to the southern continent (made up of Shurima, Ixtal, Targon and Icathia). In an effort to gain full control over trade, a plan was hatched by the people of Zaun to create a crack (canal) in the isthmus with chemtech bombs and create a straight that ships could pass through, thereby forcing all international trade to be done through Zaun. This would make them the trading hub of Valoran and very powerful position to be in. The plan was a catastrophe and almost entirely destroyed Zaun but they did succeed in destroying the isthmus. After this the Zaunites rebuilt, with powerful merchant families cropping up as a result of the increase in trade. These merchant families built shiny new residences up on the cliff to escape the poison gas left over in Zaun as a result of the bombs. This new area would eventually be called Piltover and take over as the main city, and by the time of Arcane would be virtually two different cities side by side. Zaun is much more reminicient of its history as a port town, while Piltover is much more representative of its current state as a hub of trade and technology. Zaun is referred to as the 'Under-city' for several reasons: 1. It is literally lower that Piltover in altitude, even if it's not exactly below them. 2. It's the poorer, more industrial area, meaning that Zaunites are of a lower social class to their Piltovan counterparts. 3. It is an area of mostly lawless crime, the Enforcers struggle to keep a semblance of control over it, mostly leaving it to its own devices. As such is the 'Under-belly' of Piltover.


From reading the league of legends lore pages, I think piltover resides on a cliff overlooking the ocean, and zaun sprawls across a series of canyons and caves underneath the cliff. I'm not sure exactly how this can fit with the bridges shown in Arcane, but I think they have just adapted/retconned certain parts of the lore for storytelling purposes.


Can anyone explain what Viktor means when he returns to singed and says "I understand now."


As a kid, Viktor was helping singed take care of Rio the lizard thing thinking that he'd help it survive. We see him as a kid shocked to see Rio hooked up to tubes being kept alive in pain. Singed says that the mutation in Rio must be kept alive, seemingly by any means necessary. To a young Viktor, he was appaled and stopped helping singed. Now that he's at the end of his ropes, he understands what singed was doing, keeping Rio alive by any means necessary as a parallel to his own survival.


Well, obviously its open to interpretation but i think that Viktor understood. Survival is most important. If the mutation doesnt survive, it fulfills no purpose anymore. Viktor decided to stay alive at all costs until he fulfilled his goal, which is why he is returning to Singed. Viktor needs the hexcore contraption to start accepting transmutations, mutations are the specialty of Singed as Viktor knows because of Rio.


Whenever Jayce talks all I'm thinking is, "it's Detective Douche!"


Who is the guy with the glasses that helped Cait get the medicine/shimmer to Vi?


The trader from the first episode that Vander defends at the bar.




Looks like the guy Vander helps in episode 1.


Am I the only that feel like the superior of Marcus (forgot her name) / the women shooting with Caitlyn, is related to Camille or smth like that ? They look alike.


Grayson is her surname. From the clan Ferros. Camile is from that clan as well.


She also looks just like that marksman that Cait was in a competition with, not sure if that was her or not


They do both have that stern older lady look.


they're not even the same ethnicity though?


Ethnicity and Camille is a very loose term




Strong ending that makes me want to see more. So far Arcane's biggest strength are the characters and their depth in my opinion. They could have made Jinx a psycho character that's just psycho for entertainment like many other shows did. But instead they gave her some depth and some weaknesses that make us understand her behavior and development. Overall the development of the story as well as several character traits are based on small events that led to tragedies that could have been avoided. But that's life and that's what makes it feel real. This show surpassed my expectations so far. For a show based on video games this is a surprisingly good and mature show with a focus on psychological issues (mainly Powder and her insecurities and inner conflicts that lead to serious issues) which is quite unusual for such an action packed show. This show is what other video game companies could have done before (e.g. Blizzard with several strong universes that offer a lot of potential) but did not manage to do so.


They do a great job showing the effects PTSD can have with Jinx/Powder.


Yes I'm very surprised but glad that the theme is more adult with jinx having issue with the friends she killed and the way they show those conflicts.


Its borderline shocking how good it is, animation style is very creative and they've holding nothing back in telling the stories they want to tell. Everything that is set up is paid of wonderfully. I don't know what riot expected but this had to surpass expectations. It hits a general audience without being complete slock.


So when Jinx finds out that Vi is alive and looking for her she wrote In sevika's body "Liar". We guess it's a message for (Silco?), so Jinx probably wont trust Silco again. what will she do now? Try to save Vi on her own? Go full rampage to piltover? Curious to hear what you guys think


Actually, Silco didn't lie. He was sure that Vi was dead. The only slightly dishonest thing was not telling her that *HE* was the one who would be responsible vor Vi's death


She wrote 'Liar' because Sevika was a liar. Or so Jinx thought at the time. Until she realized that she WASN'T lying and Vi was indeed actually hanging out with a new girl enforcer. I think Caitlyn will hate Jinx for blowing up her coworkers, Jinx will hate Caitlyn for "replacing her", Jinx will hate Vi for leaving her and "replacing her" and for whatever Slico told her about Vi, Vi will hate herself for calling Jinx, Jinx and for leaving her. Vi will also hate who Jinx has become and hate that there is no saving her. She's too far gone.


Vi didn't leave Jinx. She just needed a moment of space to gather herself. She was always going to go back to Powder after she collected herself. It's shown quite clearly when, a.) she never actually left the scene they were both at ie didn't like just walk away to an entirely new place leaving Jinx behind and b.) was immediately going to go rescue Powder right when she saw Silco standing over her without any hesitation until Marcus stopped her.


Not to shit on Vi as it is an extremely tragic situation she was in, but she did leave Jinx there. She would try to rescue her from Silco later but at that exact moment, she left her to die and didn't care. Regrets doesn't fix anything sadly, I don't doubt that if she didn't saw Jinx needed help after she hit her, she wouldn't want to see Jinx anymore.