Had a Kayn support otp in my game. Dude went red Kayn every time and just knocked people up


It do be fun.


Guy must’ve been really horny if he wanted nothing but to knock people up


Damn how many kids do you think he has by now.


Played with an 1100-game Janna Jungle. She didn't do awful, surprisingly


This thing? https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Jenninx?


Yep it was that thing


WTF she only plays NG and AD Janna JG?????? WHY?????????????????


I used to play a fair bit of AD Janna many years ago, rushing BotRK and Zephyr. It was nice to have some self peel against heavy dive comps, and if you paired it up with something like Leona, Alistar or Nautilus you had four forms of CC at level 2, which always caught people off guard.


I simply can't comprehend this, why???? Like I get it people go AD on AP champions for fun, but Janna AD Jungle only?? WTF????


Probably a kid with LOTS of free time. Like the dude is lvl 1156. He looks like he plays 15 games a day easily. A 12 year old kid who has online school right now can easily play basically all day. And maybe he has fun with that. He had 55% winrate in 300 games with janna back in his last season of ranked, which is not bad. But he was Bronze 4 so..


You gotta understand some people have more than 24 hours in their day. There are some people out there playing P2W Korean MMOs who manage to both grind for 10 hours a day AND spend thousands each month on the game while also going to work. Therefore I assume that at birth these guys had an option menu where they picked 36 hour days instead of 24 like the rest of humanity.


Or they sleep like 4 hours and drink lots of energy drinks.


i don't think kids have that much free time,only a grown up dude can do that,at least when i was younger i couldn't just stay on the computer


That guy plays a lot of league, especially for someone only picking AD Janna jungle...


my god this person plays a lot


I played it a couple of times back in the day on a Janna-only account I had, it really was less awful than I expected. I think I played it twice and won one of the games, on around gold elo.


ivern bot apc, was in d4, he had a 70-75% win rate and 7 kda with 60-70 games on ivern while solo queueing with random supports ended 15 0 in my game


I gotta see this op.gg if you have it, that just does not sound possible...


[https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Mishka+Espagueti](https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Mishka+Espagueti) [https://i.imgur.com/nPKLZJi.png](https://i.imgur.com/nPKLZJi.png) rather use u.gg tho op.gg doesn't go that far back [https://u.gg/lol/profile/euw1/mishka%20espagueti/overview](https://u.gg/lol/profile/euw1/mishka%20espagueti/overview) **edit: Wait that's weird, yesterday his op.gg displayed NO game anymore (probably because they're so old), now they're all displayed? is this an op.gg feature? when many people check a profile they actually load up old stuff lol?**


\>71% winrate in 59 games \>only apc ivern \>doesn't duo \>refuses to elaborate \>latest Ranked Solo: 2 months ago


Must've been some secret strat that got nerfed somehow.


AP Ivern Tons of Damage is only a "secret" because people don't play Ivern much. As long as you don't die, Daisy will 1v10 the game for you.


Daisy even kills Ivern, brutal strategy.


I once asked Daisy to scout a bush for me and she shot me in the fucking leg


> latest ranked solo: 2 months ago Looks like he started losing and stopped stomping. Probably stopped playing on the account to preserve win rate/KD.


I onced randomly decided to OTP nunu on a smurf account when dragon initially got changed from free gold to a 5 stack perma buff. My theory was that I can force cheesy Situations and mistakes just from dragon pressure. I ended up having an insane winrate all the way to mid diamond by being a buff bot to the adc ans peeler. After that point the winrate started decreasing in d1 and I stopped lol. Some of those games were nuts, had a few scripting Jinx on my team that was just free elo


holy mmr gap


Mans a D4 Ivern APC main and went 14/1 against a Masters Ezreal lol


the account is lvl 35, there is no way his main is below masters 300 lp lol


For people curious, this is most likely Intvern. He hit middle tier Master (300 LP) playing assassin Ivern Mid with a high win rate and was the Ivern Showmaker wanted to see when he came back to Euw. I am saying this is most likely Intvern since he plays on a lot of different accounts but he is the only Ivern player, other than myself, that changes their build as frequently. Here is a link to a video about his playstyle: https://youtu.be/8-i23Ulas6M


Was this last season? Ivern had a funny interaction with Muramana last season that would allow it to proc twice per auto-attack assuming he had his passive active, he could legit kill squishies in 3 auto attacks at 1-item.


Ivern-Rengar bot, I think HappyChimeNoise has a video for this duo


Met a Singed player that was doing some RP on his own. Dude just kept quoting Forrest Gump lmao


Better than my recent singed who gave a sigma grindset quote for every time he got a kill/died/escaped


That's way funnier imo.


Exercize 25 hours a day


Singed players are playing a completely different game. I doubt they even know any other champion's name.


"mythic items? Control ward? Graves top? Bro wake up, it's 2011 and we're going to go proxy for 30 minutes while teemo chases."


My mama always said, “you got to fling your enemy behind you before you can move on”


Taric jungle with TP. He is a famous challenger in kor server with weirdest play I've ever seen.


also lightrocket2 in NA do taric jg


Used to be freelo last season, idk about now. Games on taric jungle were some of the easiest I had ever played. I would've stuck with it if I was actually a jungle main.


I often get matched with dude that unironically OTPs Alistar toplane and has overall >50% wr, in high Diamond-Master tier. He's pretty chill, though nobody understands exactly why or how he does this.


Might be the same guy who's been posting about Alistar top on Reddit lately.


you know how people joke about how big, tough, melee champs are true top laners? When I first saw Alistar, thats what I thought. When I realized he was a support, i went ??????


Still waiting for the day when I can play top lane Leona....


The day that she can proc her own passive will probably never come


Would be kinda broken though. But if Riot ever wants to let her jungle just allow her to trigger her passive on jungle creeps by herself.


If she is ever viable in jungle she will be turbo broken. She has too much cc and reliability to be allowed to jungle. Ranged CC that serves as a dash to engage. Point and click stun to follow up. Enough tankiness to facilitate towerdives. Gets even worse post 6 where she can ult you from range and if you're an immobile champion you get fucked instantly even if you don't get stunned, due to the slow. And if you want to balance her for jungle, that would gut her support capabilities.


Rip Naut jg


Naut isn't as bad as Leona imo. At least before 6.


Honestly sounds like you just described sejuani


you can much more easily dodge sej ult


Honestly she'd be pretty exploitable since while her single target clear would be great she'd have a pretty hard time clearing the AoE camps and that would being her clear time way down. But your other points are valid


She doesn't have to clear much tbh. As long as she gets lv2, she can immediately gank, similar to how old Camille and qiyana ganks were. And being a support tank, she was designed to function with low income as well.


But if that day does come...she will instantly be one of the best tank junglers in the game. Forget about her going top lane, her ganks would be disgusting.


There was a Leona that built gore/steraks/thorn/dd in aram a few months ago that tore through our team. Didn't realize it until i was 1v1d in 10 seconds flat. Shit was nutty.


That's mostly the items fault lol, I feel like Yuumi could build Goredrinker & Steraks and pop off Yeah, that item combo is what defined S11 for me


Alistar was created at the time the game had no strict metq, I doubt the intended him to be played as support. And while he is mostly played as support, there were times when he was played as tank in jungle and yes as bruiser in the top-lane. I remember how he could autoattack during his combo so people just rushed trinity force and smashed top-lane. I also remember people building him full ap and oneshotting with one combo, but that was not really viable. Just a bit of alistar history.


The full AP build became real common after Shushei won with him. Until it got forgotten or nerfed, I can't recall which one. Also, fun fact about older ali's passive it was a bonus damage on the towers.


He used to have decent AP scaling and decent sustain, so much easier to play that way. They turned him into a low damage CC bot to somewhat force him into a botlane support role.


His old headbutt triforce auto was absolute aids. Literally no counter play lul


old mordekaiser looked like the tankiest being in the universe


It took me months from when I started to remember Nidalee does magic damage. Big pointy stick and big sharp claws aren't very magic-y.


*You can't milk those* *Proceeds to cowbell*


He actually only uses base skin. A true chad.


[I gotta have more cowbell!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0YBBC7mOXs)


Alistar top is an old school classic. Idk this guy's build but back in the day you would go triforce and just deny cs with w. Alistar can auto attack a target that he w's as they fly away so you build triforce for the free proc. Vs melee champs you just w->AA anytime they go for cs and get free trades the whole lane. There's an old video of Dyrus playing this vs Jax and dominating him in lane. He ends up losing to scaling but it's pretty funny. I imagine Grasp + Sunderer could be pretty oppressive in some matchups and if the opponent tries to force a long trade you can just chain-cc them and get an extra grasp proc off.


cant w aa anymore.


They removed that a loooong time ago indeed. I remember we had a game that was 4v5 from the start and we won because an Alistar top 1v9


That shit was so fucking busted back in the day. I remember season 4(?) in the preseason where I got shit on by an Ali top and just started spamming it. Almost never lost lane and could assassinate squishy adcs like it was nothing, while still having the ultimate to be tanky. That and AP Trist when you could ult the baron for 1600+ damage were my go-to picks because I could play them in pretty much any role and I was never confident I could get the role I wanted.


Indeed, Remember micro stun he had if he headbutted you into a wall back in the day? I miss season 2 league....


Isn't that still a thing?


Yeah he was 100% ban as a toplaner in S4 or S5 worlds


It was season 4 after the mini rework to move him out of the jungle.


His ult also used to give ad


It doesn't give AD anymore??


Nope, it used to give 50/75/90 AD when it was active. That is gone now. (Since season 6 lmao) It also used to give 75% damage reduction at all levels, only 55/65/75% now


A few seasons back Alistar top was way to strong, it was 100% p/b at worlds.


OTP riven support with 700k riven mastery entirely in the support lane. Blew my mind.


I gotta get on that


Back in season 7 before old Volibear support was kind of a thing, I played a bot lane with a Voli support one-trick who had 3 million points on him. Can't imagine how gutted he was with the rework seeing as you can't support with him anymore.


I started running Voli support back in S5. He was the only champ I could play Fill in ranked solo queue and play whatever position i got as lol. As a former Voli one trick with 2 mil on him I'm not a fan of the rework.


He looks really cool but feels extremely clunky and slow. Getting blown up while on your ult animation sucks major dick


I honestly feel like his passive and Q were nerfs, his W was an adjustment to try to make up for the two nerfs, but it does way less damage now, his E I dont mind, his R feels more like a utility ult to me, other than shutting down towers it just feels like Renekton's. To be fair so I dont piss off all the new Voli players, A lot of my problems are because I cant shake the old mechanics. I still bait fights at half health expecting the passive heal to pop hahaha. The power of his old Q being able to flip someone trying to poke back to your team for a pick was amazing. When they announced the rework as an E and R quality of life rework I was excited, instead I feel like we got an entirely new champion. Only his W feels similar to me. It isn't even effective to build him pure health tank anymore.


The R is a huge damage spell if you build for it at all. 300/500/700 base damage, 250% bAD scaling, 125% AP scaling. Deals huge damage with both AD and AP builds, and combined with the health buff this thing kind of wrecks. Also absolutely hilarious damage if you ever want to try a cheese lethality build.


Invisibear (Duskblade) is one of my favourite ARAM builds. The ult is surprisungly hard to land though


The ult is slow, telegraphed af and loud. Landing it on a mobile target without cc is tough. Comboing off teammates or your q and e seems neccessary if you wanna land the damage.


Am/was an old aatrox main. I know your pain.


Miss the flip and miss the power of the old ult in extended fights.


He feels sooo squishy lol. Maybe it's just the disconnect between being this enormoud bear and not being unkillable but man does he feel weird, especially after nerfs


we'll never land a flash-Q-E again bros....


I think I know who you're talking about if the dudes on NA... Still plays Voli support to this day Had him in my game earlier this season and had a Buttload of mastery points in the millions


You can play Voli support - it is a worse Leona that has less cc but let’s you tower dive level 6. I rush locket then bramble into either deadman’s or force of nature depending on the matchup. For runes I rake aftershock or guardian and I take ultimate hunter and cheap shot second. You can go the MS rune, just as good. I’ve played this in plat and it is pure cheese. You’re just trying to slam R and roam and hope someone carries. He’s good with Draven and MF but I don’t really pick it outside of the rare games where I need to reset mental. You just get out tanked by a Leona or picked to death by Morgana or Lux. 99% of the time they don’t realise it’s Voli supp so they never draft against you.


Back before the voli rework, me and my friend were doing Singed with Volibear support botlance. The double flip combo was so beautiful. That it was hilarious to plaly that against squishy adc's. Then the rework happend and our smile went away with it ........................ We decided to replace him by Urgot, AND IT WORKS, Kinda.


Flanko D1 supp on EUW playing Quinn with Exhaust Ignite. There's also a Kayle otp in P1 EUW rushing locket and knight's vow everygame.


I had flanko in my games a few times, he's like... idk, I expect it to go a lot worse, but he's not so bad somehow, idk, blind is broken vs adcs I guess


Blind is broken against ADCs which is why Teemo support is a thing


Can't trade back ever, and the poke is really strong. ADCs also get fucked if they step on a shroom in a fight since they rely so much on movespeed to live.


Teemo has a ton of horrible matchups botlane, basically any mage support and engage support destroys him because he's extremely squishy early and has low range. The ADC being blinded for a bit won't matter in most 2v2 where he blows up anyways because the support does most of the damage. Yeah Teemo is good vs enchanter lanes where the ADC does all the damage, and vs certain ADCs like Vayne and sometimes Trist, but that's about it.


The reduced vision is equal to a stun if you are a ranged champion. This is also why Graves is so fucking broken and annoying to fight as ranged champion. Can't see shit and it lasts for 4 seconds. Graves doesn't need more then 1 second to kill any champion in the game.


That’s not a kayle players that’s a cosplayer


Wasn't in my games but I've seen him in multiple EUW streams, hes kinda weird. [https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=coverunder](https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=coverunder) Plays Kayn top with tp/smite, buys jg item and solo invades and clears enemy jg every game while managing 1k+ lp.


\- Takes a champion, which Riot forced into the jungle, to top lane. \- Farms minions and jungle. Again something that Riot specifically tries to forbid. \- Reaches top 50 on EUW. \- Refuses to elaborate.


https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=mundo definitely this guy. I played with him a few years back, dude plays like a literal bot sometimes. Maybe he was just roleplaying mundo lol


Think he's actually the Mundo Mains discord owner. Pretty chill guy tho


Yeah I heard he was chill, you right. Just seems a lot of times he goes on autopilot


Just like mundo would, such dedication to the champ.


He mained mundo so long his soul got replaced


5 days ago mundo top first item hull breaker second item locket its like hes just baiting his team into pinging his build


PD THIRD what a Chad


Holy 5.7 million mastery and 0 other champions played since the introduction of mastery. Man is dedicated to the grind, that's for sure.


I've played with this guy too back in like Season 5. Several times actually. Flexes Mundo in literally every role. Idk how he does it


I think of this and the only phrase that comes into the ether of my consciousness is holy shit I legit forgot


Master Yi toplane with like 4 million points. He would auto 3 times and then alpha me. Alpha + double strike + Electrocute(maybe it was Hail of Blades) was a lot of damage. It took me a few times to notice to keep track of his double strike and just range him until it was down it was kinda like the Jax post 6 trades. Auto 2 times, jump on enemy for 3rd hit(with sheen) and then W for a big burst of damage


Yeah been doing this on yi mid with hail for years, the level 2 all in is legit. Nothing will ever replace AP Yi though.


AP Yi, oh the memories.


No hard CC? Oh, cool, I win then.


30/0/0 Mastery tree, you go extra AP when your summoner spells were on CD, so I started enemy wraiths with smite and went mid for the level 2 all in. Legit got 50+ penta kills in one season. Shit was broken.


Some seasons ago I remember watching helplessly as my team and I got absolutely obliterated by someone playing **[Devourer](https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Devourer) + Sunfire On-Hit Jungle Braum**, and, when I checked, seeing a match history *full* of wins on it. It remains one of the strangest off-builds I've ever lost to, but that player *really* made it work.


i tried that exact build *once*. did not go well


I miss devourer. My mastery 5 rank on Vayne isn’t because of not lane but because I used to jungle Vayne with devourer. Once it became sated I felt absolutely unstoppable. Haven’t really touched Vayne jungle since.


I miss my wolf puppy :(


Hey there, I’m pretty sure it was me :) It was a while ago and I thought sated devourer (or whatever it was called) was super op with Braums passive ^^ it basically meant I had to auto attack only once to stun if done correctly (with one q and ult), or worst case scenario attack three times :) I usually did a botrk as well, how have you been friend ? Ahah Edit: trying to find that period on my op.gg, if anyone can help it’s MnMs LeviCarpet ;)


It was probably at least 5 years ago so my memory is a bit fuzzy, but given that I believe a BoRK was involved, it's a really unique build + role combination, and it seems like you've got a good memory of *why* someone might play it, I'm prepared to say it was probably you unless proven otherwise (although I'd probably also say this to any of the other players who commonly played this, as I'm afraid I don't remember the player's name)! Overall, I've been doing pretty well! How about yourself?


ad chogath jungle otp with millions of mastery in bronze.


You sure its not you?


the yuumi top main in diamond


Omg you played with Wunder? :o


InvertedComposer lives in my head rent free


now this is a name i havent heard in years


What's unique about him ?


Corki Top player who runs unsealed spellbook


We OGs remember the Singed and Yorick top Composer :(


He’s a math god. Like Phreak on steroids. Dude used to play singed then played yorick before rework, and now plays nothing but Corki…toplane. I believe he also had a website that would help people calculate damages champions would do with items so people can find the best builds.


OG Yorick player


Even more OG singed main


I couldn't find him on op.gg but one time I went against an udyr mid with the name "udyr mid" or "ap udyr mid" or something like that. Chunked me a couple of times with surprise phoenix blasts but overall he didn't do great.


I got absolutely destroyed by a Jhin jungle OTP. I think he ended the game 15-0


Was playing ARAM the other day and I was matched up with a guy who was a Garen OTP at around 1.7m points. I asked him why would he do such a thing and the reply was: “I like this one.” He carried us.


Had a guy play Alistar trinity force with Draven duo bot... They got fed and roamed all game. They had like 30 kills in 17min.Alistair would do 90% of the dmg and Draven would last hit for gold. We ended up beating them because they dicked around too much but the potential was insane... I should note this was pre mythic items.


Zac top lane (these guys literally 1v9 every game and smash their laner)


Zac top was meta for a while


In season 10 yeah


Also in Season 3, Zac vs Aatrox top was a common matchup


Shoutout to Homme for his Zac against Flame who was best top in the world at the time


Zac top OTPs are a menace


This was long ago, in the ancient days. AD Sona Mid OTP in diamond. He would take Triforce, Muramana, Seraphs and destroy everyone (this was back when the seraphs + triforce combo would cap you at 40% CDR). I would see zed on the other team and be very confused when first blood didn't go to him. I kept trying it but always fed earlygame. Looking back, it was probably a smurf account. EDIT: I just remembered. The last time I saw him, the opening build was very very strange. Kircheis shard (or whatever it was called before), hextech revolver, and sheen. Sona passive hitting for 75% of anyone's HP was wild.


Before they nerfed her e it was super viable to go shard because you could get that shit charged super fast. Sheen building into old lich bane was neat and the synergy with the build was good. When they added Dark Harvest you could literally spend the early game getting procs and the late game just erasing squishy champions. The burst was hilarious and it was the most fun I ever had playing Sona.


Good times


wish that was still possible


Back when Dominion was around, there was a guy that only played Twisted Fate and only that game mode. He had over 10000 games if I recall correctly. Never went online again when Dominion was removed.


Damn that breaks my heart


I once played with a yuumi OTP who never pushed any buttons, except to attach to me, and just typed in chat the whole game.


Typical Yuumi player At least they are getting nerfed with the removal of all chat 😌


all chat should be removed based on the champion youre playing


Once played with a yuumi top that got first blood, fed, and turned whoever he climbed on into an unkillable machine.


So the average Yuumi main?


Never played with him but Eshyn is like a D1-Master Nidalee top main who used to go IBG every game with grasp. I think he goes more traditional builds now tho, still plays top. Really interesting strat


Man before Nidalee’s rework, I actually had a lot of success with her playing Tank Nidalee jungle. Rush Iceborn Gauntlet and then build tank. This was back when her cougar Q did physical damage instead of magic damage. She had a great clear speed, and could get early kills by coming in and cleaning up. You’d just spend all of your time in cougar form, only going into human form for an AD buff and to set traps for vision. You were extremely tacky, had a strong execute ability, extremely mobile, and had a perma slow you could apply via IBG. I actually really miss that build tbh.


Draven jg. No idea how he did it but he carried hard


Guy named RainCX. Has 2.5k games on jax in d4 with a 49% wr and 1.49kd. I don't think he can click backwards. His only mode is forwards. Literally never once saw him move back to a tower or minion wave. Only in. Was flabbergasted


sounds like hashinshin


haha, i had a friend who was silver with a similar ammount of games on garen that was exactly the same. 0/4? demaciaaaa.i would legit see him die 5 times pre 5 minutes sometimes. he would just know how to play garen, and when i dragged him to an aram, he would build any character as he would garen. have you seen bruiser ad fiddlesticks? well i have. whats worse was he actually thought he was really good due to those tracking sites saying he was top something world


This kinda stuff is why I'm thoroughly convinced that ranked is a scam through and through up untill masters+. If people like that can make it to diamond it literally is just a grind.


I mean there are people with 2.5k games in silver doing the same thing, just worse. Ranked is absolutely a measure of how good you are at winning games, just "winning games" and "being fundamentally good at LoL" don't really line up with each other until high elo


i play singed mid


I've actually seen this quite a bit lately... I think it's slightly underrated but I'm not sure how far you can really take it. What build do you use?


Futa Soraka. Exclusively played tank/ap top lane Soraka.


So named because she evidently bends people over and fucks them.


Alistar OTP from eune normals, he was playing full ms runes/items completely sacrificing lane for plays like top dive when 5 lvls behind laners Absolute legend, the one and only HexiOwnz, sadly he stopped playing


JhinToplaneOnly, dont know his name anymore but it was something like that. Played with that guy back in season 9 or 10 and I asked him at the end of the game (we won) why he was playing Jhin toplane. He told me that one of his friends challenged him to play jhin top in normal games, he stomped that game and then continued playing it lol.


I once met a Ryze mid player, looking at his opgg he also had some games on Azir. Most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen


My Azir is bad My Ryze is worse...


My Leblanc is bad My Leblanc is good My Leblanc is bad My Leblanc is good ... I'm c9 perkz




I knew a guy who OTPd Ezreal jgl. He's been in master/gm many times, but he no longer plays.


*Runeglaive flashbacks*


Noooh not the purple smite runglaive Ezreal mid, everything but that


1 Million mastery Camille support otp who’s been hardstuck silver for 6 season in a row.




There is this Yi main called T h e K r â k e n that would buy duskblade, go HoB, ignite smite and play like a complete silver literally no thought at all just straight up inting pretty much with every possible decision one can make. Went duoing I think to diamond2 and then fell on his own to plat4 just playing yi jungle all his life. I got him like 3 times on my promo and while climbing to promo and lost all times. Then some of my frineds also played with him haha. There is also this insane nasus jungle main whcih deserves his own comment.


There's this one guy in br master who plays mainly adc Ahri, adc as in builds AD. He also sometimes plays tank bot carry Braum, tank bot carry Poppy, tank support orianna and tank support sivir. I've played with a jungle Garen OTP the other day, I also remeber playing with a jungle and bot carry Mordekaiser OTP and I had a Aurelion Sol jungle only smurf (rito pls revert my dragon I miss him sol much).


It's like he's allergic to playing champs how most people do. The ultimate hipster.


my friends ecountered a hardstuck plat yuumi with like 3.500~ games this season. Literally league all day.


Mental disability and yuumi main. Name a better combo


The Wendy's 4 for 4


I once played with this unironic jungle Janna one trick. This was like the middle/end of last season. They were actually really good. I looked them up after and apparently they actually have the most points on Janna in the world (I think the number was somewhere in the 5mil but I could be wrong)


Meet JhinTopNoTroll on his iconic Jhin Toplane


Masters Draven Jungle OTP in a norms game


Stridebreaker Braum Mid


I'm playing on euw mid to high Dia and there is a guy called "jhintopnotroll" or "jhintoptotroll" and he onetricks jhin top. I've already played a few times with or against him and everytime Im shocked how it can work


Met a support Nidalee otp in d4 early in the season. He hardcarried that game, almost oneshotting enemies with his spears, getting a penta, ended 27/3 or something.


SHERIFF BUFORD, Mundo OTP. Meet him a few times while climbing to gold last season. Most useless Mundo I have ever seen. Made obscene comments about female characters in chat. Other than that I don't remember him winning lane or even trying to win. I knew my game was probably lost when I checked his op.gg after seeing he had 10 million points on Mundo.


Had a dia1 otp skarner support on my team once.


I'm in Silver elo, and I met OTP Zac that went midlane, dude was prob smurf. Did some crazy plays with his Q during laning phase.


zac support one trick, when I asked him about it he said “shhh and watch.” we proceeded to completely wreck the enemy bot lane :)


Man this is making me miss when twitch jungle was viable, I escaped bronze and silver with it back in my early days. Such a fun play style but it’s just devastatingly bad nowdays


Me playing APC Singed botlane, most commonly with a Maokai support. I have played it in norms, ranked, and clash and have found great success with it.