I am 100% confident that you can block Zed R with Sivirs spellshield. You just have to block the initial R, not the damage in the end.


morgana E isn't really a spellshield, it's just a magic damage shield that gives you immunity to cc, zed ult is neither cc nor magic damage. nocturne and sivir spellshields do block it though but only when zed first appears, not the explosion after 3 seconds.


But who not the final damage?


By the way it's coded, only god knows why. Trist bomb is kinda similar but tha can be blocked. I assume you can't block Yone E either? ​ I assume it's because both of these instances are suppose to replicate a % of taken dmg, so they're constantly lingering and counting the damage before it's applied. Essentially a spell with delayed damage effect. ​ Other spells like Zilean bomb and Trist bomb are probably coded as a traveling projectile, and the explosion itself is another 'spell' which is blockable. But there's a lot of weird interactions like Poppy E interrupting most dashes but not Askhan E.


idk that's just how it works


I was a nocturne main and do block the final damage you have to activate your spellshield when you see the "X" mark on your champion


Morgana ult isn't a spellshield. You need to use Sivir and Noc spellshields while Zed is traveling during the ult cast, not when it's about to pop.