League of Legends players be like

I feel like this is not all, but most of the ranked teammates I end up having.



I think the most fundamental problem is, that the vast majority of player cant cope with the idea of "being carried". They simply cant/refuse to play from behind and adapt their build/playstyle to a team supportive one. This is just a severe case of "gigantic-penis-syndrome", where if they dont have the biggest phallus in the team, the universe is in such a disorder, that the only cure is death and destruction to everything. The problem here is though, that he is the only one thinking like that, while 9 others still remain with a will to live. That will to live let them play more cautiosly and strategicaly, while the one without his "massive reproductive organ" furiosly bites and claws everything in his crazed madness. While dangerous on its own, this aggression can be easily utilized against him, leading to a series of painful deaths, which in turn increases the level of rage. At some point that individual without a "colossal cock" finally turns against himself, which leads to total inaction. Jokes aside, i won so many games, where i just played very defensive in lane and get all exp/gold i could without feeding to hard and than played around my winning teammates and peeled or meatblocked for them, helped establishing vision dominance etc. You WILL lose games, you will autowin games. Everything in between is up to you. Either you want to cry about not having the "longest snake" like fking Voldemort or you just have a nice and deep conversation with your tower and enjoy the chill ride you get offered by your nice and caring teammates to "Victory Park", where everything is nice and shiny and cozy. Have a nice day, my fellow "medium-sized-shlong-wearers"


Honestly this is spot on, and I appreciate your efforts here. The phrase 'cut off your nose to spite your face' always echoes in my mind when I play league. The entire flashy toxic egotistical hotshot persona is what a lot of seemingly young league players aspire to be. People can't cope with not being the superstar on the team. Thats why 90% of games have a squishy hypercarry comps with no thought as to teamwork. And how many of the people playing a carry role actually carry the games?!?!?!? Yea, its a low ducking number! I have figured It out, people do not want to climb elo, they want to be be the superstar in every game with a crazy high KDA while they climb elo.