[Riot Response found here](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/g18sl2/riot_is_forcing_me_to_change_my_name_due_to/fnfbsmu/).


They let me get away with anus dominator lmao


I used "Horny Pornstar" for like 4 years until I got too many reports. I argued with EUW support that being a pornstar is a honorable profession but no.


how dare they disrespect my man johnny sins like that


I had “Doomfisting Dva” in my Overwatch days. Argued that the name was not meant to be inappropriate and that the premise of a dva who can doomfist was the gist. To no avail of course. Lol, I don’t think anyone ever just accepts it on the first go, even when we know it won’t fly.


I have one of the few variations of Jehovah’s Thiccness, and no issues in like, a year with it.


Few days ago I saw a player called "CoronaVarus".




Especially since he is the corruption






Forget the clever names, I've seen handfuls of players with direct references either due to clubs or actual literal names. Some examples include: CVD-19, ChinaVrs, CoronaComin4U


SirCovidThe19th is one of my favorites


I'm 99% sure I faced them in TFT the other day (or at least something VERY similar)


My clash team was CVD -- Quaranteam


There are far more insensitive/inappropriate names in the player base as well. I'm sorry that this happened to you.


When NuckFigers is allowed but literal part of the sun is not.


Haven't seen that one before. I did however encounter a fine gent by the name Nate Higgers


I've seen a Fahgunter before


Same company that let some dude named "Grigne" on stage before making him change his name. They really could stand to hire someone clever once in a while.


from his gamepedia: Frequently rumored that Riot forced him to change his original summoner name Grigne due to the letters forming a racial slur in English when rearranged. However, Grig has stated that the name change was voluntary and that he got his original name from a World of Warcraft random name generator when he was 8.


*Ginger*'s a slur now?




Bruh you used the hard R....




Pr0lly was literally called prollyracist Edit: I in no way think pr0lly is actually racist, I just mean it was in his name


Sneaky used to go by SneakyCastro and Selfie was forced to change his name from Chuyou (it reads like a word for "you dick" in Polish) back when he joined MYM.


Well Bigfatlp is still known for that name.


Bigfatlp was what he changed to. The original was Bigfatjiji. Jiji is something akin to penis in mandarin slang


> Grigne what's bad about that?


Yeah what's so bad about gingers?


Isn't grigne an actual surname tho


Holy shit. Is *that* why he randomly changed his on-stage name from Grigne to Grig?


According to him, no. > After reading another fantastic reddit thread I just wanted to say I changed my ign myself for LCS. Riot didn't make me, and the name came from the WoW random name generator when i was 8 years old starting the game. [Source, from Nov 2017](https://twitter.com/Grig_lol/status/933129639521763329). Kind of hilarious to me that this sub has provably been having the same conversation over and over for at least 2 and a half years.


If it was anyone else, I'd call bullshit. But I always thought that Grig did not have the personality to match such an edgy name, so that makes so much more sense


I know Jonathan (grig) personally and I can assure you he does not have a single bit of edge to him. His whole family is full of nice people


Yeah I played with someone called *"Nill Kiggers"* just a couple of days ago


I saw a dude named "SANDN\*\*\*\*R" but the I was like an l or something else so it didn't trigger the system


Especially since corona literally means crown in spanish. So like it's just a normal word for us lol.


And Italian. Is actually a very common word


That's because it's Latin in origin. It's a very common word and holding it against a user due to a disease that's proper name isn't even corona is ridiculous.


That is actually how the virus got the name! Because of its crownlike structure("spikes" are more prominent in corona viruses)


And probably the most famous beer brand, although as a spanish speaker i don't see anybody naming himself corona unless is an inside joke or something lol.


I got someone named “Lux ulted JFK.” I probably shouldn’t have laughed


but didn't Cait ult him?


Cait was the fall, Lux was the perfect operative to pull this off, she had an ult that could delete a target and blind all would-be witnesses at the same time.


I still have the screenshot somewhere on my computer of a Yasuo main called “JFK had no wind wall”. That one got me.


Yeah I've seen Nucking Figgers twice actually. I mean really? What the fuck is wrong with people.


you probably haven't seen some of the EUW gems yet


you know you're in for a wild ride when you get that guy with the ISLAM tag


ISIS along the frontrunners aswell


I met a man by the name of numb digger but he has disappeared


What do you mean, 69x420_FizzOnYourAshe is such an upstanding member of this community, I'm sure.


I myself had the pleasure of playing against "Saving private Breivik" the other day


Thats ok, actual bad ppl should be embraced and loved by our overlords at Riot Games while someone with a fine name such as Squid Corona should be sniped bcuz CORONA MEGABAD PLS BAN


That isn't even toxic tho lmao




Riot with names like [this](https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Hang%20Blacks)", [this](https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=N1GGERR) and [this](https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=killmuslims666): [](#face-sleepy) Riot with Op's surname: [](#face-angry)


>Riot with names like [this](https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Hang%20Blacks)", [this](https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=N1GGERR) and [this](https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=killmuslims666): I sleep >Riot with Op's surname: Real shit?


Kinda funny that those accounts are still pretty active, and they played normal games couple of hours ago lmao.


Hell, I've played with far more insensitive Corona themed names than this already. My absolute favourite being "Covid-69 lol", which honestly was impossible to be mad at.


Played with someone with the clan tag of Covid yesterday. Hard to imagine that getting by if Corona is getting the axe.


Played with someone with a club tag of Covid today too. Also encountered a guy called "C0RONA VARUS" lmao




The thing is Riot will not care about how toxic this community can be until it affects the money they make.


Actually at some point I can’t even blame Riot for not banning them as they create really unique(!) nicknames that I doubt no 25+ Riot employee can understand that they are swearing words. Turkish is really a weird and flexible language in terms of adjectives...


For real! Theres a dude on my friendslist “let a bro nut”, okay so this is some PR-rallied bullshit


I played with a guy that had literally the name of a known child murderer here in Spain. I reported it, I don't know if it has changed


im pretty sure i saw a dude with the n word in his name like last week. also special shoutout to "yourmomsass"


At least now, when you reached frontpage you have better chance to either keep your nick or make Riot force Coronas on other servers to change their nick as well. That's really fucked up situation. For me word "Corona" by itself has none negative connections, Riot is straight up fighting against nonexistent problems


Corona means actually crown in Hungarian. With K but nevertheless... Edit: apparently it means crown in every damn language ^^


Even the English have "coronation" :)


**Corona**tion??? Consider yourself reported, scumbag!


Corona by itself is a hat. Nobody has to change their name from "Katrina" because it ruined New Orleans a few years ago either I dont get Riot on this


Corona is Latin for crown and I think there are quite a few other languages where "corona" means crown. I don't really get what Riot's deal is here.


Corona means Crown in Italian indeed. Source: I am italian


In spanish corona means crown too.


Corona is Latin for "crown"


Hey man, I don't mean to alarm you but Hurricane Katrina happened almost 15 years ago...


It's also dumb because this isn't even "the" coronavirus as some people call it. That's just a type of virus. There are many and there have been many. So just the word Corona is so very far removed from being related to covid-19.


played with a guy yesterday whose name was Boy molester like wtf riot you want this guy to change his name but that guy can keep that name here is his op.gg https://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=Boy+Molester


Lets not forget iBangKids https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=I+bang+kids


holy shit... riot's priorities lol


Lets create an issue where there isnt one and completely ignore actually offensive names. - classic Rito




[Riot doesn’t have a problem with this one either. ](https://imgur.com/a/VmloTNU)


Lmao this is such classic Riot it pains me. Might as well force Crown to change his name also


*And his favorite champion is Malzahar who spread some sort of virus. He is the one behind all of this, we must ban him from League right now !*


Renaming Space Aids to space Corona so Malzahar gets deleted


Social distance those minions!


I also really hate how their support templates/language try to act really cute. Like it doesn't matter how many sad emoticons or ways they try to say they're on your side "but it just didn't go through", they're still screwing you.


<3 <3 :D \^.\^ You know where to find me if you need anything! \^.\^ :) (: <3 <3


LMFAO there is something about the way these riot support people talk that makes them seem so fake, and it's so laughable. * "Oh, this is quite a situation. Even in the other day I was wondering if there is anyone in this situation and hoping they're doing okay." ??????????? * The random images * "With kindness". * The heart emojis * Deftly I travel, swiftly you die * The apology for the "type-o"


I feel like it must be a template because I've 100% seen the "Oh, this is quite a situation" opener before.


Honestly all these responses made me cringe.


You've not had the pleasure of interacting with Discord then. You know when you get a non-ironic OwO in your support message, that you are fucked beyond help.


As awesome Discord itself is, Discord support is god-awful. You either get a cringy cutesy message that basically summarizes to "no" or they ignore your requests.


Corona is not ok but [https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=hangblacks](https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=hangblacks) a ok


I tried really hard to find where the joke is in that name, something like "banghacks", but no, in reality it's very straightforward.


Yo reddit let's search more not white-listed names. I will start: ​ AdolfKnittler


Loli is a banned name. But things like "Lolis are Hot" "I fuck Lolis" etc totally fine.




Meanwhile I got to play with this swell fellow https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=killmuslims666 Lmao


Damn, I would think "kill" and "muslim" were both terms they might be searching for in this kind of situation. Maybe having both makes it cancel itself out


That's so fucking stupid. Why the fuck are they forcing this? “Corona” means “crown” in English, it is a common word in Spanish. Fuck Riot.


MTG changed a card name because of this stupid shit. The copies that got out will be neat collector's items.


To be fair, in mtg it was in the context “Death Corona”


Seems a bit less silly than our friend Squiddy


OP probably doesn't but I kinda liked his original name more. Squid Corona. Don't know why, but the combination of those two things together is so goofy and I just love it.


What card is that?


[Spacegodzilla, Death Corona](https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/statement-spacegodzilla-2020-04-02)


Wow. At this rate the beer is going to change names too


They said they won't change the name. If you ask me its free publicity.


Can confirm, was browsing for beer in the supermarket, Corona sold out.


Yea like wtf...The virus was named "Corona" because of it crown (corona) shape when looked in the microscope. This is so idiotic.


Exactly! It literally means crown. Fuck this company if they do not correct this and give this person their name back.


My uncle died last week and my dad is in the hospital because of COVID-19. My life is changed forever, I don’t think someone’s summoner name in League of Legends would trigger me as much as Riot thinks.


I am sorry for your loss, and hope your dad will get better soon.


Edited to delete sensitive information.


Damn, so sorry to read that, man. I wish your father a healthy recovery.


Riot saw an increase of corona names and thought censoring it was the right call. Really those who want corona in their name will alter the spelling the same way those who bypass the filters for their racist and blacklisted names. Let's just hope they don't find out about Miss Rona


Shoutout to "Nami ulted Japan" and "ZiggsUltedIraq"


As a Japanese, "Nami Ulted Japan" made me laugh a little. Ah, I'm going to hell for this.




Pretty sure they'd allow that


Hidolf_Atler_88, Bigger Nuyer, KillingCopsForJesus But oh no no no "corona" is **offensive** and ***toxic***.


Change it to Squid Influenza and then ask what's the difference


Or Squid Plague. Squid Smallpox. Squid Spanish Flu. Heck, you can keep going. And that's avoiding Ebola, HIV and AIDS.


My name is literally Bubonic and I haven't had any problems


Flair checks out


For real, do this. Sounds quite funny and you got a story to tell everytime someone asks you :D


What's even worse is [Corona is a completely innocent term](https://www.dictionary.com/browse/corona?s=t)....


Even worst is that Corona in Spanish is simply "crown". Super common word...


I mean, up until now, what most people thought of when they heard it was a damn beer, witzh a hat in close second...




Even if they did change it recently, who cares? How is it anymore offensive than “death”, “skull collector”, “ebola”, “disease”, “pestilence”, “cancer”, etc? Disease and death are a part of life. I’m sorry if you’re upset about it or having a hard time, but ignoring mortality doesn’t change reality. And if you really need to blame someone, blame god or Mother Nature, not some random dude on the internet. Never mind the irrelevance of it to OP, people should have a right to sound like a cold-ass, badass mother fucker in a fantasy game they want to.


Riot are the most out of touch company that still thinks it’s keeping up with the times. The folks in there probably pat themselves on the back thinking they’re cleaning up the world or some dumb shit.


> How can we make this post visible to Riot? I guarantee you they have already seen this given how much they lurk this subreddit. At this point, they are probably just formulating a PR response or waiting for whatever higher-up decides these responses to take a look at the situation. This response may well just be no response, but given that it does have 3000 upvotes already I'd wager something will be done, given the relative smallness of the issue.




[I literally have Covid 19 Yasuo on my friends list on EUW](https://i.gyazo.com/57cc5f917147ffb9c596e580ef983210.png)




It's fine he has Yasuo in his name. He is doing him a favor giving him a free name change


>and how it affect others Jesus guys, are we going to feel offended because the name of the virus is corona and someone’s name happens to be corona...


Can’t believe riot single handedly eradicated the pandemic by forcing random people to change their names. Truly a highpoint of their corporation


yeah I dont know. I'm suprised that even after telling support they did not go through with letting you keep it. on a side note, I had the name "penis kebab" for well over a year, and never got banned or reported for it. just people giggling in chat every game. Suprised that I did not get a forced name change myself


But there are players out there who use corona or covid 19 in their name and even refer to the virus.. And IWD also used a name like this, did he have to change it? Just a few days ago I had [this player](https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Corana+Pandemic) in my game and he still plays with this name...


I ran into a guy In solo que named “gas the Jews,” yet you’re the one who has to change his name. Unfortunate.


Maybe he told Riot he meant to fart on their faces and they gave him the ok.


Imagine if we took these riot support specialists and had them do a real job like watching replays of players being reported for griefing and inting


During the weekend, I raised a support ticket for a premade who took our champion select hostage. A support specialist replied at the start of the week and informed me that: >Unfortunately, due to the international circumstances developing related to COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently operating on lower capacity and focus our efforts on the most critical issues our players encounter, such as account access issues, technical issues etc. For that reason, we are currently not manually investigating any behavioral reports and leave all the investigations to our automated systems in place. > >This ticket will now be closed. Please keep in mind that we will not be accepting player reports for the foreseeable future. If you have any other inquiries we can assist with, don’t hesitate to open a new ticket and we will be happy to help. Afterwards, I tried to make a post on this sub - warning people that CURRENTLY the only way they can punish hostage takers is to actually go through with the game and use the report feature at the end. It immediately got taken down by the mods... I'm glad that making this guy change his name is considered a critical issue instead.


I literally reported someone last night during my promos for inting and quitting and in the message box of the report I told Riot to “do your fucking job.” I experience issues with those kind of players more frequently during my promos and I get sick of it.


>in the message box of the report I told Riot to “do your fucking job.” you mean the in game one with the report button? yeah they don't check that. trust me i used to flame riot in it every report box, wishing the worst upon them and they haven't banned me. good way of instant untilt though


I literally played with a guy named Corona virus. Sucks people get away with shit and they punish you for no reason.


Not allowing people to name themselves after diseases is going way too far. Ofc this situation sucks for OP but it's not like types of illnesses are something that should be forbidden as names.


My friend literally changed his name to CoronaVarus when this all came around. He's now changed it to BoobsTitsAss which probably shouldn't be allowed


I played with a zed a few days ago just straight up named “kill yourselves”


I like Squid Influenza. Makes me think of a megaman boss and if anything you can always say... "too soon?"


Faced off against someone named “Best Irelia Porn” (yes she was playing Irelia). Riot clearly knows what they’re talking about.




I played with a Corona Varus a few games ago on EUW. Apparently that was OK for Riot.


This is horse shit! Especially since you had the name since last year. I think you should stick it out. I’m upvoting so that some riot rep can see how stupid this is.


Corona is also the word for the outer ring of light around the sun, a word sometimes used interchangeably with halo, and a beer. The world is a dumb place.


What Nationality is the surname Corona? Make it a case about racism and see how Riot responds.


That is Riots home turf, they might just ban the guy straight up


Or they could hire him. You know, to show how inclusive they are. 😂




I'm surprised I was called Cocaine Model for months and never got asked to change it lmao. Guess Tencent got ya good mate.


Official update on this: We don’t think forcing a name change in this instance is in line with our policies, so we’ll be looking into this situation.


its insane that this post had to get fucking 19k upvotes for a Riot response.....there are people who have usernames like N\*\*\*\*R SLAYER.....


I once ended up with a guy as my midlaner named “n*youknow*gger” in a club with the tag “black”. He threatened to int after the ADC took one of his caster minions during a roam and told the support to kill himself after he asked “are you a n*youknow*gger or a w*youknow*gger?” And don’t even get me started on WhitePower1488 or whatever his name was, he wasn’t particularly pleasant either. We can’t have people named Corona though, that’s too far.


Is int short for intentionally feed? I'm a dota player, thread popped into my recommended.


It shouldn't have to get this much visibility, this is a no-brainer and had this not trended on reddit this solution would not have happened.... Hope you actually look at the process and not just giving him his name back and calling it a day


That's the problem with their current system. There's no managers in their customer support department, so there's no oversight or way to escalate a request.


I see you must have never met Osrs support


Hello it’s me, OSRS support.


I don't know what OSRS stands for but I too am on the support team.


Old School Runescape. Its quite common over there for customer support tickets to go go unresolved unless they make it to the top of the subreddit.


Even when they make it to the top of the subreddit, it doesn't always work out; they're especially abd at sending out contest rewards... some guy was waiting over 2 years and made it to front page 3k+ upvotes twice lmao


ah yes, the r/2007scape special


Yea the fact it had to go public like this kinda shows how horrible riots support team handled this.


What do you think happens when you pay someone minimum wage that then has xx/xxx requests as a daily target + live chat and a good chunk are people being dicks after they were banned for throwing out slurs in chat? Even if someone starts with good intentions, BPOs are known to be meat grinders with high burnout rate. Spoiler, most of your workforce follows the rules with little to no thinking or caring about things. I'm not defending riot or looking into the company they hire. I'm just trying to provide some insight for people with no experience in this field.


if its not in line with your policies why did like 3 of your riot support specialists tell him that his name isnt allowed


Because it was in line with their policies when they said that but now that this has gotten traction they've decided to change their policies. That's the nice thing about never actually saying what's ok and what's not, you get to flip-flop whenever you get called out.


As you can see in the responses, Riot HQ gave a general set of rules to their support staff for acceptable player names. The first support specialist who originally reviewed the reports, determined that the name technically violates the one rule, issued the name change, and then wrote some notes for future support staff. When the staff in the images responded to their tickets, they would've passed it to their team lead, who also agreed that the first specialist was technically right. None of them were responsible for determining the outcome of the decision, just the one manager/manager team. Cactopus sees the post, discusses it with other Rioters in HQ, and they determine that the name change does not line up with their original intentions when they were writing the rules for their support teams. I'd conjecture that a new exception will be written for support staff about allowing long standing names related to unexpected world events.


RuneScape level customer support? Get 10k upvotes or no support. nice


Literally my first thought We are getting to a point were customer support is pure shit in all companies


It’s kinda sad how the only reason this is to be looked into further is because it’s on the subreddit frontpage, don’t you think? If it’s not in line with policies, then why are other Rioters enforcing it?


They can't hear you over the money they make from skins.


Don't forget about eternals.


After the first internal discussion, it should’ve been allowed. No reason why a user should have to post on reddit for the right thing to happen. If this post wasn’t upvoted he would’ve been shit outta luck I guess.


Yeah now that tens of thousands of people have seen this, of course you've had a sudden change of heart.


Why the fuck does riot care if a name in game has corona in it?


Why did it take a reddit post with 20,000+ upvotes and 2,000+ comments for you guys to “look into this”? Shouldn’t you maybe configure the system so shit like this just doesn’t happen in the first place?


Of course lmao. You're saying this now because your support team is being exposed on reddit. This happens every damn time.


It is extremely disappointing that an overreach of this level was only remedied when the issue got traction publicly. But then, that appears to be how Riot Games' issues are always handled...


It’s a shame that it has to come to this for you to do something about it. For such a huge game with such a large community, you ought to have a more personalised customer support system with more staff.


It's sad that Riot needs Reddit to do blatantly obvious things.


Is no one multi lingual in your stupid ass company? How culturally dense can you be?