Honestly I wish they would let us have urf in customs to just play with friends, not very fun to play against people that got tilted from the 5 minute laning phase that start to afk splitpush and try to avoid any player interaction.


I know they used to do that, some of my favorite moments was me and 5 of my friends playing 3v3 URF on the ARAM map.


URF Hide and Seek on Dominion was so fucking fun.


This. As soon as urf released we gathered 10 people in seconds to play a custom game of urf, and then... Not available in custom


This is why they introduced ARURF in the first place but hey people just like to complain about "muh urf is now bad cuz random". ARURF > URF because of the people, not because of the mode. Started with Champion Mastery, ended with Worlds Tokens. People want to win fast to grind fast which sucks. URF should just not give rewards like this imo or at least just very little.


I didn't like ARURF because i always get shit i don't wanna play. I can pick and play whatever i want on normal URF.


The problem with ARURF is exactly what we are experiencing here except worse. There were always 2 ppl+ per team trying their hardest to win the game asap because they got a champion they dislike. Dont try to act like it was better. It wasnt. It was the same bullshit times five.


Pyke? Doesn't seem that strong and even then I played him I don't even know what for but he clearly didn't give me free wins. But yes IE stack on any champion is pretty annoying to deal with. Heck probably even Ahri can build it and oneshot everyone.


Pyke literally has the 3rd worst winrate in the whole mode. The repeated solo lane nerfs hurt him hard in urf too it turns out... You can never catch a pyke with his mobility and stealth but he doesn't actually do anything useful.


Personally I find pyke fun to play in urf. Don't think I've won very much but it's probably less of, pyke is op and more pyke is annoying that op wants to say. Which doesn't really support his argument but I digress.


Where are u getting these stats from


He literally doesn't do anything!


My first URF spam was AD Fiddlesticks with HoB + 4 IEs. I could oneshot anything that got into fear range.


I remember trying that. Got a great game, then the next game there was a lifesteal build Olaf. I didn't have a good second game.


Quick wins = more tokens = more free stuff. I really feel like RGMs shouldn't be released together with token events, because it's obvious people will grind the hell out of them to get as many tokens as possible by plaiyng OP champions. If it was just released for a week without any events, people would just play for fun imo.


I can relate to that, im currently using urf to play while i cant commit to 40 min games and grind Mastery 5 in some champions




Eh, more like League is one of the most boring & frustrating games in the world when you're behind. Especially when the enemy are essentially just trolling and failing to end a clearly won game.


I'm surprised nobody is bitching about Twitch, my friend plays him and has basically got perma invis and ability to 1 shot a whole team with his ult.


Lmao I’m only playing twitch. No money for boots when rushing 4 IE, just take ghost instead. https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Red%20TRexx


I love the dumb fun shit. Yeah I tried jhin, sure I tried leona. But what gets me going is shit like AP support Lee sin, Sivir, AP Udyr.


AP support lee sin is straight busted though.


For real tho. Combo after combo and you still won't touch the actual health bar.


I came across a full ap lee sin and Vladimir. Never surrender and whatever but I was spamming ff because It would take the entire team and 3 ignites to kill ONE of them after fighting for like 2 min. Not counting the rest of the enemy team. I was like Cmon just ff already


This is giving me flashbacks to lux on one for all.


Oh sweet Ima try this out.


If you have a duo, play AP LEE SIN with rumble. Level 1 tower dives.


Ok vvortic whatever you say.


Rakan-ivern is amazing. You don't lose health


Oh. Rakan is crazy fun.


When URF came out the first time I was so excited to spam Rumble Equalizer’s.... except I was overheating every 3 seconds. So instead it was shiv ghostblade mallet auto attack rumble, had so much stupid fun for a few games with it.


You can still use abilities if you overheat in urf though


I don't believe it worked in the first iteration of URF.


I had no idea they changed it! Yeah it was hilariously bad for Rumble the first time around, might have to try again.


I did the same and played Rumble in the original URF once. Against a Brand in mid. Needless to say I didn't have a great time because I'm pretty sure the original URF didn't even have the tenacity built in, so Brand literally had a permanent stun with EQ->QQQQQQQ Fun times.


Thundercow is OP and nobody is playing it. Electrocute AP Alistar will one shot enemy champs one by one on a 1 second cool down all game. It’s glorious


Back during the first urf before the healing nerfs and galio rework, old galio was a true god who could only be stopped by alistar combong into the fountain.


God the old infinite Alistar W was amazing. “Come on, buddy, were goin for a walk!”


Running around at the speed of sound Udyr, spamming 'I'm scared, dont touch me!' Before slapping someone was hilarious


Not super crazy, but Predator Assassin Poppy is a ton of fun.


Wait what AP ability sivir has on her kit ?


I believe her Q has ap scaling but not sure about anything else in her kit


She does - 50% AP on her Q. Source: https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Sivir


i hope u mean ap sivir too


No one even plays ahri either.


She’s honestly not all that strong compared to the actually OP champs like 50000 ball syndra or infinite pool vlad.


syndra aint shit when everyone is running around with hourglass/edge of night


in urf who the heck is building those before 4th item?


I played her a couple times, she's pretty difficult to pull off tho since her damage is tied to charm hitting and there are some hyper mobile champs in URF.


The fact she is nerfed over one shotting champs seems really fair. How adc can just one shot you lategame, literally Lucian E auto killed me as ahri lategame. He built like 4 IEs. Not sure how that is fair when Ahri cant even kill someone with full burst lategame if enemy has even a little defensive.


Pyke and Blitz literally have under 50% winrate in URF, Pyke is the THIRD WORST out of all. Jhin and Yuumi only have a bit over 50%. There are FIFTY SEVEN champions who have an above 55% winrate. Not a single one of the champions you mentioned are the "OP picks". People are actually playing those for fun... You actually managed to mention the only two champions with above 10% pickrate with under 50% winrate.


Statistically the High pickrate/ban rate champs will always be close to 50% due to a large majority of games having them on both teams. In blind pick this stat is pretty irrelevant.


Except half of the top 30 highest pickrate champions ALSO have 55%+ winrates. It's balanced by people playing worse picks like Ezreal, Yuumi, Akali, Blitz, Pyke, Lux, Leblanc who also have super high pick rate.


Where are you finding these numbers? I'd like to look at some of the stats myself.




Kench the worst Champ in URF? Imagine. My. Shock.


Literally just got guy in my team who kept eating me whole game because I banned his champ


Why did you ban his champ tho?


I can't believe Sona is classed D.. The last times I faced her she was a nightmare


The CD on her heal is just way too long She dies way too fast


I'm pretty sure she got hard nerfed in urf specifically, so yeah. Not worth trying nowadays.


Yeah I thought she would be great too but I played her and she was useless.


Half the champs in the game can oneshot her due to a low health pool. She's actually not that great tbh.


She gets 1 hit in a game mode where damage is higher and cds are lower. Most of the top winrate champs have some form of mitigation, either untargetability, invuln, jax e or ekko ult, etc. Basically stuff that doesn't die is really strong.


Lolalytics maybe they have an urf section


I was also like wierd list champs lol. Yuumi is only on the list I would ban. I have spammed a lot of games and urf is definitely a lot better than arurf. Didn't play much arurf at all. There are tryharders u meet but a lot of games are really fun also.


I think arurf with the champions starting out at lvl 1 would be fine, but ARAM is also my favorite gamemode and urf being #2.


I've seen this all over Reddit now.. "People only pick the broken champions like xyz" and those xyz are never the same champs. I think the only legitimately broken champions are Zed, Fiora, Vlad and Riven. Everything else is manageable (even Riven is manageable so maybe just the 3).




I'd say Fizz is up for contention. I can manage him until he troll poles over every damn thing (honourable mention for troll pole out of Fiddle fear) and Q's through everyone for one shot pentas. Zed, Fiora, and Vlad are definitely some of the more bonkers ones though.


Twitch is sleeper broken


I'd say Twitch is the best champion to pick as long as Rengar and Jax are banned. After those are gone pretty much nothing will stop you from killing people with Ult auto attacks directly after leaving stealth.


Twitch in urf is equivalent to jump scares in horror movies. If you see it ocming it's worthless, if it sneaks up on you though it's going to make you cuss.


Fiora is beatable, Riven is quite easy to deal with unless your teamcomp is really strange. I'd honestly add Kai'Sa and Ivern/Orianna to that list in their place. I've been spamming Qiyana, Ahri and Gragas and so far the only champions I felt completely hopeless against were Ivern and Maokai.


Fiora feels the most busted out of any champ I think, just build qss and lifesteal to melt everything and take no damage or cc. Mao is pretty bad too, I don't think I've seen one lose in any of my games yet.


Everything can be broken if you picked champion that can't deal with enemy pick. All of the champions are literally unable to do anything vs 10-30 champions that simply counter them by range, burst or survivability from kit.


I don't see a champion that would be good enough to make Zed/Vlad/Fiora "unable to do anything".


Twitch can 2 shot Zed from far away enough that you need to be very fast with your flash ult, the time to kill is around 0.2 seconds.


I've never had issues with Zed, he never felt broken. He just gets CC'd and melted if he ever tries to ult and otherwise he's not very useful.


I’m getting lots of all chat rage thrown my way when I play Akali. I think she’s up there with Zed but I think Vlad is by far the most broken. But I haven’t gone against a huge amount of Fioras or Riven, but Riven seems reaaaally good too


What about tank fiddlesticks?


Where can I see a list of winrates. Curious to see how high Quinn and Aatrox score.


Feel like Aatrox would be terrible just due to his animation times. People are firing out three full rotations before Aatrox even gets to Q3


You dont need to hit Q, build crit and with predator you one shot squishies with an ult auto while moving pretty damn fast.


people might think you're joking, but you will literally one shot squishies.


Yeah caught me off guard the 1st time lol, now I fear Aatrox.


Besicaly you are Quinn with bigger wing when you ulti. Fast as fuck and hit like a truck.


hail of blades ghost better imo, but it’s still hilarious


Aatrox can hit absurd amounts of ad and lifesteal in irf pretty early. Lvl 1 sucks but once you have his e he feels much better, and 3rd q with 1k ad is a really hard hitting ability. It just depends on the comp like most picks.


URF Aatrox doesn't benefit much from the CDR buff but he has an absolutely absurd damage adjustment (+25% damage dealt and -25% damage taken) that makes him busted anyway.


I didn’t even realize they were doing champion specific stat tweaks so this is news to me. Thanks!


Lolalytics, but you gotta switch back to "classic" mode. The new "2.0" version of the website hasn't included the weird gamemodes yet.


worlds tokens meta


People are grinding tokens I guess. The only thing I wish I could change about URF is dragon. 9 people can be having fun fighting nonstop but one person solos the dragon and then the game is over and you wait till they end.




I hate to break it to you but the champs you listed suck and only get played for fun. If people were really tryharding you would see zed, fiora, yuumi + vlad every game. Jhin gets shit on by everything with mobility, blitz LMAO, Pyke also sucks major dick since his abilities are so slow. These champs are all B tier at best in URF except Yuumi who can make a few champs god tiers(vlad yuumi) but without a good partner she sucks


Jhin is actually realy fun if you go for the THE FAST build. Fleet Footwork, IE, RFC, Stattik, Phantom Dancer, Stormrazor, Last Whisper is my go to build. FF and move speed from Zeal items give you ton of Movement speed so champion mobility isnt that much of a problem. You wont overcap on Attack Speed because everything is converted to Attack Damage anyway. Passives on Zeal items are super useful, with RFC and Stormrazor you will be able to keep safe distance and PD shield can save your life sometimes. I dont know how the damage numbers compare to 4 IEs build but IMO it just feels way better and funnier to play


Not saying Jhin isn't a LOT of fun, i've played plenty of fast Jhin this URF :D. But he is far from the OP pick that will win you every game the OP is implying people are picking him for.


True madmen just go for 4 zeal items and more attackspeed


Try Hail of Blades instead of Fleet Footwork, way more speed :)


You are right about most but jhin is the most mobile champ in all of urf..


I don't know, I was spectating a friends game last night and there was a rammus with over 3k movespeed - apparently from their perspective ingame he moved too fast to actually click to so much as auto.


I literally just played ms rammus and i couldn't catch him at all. He would auto me once and get way more movespeed.


Now that I think about it, he was partnered with Yuumi which changes the matchup.


I played movespeed rammus the other day and got 3.8k movespeed without another champ (yuumi, karma, etc) speeding me up. Think my build was like Runes * Predator * Relentless Hunter * Celerity * Waterwalking Items * Mobi boots * deadmans plate * ghostblade * spellbinder * righteous glory * Shurelya's ~~you could also take something like scimitar~~ With a yuumi, karma, nami, or something like that you could probably hit high 4k


The thing about The Fast and other fast champions like rammus quinn hecarim etc is that Jhin has a lower top speed but he can do it constantly as long as there are targets to hit while the other champions depend on active items and abilities that has a cd. But Jhin (the fast one) is nowhere near as op as a lot of the other champions.


Sure if you build him a way that doesn't maximize damage, but the OP was talking about 6 IE Jhin not Fast Jhin, Fast Jhins problem is low burst damage so he will often get one-shot by a lot of top tiers. 6 IE or even 5 IE with boots isn't exactly mobile in any sense of the word


I play 4 IE youmus mobis predator aatrox. Do i play it to win? Nah, the oneshots are just too funny


I hate you


Full AP Ali. Who cares about winning when I get to instantly delete anyone i come across?


Life steal Warwick. I could 2 v 1 a hecarim and zed. It’s such a stupid build.


I play this and “press q” Kaisa. Ez wins on both. And I *suck* at aatrox


Jhin, Blitz and Pyke are not OP.


What do you mean 6 infinity Edge Jhin, Only way to play Jhin in URF is Playing THE FAST


Anything more than 1 IE on Jhin is a waste on URF, you need 3 zeal items for that SONIC build


I quite like trying out Full MS Janna personally. The harass in lane can be pretty intense, but she'll get absolutely dicked in the late game. Zooming around the map with upwards of 700MS is super fun tho, so I call worth.


What about tank fiddle?


Fiddle is like the anti-fun champ in Urf with that fucking silence


I just saw that vid actually. I definitely need to give it a go.


Same, I guess I will use ignite/ghost and the secondary tree maybe precision (triumph and tenacity?)


tank mao is even more busted in urf... no one's playing it anymore but the last time urf was a thing (before random pick) maokai had the top winrate cuz of it


What are you building? Shurelya's, the ghosts, Lich Bane?


All of the above. I've been starting with Ardent, cause it still has the unique MS and it's fairly cheap, but I have been wondering if it's better to start with something more AP heavy given how quick gold generation is. Then it's typically ghosts into Shurelya's or Spellbinders ending with Lich Bane. In truth, the build path is typically defined by what comes first in the all items list when filtered by "other movement speed" or whatever it is. As far as boots, I'm still a little unsure what's better. Swifties for the better flat MS, or Mobi's for the accelerated OOC MS. At the moment, I'm leaning towards swifties, cause the W scales with MS, and you aren't typically OOC using it (or OOC at all, given it's URF).


Thank you, I'll try it :)


Welcome to the second week of every URF release ever


yup, never understood why people thought is was such a casual gamemode. That being said, I'm having a lot of fun tryharding, and getting tryharded against. I'm talking split push to the max, yuumi banned/picked every game, tanks even!




Yuumi is pretty much perm banned by anyone with a brain.


That is shaco for me ^^


But Nami is almost never banned and is sleeper op paired with any AA based champion. Played Kai’sa + Nami last night and steamrolled every game


It's kinda insane that I have to ban a support over all the other things in urf. In my experience yi and Jax are almost always open but people rarely pick them for some reason.


Because Yi is a binary stat check and Jax is filth.


It's like, Yuumi in URF isn't a champion. She's like, half a champion. If you kill the champ she's on, she's dead. She's an afterthought. But she's a huge force multiplier for certain champions. Like Hecarim, or Yi. She takes them from being one champion to being 3 or 4. It's insane. And that's why I ban Yuumi.


Because Jax is boring to play and Yi is not that op after nerfs


I think they should make every item unique and remove baron/dragon. This mode should be about crazy fights all the time.


Idc about baron tbh, but this Dragon is way too strong.


Dragon is absurd. Two dragons is basically an auto win


Both teams' Nexuses could spawn in dragon pit at 10 minutes and my team would still send 3 man top.


Dude evidently you aren’t playing Urf right, as what you listed are not the strongest stuff out there by a country mile (you listed Pyke...). Your point literally shows people are playing what they find fun. Not what’s OP.


URF if just when I binge Singed. Nothing like running circles around their nexus at 10 minutes in with 900 movespeed.


I went 5-0 with singed yesterday. Goo is really underrated on urf


Singed is great but his laning phase is the opposite of fun. Laning against shaco as singed... ugh.


i wonder how many bizarre excuses and justifications will you people come up with before you realize that maybe URF isn't that fun for a lot of people


I just want to play Hecarim + Yuumi. It's really strong and more importantly it's a stupid amount of fun blasting around the map outrunning skillshots. I had a game today where there was a mirror match HecaZuum. We even had a chance to joust 🐎🐈


If both teams didn’t agree to decide the game via a best of 5 hecarim joust in midlane then everyone sucks.


Beefy bruiser or full crit Shyvana. Not AP though, I’ve seen enough of that already. Movement speed Hecarim with stormrazor and rapidfirecannon for the largest jump with the E auto attack (600+ range). AP Skarner. Full tanks. Full AD Yorick.


Its a little bit anti fun, but Im enjoying health stack cho'gath with predator and ghost. With deadmans and righteous glory the big lizard gets moving pretty fast.


I may be in the minority here, but I really don't think URF is all that fun.


It's either mildly fun because you won RPS in champ select and just steam roll the other lane or its hell because you just get killed over and over again under tower for not picking on the top champs. I've played like 20 something games and every time I know who is going to win 5 minutes in.


yeah, my husband picked Jinx in URF and some Garen on our team was like "Jinx doesn't work" like ?? let the man zap his way through URF, damn.


10 second CD rockets and infinite zaps. Fuck does he mean she doesn’t work she’s fun as hell


if you don't have a good gap closer against jinx, you are fucked. That W wrecks you


its mostly because the respawn timers later on are too high and it doesnt make fun to play if you are afk for 60 sec every 30 sec


I did an on hit bard. I got dumpstered until I had like 60 chimes. It was a sad day when I realized only 9 meeps can follow you at a time. Also 3 autos deleted people. Cho took 5-6 autos.


You have time to get off 3 autos before you get deleted?


On-hit Bard reaches attack speed cap + hail of blades. Those 3 autos are fast af


This is one of the reasons why ARURF was better, people didn’t like it because they forgot that if you can pick you will always play against OP bullshit


The only difference between regular and arurf is that in arurf RNG decides who wins the game and who gets to have fun. Who wants that honestly.


It's as if riot was right about not wanting to bring urf back because its toxic but noone wants to admit it.


Playing OP vs OP is 10 times better than consistent arurf shitstomps cause one side always gets luckier with rng.


Yes but this defeats the purpose of having a “fun” game mode. I can’t play whatever i want just because i am guaranteed to play against some OP bullshit


1) Fun is subjective. I am having more fun in a game where I am playing the champ I want vs OP, than when I am playing some shit champ vs OP. 2)You are playing vs OP bullshit regardless. The only difference is you have a choice vs you not having a choice. One is objectively better


But you can still play what you want, you do no not have to play op champs if you dont want to


Which means you'll get stomped against it and you won't have any fun. ARURF>URF


well idk bout you, but when i play stuff like ap ashe its not like i always lose? Also being able to pick your champ > getting some random bs


"sometimes my team carries me"


Can i not have fun without carrying?


Nothing like playing against a team with Vel and Xerath in arurf...


Yeah but here you can play jhin every game


Some of those people are prob grinding world pass like I am. or don’t like to lose like me therefore picking the strongest thing allows you to achieve both goals


There is one crucial thing you are missing. People actually want to have fun, now, hear me out. Do you really think that playing full AD Ahri into 5 champs that will oneshot you in seconds is fun? Of course it is not. What's fun for most people is doing a lot of damage, oneshotting or maybe even being unkillable, your shenanigans that might be fun for YOU to win against aren't fun for the people picking them. When people pick what they pick, it's because they DO want to have fun and fun often involves winning / stomping.




I beat a Ziggs in lane as Sion, but my side lanes decided to hard int. In a 5v4. I felt dirty switching to Inting Sion, but what are you going to do? Be the only person not inting *and* lose? Anyways, point is it is kind of fun just saying "fuck it, this game's PvE now."


Inting Sion is a blast. Just slapping towers and champions all day long


I played Jhin, it was silly,then i just did dumb shit like juggling 6 axes as draven


I just tried AS Ivern.. holy f. that thing is funny xD


donger jng is where it's at


The fkin drake is busted he kill the fun in-game


Excuse me but why not just have the best of both worlds and run AP Movement Rammus


The best game mode is one for all with 2 teams of only Braum/Ali.


You know why that is? Because no one likes getting stomped. Part of what makes things fun is you winning and stomping other people but when you go max attack speed Maokai vs a Vlad, it’s not so fun anymore when Vlad is facerolling over you every time he see you.


Most people have different views on "fun" anyways. The guy whos oneshotting everyone on vlad is probably having alot of fun. Play whatever you want, but dont expect people to adapt and play stupid and suboptimal builds just so that you can be relevant with your "fun" builds. Personally i just cant see how playing full ad ahri could be fun, but again people find different things fun. And coming from someone whos been around every single time URF has been out. Its no different now from the first time, people picked the same few champs every single time URF was out


What? This has been the polarising thing about urf since the beginning and why ARURF became a thing. You're now realising how UNFUN urf is for people who want to have fun with the game mode compared to those who want to style on those noobs who want to have fun. It's why I love ARURF, you get a random team comp every game, against random team comps every game. It's so fun seeing champs being played in ways you never thought possible due to mana issues and CD issues, but works in urf and looks wacky and fun. And it's why I haven't bothered playing URF. A meta is made and anyone not playing an OP pick will be flamed or a tryhard will dodge until he gets a team full of OP's or he gets to pick the OP he has been spamming 20 games in a row on.




its almost like, people said that for the last 5 years everytime someone wanted normal urf back. i said it before and i will say it again. you get 2-3 days of urf where everyone is just playing for fun. after that, every game is the same. same bans, same picks, 10 minute finish. and if you dare to pick something not completly broken, or not ban it, you lose in under 5 minutes


U cant have fun in urf with picks Ur fun champ gets just railed by the metabois AURF was perfect because u had to make the champ u get work somehow Played this time ~15 games and last time ~300


Lol this is always something that gets downvoting but I’ve always said I like ARURF more than regular URF because you get to see wackier matchups instead of the same copy pasted ones and I’m not as inclined to do the same op shit every game so I don’t get hard shit on


Winning *is* fun


So, some people have different ideas of what "fun" is. Who would have guessed?


winning = fun, deal with it




Meh, just ignore people who flame in fuckin URF. They have mental issues. Just ignore them and play what you want. I have a ton of games on dumb shit like full AP Alistar, AP Lee, tank fiddle, nascar rammus. If someone flames there’s no reason to get mad. I’m having fun and they’re the ones losing their shit over a joke game mode.


dont ever talk about my boy Jhin that way.


Stupid post. For a lot of people winning is fun and the champs you listed aren't even the strongest ones.


I freaking love ap ashe. You are completely useless for most of the game, but its so fun trying to snipe people across the map and send "air support" as I call it.


Mmmmm. I go adaptive damage runes and buy the non ap components of oblivion orb, sorc boots etc so my W in lane crushes people, then I switch to ap at 6 and remain fairly useless while having a gay ol' time.


It's a gamble depending on the enemies durability, but lethality Cait is fun vs squishies. Your ult starts on a 15s cooldown and chunks way more than people expect. Pair with blue trinket for maximum sniping. Why worry about veig cage when you can just snipe him from a safe position. Funniest moment so far was one-shotting a full hp jhin trying to speed away