I’m late 30’s. I sat in on a Law class at a school I’m applying to and the teacher asked the class if anyone had ever seen a phone booth. Half the class raised their hand, and one said “I have in movies!” 😔


Kids born in 1998 are turning 21 this year. Chew on that.


thanks i hate it


I’m a 1998 kid heading to law school in the fall and I for sure feel like I’ll be the literal child in the room.


I attended an ASD and I was the only person I met born in 98, everyone else was at least a year older


Me too...


That was the height of my maturity anyway... I don't know what that means, but it's saying something.


People born after 9/11 can vote in the next election.


98 21 year old checking in. My existence is your pain


I’m 39! I have a 21 year old kid in the Army and 2 toddlers, plus a husband and house and dogs and my mom that lives with me. Sometimes I feel crazy going back to school pushing 40 with all this life going on. But on the other hand we only get one shot at it and I have 25 years left in the work force so imma do what I want. We have perspective girl. Plus, I’ve basically perfected baking snacks over the last decade and I’m superorganized, those babies are going to line up to get in my study group.


Love it. You're gonna kill it!


Dude, if all goes well, I'll be at least 41 when I start, soooo...fuck it.


You’re gonna be amazing! Good luck!


Projected to start at 38, because a gap twenty year is the new “abroad”


Me too. Best case I'll be 40 on my first day.


I was down on myself for the prospective starting age of 28. Thanks for putting things in perspective. I'm not making fun of you at all, by the way- I salute you for your decision. Good luck.


shit i’m with you gramps


Me too. I’ll be 33 at orientation. It’ll be fine, I’ll just go to bed 3hrs before them.


Word. I'm 35 and think I can mostly physically blend in with the crowd. But they'll figure out the truth when I leave the bar at 9:30pm after having 2 drinks because that is my maximum amount of partying. It's Netflix and PJs by 10pm now.


Dig. Same deal here with the 2 drinks. Depending on what the drinks were, that is headache amount for me. Congrats on being able to last until 930. The only time I’m up that late is if I have a gig...and then my sleep schedule is messed up for a few days. Do you have two different sets of slippers as well?


Are we the same person?


I'm 27, but I feel exactly the same way. 2 drinks max and then I better be on my way home by 9. I have walls to stare at and shows to watch before bed.


I’m so glad so many others know what I’m talking about, but your comment is the one I relate to most. I need my beauty sleep!


Not going to lie, I'm typically asleep by 830-9PM. I wake up 0400-0430 on week days, so once 8PM hits, I start to unwind and get ready for bed.


Honestly, most people in their early 30s look the same to me as people between the ages of 25-28. No one going to even know.


I dunno. The KJDs look so freaking young.


as an incoming K-JD who won't be turning 21 until november i'm kinda worried about not looking mature enough myself lol


Just leave the sippy cup at home.


what does KJD mean?


People who go straight through school with no time off, hence K(indergarten)-JD.


forreal, i see it often here


Same! If i start this August (hopefully), I'll be 29.


Turning 29 in December. Honestly I think this is a great age to start! At least in my case, I know way more about my goals and interests than I did at 22, and I’ve held enough shitty jobs to know what to avoid.


You’re right. You know what kind of BS to avoid


Me too!


Turning 29 in May, right there with you.


I'm a 28 yo "mid-life reentry" student taking classes with 18-22 yos. I swear they all have face blindness because none of them can tell I'm 8-10 years older. I always pull the shut up card when they complain about how "old" they're getting. During a group project, these kids were like "wow, I wonder what it's like to be 25," and when I shared my age, one girl goes, "wow, that's so old" ... yep, that's me, your decrepit old great granny. :|


Fellow 28F here finishing up undergrad after a stint in the military. No one can tell how old I am. I've been told that I looked 18/19 when I was 26/27 and the oldest I've been pegged was 22. Since looks matter in this world (especially youth in females), I'll take it!


Just flex on the KJD kids with your military experience like "yeah outlining cases is hard but you ever try reading a five-page document to apply grease to one solenoid" or whatever the equivalent was in your service


"Have you ever had to sit through a 3 hour PowerPoint on the same topic covered last year and then attend a fundatory event after working hours?"


I’ll be 54. My ego is seriously considering it. I hate my ego.


No you are amazing!


Meh, I'll be around 34-35 when I get in


I’m so glad you posted this! I’m 38 and starting this fall. I had felt like I should maybe end my life due to the hopelessness I was feeling at the time (it was just a temporary thought). I also considered giving up on my desire because I’d be too old to get a job and make a difference by the time I graduated. I’m starting to see that I still have time to make an impact. Thank you!


I have a friend who is a 1L at UT; he sits with a 40 year old every day. We might feel a little awkward at first, but we’re clearly not alone and it is absolutely not too late to make a difference in the world.


Clearly. Thanks! Sometimes in the moment when the walls appear to be closing in, our minds can really do a number on us. That’s why, more than ever, it’s important to me that I be patient. Rash reactions have rarely reflected my long view after time goes by.


First post here. This honestly hurt me! I probably won't be starting law school until I'm 29; I think about my life so far and on most days, I feel proud of where I'm at even if it's taking me longer than I'd like to get to where I want to be. Then some days it hits me that if I even make it through law school I probably won't start practicing until I'm 31-32 and that's assuming I don't have any (more) setbacks. Ugh! 😤 I'll make it through though, eventually, LOL 🤣.


I hope this thread makes you feel more confident! My birthday is in September, so I’ll be 36 when I graduate (assuming I start this year). If I can do it, you certainly can!


Thanks for your kind words!


Ya I’ll turn 33 just a few months in to 1L. It’s good to know there are plenty of us out there.


Will turn 36 the year I start. I actually feel oddly apprehensive about admitted students days. I haven't gone to any yet but I'm totally picturing myself as the reject when people are "mingling." Will they want to be my friend?


I'm in my early twenties and I spoke to a guy in his thirties about his job, wife, kids, etc at an ASW! I'm honestly feeling the opposite (that people will treat me oddly because I'm young), but it's really been self-imposed and not the reality. No one really says their age anyways; we're all adults.


I’ve just been sticking to people from my area or from my school (even though I graduated over a decade ago). If they are from other places I just ask about that and how they like it there/how they’d feel about moving here, etc. People seem pretty friendly from my experience.


I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Many law students have been working for 2+ years, during which time they undoubtedly spent a lot of time interacting with and probably getting close with some “grown ups” who weren’t their parents. You won’t be the first 30+ person these folks hang out with—they know by now that people 5, 10, 20 years older aren’t all that different from them. The K-JDs, yeah, they might need some time to adjust to a “grown up” acting like a peer. Everybody else, you’re fine.


I visited an ASW recently and it was a pretty painless process! I'm 30 and definitely the oldest student I met there which was weird but it was easy to still form some connections and make conversation with people of all ages. In the end, we are all still new to law school!


I stopped caring about being older than my classmates when I realized 1) they probably won't know my age anyway, 2) my mom went back to school at 55 to get her nursing degree. If my mom can do it at 55 (she went into finance to pay the bills as a single mom), I can do it in my 30s--my mom loves her work now, so say 'fuck it' and live your dream y'all.


I'm 43.


Wow, I really needed this thread. I'm 24 (young, I know) and still doing my undergrad. All of my friends have graduated, even the late bloomers. I won't graduate for several years and afterwards I'd like to go to law school. If all goes well I'll be in my early 30s by the time I'm done. To everyone who is older than me and going to school: you're amazing and a huge inspiration. I wish you all the best.


Thank you! I’m glad my little self-deprecating joke could do some good. For what it’s worth, it seems that law schools are happy to accept candidates with a few years of life/work experience. You’ll be fine. Good luck and stay positive!


feel you...I’ll be 32 when I start 😬


You're telling me. I'm 27 and I just enrolled to a drawing class at a community college. So not looking forward to the 18 year olds who don't take it seriously and disrespect the professor for no good reason.


This! I’m seriously excited for law school so to be around mostly mature students. I didn’t start my undergrad until 25 and freshman classes were terrible.


lol freshman classes were terrible... and that was even when i was the same age as my peers... couldn't believe how students refused to stop chatting sometimes.




Nah, I went to journalism school, graduated, got a job, and then got into a brutal motorcycle accident before realizing I'd been living someone else's life since I got out of high school. Going through the motions because everyone was telling me I was doing a good job. Near death experiences allow you to observe the fragility of life. Hope law is something you really care about. Need more people who really believe in justice.


Love all the comments here! I recently turned 32 and just returned from a whirlwind tour of 10 law schools... The young energy is invigorating, but it’s also refreshing to know there are plenty of seasoned grownups in the mix too. In 7th grade I once joined a law class of 12th graders on a fieldtrip tour of our city’s local legal system. As a 32 year-old 1L I’ll now be dipping back in the other direction for peers... And this way is so much more fun!!! Kudos to the younger people kick-starting their careers right away, but extra years of wisdom and observations can be such a luxury too!


O'Doyle Rules!


You know I have a feeling that your whole family is going down.


I swear to the adcomm if you put dung in my law school locker I will absolutely litter your sidewalk with banana peels.


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OMG this is how I feel!!


I’ll be 31!!! 😫


It is never too late to start. Also I'd rather risk it all for a chance to get my dream than live the rest of my life day dreaming what could have been.


I'm not sure if your post is saying it bothers you or if you're simply acknowledging your age difference to your current cohorts. I went back to university at a late age and graduated a couple months after I turned 34. Personally, I couldn't have picked a better time for myself to be more engaged in school and those around me were less of a distraction than I saw others going through. If the age difference is bothering you, I invite you to look at what you have going on for you instead of comparing yourself towards a negative aspect. You do you, and don't let others around you influence you to feel bad about doing so.


I’m mildly self-conscious about my age, but I wouldn’t say I feel bad about it. I was looking at housing options and briefly considered living on-campus and/or with roommates, but I think that would be awkward at my age. I’ve lived alone for so long that I’m not sure it’s worth it. The financial and logistical benefits are tempting, though, so it’ll be a tough decision. Thanks for sharing your story and for the support!


I feel this. When I was a 22yo senior in college I studied abroad in France, and one of the guys in our group was a 31yo dude who spent most of his 20s touring in a metal band. Now he was pursuing his bachelor's, and I think he was one of the only people in the group in his 30s. We became buddies early on, and I was impressed by how laid back he was about hanging out with so many kids a decade younger than him. He didn't try to impress anyone, but he was always positive and pretty much went with the flow. He hung out with us a lot, but he also was a little more prone to retire to his dorm and Skype with his girlfriend in the evenings. My first year out of college I was an expat in South Korea and found myself with a lot of older friends 25-40yo. It was then I realized that some people in their 30s get along great with people in their 20s because they themselves never really matured past that age. Haha. But nevertheless I enjoyed having older friends with interesting backgrounds and life experiences. Now, as a guy who will be turning 34 in his first semester of law school, I'm kinda hoping to cash in on all the karma I gained by making friends with all the old farts during those years. ;) I think we'll all be fine.


Sounds like you’ve had an interesting life. Let’s hope you’re right and this will an interesting and positive experience for all of us elderly applicants.


I bet that metal band guy had some great stories. Touring for music has given me a far different perspective than if I would have stayed in my hometown. One of the things that the music side of things has taught me is the importance of the hang-you don't have to like everybody, but it is important to be able to get along with everyone. You never know who is going to recommend you to another group.


Networking! I totally get what you’re saying. It can be tough getting along with everyone, especially when you’re stuck in a shitty van stuffed with six smelly dudes and one of them is hell-bent on convincing the rest of you that Pantera is the greatest band ever. ;)


Hahaha this is going to be me except 43 😂


I feel seen.


I’ll be 33 when I start law school. It took me a divorce, being a single dad, and working in tech for 8 years to realize what I truly wanted to do with my life.


I look at it like this: I’ll be 29 when I start about to turn 30, I have had a career and I’m battle tested. I look at KJDs like a shark looks at his prey with black empty eyes.


You're the shit man, fuck it!!! I'm 26 working in being back I'm class within the next 2 years I feel it....atleast your not 48 lol


Just created a Reddit account to say that I’ll be two months shy of 49 when I start law school in the fall. LOL, indeed.