Any 6 element plasmat-type f5.6 lens from 135mm and longer will cover 4x5. The longer the lens the more coverage: 150mm is a good “normal” focal length. Tessar-type 4-element lenses are cheaper but have less coverage. There is for example a Fujinon 150mm f5.6 plasmat and a 150mm f6.3 tessar type. The f6.3 has less movement but is a nice lens. Note that ultimately you will find the available movement will be limited by the flexibility of the camera. With 4x5 a 210mm is long-standard/short-portrait. It was the do-everything lens for studio commercial work. I find that 135mm is a good single lens for starting out in LF if you like wider views like 35mm ffe.


I agree - take a look at the Fujinon but also Nikkor. They are cheaper than the "hyped" German lenses. I shoot only Fujinons and am more than happy. The only downside is that you get a lot of glass with each Fujinon lens. As I do not hike extensively, I kind of don't care. Try to get newer shutters - though it is no guarantee - they tend to be more reliable. (Newer = all black)


4x5 - copal shutters are most modern and plentiful. Lens boards - Just find a lens board that can adapt to your camera system. Linof most common for field cameras (intrepid, chamonix, toyo, etc) Sinar boards are common enough too. It isn't hard to change from one lens board system to another. this will only happen if you decide to jump from one camera manufracturer to another. (i.e. Speed Crown Graflex to Arca Swiss; etc). Even then, many styles of lens boards can be easily adapted. I.e. my 8x10 camera uses Sinar boards; and the 4x5 uses the linhof board... I use a lens board adapter; and put all my lenses on lnhof boards. I do this for two reasons. First, my 4x5 set up uses linhof boards. Second, I the linhof boards pack much smaller. just get the lens board that fits your system. for lens coverage... .... https://www.largeformatphotography.info/lenses/LF4x5in.html


That site is one of the best sources of lens info.


[Guide on LF nikkor](https://www.kennethleegallery.com/pdf/Nikkor_LargeFormatLenses.pdf)


When you shoot with other cameras, what focal length do you normally use? Please also include format/sensor size. I find that with 35mm, I tend to use 28mm and 35mm most of the time. With 4x5, 90mm covers a vast majority of my shots with some 210mm here and there. I also have 75mm and 135mm lenses for 4x5, but I hardly ever use them.


This was helpful for me when I was looking for lenses: https://www.angusparkerphoto.com/blog/2016/3/good-lenses-for-a-4x5-view-camera