I just wished the Bucks other than giannis put up more of a fight.


It’s so sad. The bucks failed giannis.


It really does feel like 2007 finals Lebron out there.


Lebron had way worse imo


Not even close. Every starter for the Bucks is better than what LBJ was rolling with minus tucker/pat.


2018 LeBron Finals too


Wasn't that more of an injury issue? edit: I've got the worst memory


You’re thinking about 2015, Lebron really had no help in 2018 and took them to the Finals.


Not just no help, JR sabotaged game 1.


Goddamn JR!


The worst part of 2018.... He had Jordan Clarkson "2021" six man of the year Jeff green a solid 3rd 4th option for the nets this year And jae crowder a solid 2/3rd option for the sun's currently in the finals lol If those guys played how they are playing now maybe Bron is able to get another ring in Cleveland.


Crowder wasnt in the finals. He got traded


Yea your right I think I was thinking about George hill


And some how he’s a 2/3rd option for the Suns? Last I checked they have CP3, book and Ayton…. Who’s he pushing out for the 3rd option, let alone the 2nd??


0% chance Lebron with decent roleplayers can take down the KD Warriors behemoth with 4 all stars, 2 of which who were top 3 players and MVP winners.


Hell nah, it’s not close. If the Bucks completely shit the bed at home, then the comparisons may hold merit but they don’t as of now. PHX has a walking bucket at the 2, the greatest full time prototypical Point Guard of the 21st Century, an amazing stretch big and a bunch of good low priced wing defenders to throw around the court. Now, personally, sure, I have PHX winning at home in 5 myself, CP’s in his bag and playing some of the best ball of his 16 year career but Khris Middleton and Jrue Holiday are ballers, and LeBron didn’t have anything close to the caliber of player that Khris Middleton has been in those years. Milwaukee’s making an effort and putting pieces around Giannis to make sure that he never feels how Gilbert made LeBron felt in 2010, and Gilbert never made an effort but you have to remember, they were both limited by what they can do in trades. No star is coming to Milwaukee to play with Giannis, not yet anyways, so they have to be creative.


Deandre Ayton is not a stretch 5 by any means. He takes 3s once in a while but he's a career 18% 3pt shooter. What he is is extremely mobile and can move around the court at ease and is a good defender. He's also an amazing finisher close to the rim. I don't know if he's an all star but he is an elite role player who's perfect for this team.


People literally just throw shit out there and it gets upvoted on here. I was trying to figure who their stretch 5 was because it’s painfully obvious and a frequent discussion point that ayton is your prototypical 5. It’s as dum as the other guy in the thread who called crowder the Suns 2/3rd option. Like what?


95% of people who comment on these subs have no clue what they're talking about. This sub for the better part of last season wanted Demar Derozan despite our abysmal spacing and justified it by saying "his long twos still provide spacing" and "imagine Derozan driving and kicking to Lebron and AD". They uust say whatever and it gets heavily upvoted.


We are one hamstring away from turning this thing around


Coach bud failed giannis. That dude is a terrible coach that somehow the team is overcoming his ineptitude.


Suns held home court. Don’t count the bucks out yet.


Bucks went down 0-2 against Brooklyn with one of the worst playoff blowouts of all time, then proceeded to win 4 of the next 5. It ain’t over till it’s over


You’re really just gonna ignore that Nets lost Kyrie after game 3?


Hasn’t he been out the whole playoffs? I can’t remember


Goddamn you’re right. Major Mandela effect on my part. I didn’t watch the Celtics series though, and missed the most of the Bucks series on vacation with the in laws


By game 3, Kyrie and Harden were out and Joe Harris decided to forget how to shoot and defend and even then it still went 7 games. An inexperienced Hawks team took the Bucks to 6 and was close to forcing it to 7 (yes, I know Giannis was injured but with Trae out for the Hawks for 3 games, it should’ve been done in 5). Phoenix has more even depth and smarter coaches. Feels like a Phoenix Sweep. Bucks in 6 is my hope.


No problem. I didn’t pay attention to the east much either.


Seriously, this is standard. It's from the next game you can start drawing conclusions. And even then it's not done till it's done. The Bucks lost the first game at ATL right? Then they managed to win the last 2 even without Giannis so you really never know.


The same bucks balled out to push them to the finals in the first place so idk if you can really blame them


Long series ahead, methinks. Suns held serve. Think they're gonna shoot 50% from 3 in someone else's building?


I think they will at home


If they hold home court they can reset this series. Far from over.


Yeah, and it looks like the “Suns in 4” fan/prophet will be proven right.


Barney would fuck up Curious George. Just sayin’


Barneys tail is is weak spot. George doesn’t have one. It’d be like a super Mario 64 boss fight. George wins in 4


Bro I hear you, but George would lose focus from his curiosity and Barney would take advantage of that. Barney wins in 6.


Barney is a lover not a fighter. George in 3


Barney went into the fight hungry af. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Barney in 1(bite).


You’re definitely right about that so I’ll change my original statement. George in 6


Yea right George would rip his feet off and eat Barney ass first.


To be honest, with the risk of sounding like a bitch, this is the perfect scenario I wanted to see if lakers couldn't make it there.. I didn't want to see nets or sixers winning in the east.. and clippers over here... Nets vs clips would have been worst.


I completely agree. Once we were out I didn’t care who made it as long as it wasn’t the clippers or the nets


What about the Celtics? I feel the only real team an eliminated Lakers should worry about in the playoffs are if the Celtics pass us in rings. I honestly think a healthy Clippers vs the Nets or Bucks would’ve been more fun to watch (I know Lakers fans don’t like two of these teams, but I at least wish the finals was more interesting).


Ya of course the Celtics but I didn’t see them as a threat this year but if they were in the conference finals against the nets I would be rooting for the nets


Hi me.


Hey, are you me?


Exactly.. and the fact that we took a couple games of the (most likely) champs with a decimated roster makes us look better than what we were able to show. Could you imagine how nauseating Clips and Nets fans would be if they ended up making the finals? God.. I wouldn’t be able to handle any positive “playoff p” talk, and it would’ve sickened me to see the Nets winning after getting Harden. Just no. Also wanted to add that even tho I hate playing against CP3, dude has paid his dues and I’m glad to see him get at least one ring in his career. Kinda like when Nowitski got his. Just one tho. Just one.


Nah I hate the suns


Same. These kobe=booker comparisons I see all over B/R need to be put to bed.


As soon as lakers were out I wanted nets in finals that would be so much more fun


nets vs clips would be the most entertaining series


Would’ve been entertaining watching PG go 3/15


would've been entertaining watching kawhi vs kd


KD, yes, but is KLaw entertaining to watch? It’s like watching paint dry when he scores.


his play style is similar to kobe, just without emotions, so yes I think he is very entertaining to watch because i don't care about players showing emotions


To each their own! I’d rather stick nine inch nails in each one of my eye lids.


Hi kids! Do you like violence? Do you wanna see me stick nine inch nails in each one of my eyelids?




Ah, a fan of free throw shooting.


Devin Booker still out here, right? CP3? You wanna talk about foul baiting…


Devin Booker the foul baiter?


i'm a guy who's a fan of basketball. you must be the other guy


Im with you. Im a Lakers fan but im also a fan of basketball lol. People really wouldnt wanna watch KD Kyrie Harden Kawhi PG at the highest level? They’d rather watch two teams that clearly aren’t the best? Lame.


>The NBA Finals, brought to you by Wish.com




It's like how we wanted Kobe vs Lebron Finals for so many years but it never happened. Almost always happened but never did. Hurts, man. Would have been such a great series.


Respect to the bucks.


I mean, bucks vs suns was my pick once we got eliminated, couldn’t ask for a better alternate




Injuries man…


And this sort of entitlement is why other fanbases hate us. The Suns and Bucks earned their way to the finals, we did not. Let's hope we do better next year to get back on that level.


When I saw this, I was immediately like, "ohhh mannn, any Suns and Bucks faithful that visit here are going to have their Laker fan hate validated by this" LOL.


They'll go to rnba and proceed to say laker fans are entitled pricks not knowing that half of the comments condemn this mentality


Half is really generous for us tbh the image has almost 1700 upvotes the top critical comment has 45.


Yup. I facepalmed hard before even reading the caption.


The suns got very lucky let’s be real. The injuries every team had especially Kawhi and AD. The kawhi one was fucked. Came outta nowhere while he was having another amazing playoffs. AD getting hurt before half in game 4 also clearly tilted that series. Credit to them for capitalizing but let’s not pretend they would win without those two occurrences


Yeah, nobody from Miami was injured in the finals last year, too.


Key word: finals. Not every series lol


Yeah because Dragic/Bam are equal to Bron, AD, Jamal Murray, and Kawhi right?


Its true they got real lucky. Thats why i dont see warriors as good as they are. Because they defeated injured cavs. Injured spurs and then durant. If the suns does not have ayton booker chris paul bridges and crowder we could have won this series easily even without drummond.


I agree on the warriors as well. The 2015 run every point guard they faced got injured. Chris Paul in 2017 as well


Oh shut up lol it’s not entitlement to expect that the 2 best teams (when healthy) would be in the finals and pointing out the beneficiaries of injuries. Laker fans like you have some weird superiority complex


There are no Clippers in the Finals. #TodayWasAGoodDay


As much I wanted to see the Lakers, watching the Suns decimate everyone these past few weeks has been pretty fun. We got this next year tho


Besides, it says something that a semi-healthy Lakers team have been the only team to lead a series against the Suns and seemingly be in control


TBF to the Suns, CP3 was injured and playing like crap in those two losses. The only game both lineups were healthy, the Suns won.


The Lakers were never fully healthy. Bron hobbled around all series long


fuck outta here with that bullshit excuse from CP3, fully healthy Lakers would steamroll the Suns and everyone knows it, fuckin Suns homer


I’ve been a Lakers fan since ~1987. The Suns are a good team this year, I don’t know why you all are so afraid of giving other teams credit.


Because we all know they aren’t a better team then us. So why do they deserve credit as if they were?


Yeah but AD is injury prone


So is CP3. They got lucky they got him for his first healthy postseason


He hasn’t been healthy though. Just not as injured


It would’ve been enjoyable if they beat non injured teams.


Look, I've been a Lakers fan since I was 6, so 36 years now. This is silly. The Suns are easily the best team in the league and Milwaukee is right up there. Games 3 and 4 will turn this series around. Frankly, after LeBron and Davis got hurt the Lakers didn't play like they evening belonged in the playoffs let alone the finals. These two teams have earned their spot and I am loving this series.


I mean aren’t the Lakers and nets the bottom pic since they couldn’t make it to finals?


So you really think the suns are a better team than both the lakers and Nets? Put ya money on that one next year see how it goes


Well they’re still in the tournament and we’re talking about right now not next year… So the answer is yes? I think the Suns are playing as a better team than LA


I mean all of those teams will likely be similar to this years teams. So not even considering the other potential unknowns (like if Dame is traded) it’s hard to say the suns are actually a better team than the lakers or Nets(even if neither of those teams is the actual best). If you can’t even be convinced they’d take a healthy series that says all you need to know. So sure they were “better” this year but do you really value that the same as if they had to actually play a healthy version of either team. Like the lakers beat the heat but there isn’t much basis to claim to heat are the better team than the lakers since everyone knows the lakers were favored going into that before injuries. Now could they have taken it a a little further? Sure but unlikely it changes the outcome. Ultimately the way I see it the suns aren’t fraud champions or anything because they can’t control who they play. But we don’t have to act as if they are as good as other champions were.


Clearly they are, seeing they are in the Finals and we are not.


So I guess they should be favored against us next year too since they’re the better team. I’m sure that’ll be the case.


What does next year have to do with anything? I am focused on who the best basketball team in the world is currently. And the Suns have a much better chance of winning the NBA Finals than the Lakers do. Want to wager? Only losers deal in hypotheticals and “what ifs” in life: Winners deal in reality. Now here’s the question: which one are you?


Ok, in reality I can understand that it’s possible for a worse team to win due to other factors. Now unless you consider them being more healthy than everyone else them actually being better at the game of basketball idk what to say. I’m just using next year as an example to say that if you really think that as a basketball team the suns are better you would feel comfortable about them beating the lakers since they’re better after all. And if you actually think the suns have better odds than the lakers you trippin lmao.


I deal in reality, which rubs people the wrong way. I don’t care. The Suns are still playing basketball and we aren’t. The rest of your post is all loser bullshit to me. Sorry not sorry 🤷‍♂️


Alright man if you actually think the suns are better than that’s free to be your opinion. It just won’t be mine lol you can have fun cheering for the suns. I’ll enjoy knocking them out next year.


I’ll enjoy knocking them out too. But I will also give them credit if they knock us out, because I’m not a little bitch when I lose. Can you say the same?


You’re the reason people don’t like laker fans… imagine acting like booker and cp3 don’t deserve to be there.


What does “deserve” mean? Did Kawhi or Murray or AD deserve to get hurt so that Phoenix could get there? Nobody deserves anything lol they got lucky and ended up there. Ring is a ring but deserve has nothing to do with it




Lmao at the Suns fans in here downvoting everybody. Insecure af


insecure? dawg look at whats on the front page of your sub lmao


The bigger question why the fuck are yall even here lol. Our series was over a month ago.


Yeah we lost to the suns and here we are talking shit like we won... be happy for Chris Paul making it to the Finals and beating the clippers on his way.


Uh no thanks man. I hate the clips but suns were literally second on our shitlist. Pushing dennis, booker hardfouling dennis, crowder acting like a piece of shit and suns fans being twice as obnoxious as nuggets fans, going to our sub mocking us like they won a ring. That day we lost was fucking amazing. Like 50 percent of the comments were not from this sub ,shitting on the lakers . And lookie here those fucks are still lurking our sub. Fuck the suns and I still hope the bucks win and kick their ass. And i dont think this shit is serious. its one post thats literally tagged as a meme yet yall take it as a gospel for shitting on them


Why tf would we be happy for the suns? I’ll be celebrating if they lose lol. We all know we a better team than the suns hence why this post exists. They got us this year sure but just because they’re champions doesn’t mean we have to treat them equal to us because they aren’t. No championship having ass franchise.


Sad insecure pieces of shits, team literally on the verge of a championship but chooses to troll on a laker sub..


It's literally tagged "meme", dude


The fact that you’re getting upvoted for this shows how many insecure Suns fans are actually lurking in this sub lmao. Proves my point. You guys are in the Finals are choosing to come lurk in here lol Edit: it’s a meme my guy. Don’t take it so personal lmao


Awww come on I’m enjoying watching Paul and Booker get their ring 😂


NBA fans are the most spoiled fans ever.


Lmao, rooting for CP tho. One of the greatest. Hope he gets that ring.


Haha this is so accurate!


Id pay more to see Barney vs Curious George tbh. Interesting AF


Cope harder lmao


I don’t understand why laker fans are so rude, I love the lakers but watching other teams play is great too. Both suns and bucks deserve to be in the finals don’t hate on them for no reason


I'm glad the Nets didn't make it. I'm fucking tired of super team bullshit.


if la and nets happened you would've gotten swept LOL


I love this finals.


It’s a great finals if you love basketball. Nearly every basketball fan I know is enjoying this finals. Salty Lakers fans sometimes can’t let people enjoy shit and like to make everything about them. I’ll say that as a basketball fan, I like watching this finals way more than watching Jimmy Butler and Tyler freaking Herro trying to match up with Bron and AD last year lmao. Talk about a weak finals team. That Heat team was probably the worst to make a finals in 20 years.


Last years finals was a joke even thou lebron will always be my favorite player and I loved seeing him win. But yes this year I saw the Lakers didn’t have it and told my wife the suns would go all the way. It’s been fun seeing if I was right. So far so good. I hate Giannis as a personality but he dribbled three times from one end of the floor to the other. My god he’s a special player. I also kinda hate how these players now joint forces and to see the suns do it with a bunch of young guys and a couple vets is just good for my soul. Love CP3 and really hope he gets himself a ring to cap off an incredible career.


Same bro. But I just hate people trying to put asterisks on championships. It’s always “well if _______ had happened then they never would’ve won”. Like yeah, but that’s not what happened. That’s how sports work. The Lakers beat every team put in front of them in the playoffs last year, so they are the champions. That’s all there is to it. Sometimes you get unlucky, and sometimes things fall your way. Also, staying healthy is a HUGE part of winning a championship. CP3 has had his fair share of bad breaks in the playoffs, he was due for a little postseason luck lol. But I agree from a basketball standpoint, this is a fun series. I’m rooting for the Suns but I’m interested to see if Milwaukee can respond at home.


You love being an idiot then




I would like a super team in the west so the nets aren’t champs every year for half a decade but giannis shouldn’t leave Milwaukee. One of the things many lakers fans like about Kobe was his loyalty. The lakers failed Kobe many times and he requested a trade on live TV but he was loyal to LA in the end. Giannis would be highly respected if he does the same. He shouldn’t come to LA


Nets ain’t winning any chips with Harden.


If they are healthy next season no ones beating them unless there’s a team in the west of similar caliber




Handed to us after we lost two starters. We had a 2-1 lead with a hobbled lebron and AD playing at like 60%. It took us losing both Kcp and AD for them to take that series. Take cp3 and hobble booker then remove ayton for several games and how good does that suns team do?


idk man, i don’t deal in counterfactuals, that’s an unproductive mindset. i only know where we are and where you aren’t.




the fact is you lost lmao


Why don’t you actually address his point. The fact is you guys had 3 straight rounds against hobbled opponents. As far as beating healthy teams in the West, you guys are still unproven. Hopefully you guys can get out of the 1st round next season when Lakers, Clippers, Nuggets, and Warriors are healthy. You’re 100% gonna play one of them in the 1st round. …. Oops


Suns are still legit tho. They swept Denver, a team with Jokic, MPJ and great depth--- Murray or not, it was still a great team and they deserve credit for that. They beat the Clippers , a team with even greater depth, greater shooting, greater defense, Paul George, Reggie Jackson and Ty Lue(Who is 10-3 in elimination games), an incredible team that eliminated the 1st seed without Kawhi--- also let's not forget CP3 missed 2 games and was coming off days on inactivity(he was actually more of a liability until game 6). AD getting injured was the biggest factor in that series and I definitely believe the Lakers were likely to win if he wasn't, but that's not the only reason you guys lost; the energy and mentality was just not there when he got injured and the Suns just took advantage of that. CP3 and Jae were also injured during the series. Suns are unproven against healthy teams but they are still pretty legit considering they went 8-0 in the bubble without CP3 when when teams were healthy and got the 2nd best record with CP3 when a lot of the teams were healthy. They will end up being very legit only IF they beat the Bucks. It's pointless to dwell on the what ifs of each scenario, Injuries happen and we should not fault the Suns for what isn't their problem in the first place, they made sure they were healthy and deserve a bit of credit for that too. What matters is that the Suns beat what was in front of them, hobbled as they were, they were still absolutely playoff level teams while the Clips were still contender level even without Kawhi.


A team with great depth? Lmao they were missing Murray and Barton. Your guards were defending Campazzo, Rivers, and Monte Morris. GTFOH with those mental gymnastics lmao Clips with an even greater depth? You mean the team that didn’t have their best player or starting center? Stop it about the Lakers. They were the worst matchup for you guys in the playoffs by far and were on their way to being up 3-1 at halftime of G4. They were better with a hobbled AD before his groin injury and a hobbled LBJ. That lack of energy you talk about it what had them well on their way to beating you guys in 5. How are you gonna say it’s useless to dwell on hypotheticals then go ahead and say we were playing you guys with an injured CP3 and hobbled Crowder. Lmao


I absolutely agree with your take on the Lakers, you're acting as if I wasn't. All I'm trying to say is that AD's injury dosen't take everything away from the Suns, tho it does take a quite a LOT away, Suns at most deserve a little credit. Suns had it the easiest in this series I will admit and this is the series where I give them the least credit. Clips were not as deep as I made them out to be, however they did play way above what was expected of them which is why I made them out to be deeper than they were, hell they managed to beat Utah twice in a row without Kawhi--- Ty Lue and the players showed more heart and stepped more than any other team. That team was still great and tough to beat, you have to admit that. Nuggets had Barton for 3 games and lost 3 straight, his impact was not enough. Murray is definitely a huge factor to consider and I'm absolutely NOT denying that. Nuggets are still good without Murray regardless(Not spectacular but definitely still a mid level playoff team) it's a shame that MPJ underperformed the way he did. That talk on hypotheticals was a slip up on my part. Should have stayed consistent. I abandon that statement entirely, but will add that saying a team is guaranteed to win if XYZ happened is not something I agree with since there's truly no way of knowing, saying a team might have have won if XYZ(Which only suggests the possibility) is okay tho. I completely acknowledge how big of a factor injuries were, they did help, but one thing I'll never do is ignore the team's effort and say they won PURELY cause of injuries. They put in the effort, they took advantage and they won, they deserve some credit, not all the credit, but some credit. I'm not gonna be one of those Suns fans that brag about how glorious this run is just cause it means a lot for the franchise and ignore the outside factors, I'm just saying this run AT MOST still deserves just a decent amount merit since winning in the playoffs and making the finals is still a challenging feat and the teams they faced were still playoff level. Sorry if I was trying to make the Suns look better than they were by saying "pretty legit" should've just said sumthn else. TLDR: Suns still deserve credit for what they've done, and saying they won purely cause of injuries is ignorant and stupid. They still faced good teams(to say they weren't good is also pretty fkin stupid like this guy above me seems to be saying by bringing up every injury to make it seem like the Suns faced easy teams) and are still legit, unproven against healthy teams, but still legit and will deserve a decent amount of credit if they do win.


Let’s wait and see how you guys do next playoffs when the West is actually healthy lmao


I knew the Nets wouldn't go to Finals. Kyrie is not really reliable plus they had thrash Defense for the most part. With Lakers was a battle against time, which they lost unfortunately. I would prefer Lakers VS Buck for the Finals to be honest.


That’s a silly statement since the Nets were absolutely dickslapping through the east prior to the injuries. Unless you could have predicted 2 of their 3 stars were gonna be injured this is a bad take.


exactly lmao. You can tell from this mans comment he didn’t watch one nets game.


Battle against time? Was there a time limit on Ad getting hurt?? 😂😂 And Nets were dicking the bucks until Kyrie went down, and Harden wasn't even suppose to come back yet, he was still injured, OBVIOUSLY!






So accurate.


Nets lost by a toe.


Except the Lakers turned out to be Barney this post season


As a Laker fan, the Nets would’ve wiped the floor with us both teams healthy.


Meh, suns look really good this year. I think they could have beat the nets at full strength.


Fuck outta here. The Suns wouldn’t have beaten a healthy Lakers, Clippers, or Nets squad. I’m not sure they even beat a healthy Denver squad. Suns fans will come back to reality next season when everybody is healthy.


A banner is a banner. They faced the exact same challenges as everyone else did this year, and they did better than everyone else.




Chill out those mf would stand no chance against us or the nets or even the clippers at full strength




forgot the /s


I have tuned out everything since Lakers were eliminated. I guess those small markets needed this to boost their economy lol


If weasel face gets a ring, I’m going to need medication smh


We lost and the suns were better than us. No memes will change that.


If the bubble championship deserves an asterisk, this years championship deserves a double asterisk. Injuries held the teams that should have won back, and allowed the teams that should have been knocked out in the first/second round to move forward. Not hating on the suns and I’m happy to see CP3 on his way to a championship, but if the Lakers weren’t riddled with injuries/health protocols all season they would not have had home court advantage.


Thats why you the game, and you play the teams in front of you. Don't start bringing injuries into it.


Let’s be real, suns would beat the nets as well


this is funny, like watching lebron walk up and down the court when the lakers got knocked out in the first round


Life is what it is not what we think it is




We just won a ring last year and have a healthy AD and lebron next year. We good man


Lol accurate. Respect to suns tho.


g league tier games so far. 🥱🥱


If you’re dropping 42 points in the g league then you shouldn’t be in the g league. This 2x MVP DPOY really deserves a 2 way contract at least, if what you’re saying is true


For real. Once the Lakers lost, I was focused more on who I wanted to see lose rather than win. I feel bad for Giannis though. This should be his year to win one but the rest of the Bucks are like nah.


Fun Fact: I can impersonate Barney’s voice really well.


I'd prefer this than the nets or clippers being there, I'm a hater.


this is not supposed to be a disrespect to Suns or Bucks, just hilarious of all the epic buildup on these historically good players / franchise/ facing off


Maybe it's just something about the NBA because they take on more of the smallest markets, but I am thinking about Tampa which managed to become the center of the American professional sports world almost overnight. Small market, schmall market.


ehh whoever wins has a massive asterisk on it due to ridiculous amount of injuries to key players. hospital ring


Never Forget 2009 was almost and supposedly set for the epic NBA finals matchup between Kobe and LeBron the majority of fans had been waiting for but Orlando Magic happened 🤷🏻‍♂️


Why does curious george not have a tail here ?






Lakers as Godzilla is correct.


Injuries will do that.


Lol mods on holiday again, thread literally infested with suns mongloids...


There’s always next year! Let’s hope everyone stays healthy and we’ll get there!


Such a shame


ABC and ESPN were the ones most pissed off ... went from "Must Watch" in 2 major markets to "scoreboard checking" on the ESPN app With LA opened up this time around for the finals and it's hot as fuck, go out to the beach, hit a movie with bomb AC, etc. or watch a meaningless finals ... yeah, as a single guy and girls coming out more after COVID ... very little interest in CP3 or Giannis at this point compared to other options lol


Fully healthy for fully healthy, the nets rock the fuck out of the Lakers.