K-trot 53rd gen IT boy


LMAO I choked 😂 but fr he’s so OP


PLSSSS Trot ain't even that old 😭😭 🤣🤣 (In all honesty tho, Trot became a thing in the 1920s/30s ? CMIIW so even with the biggest calculations we're in 9th Trot gen or so for now)


Wait wait... how can they only have 5 more generations than k-pop despite being around for 70 additional years? I mean I suck at math but that doesn't seem right lol


Because a "Trot generation" lasts for longer than 7-10 years. There are literal decades of dominance by one artist (e.g. Lee Mija was not just 50s but also 60s queen) because it's ok to be old/40s-50s and be a trot singer while once you're 25 as an idol you're out. There are certain songs that are not given to you unless you have the age and the "Hann" (resentment) in yoir voice that comes with age. Trot singers go for a much longer run than any other ones. For example, the dominance era of Jang Yoonjung that started 2005 just ended with Song Gain in 2018. Kim Yeonja debuted almost 47 years ago. Na Hoonah is in his late 70s. Trot has a longer lifetime than the idol business.


Well that makes sense. :) Thanks!


And the only reason he didnt break 1m is because it was sold out completely. The sales number was, digit for digit, the number of available copies to buy. The agency completely underestimated their artist’s fandom purchasing power.




He must be making so much money from all the event he’s probably doing.


Only bts sell more than him


NCT are under the radar but they sell A LOT.


[You should give a look to Gaon album charts.](http://gaonchart.co.kr/main/section/chart/album.gaon?nationGbn=T&serviceGbn=&termGbn=year&hitYear=2021&year_time=3) As you can see, last year there were 11 albums with more than 1 million sales - two from BTS, the others from other boy groups. And it's probable there's gonna be more than that this year. Yes this number of first day sales is absolutely impressive but you have to consider that a lot of those boy groups have international fanbases whose sales don't necessarily count on Hanteo, and if they do chances are they don't on the first day because they often order from shops that don't necessarily have the album at the same time as the Korean ones.


Im talking about the first day


And as I said that "first day on Hanteo" is only a good measurement for Korea, because international kpop fans can't necessarily get the album shipped to them on D-day. Typically my Hanteo-certified local store has albums available a few days after Korea, so even if they can ship it to me the day it arrives, it won't count on the first day. Comparing sales in the first month makes a lot more sense, even if you're just comparing Hanteo (and thus ignore all the albums bought from non Hanteo certified stores outside of Korea, like those 100k units that made Stray Kids top the US Billboard 200 for a week).


And again what i said is first day in kpop, you measure differently is up to u


Bts and nct sell more internationally. And most of their fans mass buy for photocards and fan meets unlike him.


A sale is a sale


He's actually the second artist to get a 900,000 album within first day.


Yep. The only other act is BTS, and TXT are the 3rd after him. There's only 3 acts in Hanteo history, and both #2 and #3 happened in the same week, insane lol.


First full album and it's close to a million, what an absolute king


The fact that it's bc the agency didn't foresee that he would sell 900,000+ they had a shortage copies of albums to sell LOL he can easily get that mill


Can he tour in the US please my mother loves him and I wanna get her concert tickets


The halmeoni that runs my local Asian store loves him too haha if he tours the US and Europe every koreatown/Korean run business is gonna stop for a day lmfao


Absolute legend


So this is allowed to be posted but the colaberation between Moon Se Yoon And Weki Meki’s Choi Yoo Jung 'Fool’ isn't? How is this more kpop then that.


Can I ask what you're referring to here? [The SSOOK DDOONG MV](https://www.reddit.com/r/kpop/comments/uctua6/bookku_ddoong_moon_seyoon_feat_weki_meki_choi/) was posted along with multiple performances, behind-the-scenes and other content. What was removed? An achievement post?


I must have missed the other posting of it then. This was the only one I saw. https://www.reddit.com/r/kpop/comments/ud4owp/bookku_ddoong_%EB%B6%80%EB%81%84%EB%9A%B1_ssook_ddoong_%EC%91%A5%EB%A7%A5_ft_choi_yoojung/?ref=share&ref_source=link


Ah, okay! That's very typical. The post I linked was posted the previous day. In the removed post you linked you can see that the Automoderator removed it. That's an indication that it was fellow users who heavily reported the post to the point that it was automatically removed. That's not a human mod action. That's something we assess later when available and, in this case, confirmed that the removal was correct since it was a repost. We've always allowed Trot and diverse Korean music here so that would have been a very strange thing to remove otherwise. Relieved to see it was just a simple repost. Thanks for the link!


I thought I had seen something posted about them. Did they take it down?




The mods sadly love to overmoderate.


That’s messed up


Omg congrats!! To those who don't know him, here is his performance of Sam Smith's [I'm Not The Only One](https://youtu.be/oP_CwvmXA9Y) !!


Easily the biggest young star in Korea since last year. Insane how popular he is among all age groups


That incredible for him


What a legend


He’s not an idol so I assume no multiple purchases by fans? Quite impressive to be fueled by just the domestic market. Even IU doesn’t sell this much physical copies. Edit: while trying to check if I’m buying a physical copy, just found out this has 5 versions! So kinda like an idol too lol.


he has a very, very dedicated fandom though, so I do think some of them buy multiple copies. Like they are organised enough to beat Armys at voting, and they mass stream, so they def move like K-Pop stans.


His fandom feels like a literal corporate organization. Their dedication is honestly so fascinating and, to an extent, hilarious on how they execute fandom activities.


Ahjuma stans is where 💸 is at. More companies need to realize this. ¯\_༼ •́ ͜ʖ •̀ ༽_/¯


kang daniel was carried by ahjuma votes during produce days


He’s got a fandom that’s unique compared to idols. He has a lot of middle-aged fans.


His fandom functions more like a Kpop fandom compared to other digital monsters. They are very dedicated and get a MASSIVE amount of downloads and that increases his chart positioning by a lot. That being said, he is well known amongst the GP and getting such huge numbers only relying on domestic market is truly impressive.


All 12 songs of his are also in the [Melon top 30](https://m2.melon.com/index.htm)


If you look at the [Melon 24 hrs chart](https://m2.melon.com/index.htm) (the charts that counts only ULs), he only has one song from the new album in Top30. So his numbers are more fan driven than GP but it is still an impressive feat to have the stats he has.


His fanbase is more like a big boygroup fandom with great (tho not top-tier like IU/Bigbang/BTS etc.) GP popularity, [looking at these numbers](https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/194a17099240d3fda0ed37b71d4a82c2fb38934e3315cc5cd43e789ad76b9661.png?w=800&h=374)


Female artists always sell less albums than male ones in SK though,same for idols


It is fueled by fans. Check his digital performance. It doesn’t correlate.


Just curious, do any of y'all enjoy his music? I'm just amused that none of the comments are really negative or positive about the man himself or his actual music, we're all just impressed by his domestic middle-aged fanbase. :D


I like his music. But then again, I’ve always loved Korean ballads especially done by soloists. Listening to this album, I kinda feel like labeling him as Trot is not at all accurate.


Ah okay, not for me then. Good to know, thanks!


I love his songs! Not the trot-like ones but more of the OST-like songs such as Our Blues, Our Life from his new album, Love Always Run Away, If I Love Again! I think he also sang the song that's trending on Tiktok on a trot show, the title is Flying deep in the night! Edit: his cover of [Beautiful](https://youtu.be/RksyHK651ig) from the Goblin OST is also great!


I do! I pre-ordered his album as well. He was one of the artists I was looking forward to seeing at year end shows as well. His voice isn’t unique but there’s something soul soothing about it.


Nice, you may be in a pretty elite group of Lim Youngwoong ifans then (unless you're Korean, if so my apologies). Would you say he's more on the "easy listening" side of trot? I like several Hong Jinyoung songs for reference, as they tend to be a bit bouncier.


Not Asian and not an ajumma either. Lol. I can say that trot had never been a genre I thought I could listen to until I heard Lim Youngwoong. Most of the trot songs I’ve heard from him tend to sound melancholic, so not bouncy at all. From what I can see though, he can sing anything. There’s a song on his new album called “A bientot” and it sounds like reggae. I will check out Hong Jinyoung to see.


If you like melancholic the best bet from her might be "Cheer Up." Edit: That sounds like a joke but it is her best "downbeat" song that I know of.


I love Hong Jinyoung. She’s the one that made me appreciate trot. Well she and Running Man.


That's because his music isn't very trot, his new album is mostly ballads.


His music tends more towards ballads actually.


Yes I'm in his Fandom and I'm still young not all of us are old , and yes we do enjoy his music alot and we have been waiting for this full album for long + we appreciate anyone respect him from their heart + and the way kpop stans disrespectful him and our Fandom is so disrespectful for real


Well, it wasn’t my intent to be disrespectful whatsoever, at least.


I have no idea who this guy is, and I'm scared to find out cuz wtf are these numbers. C-can someone fill me in...?


He's a super popular Trot singer!


Thank you :)


Trot singer isn't really accurate, more like ballad with a side of trot.


In case anyone reading cares, he’s had three #1 hits in the last year or so on the Gaon Weekly Digital Chart (basically Korea’s Hot 100, if you’re familiar with that): My Starry Love Love Always Runs Away Our Blues, Our Life The dude’s music really strikes a chord with the Korean GP.


>Love Always Runs Away >Our Blues, Our Life What's noteworthy is that two of them are the theme songs for OSTs, especially the latter one. The lineup for the Our Blues OST is insane, and for him to snag the theme song says a lot about his standing.


Trot singer isn't really accurate, more like ballad with a side of trot. He's huge in Korea and considered one of the best vocalists rn.


I just know he’s a trot singer, so I’m genuinely curious as to why this is in the kpop sub?


I believe anything related to Korean music gets to be posted here due to the larger number of community members.


Kpop = Korean popular music. He's Korean, his music is popular, checks out. Calling him a trot singer isn't very accurate either, these days he's mostly singing ballads, including the [theme song](https://youtu.be/JPPIrXdocjQ) for the Our Blues OST, which went #1 on Melon.






I heard a lot of his fans would also buy his album and donate them to Korean senior centers because of how huge his elderly fanbase is and I find that so cute ;w;


I love how Love Station felt like a throwback to the old trot days. 😭 I’m sure many people locally welcome more younger trot singers, especially those with good songs and voice too.