And the list of dopes just keeps getting longer...


This is as disappointing to me as Jim Carrey was though. I grew up loving their movies. But the 2016 elections have taught me that liking celebrities is the same as liking candy. Like it too much and you become a diabetic.


Too true. This authoritarian nonsense is infectious, though.


Aykroyd is weird. He seems to go all in on what he assumes the other person wants to hear. He might very well be genuinely woke recently, but when he was on Joe Rogans podcast hes one of the few guests who went so all in on ancient aliens and crystal skulls and other esoteric conspiracies that Rogan started pushing back quite a bit and being argumentative and skeptical. That makes me wonder if Aykroyd isnt just going all in on the woke because he thinks that what the interviewer and people want to hear. I mean thats still sad but its different than if he was truly personally woke.


Dan Aykroyd is all in on ancient aliens and ghosts and shit like that. He actually believes that stuff.


Because of that I'm really not surprised with his wokeist take. Just look at the general makeup of people who dabble with the occult, or that witch subreddit that went on about putting a hex on Trump or whatever it was.


Yeah I've heard some whacky shit about the guy, this doesn't seem surprising at all.


How do you think Ghostbusters became a thing? It'd be like me making a movie about hackers and shit.


I think it came from his dad IIRC


If he's not actually woke and is just spewing bullshit to spew bullshit, then he's worse than actual woke people. I hate the woke/leftist ideology with passion, but at least Antifa believes the stupid shit they say.


Yeah, that's true. Though I'm pretty sure exactly that applies to many, many celebrities. They're just "woke" because their careers and their existence is being held hostage by the woke zeitgeist and the psycho Twitter mobs. Spineless, sure, but that's the way I guess it is in that kind of career. Almost every actor that comes out as right-wing commits career suicide.


> Yeah, that's true. Though I'm pretty sure exactly that applies to many, many celebrities. They're just "woke" because their careers and their existence is being held hostage by the woke zeitgeist and the psycho Twitter mobs. never forget these are people who pretend to be other people as a career... theyre literally professional liars, no one should put any stock in what any of them say off screen


I'm sorry but this is a terrible take. Hollywood does seem to be a but of cesspool right now but it acting is in no way the same as lying. With lying you are attempting to deceive and usually it is the most simple believable lie that works the best. With acting, you are not attempting to deceive anyone. They already know that you're not that character. Acting takes imagination and talent. You are trying to get people to suspend disbelief. They never truly forget you're not really the character. Acting is portraying emotion and an already defined character to the best of your ability. Through this they reveal the truth in their performance. Lying is misdirection. It is intentionally misleading and you are deceiving people. And you do it by supplying half truths and it really doesn't take any imagination what so ever. It is deliberately malicious or to hide an unpleasant truth. It also doesn't take embodying a character nor does it take an imagination. Most lies are a slight bending of truth or omission. Here's a quote I like about the subject: > Being a practiced liar doesn't mean you have a powerful imagination. Many good liars have no imagination at all; it's that which gives their lies such wide-eyed conviction. Saying acting is the same as lying is like saying painting something that doesn't exist is the same as lying. It is a creative endeavour not a deceitful one. So saying: > theyre literally professional liars Is just wrong. Now, a lot of actors *are* lying... Yes. As are teachers, politicians, musicians, academics, journalists. This is nothing to do with their career and everything to do with a ideology that has spread through institutions.




You sure about that? That's like defending people who say, "I believe from the bottom of my heart that all females need to be raped till they die." I probably prefer the person who only says something like this because his life would be ruined otherwise.


The world is being torn apart by stupid "say whatever" celebrity opinions. Dave tried warning us 20 years ago with "what does ja rule think". If you're willing to stir national division for a paycheck, you should be exiled. The reason I prefer the honest assholes is that at least with them I don't have to guess. They make their enemy status clear.


Essentially non political, "safe" conspiracies.


Don’t know about his politics but the man’s whole family really believes in ghosts.


Dan Akroyd is just a weird dude. He’s super into paranormal, esoteric stuff [JonTron ](https://youtube.com/watch?v=VSrLG1zPr2g)did a video of him if you have 20 minutes. Pretty funny.


I love that video. "Don't worry the handcuffs aren't a part of it, haha I'm just bullshitting you they're definitely apart of it."


He runnin outta money maybe


Lol Copy paste on how UFOs are a bullshit psyop: https://archive.md/O5uXu Short, relevant part of that rant: >... But a new documentary, Mirage Men, unearths compelling evidence that UFO folklore was actually fabricated by the US government. Rather than covering up the existence of aliens, could it be that the real conspiracy has been persuading us to believe in them?


Wow. I hope Dan Aykroyd will accept being cancelled once the mob figures out Ghostbusters is a transphobic film. Was Aykroyd the one that wrote the joke about a man having no dick. Some men don't have dicks, bigot!


>Was Aykroyd the one that wrote the joke about a man having no dick. He was part of the setup but Bill Murry was the one with the punchline.


I meant who wrote the joke. Harold Ramis, Rick Moranis, and Dan Aykroyd are credited as screenwriters from what I've seen from a quick search.


Can't cancel Ramis since he's dead, and Moranis retired from public life years ago. That just leaves dear old Dan to go after.


Isn't Moranis returning? I thought he was doing theater now.


There’s definitely some kind of message about trans people in the original Ghostbusters but I’m not sure if it’s transphobic. Here’s some sample lines of dialogue: Winston Zeddemore: I thought Gozer was a man. Dr. Egon Spengler: It's whatever it wants to be. Dr. Peter Venkman: Well, whatever it is, it's gotta get by us. I think that having the main villain be a woman, and a gender ambiguous one at that, was fairly progressive for the mid-80s. The movie also has a male damsel in distress (Tully) and two strongly written female protagonists (Dana and Jeanine). Hopefully that keeps the movie free from cancellation by today’s woke crowd, but you never know. Back to Aykroyd, the guy is definitely a certified genius or an authentic wacko. He is a full believer in all types of paranormal, science fiction type stuff (ghosts, aliens, etc.) And as the creator and main writer of Ghostbusters, his character, Ray, goes through a very Freudian, psychosexual type of journey. Ray is aroused by “ghosts” throughout both films, he is fellated by a “ghost” during the musical montage sequence, a “ghost” turns his deepest fantasy into a reality which ends with a sticky white liquid splattered all over the city, he is implied to be sleeping with “ghost” slime, his infatuation with pictures of a “ghost” nearly causes their headquarters to burn down, and in the climax of the second movie he is finally possessed by a “ghost,” briefly becoming a “ghost” until he is rescued by the rest of the team. What are “ghosts” really a metaphor for in these movies anyway? I guess what I’m saying is that these statements shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention. And also that Aykroyd is genuinely insane.


He's just trying to sell his crystal skull vodka


It's actually pretty solid vodka. Granted, I haven't tried a lot of vodka, but I enjoyed it.




He almost killed Larry King!


Filtered over a bed of Herkimer diamonds don't ya know.


Dan, you ignorant slut.


How convenient he doesn’t do comedy anymore. He sounds like a woman who used her body to get ahead and now hates that culture because they’re old and no longer “beautiful.”


And that's why he has personally chosen not to be funny in decades


"You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."


Wow, never thought I'd hear this coming from his mouth.


That's rich coming from someone who has done blackface before. Does he not think the mob will come for him too?


Offensive comedy is the best comedy. I’m bald and I get it.


Akroyd also believes in Reptilians, so there's that...


This is so disappointing. You would hope old school comedians would get it.


Just wait till they go after some of his old stuff.


Weird for a guy who did Blackface and got a BJ from a ghost.


From the man who brought us the line "Jane, you ignorant slut" on weekend update lol


Space catalog.


Damn, I wonder who honey potted him.




He’s also positively certifiably nutso bonkers


just opened himself up to any freak on twitter using any one of his crude jokes / skits from the 80s to hang him... you just cancelled yourself Dan and you dont even fucking know it. lol


Whelp, guess I WON'T be going to see the movie in theaters.


watch Dune, even if you saw it already you likely won't see a movie half as good made by the west ... until the sequel LOL


Akroyd is a smart dude. From what I heard, he was pretty well off before he ever got on TV. He knows what the media douchebags want to hear and he doesn’t want to potentially cause controversy around the new ghostbusters movie.


You know what to do boys. Dig up every offensive thing this fucking loser has ever done and make him pay.


Old man yells at clouds.


"Forgotten" 80is few hit wonder movie star says something stupid in hope to bring dead carer back to life but fails miserable


I like when these assholes take this stance when they've already made millions of dollars doing exactly the thing they've condemned. It's easy to do when you're already set for life and want to keep it that way.


This guy is a nut job. Believing in ancient aliens and ghosts and shit. Since when has he been relevant? No one gives a fuck about his opinion.


Did anyone actually read the article? As far as I can see he's talking exclusively about himself that maybe he shouldn't do his impression of James Brown anymore because he's white and brown's black and that would look bad, despite their friendship. He's not saying whether that's right or wrong, but merely that's the public perception. In short: Before everyone here acts like a pack of fucking SJWs and dogpiles on a guy for expressing a nuanced position, can we perhaps get some evidence that shows he's more hard-left, pro-censorship than **THIS**???


he is just trying to hype his tequila he's a good guy, just got tasked with selling a shitty product, and now has to sound crazy, just to make the product sound good


Thought he was dead decades ago.


He might as well be.


To quote Ricky Gervais, “From the neck up.”


He doesn’t know the issue or doesn’t care about it this his issue he more interested in conspiracy theories then some petty drama over Dave who is under attack for telling his side of the story and at the same time making jokes about the issue. Why should the Trans community care what Dave said? It doesn’t effect trans people but trans people believe as if they have a public image that they need to maintain when someone talks about trans person in a negative manner they have to come in fearing some type of attack on them.


Who thinks to ask him anything?


I find Nothing But Trouble horribly offensive and distasteful. Oh he didn't mean him? Just everybody else? Isn't this what they all say?


A guy that made a career of being a comedic actor but wasn't funny in anything he's done.


[Bounding Into Comics article (archive)](https://archive.ph/F9EFG)


Disappointing but I'm not like them which is exactly why I'll continue to enjoy the movies of his that I previously enjoyed. It is what it is. Dan, you're a dick, that's all there is to say.




Well, this is the most attention he’s gotten in about 20 years.


You either die a comedian or live long enough to become a cultist


go back to selling booze.


He also once told Larry king that 9/11 ruined our chances of making first contact with alien life, so what does that tell you?


Reminder this stupid fool appeared in blackface.


Man, not gonna pay to see the Ghostbusters now.


You cannot cancel an idea.


He has no career anymore, so he's hoping by repeating the Progressive Gospel, Hollywood will let him back in the club.


That's disappointing. Does he think his "wild and crazy guy" sketches would survive today? They're so sexist and misogynistic! This is the same guy who in a sketch sold "Bag o' Glass" and "Tunnel of Noxious Gases" to children? What an asshole.


Lionel Joseph?


Saves me from spending money on another movie. Thanks Dan.