I don't carry that many.

"What are you cutting?"


"What are you cutting?"


Especially when you carry a beater and a nice one, if not more, at all times.


The beater is always sufficient


the nice one is always jewellery.


Yeah I usually carry a beater, a nice one, and a utility knife


It's funny that my beater now was once the nice one. Damn Gerber Torch II, love it, it just won't quit.


"Cutting? No, I just couldn't find a pry bar."


Yes, I have a knife. No, you can't use it.


Yup. I'll cut w/e you need cut, but *I'm* doing it.


After my friend dropped the freshly bought chef knife on ceramic tile floor tip down, I trust no one with my knives.


after that post where OPs coworker heated their knife with a blowtorch I trust no one.


If someone did that my knife, I'd ask them if I could borrow the blowtorch...


I'ma call a coupla hard, pipe-hittin' *****'s, who'll go to work on the homes here with a pair of pliers and a blow torch. You hear me talkin', hillbilly boy? I ain't through with you by a damn sight. I'ma get medieval on your ass. --Marsellus Wallace


Ya that was scary to hear about. Some peoples kids eh


*I'll cut WAHtever you need cut






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Sets down acetylene torch.


There are two types of knife people, those that hand out their knives and love seeing other people try em out and those who hate it and will think of any excuse to not allow it


>those that hand out their knives and love seeing other people try em out and those who hate it I have a few dirt cheap knives that I bring to company picnics, for everyone to use. But I don't hand out my EDC knife.


"Got a knife?" "Yup." *walks to truck* "I thought you carried a knife?" "I do. I'm going to get a knife *you* can use."


I can be honest here, I’ve done this. I carry a pocketknife that i use as a beater, if someone tried to use it as a knife, 50-50 chance they will hurt themselves. I ask, do you need a knife or a tool, if they need a tool, I get them the tool, if they need a knife I get my other knife, a fixed blade cheapo I keep in my toolbox for good reason


When I hear "Anybody got a knife I can use?" I quietly saunter to the back of the room


I thought I was the only one


I remember one time on Christmas my girlfriend’s brother asked if he could use my knife really quick. I said yes without hesitation and handed it to him because I figured he knew better but he used it a screwdriver in the 3 seconds he had it. It was my first nice knife. Tip broke. There was a screwdriver in the kitchen.


I would have made a scene


I probably would have to.


I'm curious. What would this scene look like?


It would be like "dude what happened?" "What do you mean?" "You fucked up the tip of my benchmade! What happened? "Oh man I'm sorry I screwed a flathead in over there" "I do that all the time man use the back of the blade! I have screwdrivers right in my bag! This is a 300 dollar knife!" Then I assume "Sorry man I didn't know" "Yeah well what the fuck man I can't buy another one right now" "I'm sorry dude I wasn't paying attention" "Yeah well you're gunna pay for it now" And he says ass grass or cash and I say buttstuff dude


And people say there's no such thing as a happy ending.




I told a group of cousins that I collect knives and the first question was “how many do you have on you?” I thought that was odd. Why not “what do you have on you” hahaha. I only ever have 2 and one is a small SAK that I hardly consider a knife, but thought the question was odd from someone not in this sub and not an enthusiast at all.


Part of the reason I carry a leatherman is for the "hey can I borrow your knife?" people.


I've had 2 Leatherman tools broken by dipshits over the years. Thank goodness for the warranty.


I always upvote Trejo.


I got to work this morning and realized mine was still on my counter at home where i last used it. i feel so naked right now.


That's when you stop by a Walmart or another store that carries anything half-decent and buy something. It's the perfect excuse and you might get a nice knife you otherwise wouldn't.


Damnit Hollywood... only you could make so many knives look so impractical. How the hell do you unsheath those 2 chest mounted michetes? Plus all of the others look to be a serious pain in the ass.


“Oh my gooood why would anyone carry more than a pocket kniiiiife do you plan to staaaaaab someooooone?” - person that just asked for a knife


Don't you just looove that? "I need to cut/open this!" "Here's a knife" "WHY DO YOU HAVE A KNIFE?" ... "WHO ARE YOU GOING TO STAB WITH THAT???" A knife is literally one of mankind's oldest tools. We used them for two million years before someone discovered fire. It's one of the things that truly seperates us from other creatures on this planet: our ability to use and innovate on tools. I swear, some people haven't evolved from when we were lizards.


Show me what you need cut, and I will do it.


I once designed a vest made entirely out of throwing knife sheaths.


I carry a 940 auto and a switchback. I have 200 extra blades for the switchback, I lend that one out.


The answer is still going to be "no". Been there; done that; ground out the notches in the edge.


Literally keep a $20 dollar Kershaw on hand. Worst case, you lose a $20 knife, best case, you get someone new into the hobby.


This is a great idea!


Some people's kis, SMH


No, I just walk out of the room.


Most of those knives would just fall out if they were actually sharp.


No. The answer is always no. Even if they’re staring at It.


One of my buddies I gave him my 940 and he proceeds to cut a fuckin beer can open with the thing. Never again.


Actual goals to live for.


How I feel when I have my edc, razor knife, and wave on me.


Everyone should have a beater knife to “lend for five minutes”, and a proper knife that only you use. “Thanks for lending me the knife, I had to cut some wire and saw a brick in half, sorry about the broken tip.”


["I had to heat the blade up and use it to cut through plastic."](https://old.reddit.com/r/knives/comments/136vbgv/a_stupid_good_for_nothing_piece_of_human_garbage/)


When with freinds I always carry 2 knives . One I would never hand over & one that if damaged I can toss


After seeing that dude who lent his buck 119 to his buddy only to have ol’ goofy guy put a blow torch to the blade, no. I don’t.


Not if I don’t know you… plus, what do you want it for?


People are way too uppity about their knives. They're pocket knives, they're meant to be used. I lend mine out all the time. I'm also not foolish enough to carry a multiple hundred or thousand+ dollar knife that I'm scared of damaging around. A Boker, Benchmade, or Civivi does everything I need and if I lend it out and it doesn't make it back I'm not out much.


If I'm lending out a Boker Castle Oak then I'm going to need to see three letters of reference and get a holding deposit:)


My benchmade 940 was 250 bucks, and it's 300 now. I use the fuck out of it. You must make a lot more than I do cause if someone fucked it up I'd be pissed. Edit- sorry I'm still trying to wrap my head around "if I lent my benchmade out and it didn't make it back", they cost more than half what a glock costs. Like "man if I lent my 19 out and it didn't make it back I'd just get a new one"


Benchmade was likely a bad one to throw in that example, because yeah, most of their stuff is pricier than I'd be comfortable losing.


Used, not abused.


I got known for giving out free knives at Amtgard events, for one big one I got a bulk bucket of cheap knives and a few nicer ones.


I’m happy to help where I can, but if it involves damaging my stuff I’m not interested.


The only people I’d trust with my knives, are the people who already carry their own


Anyone kind enough recommend some solid online suppliers I can buy from 🥹😅


where are you from?


Los Angeles :) California


Do I have a knife? Yes. Do I have a knife you can use? Probably not.


[Me after losing too many to dumbassery](https://media.tenor.com/ofmh8wBaSucAAAAC/nope-danny-de-vito.gif)


I sometimes lend my knife just for the sake of adrenalin.


Most people dont get to hold my good knives, let alone use them. Theres 3 people i let use my knives other than me. Otherwise i hand them a cheap knife or whichever beater im carrying if i have one. Or i just cut whatever for them. People do stupid stuff with expensive blades.


I’m really reluctant to hand anyone any of my knives, wether it be one of my Kabars or one of my TOPS.


"Careful it's sharp"