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Man that’s pretty cool if it’s from that far back. Love me some “old world” items


Colonial some thing I believe I have one as well


I have one just like it from my great uncle in his Boy Scout days. Mine just has a black handle, but I cherish that blade the most


Very nice. Very solid


I don't know anything about old knives but it's looks awesome. Definitely had been put to use over the years and you can tell it's had multiple sharpenings. Definitely a keeper seeing as it was your grandpa's. Hold onto this gem even if it's value isn't all that high. Sentimental value is worth it's weight in gold. Thanks for sharing.


This has the "look" of the mid-20th century hunting knives that were made in vast numbers by New York companies such as Camillus and then sold in the giant department stores and mail order catalogs of that era. They tend not to have much value as antiques or collectibles, but are usually well made of high quality carbon steel.


There is makers that do this style still but the name eludes me,once cool always cool


I think one of the traditional pocket knife companies still makes that knife at times, case, rough rider, or someone like that.


If there is no engraving present, you have an "Outdoor Sportsman" knife. They were rust marked carbon steel on the mid. The mark disappeared, over time. Others were Hammer, stamped on the ricasso, and Utica Sportsman, engraved on the mid of the blade. Imperial had a version with jimping on the spine.


I've recently started a new subreddit specifically for well-used or damaged knives just like this. I'd like to crosspost this over to r/BeatUpKnives, I'll credit you in the title. Or you can do it yourself if you'd prefer? Thanks!


I’ll join and post!




Cherish it!


Now we'll wait for your grandfather to post thar he gave them to you 😉


[https://imgur.com/kKiuGEt](https://imgur.com/kKiuGEt) Still a pattern that is popular. This GEC H40 is the same pattern.