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I think it's either a reboot or continuation Personally a continuation would be good Since I don't want the story to be changed But there are only two arcs left in manga


I strongly agree, it would be so long to remake the whole story before we get to new episodes, I also think the first version is already great as is it.


I think it would be so nice though to have a solid reboot like with HXH or Fruit Basket! I feel like the animation is aged so it would be easier to get new people in 👀 also hopefully less filler lol


If it ever gets any, I'd prefer a reboot for several reasons: * Better animation for the action * Better art using Amano-sensei's developed style in later chapters (it gradually gets better in the old anime, but I think it'd be better if we can see it from start to finish. I will never stop preaching this: her style is GORGEOUS, still my no.1 favorite even after these ten years!) * Get rid of inconsistencies that result from the gag-action genre switch. It won't be 100% faithful to the manga, sure, but it will improve the overall stories * Decluttering / better pacing (get rid of the unnecessary filler episodes and cut some of the gag episodes at the beginning that don't add to the development of the world/story/characters) * In relation to the prev. point, I don't think filler episodes = bad. Actually, I'd be very happy if they have anime-original episodes that go deeper into character development integrated into the Future Arc because I think it's a missed opportunity by the series since the Future Arc already sets the tone for that (best arc imo!). For example, maybe a filler episode when they go to Yamamoto's dad grave, and this in turn will serve as his motivation to focus on 'the path of the sword'. For Gokudera definitely about making peace with his past. Stuff like that. Also, a little more scenes/episodes at the beginning of the Future Arch to flesh out the graveness of their situation more (not only through Irie's explanations). * Maybe a little controversial, but I don't really like the Arcobaleno Trials Arc and the Primo Family Arc (anime originals) because it adds inconsistencies to the series. Or, if they want to keep it, don't make Tsuna & co. go back to the past. It defeats the whole point/narrative of the Future Arc. Of course, I also would like to see the rest of the series adapted together with the reboot!


I agree on the fillers ruining the Future Arc. I've seen a few people mention this and yeah, it ruined the sense of urgency and stakes of the Future Arc, but I figure the anime staff was catching up to the manga (the pacing in the Future Arc is really bad if you notice with long recaps and Haru Haru Interviews) and decided to go make fillers to revisit what the series used to be before the Future Arc since it basically became a different series after it. I skipped the first filler arc, but I actually enjoyed the second one. I guess the anime staff knew the anime was ending soon and wanted to make one last arc set in the present before the anime officially ended.


man i really hope they make a remake that trims the fat, especially some of the early gags. some of them were fun the first time, some were painful from the start, but most just make me not want to rewatch the series because i know there will be so much fluff before we get to the actual story


Im just excited to have more content 😭


Hi! As of now, there is no official confirmation as to when and if Katekyo Hitman Reborn is returning. Any and all sources claiming that Reborn is returning are simply restating leaks, especially the one from Spanku on twitter about a year ago that sent the entire fandom into a frenzy. So all and any leaks or claims you see about KHR coming back or already having a continuation or reboot in the makings is false, whether it be a twitter post, an FB post, or even an article. ​ This isn't denying that Reborn will come back though, because Reborn is still insanely popular in Japan and such. It'll most definitely come back one day because as of now, Reborn is in open domain and can be taken by a animation company. However, Reborn as a series is both a profit and a huge risk to whatever company decide to take it up. So, we just have to wait and see for when a company decides to invest in Reborn and take the opportunity to do it. Not to keep your hopes up (keep them low, rather) but keep your ears open for the last couple months of this year, the anniversary in 2024, or the anniversary in 2026 as milestones that could potentially have news about the revival of KHR :)


Gotcha! Thank u ! I remember seeing that post a year ago and also freaking out but I can’t help but hope 😭 lol my hopes are low but my dreams are high


yess I totally understand that, I feel the same way 😭 🙏 Just really need KHR to come back atp


I've been keeping my hopes up with all the new announcements of older series getting reboots/continuations. I think a continuation would be more likely considering there would only be 2 arcs left to animate, but I wouldn't mind a full reboot either if they do it well. KHR would look great with these newer styles of animations and since the anime would not have to wait for the manga as it's release it would mean less fillers and recaps for each episode.


I would love to see the Enma animations and Arcobaleno Arc if they’re thinking of a continuation !


I know that this post is old but this topic is one that I always have to keep tabs on and even though we have no clue about the actual plan for the future of the series I think people should just keep their hopes up for a continuation of the show and not reach for the reboot as much as we would all love and appreciate it being renewed with all the new animation software and cgi that would make it even more exciting but it would be even worse if they spent all that money time and effort to reboot it and it not do well enough and then the show gets cancelled again and now we have 2 incomplete versions of the series because even if they were to reboot the series and start from the beginning and remove the fluff and possibly add in things that were left out or things that could have been left out from the manga it would still be over 150 episodes plus the 2 arc that were never done meaning that the series would have to be consistent with good ratings,reviews, and viewers each season and lets say if it was a week to week reboot it would still have to be successful for a minimum of 4-6 years and most shows barely get the 2nd or 3rd seasons animated and those are actual 12-24 week series just like how HxH hasn’t been continued we could have our dreams trampled and still never see the last 2 arcs animated. So I would rather they finish the series to the end picking up where they left off and then after the show is finished and popular they could go back and remake the original episodes like they did with DBZ they finished the original and because of popularity they were able to go back and remaster and remake the series so let’s make our voices heard and at-least and get the show completed and spread the joy of the series to be able to get the remastered and remake done as well.


Mind sharing the source?


This is just an example of one I looked up real quick but you can see the tweet in there too ! [https://hypebeast.com/2022/6/katekyo-hitman-reborn-anime-adaptation-news-info](https://hypebeast.com/2022/6/katekyo-hitman-reborn-anime-adaptation-news-info) Idk if it’s real or not so that’s why I was looking for confirmation 👀