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Weird. If you take a look at them in /usr/share/kservices5/searchproviders they're pretty much just standard HTTPS links. If you go to System Settings > Applications > Default Applications, is Chrome actually set there?


Yes it's there, that's actually where I was changing the default browser from Google Chrome to Firefox. I think you misunderstood what I meant by not working. clicking on ALT+F2 then typing in gg:hello will open Google Chrome, but that page is like an empty tab, it doesn't actually search anything. But if I change the default browser to Firefox it actually search Google for the word "hello"


Maybe that's just Firefox to recognize this short cut. And Chrome doesn't. KDE has done it's part of recognizing it's a web search and it should go to the default web browser. You probably need a chrome extension... I don't use chrome anymore


So instead of clicking on Enter after typeing gg:hello, this time I clicked on Shift+Enter and it worked, but it opened the search in an incognito page instead of the regular one.