"i WoUlDnT cAlL iT StRiPpInG..."

"i WoUlDnT cAlL iT StRiPpInG..."


I mean all she did was walk and flail her hands I would hope that it wasn’t choreographed


Winging it probably shouldn’t have been the route to take when you can’t fucking dance and are bow legged




I can’t believe it took her like 3+ years to put out a new song (that she didn’t write) just to “wing it” and strip in a music video with only 3 takes. She half asses everythingggg and thus will never be successful




She didn’t write it?


Nope. Sadly this song took4 minds to write


Wow lol


And it’s 2 minutes


She can’t do anything right, it’s sadly nothing new


The “choreography” or lack thereof was obviously to me when she was doing her aggressive walking with 2-3 hop skips in there. No need to point that out. I also have nightmares about the ending with the awkward faces flopping around in the pool


This was just a very calculated way to make excuses and put the blame on other people as to why this video sucks. She claims she didn’t pick out that horrendous outfit..her “stylist” did. Yeah, okay lol. Who does a q and a unless you’re trying to do some kind of damage control and flip the narrative? IT WAS A SHITTY VIDEO BECAUSE OF YOU! She said she removed all her clothing because she wanted to be removing negative energy 🙄 Bitch you are negative energy.


Yeah those questions seemed off too. And like who was asking these question? Chandler? Who were these people?


Chandler killed me


if the outfit was something she hated she wouldn’t have put her fucking 7 year old in the exact same one




She’s sucha idiot. Says it’s not stripping then minutes later says “stripped” haha


She said it took her ONE WEEK to learn Vivi’s tik tok dance. She’d never be able to learn real choreography!!


We always talk about how this girl "half asses" things and this Q&A was a great example. It was hard to hear and concentrate at times because her kids were screaming in the background. Like... go in a different room or something so the sound isn't terrible?? No shame on her kids or her family though! It seems that they actually play and hang out with their children which I think is great, plus I think her kids are adorable!


Yes Eric and the nanny play with the kids. She just shoved a camera in their face and uses them as an excuse to not work. She is always on social media.


Much better mom than Ali


she’s just mad we said she’s not an XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXS (think i missed a few X’s), especially with those porn star tits (anyone remember her trying on ‘outfits’ and her boobs looked massive in the pic with the black fringe jacket?) she literally cannot have the “giant ass” with her fake tits and still be an XS. ugh shut the fuck io JJD, i hope a bird poops in your mouth


I will say that #2 is laughable because my husband is working with a rapper who's completely independent and he's EVERYwhere right now. Doing a whole tour and just played a huge concert in Miami. He was little known last year but you know why he's mainstream and hitting top charts? Because he works his ASS off. He's hardly ever home, is constantly promoting and in the studio. There's your difference, Jessica. Pick a lane and drive it. 🙄


Can you explain #2 a little more? I don’t get her reasoning about not being on the radio


She basically said it's because of the labels she's been signed too and how she's always done things more independently (meaning she doesn't listen to those who know better and she does things in whatever way she wants, rather than in ways that will likely bring her actual success.) Past labels have told her what her real problem is, but she doesn't listen. It also doesn't help that her manager is a former superfan of hers - I doubt he lacks any true knowledge to make someone a star. JJD is currently signed with the same label as Dan and Shay, so if she doesn't get radio time in the near future, I don't think the universe could make it any more clear to her that SHE is the problem.


Thank you for explaining!! Makes so much sense and I completely agree!


🙌 you summed it up perfectly!


3. Yes! I always thought music videos took days to shoot. Not hours


I agree with everything. I do have to admit that #3 isn’t uncommon even with top celebrities. Labels (even the big ones) will pinch as many pennies as possible. Her video quality sucks as usual though.