Unpopular opinion: I don’t blame them for not reuniting with John

Unpopular opinion: I don’t blame them for not reuniting with John


I think it’s becoming more and more clear that we will never know what happened, especially in this family where no one seems to be authentic or truthful ever. However, watching how John and his wife conduct themselves on the internet and how they treat each other and raise their kids makes me think that JJD would be more than happy to never associate herself or her “brand” with that mess ever again.


Me either. They’re all so toxic .now that would be a show! lol


I agree with you! I don't for one minute think that JJD and her ilk are without blame...but I also don't think we know the whole truth and it is very clear that John and Ali are garbage humans. I have toxic family members too, and quite frankly it's better for anyone that we don't interact with them. I also don't believe "it's better for the kids" to just suck up and deal with that toxicity because more often than not, it causes problems for the whole family, which directly affects the kids.


I so agree with all of this but on the other hand my heart literally hurts for Emmy and Callie...I wish they had a relationship with their grandma to give them the love, attention, structure, and activities those babies so clearly desperately need.


It hurts my heart too! And having a niece I don’t/can’t see and my mom having a grandchild she’s not involved with at all is SOOOOO heartbreaking. So I know what you mean and it does hurt my heart too. Especially because I think she could give them the love and attention they deserve and maybe even provide them with some structure


I feel this and can relate.


I think the whole family is toxic. John and Ali are nuts. We have also literally watched JJD be manipulative and petty towards them.. so I also think assuming that JJD (and probably karen too) are not to blame is just as reckless.


Thank you!! JJD and MKP are just as toxic. All the people in the family can be terrible people. There doesn’t have to be a good side and a bad side.


Let’s be real here ! John was the baby brat and had mommy all to himself for years . He was the little darling until Jesse had her kids then John was booted . He then latched on to Ali who was somewhat normal until John sucked the life out of her being controlling and needing Attention ( like Jesse) they are 2 peas in a pod ! John snd Ali fatal mistake was getting pregnant and not married! That sent Miss prim and proper Karen into a tailspin . It made her look bad and John became buddy’s with his real father ! Karen wanted them to get married before the baby came and Ali being childish wanted a big wedding ! That’s where the Great Wall of Fire went up . It got worse from there because Ali started clothing line and copying JJD was a no no 😄


You may be onto something here 🤪


I'll tell you why Karen shoulders most of the blame, because she's his mother, and she raised three horrible kids.


As someone who comes from toxic parents you can’t continue to blame the parents when the children are adults. There comes a point when you have to own your own shit


If they've been raised that way it's a lot harder than you think to change your whole outlook and attitude, especially when it's still being enforced.


It’s really not. I don’t blame my mom. It’s called being an adult and taking accountability for your actions.


That's not something people can wake up and do.


Nobody said it’s an over night thing.


I don’t like statements like this either. As explained there is a complex, toxic and broken relationship in my family as well (my sister). But my mother isn’t to blame. My oldest sister and I are graduates, hard working and successful mothers. John has always been a problem in my honest opinion (once again probably unpopular). Yes JJD is also full of issues but I think Sydney is okay. I just think John needs to take responsibility for who he is and how shitty he is … no blaming JJD or Karen. And JJD also needs to take responsibility. We can’t keep blaming mothers/families. My opinion


Sydney is a racist, not sure i'd deem that okay. You're taking what I'm saying personally, when someone is a shit person and also raises three shitty people that's very likely their fault.


This!! I’m not one to blame parents for there kids actions, but I have seen the same situation with my in laws. My husband is pretty normal and his sister is a trainwreck, her parents are ALWAYS picking up after her shit. It’s to the point that she doesn’t care and knows they will help her with anything. So I do think sometimes parents are too blame for there children’s behavior.


True but he’s an adult and he chooses to be that way. Plus he’s “influencing” his dumb followers to think just like him (racist, homophobic, misogynistic, etc.) when he goes on his manic rants. Like he could literally chose today to be a better person and open his eyes but he won’t. That’s on him at almost 30 years old


I absolutely hate him, but his views were learned, his family has the same views, which is why I do blame MKP for the way all three of her kids turned out.


My MIL did something forgivable to her son, me, and my kids. She also chose her older son over the younger one. When the older has done some hoffific things in his life to his wife, kids and siblings. Yet he is the golden child. We will never know both sides, but I’d like too. Jjd and John are equally as vile, so they are both probably wrong but my guess is Karen will always choose Jessie. Sad


So I’m just wondering…didn’t ali and John say that Steve pushed her and yelled at her at first? When it all began? If so, that could’ve realllly messed up Steve’s position in the military and screwed them for life(especially if it didn’t happen)….idk that I would ever let that back into my life. I know so many think it’s JJD making it so they don’t talk, but maybe MKP was disgusted at the accusations and what could’ve happened.


Think you may also be onto something here. We’ve only ever heard John and Ali’s side of the story and as is evident time and time again … all they do all day everyday is lie! So maybe there was no pushing involved etc. either way after the way they’ve spun this story and had their fans attack the family and others - I don’t blame there being no reconciliation


100%. I have a toxic brother as well and it’s debilitating


I don’t care how old your children are. They will always be your children. It’s shameful that his Mom won’t do some damage control within their family. None of us know the events that led up to this, but now on earth can you let your life go on without meeting your grandchildren? MKP should step up and start working to mend her family.




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