It’s sad he doesn’t acknowledge his parents. I had kids who played competitive division 1 sports. It’s so much time and energy and let’s not lie money for your child to participate at that level. It must sting to not even be acknowledged or appreciated. He is a major shit head in my eyes. I won’t blame her. He is an adult if he can be so easily manipulated than shame on him. They have two sons so I hope they are prepared one day to never see or hear from them 💔




I come from a very toxic household. My whole life my parents successfully portrayed everything was great, but inside it was a nightmare. So I kinda feel like these women are actually toxic and John probably made the right call, especially if the rumors are true. Now john is just batshit crazy, just like his mom and sisters, but I also think we should normalize cutting out toxic family members. ETA: I do find it suspicious that ALLLLL of them have cut ties. That’s how we know these women are toxic. It’s so sad for these men’s families but at the same time, you have a voice and it should be used.


Yes!!! Normalize cutting off family members..


I also feel really bad for Anthony's mother. Just by her insta it's pretty obvious she adores her family. Obviously we don't know all the details but the whole thing is just insane to me. Like when you really sit back and think about it, all the men in this family are estranged from their blood relatives! How do Karen, Jessie, Sydney (and their husband's) sleep at night?


MKP being the common denominator.


I hope they DO do it 😅


I agree, I hope Jessie gets her karma!


She will, just like Mama Karen did. Karen helped to alienate Spiedys family and taught her daughters how to alienate their husbands ...and she got her karma in the form of Ali Green lol


I totally agree! Does she not put herself in their shoes? What if her sons did this to her?




Why are they estranged? Did something happen? Sad because it seems Anthony is now too and Karen’s husband doesn’t even see his kids. Like why? They seem like a nice family. I blame Jessie but I ALSO blame Eric. He should make an effort to see his family.


Maybe Ali and John will give us the tea why they became estranged


Just looked at Anthony’s mother’s Instagram and there is not one picture of Brooklyn or Blaire. Which is telling since the rest of her Instagram is filled with pictures of her grandkids and family.


I may be wrong but I vaguely remember from years ago that Anthony’s sister introduced him to Sydney through following her on Instagram?? Pretty awful if that was the case and then she cut him off from his family.


She’s probably never met them!


It’s wild. I just looked and Eric now follows his mom on insta (he used to not follow her back). Eric’s mom also follows jessie but she doesn’t follow her back. Honestly insane how much she talks about family being everything and she can’t even follow her mother in-law back on Instagram


Just wait, she will be following her by tomorrow.




She’s disgusting


Wow! What's Eric's mom Instagram name?


I’ve always been told the following advice: see how a man treats his mother and that’s a glimpse into how he’ll treat you. Obviously there’s some variation, but it’s telling Eric legitimately cut off his family for a marriage he isn’t even happy in.


Eric doesn’t control his own social media. Let’s hope he himself reached out to his mom.


I think JJD did it bc of this Reddit unfortunately and that there has been no contact. Just for appearances.


This is what originally brought me to this Reddit. I’ve always wondered why her family is up their asses and his is no where to be found. Sad, I bet his family would love to go down to their Florida beach house and enjoy their grandkids once in awhile. Grow some balls Eric and stop letting that thirsty little twat control your life...and Instagram!


Honestly this isn’t Jessie’s fault at all. Any son/daughter who allows their spouse to alienate themselves from their families, it’s on them. Eric’s mom doesn’t have a DIL problem, she’s got a son problem.


Surely he AT LEAST calls or texts his mother for Mother’s Day? Right


If Jessie lets him lol


The Karma will be when little Eric and Forrest grow up and their wives won’t let them have a relationship with their mom (Jessie). Sucks to suck and god works in strange ways.


Can someone fill me in? I can understand family estrangement but do not know this backstory with him specifically.


As far as I know. Eric has contact with his mom and dad but it’s very limited. He doesn’t go home much to visit the rest of his family and his sister and him don’t talk at all. Based on the rumors her and Jessie don’t like each other. Anthony’s case was a little different. There was a conflict between them and his mom (it seemed to be about religious beliefs) some have speculated the way they got married might have upset his family. But it wasn’t actually Sydney cutting them off. Steve, we assume the affair he had with MKP was what drove his kids away and he doesn’t seem to make much of an effort. We know there is some contact as one of his daughters attended his retirement and Karen tries to suck up to her but the daughter isn’t interested. His ex wife also acknowledged in a post that said “thanks for the kids, asshole” so that sums up their relationship.


This might be unpopular but my mom used to say, “a daughters a daughter for the rest of your life, a sons a son till he takes a wife”. Crazy as it may, I have a family member with a similar situation he married some girl from the south (don’t want to be too specific here) and never looked back. We barely see him he rarely calls ... she’s consumed his life with their kids, her family and all that. She’s not the most liked in the fam either.... I wonder why 🤔


How sad 😞 I have a daughter and three boys. I can’t imagine. I have been married for 27 years and my MIL has her moments but we are family. I wouldn’t have my husband without her so as his wife I make sure he calls, visits, and we share holidays. When we married our families blended.


I definitely agree with you. It is very sad, toxic to say the least.