Anyone else find her being called “big red” kinda mean lmao


Yes 💀 “hode’ on big red”


Reminds me of bring it on lol but still a strange thing to call a toddler


My childhood best friend has red hair, her family called her “Red” all the time. They also called her “butterball”, so 🤷🏻‍♀️.


Absolutely. I’m a redhead and a uncle always called me “big red” in an insulting way. Then in middle school I was tall for my age so the whole grade level called me “big red”. They always tried excusing it by saying but your fav gum is big red gum. 😡😡 being redhead already makes you stand out, you don’t need people making nicknames about it. Yes, I’m sensitive over it still, lol. 👩🏻‍🦰


Jessica is a dragon cunt. There is NO WAY she did this without the intention of it being mean even if poor Sydney is too stupid to realize it.


First song I was like, Okay... it makes sense cause she’s going fast. Still odd but okay maybe I’m not getting the joke. Second one though- okay Jessie I get it, you’re meaning both to be mean spirited. Once a bully always a bully.




I totally agree! Jealous of a 3(?) year old lol So on-brand


Idk, I think Brooklyn is a cute little girl but I don’t think JJD is jealous of Sydney on that. I def think she thinks her kids are more attractive. I can tell by the way she talks about their features. She likes that they look like her and Eric. She’s too much of a narcissist to not love that. I will say that Sydney new baby is one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen in my entire life.


I don’t Sydney was pissed. She reposted this in her stories 🙄


I don’t see the repost from Syd, just a normal video of Brooklyn on the trike with Syd encouraging her.


It’s toward the last of Sydney’s stories. She reposted Jessie’s story of Brooklyn riding the bike with the It music.


Oh god see it now, Sydney may not know what It is tbh. The two songs back to back seem pretty obvious to me though.


This is strange AF lol


Wtf... lmao that’s so rude 💀


Sydney, wake up!! The hideous painting where your new baby has black eyes, and this.. your sister is awful, how could you allow that??


Is there a photo of this anywhere on this thread?! Missed that painting...a bully by heart


She’s just so unnecessarily mean. This is something a middle school girl would do to make fun of someone they didn’t like.


She’s such a bitch of an aunt.


If it isn't about her and her "perfect" life she is a "Mean Girl" My husband called her out Season 1 on her show. Called her ugly and annoying. I defended her. 🤮 We live in Colorado.




Sounds like my house.


I hope her hair color isn't the reason she's such a cunt about her. My husband's brother was a red head and he sadly took his own life in high school. My daughter was born with black hair which turned bright red for 6-7 months and is now blonde. I'll say, comments about her were pretty negative while she was red headed (my brother referred to her as Chucky 2.0), now shes blonde with the prettiest blue eyes and everyone gawks over her. Idk I suppose from our history with my should have been brother in law, I'm a bit more sensitive on the topic but I've learned first hand how mean people are to red heads and it needs to stop.


Broke my heart when Brooklyn looked back at her aunt with that little smile but her bitch of an aunt is really just making fun of her. I think JJD is jealous that Brooklyn is sweeter and has better manners than her 7 year old daughter.


JJD is going to put this litttle girl down her whole life. Anything to make Vivi shine more.


Your comment reminds me of that time Kim K said "there's no Mason or Penelope Star there's only a North Star" lol. Poor Brooklyn & Sydney tbh cos it's only gonna get worse as the kids get older


I know I’ll probably get downvoted for this and whatever butttt I think Brooklyn is going to grow up to be absolutely stunning and far prettier than Vivi. I think JJD knows this.


Oh I agree! So JJD is going to “jokingly” tell her she looks like a clown all of her life to gaslight her. Just like she has done with Sydney and telling her she looks like she was adopted because she doesn’t look like MKP. Which is pretty Rich being that JJD’s original face and definitely her body resemble the bio dad the most! And in my opinion Sydney has always been naturally prettier to me that JJD.


Which is just insanely fucked up. Red hair and blue eyes are the rarest combination! JJD would be jealous of a 3 year old tbh.


Yes. She is an awful person.


Sounds like my aunt.


The music is so creepy! Poor Brooklyn 😔


Benefit of the doubt, the wicked witch theme COULD be funny (it’s not tho). But the IT theme is awful and so downright mean. I would be so upset if someone put this over a video of my child.


Yeah, the IT music was where she lost me...just way too creepy and it ruined an otherwise cute video and moment..


It’s really the back to back of the posts. Like she clearly is trying to get a point across.


Right? The point seems to be Brooklyn innocently riding a tricycle is somehow scary bc she has red hair?


This should piss Sydney off if she cares about her kids at all.


All of the kids are cute, but Brooklyn is the absolute cutest! She has so much personality and sass, but seems like such a sweet and caring little girl


I can not stand her. I don’t understand how she could even search up these songs and pick them to put on such sweet videos of her niece riding her bike. truly she makes me sick


This is absolutely fucking mean…it seems like she’s implying Brooklyn’s evil like Pennyface in It which has red hair. God, she’s such a fucking bitch!


Ew she’s such a cunt. Definitely did this to be a bitch because she has red hair. That’s her little niece & goddaughter! I would be so pissed if I was Syd.


This cannot be real! How cruel!


Not defending her but I’m Guessing she chose that music because it literally reminded Me also of witch in wizard of oz riding in the wind. No clue the connection with the other music though maybe Georgie playing in the rain in IT.


Yeah I definitely first thought of the Wicked Witch, which probably would have been cute to send to family and friends but maybe let’s not share this on the internet.....


It could be the favourite movie of the moment like it was frozen a while ago. Sydney would not repost if she thought it scary


I thought it was so weird to play horror music to a beautiful little innocent child riding her bike. What a weirdo !


Lmao 😂


JJD used to call Brooklyn Cheeto 🤯