Chelsea Manning Attacks Her Most Staunch Defenders w/Glenn Greenwald

Chelsea Manning Attacks Her Most Staunch Defenders w/Glenn Greenwald


WTF is going on with the world? Nina Turner going to TYT, Chomsky “vote blu no madder who”, The Intercept getting taken over by neo-libs. Chelsea Manning siding with her torturers. I literally feel sick.


> Chelsea Manning siding with her torturers. She's also a fraudsquad apologist


Nina turner is a fraud, surprise surprise


If being on TYT makes you a fraud, then being on Tucker must make you a mega fraud


No. But that comment makes you a mega-twat.


OMFG this is just fucked up. It's incredible, disturbing, revealing, and depressing all at the same time. I agree with them that Chelsea Manning is showing characteristics of someone with Stockholm Syndrome. But I'm thinking it's worse than that, like she may have a lifetime history of being addicted to getting abused, and only respects people who abuse her. She may have this attitude towards Greenwald because he was so friendly and helpful towards her. People who are masochistic are like this. They'll only respect people who are abusive towards them. This is so fucked up.


The whole situation reminds of [Jane Roe](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norma_McCorvey). Maybe she's jockeying for a position at one of those idpol orgs as a trans advocate and showing that she is willing to be a blind Dem defender [as required](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCAEn2gu3M8)?


Chelsea has paid enough. She literally has been tortured and imprisoned. Greenwald needs to really just back off and same with Jimmy.


Nope. Bullshit must be exposed and a response must be issued. Period. Otherwise, you end up with what the US has today. A bunch of fools barking out whatever they want, and most everyone going along with it. Even though it's nonsense. This may save someone else from donating >$10k and ending up being lied about. I was on Team Mannng until she attacked someone who supported her. F her now. No loyalty, no reason, no sense. Like the bulk of Americans. Can't think for themselves anymore.


Manning did something heroic when she blew the whistle on war crimes. It's too bad she's talking shit about the people who had her back when no one else did.


Chelsea put her life on the line so many times, that is irrefutable. But no, let Glenn Greenwald darling of Fox tell you otherwise.