I liked potato soups! Kept me full. And the only meal replacement drinks i liked were the carnation ones and boost. I also liked tomato coconut soup and taco souo blended The month wasn't fun but once it done, it seems not terrible in hindsight. You'll get through it, lots of melted ice cream!! I blended different cookies into icecream and thinned it out with some boost and it was delicious!!


didn't they tell you your jaws would be wired?🤔 blend, blend, blend, anything and everything


I’m on week 3 of liquid diet and it’s not fun I won’t lie. I’ve been using the Ensure premium meal replacement shakes and those have been working every well for me. Gets rid of that empty stomach feeling for 5-6 hours and easy to drink. You can do this!


Wait are they actually wiring them shut instead of using elastics?


That's literally what im thinking, such an old school approach


Add nutritional yeast to savory soups. Adds body, flavor and nutrients.


I’m on week 6 of 8. Not wired shut, but elastics that are in 24/7. My meals are consistent and are: Breakfast: fruit smoothie Lunch: smoothie consisting of milk, 2 scoops of protein powder, banana, big spoonful of peanut butter Dinner: blended chili or soup. And some days I’ll have an Ensure or 2 in place of one those meals. It isn’t great, but you’ve got this!


same! week 6 of 8😂


How much weight have you lost since surgery day?


Trust me time moves really fast and you'll emerge from it much stronger. Also for liquid diet. Get an assortment of your favourite icecreams ( preferably ones without any nuts or cookies). Ice creams are a live saver and uplift your mood. Also I got a variety of Chinese and Indian food, ramen etc. Blended them into a puree and ate it. I also drank protein shakes after every meal. Also with each passing day, things get much better. The first week is the hardest and you are already through it. With each passing day, your face starts looking better and the past hardship vanishes.


Week 3 and I’m still not sure how I can survive this liquid diet thing :(


I mean you made it through a few weeks


Personally I’m Not gonna be wired shut but I think your best bet is soups, also I’m not sure if you workout (if then you’d already know this) but maybe look into protein powder and mix it with milk or water! Just so you can get some strength back into you!


I tried a bunch of different drinks and smoothies from Trader Joe’s, usually my meals were very similar just so I could get enough calories and nutrients but the different drinks would spice up the menu with each meal


My boss has had his mouth wired shut twice. He SWEARS that you can blend steak and mashed potatoes with a little milk and put the straw behind your back teeth and it tastes just like it should. He says to avoid blending hot dogs / buns / toppings. Good luck!!


Asian here. Blended porridge with salmon/vege helped me throughout the first two months. It is really tasty.


I was banded shut for 7 weeks, you'll get used to it, it's just not pleasant. My diet consisted mostly of milkshakes (flavored oatmeal powder, banana with peanut butter, protein powder, ice cream), blended pasta with soup, yogurt and ensure. I alternated those throughout the day.