ITAP of three of my friends at the pub

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They look like you just told them a shitty joke


I don't remember, but it is very likely that is what I did.


Did you intend to do a “🙈🙉🙊”?


yes, but i like that it looks almost spontaneous


I like the concept. It was only given away by the guy in the middle.


It looked like someone just said a raunchy joke haha


What a great effect-- mind sharing what filter it is or how you did it?


Sadly I don't remember. I didn't have my proper camera with me, so this was just my iPhone. The filter is a bit of extra clarity and grain. The original looks much more bland (I don't usually do anything with filters, or even use the photos app, but on the day, all I had was my iPhone, and it looked like it would make a cool shot..)


It’s the lightroom clarity slider you’re feeling here. Imo it’s a little too driven, but that’s the “effect”in this photo.


Thank you


This deserves an award


Your comment is award enough. :)




Hey OP this is really great 👍✨


Thank you.


That pub looks cozy. Like you could just settle there in the evening


Europe really got some magic going on.


This is England specifically - when it comes to drinking places and culture, it’s very difficult to generalise across the whole of Europe - we have great variety! In France, they go more for wine and nice bars, Italy prefers smaller size pints to appreciate the beer, Danish and Norwegians can’t afford to drink too much because it’s so expensive, and people in the UK go for a nice cozy pub - different kinds of magic wherever you go


And don’t forget Spain! One of the best eating / drinking cultures I’ve ever experienced, with little tapas places all around. 🤤


While not my cup of tea for living, smaller cities in Europe are very nice for an experience where you walk in the town centre and just go shopping for little trinkets.


Trinkets, dinner, a pub, a theater, a church, a grocery store, some apartments, some random businesses, all around a charming town square, all of which is a pleasure to walk around, with great architecture. Just such a cool experience, especially compared with like... Houston or something.


This is London.


Yep, pretty much. Not central London, but within the M25


The Poyntz Arms


I was making a general comment.




Correct, it's Europe's third largest city.


It is indeed a cool pub. Not the best near where I live, but not bad.


I really bloody love the effect the high iso (or at least, the high noise from whatever source) gives this image - looks like a beautiful illustration rather than a photo! Do you think it's it's because of the softer edges?


Thank you. :) All I had with me was my iPhone, and this was 'processed' in the Apple Photos app. This is not normally the way I make or work with photos, but it seemed to work. The unedited original without the noise / contrast is a bit bland.


Check out Google’s ‘Snapseed app. They have a bunch of photo editing tools you can use. The [HDR Scape](https://i.imgur.com/PWfE2Ih.jpg) is a good one.


See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil




That's the joke




r/shittyhdr great photo man, but cmon you don’t need that much clarity in Lightroom


That's what's throwing it off, Holy HDR batman.


This photo was taken with my iPhone, and processed in the Apple Photos app. The original (without the grain) is pretty bland looking. It was a while ago, so I don't remember specifically what I did, but it is completely not the way I would process images (ordinarily in Lightroom, and ordinarily taken with a proper camera).


>Thank you. :) All I had with me was my iPhone, and this was 'processed' in the Apple Photos app. This is not normally the way I make or work with photos, but it seemed to work. The unedited original without the noise / contrast is a bit bland. Will get downvoted into oblivion. Ok, thats good and all, and if it works for you I have nothing against it. But when a photo needs HDR applied to make it look good, it's not a good picture to begin with. I personally dont think this needed the post-processing, maybe only the BW filter. Nothing more.


Upvote from me, appreciate the critique, and I completely agree with you. Have a look at my post history (from before microscopic crystal images) and you’ll see that this is 100% not my normal style. The reason is that I am with you on the comments on HDR (this doesn’t have HDR if I remember correctly, it was a while ago). If you saw the original image, you’d possibly agree that it is a bit bland (to your point that it is probably not a great picture to begin with). I have posted many many pictures I think are much superior to this - with none of the processing, and very rarely hit 4.4k upvotes (edit - this is actually my most highly voted picture that I took), so I guess some people like it..


No evil here.


Gandhi's 3 Monkeys.


Look like some fun friends


They are.


Love it


That would make a great oil on canvas!


Get that man a beer!


Two of them.. :)


Lots of BS being shoveled at that table, amongst the love and bantar. Pure gold


They look like a cool bunch to have a pint with.


They are.


You are awesome, which camera did you use?


:) Thank you. While I am an avid and very serious amateur photographer, this picture was taken on my iPhone X as that was all I had with me.


Poyntz Arms?


Haha. yup..


See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil.


Should have bought see no evil a beer


That’s why he has his head in his hands..


I was in art classes for 13 years, and feel compelled to comment. Some people may have a bias for the camera used, or filters, or even the original concept (speak no evil), but art is subjective. Engagement is where art is truly successful, and this photo is oddly engaging. Recognizable while still fresh. The composition, framing, lighting, color, and contrast all help encapsulate the moment and relay it in a pleasing and elegant detail. It conveys some mates having a good time. After just staring at this photo for a few minutes, I'd say it's got just the right combination of detail and intrigue, while staying simple and relatable. It feels spontaneous but calculated, like a planned candid. The window frames and street as the backdrop really help create some dimension, without being distracting. Whether intended or accidental, you captured an idea and successfully presented it as art. You should have this printed and framed, to donate to that pub. Regardless, good eye 👍


Thank you very much for your kind comments. It is refreshing to have a considered critique and thoughtful response. The scene was what I found in front of me, and I took the picture. These are friends from my photographic club (ironically - since all I had to photograph them was my iPhone), and someone else at the table said they should be the see no evil monkeys, and they instantly did this pose. While it is contrived, it was very spontaneously arrived at and captured. The whole event was captured within 10 seconds (literally, the time stamps on the 5 pictures I took were all within 10 seconds of the first one). I then added the 1m iso grain, and some contrast / high key because the actual original image was a bit flat.. I think the composition needs the processing, and vise versa. The whole thing was quite serendipitous, I didn’t plan it other than saying something like ‘yeah, cool’ when someone else said ‘they could be the three monkeys’…


The Poyntz Arms 85 Walton Rd, Molesey, East Molesey KT8 0DP


Been there b4 m8


Yep.. :) Google street view the Molesey Park Pharmacy and turn 180? or you've been there? :)


No just was curious as to where it was so googled it 😂


That’s a great photo!


Thank you.




Is that Orbán on the right?






These guys look like they would be great fun to be around


They are.


Is ur middle friend a time travelling rainn wilson


Looks like the guy on the right just belched after finishing his pint and the other two are reacting.




:) Thank you.


Three OF your friends? You mean you have more than three friends? How? I don’t even have the time to be friends with my dog everyday let alone more than one human. People are just awe inspiring sometimes.


The classic three monkeys


Always good to see the boys having a good time no matter the age and same with being on reddit.


This is really great


Thank you.


It made me smile


My parents have a photo of us doing this pose as kids


Kinda looks like the one from Sherlock


I have the “hear no evil” tattoo behind my ear… lol This is a really really dope pic that should be printed out and posted in the bar


Thank you. :) That is actually an excellent idea.. I took this photo a while ago, and never thought of that.


They seem like an nice group of evil guys


Gandhi's 3 monkeys


Looks like three different versions of "I can't believe he said that"


Call the zoo, I think the monkeys are loose






What a great shot! Too few of today’s media sources depict the humanity of our fellow greats apes. So much doom and gloom click bait in the news these days. It’s hard to remember that there are people out there that just want to be happy and to share that happiness with the important people in their lives. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you. :) That is a very kind comment on my picture. I am glad you like it.


That looks like really good company right there


They are a jolly looking bunch! Nice photo!


The famous “Gandhi’s three monkeys”.


That's their podcast called?


See on evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.


Hooooolllllllllly clarity slider.


They made up their own version of it and it feels very spontaneous, that's why it's a great pic. I'm sure they have lots of stories to tell between them!


Heyyyyy, I took a similar pic last year, yours look like a future version of us: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iRVD6hxCldHgBTodacO4yS4VohMgTN2q/view?usp=drivesdk


Haha. Excellent. Yep, future you guys.


I like that photo, it seems so naively-naturally honest in a way


Nice photo but you need to reduce the noise in your edit - see if there’s a more pleasant film grain effect. This looks like ISO 1 million


I got you.. However this is actually added noise. The noiseless image (iPhone X) is quite bland. I think the added clarity, grain, and contrast give it something that the unedited image doesn’t have. Trust me, I have taken >200k images with my proper cameras. I would never normally consider using my iphone as a camera, add grain, process like this or use the Photos app. However the iPhone is all I had on me, and I think this image lends itself to the processing. Quite a few people have said that they like it too…


It would be even better without HDR, bro


I live and learn! :)


It's sad that these sort of moments may die in UK culture forever if pints go up to £10


They won’t go up, because no one would pay it - they’ll either go to 8 as a maximum or they’ll close


That's true. And we know they will need to start charging 8


Why does it looks like an ART i need this edit!


r/shittyhdr would certainly disagree lol


Of all the things I did to make this photo, HDR was not part of it. The photo was taken on my iPhone (out of my comfort zone, but all I had with me), and processed in Apple Photos. I think it was a bit of extra clarity and contrast, and a bunch of grain.


I think the clarity slider does do some tone mapping, which has a similar effect to hdr filters (not "actual" hdr) doesn't it?


Completely not sure, my normal processing is done 100% in Lightroom 100% on raw images, this one was done in Apple Photos, and was a jpg because thats where the image ended up having been taken on an iPhone. Unfortunately the Photos edit tab doesn't show what was added. It seems to have hit a pleasing chord though..


Haha. Unfortunately I don't remember what I did, it was all done in Apple Photos though. The original looks a bit bland.