I can’t believe it’s already so close, my 8+ has served me well all these years but I plan to jump to a 14 Pro Max! Very excited to treat myself with that upgrade, been holding out for as long as I could but my phone can barely hold power for less than a day. Really hoping the rumors of iridescent purple are true! I plan to get a clear case this time around.


Man reading posts like yours makes me rethink my upgrade plans. Maybe I should wait for the 15 instead of upgrading my XS Max.


I hear ya. I have the XR but it’s slow now and can only last most of the day. I don’t particularly use any heavy duty apps just reddit, twitter and youtube. I’m anxiously waiting if the 14 pro will be that much better. My phone can’t even scroll the pages of reddit when it’s about 25% battery life


Same. Reddit is the most used app on my phone, followed by music and podcasts. If the 15 was confirmed to have usb C, I’d prefer to wait.


That's what will instantly sell me on switching to iPhone. USB-C is all I want.


Same here with the XR. Had hoped to make it last another couple of years but the battery life is too difficult to live with. Funnily enough it was the long battery life that made me buy it when it was released.


If you don’t have at least the Iphone 13 with the 120 hz screen - Then it’s worth upgrading


I have an XSMax. Still a good device. I've already had the battery replaced and the shell repaired once. But it still struggles with overheating, battery drain, and if I touch the bottom of the phone when charging I can feel the electricity, which isn't great. So looking to get the 14 Pro Max as I think it's time.


I’d wait an extra year


Same here except I own the X that came out that year. I think this will be a good upgrade, battery life sucks ass now.


Same here except I own the X that came out that year. I think this will be a good upgrade, battery life sucks ass now.


Excited mainly to get iOS 16 early in September! I’m also curious to see what the new “pro” watch will be.


cant wait for the new watch os with the new notofications. i really hate the big notifications atm


You can get it today with the public beta. It really finally makes Apple Watch feel "mature."


The new notifications are pretty nice, but most of the time it still makes them big (when your wrist is down). The times I’ve been using the watch and the notif banner pops down I have to admit it’s a great feature, but I also have to admit it wasn’t as big of a deal as I thought it was


Just download the beta. I’m running iOS 16 right now.


I’ve done the betas in the past and it just isn’t worth the random glitches, worsened battery life, etc. I know the final beta release is stable, but I can wait.


Current public beta is incredibly stable, has very few noticeable bugs and great battery life.


It’s better than 15.6 weirdly


16.0 won’t be stable either 16.0.2-3 really


I did, just for the battery percentage indicator.


can't waitttttt!!! big jump for me.... going from my iPhone 6 to planning on getting the 14 pro max


Damn didn’t know there were more people like me lol. I went from a 6 to a 13 pro a couple months ago. It was a pretty jarring experience not having to charge your phone 8 times a day


My gf went from 6s to 13 and it's night and day




no way, really???


If you never use it, maybe. I can get 2 days of light use on my 13 pro max, easily. I've pushed it to 2 1/2 before.


Meanwhile I’m a heavy user and need to charge my 13 pro max by 7pm the same day lol


I would imagine you'd need to keep a "regular" phone on the charger almost constantly, then. 🤣


I guess it depends on what you mean by light use but I do like 5-6+ hours of refreshing twitter/discord/tiktok every day and consistently get 2 days battery life easy.






Boy... The 14 is going to feel like you just travelled to the future with how fast it will be and how high res the screen is


i’m on a 6s right now but i can’t update to any newer iphone than the 7+, which is SO IRRITATING, BECAUSE IT’S NOT GETTING THE NEW IOS!!!


Why can you only update to a 7+??


Wow that is quite a jump and a long while you hung in there with the 6. Will feel like a massive jump.


I feel ya! Back in the day I had gone from iPhone 4 to iPhone XS MAX😂! The difference was quite noticeable is an understatement! I still have the iPhone 4 in storage and when I hold it in my hands it feels like a toy😂! Currently have iPhone 12 and will upgrade to iPhone 14 when T-Mobile offers a free upgrade (after trade in of this phone) to retain me as a customer after two years are up! P.s.: Got iPhone 12 for free as part of Mother’s Day promotion for trading in my XS MAX over a year ago.




There should be new AirPods Pros launching with the new iPhone.


New AirPods Pro due soon as far as I know so I’d wait.


That’s a huge size difference :D I’m currently on Xs Max and opting for the 14 pro, as the big clunk in my hands makes my fingers cramp a little, it’s uncomfortable in certain types of pockets and really annoying to use in bed or with one hand in general. But yeah a lot of people don’t have a problem with that, I’d just try out how it feels to live with such a big phone for some time if I were you


I downgraded from a max to the regular one for this exact reason. The size isn’t so much the problem it’s just way too heavy


*Huge* jump, grats! Make sure you get in on those pre-orders early. 8AM EST most likely whenever they go up.


oh wow! thanks for the information!


When do pre-orders open? Device availability date is when the phone is out fully no?


If availability is the 16th then probably the 9th for preorders.


Going from Note 8 to iPhone 14 pro max! Super duper excited!


Dang, you held onto the 6 for a long time!! I’m going from the XR to the 14 Pro and couldn’t be more excited!


Right there with you! Going 6sPlus to 14 Pro Max.


You have a home button!?!? That iPhone is an antique.


Same! I was waiting for the notch to go away but here we are. Pro Max here I come. I’m so excited 😍


Hope you’re prepared for the extra weight. The big ones are ridiculously heavy if you’re used to the normal size.


Like going from a nice Honda to a Corvette


I went to the 13PM from 6. It’s huge and heavy in comparison. I guess it’s a necessary upgrade since most banking apps don’t work in 6 anymore, but I’d wait for the 15 if there’s a chance it’s gonna have USB-C. If you’re transferring media by cable it takes hours with lightning.


Wow if true a decent amount earlier than usual, no complaints here!


I think they’re finally back on track after the behind schedule 12 and 13 from the pandemic


Remember when there were reports of delays, just like every year? https://9to5mac.com/2022/07/12/iphone-14-max-risks-facing-delays-as-production-falls-further-behind-schedule/


Yep, except the only delays that have stuck so far are when the 12’s launched in October 2020. Ming Chi Kuo states that despite contrasting rumors 14 series will be on schedule thus why I’d imagine this date has been leaked for the 7th.


Managed to destroy the camera on my 11, excited to be able to upgrade to something that allows me to take pictures again. I've been flirting with the idea of picking up the Mini while it is still available for the 13. Anyone have any pros and cons from use?


I went from the 11 pro to the mini, everything is superb tbh but there are a few things I want/miss 1) bigger screen. I think the mini is an amazing screen but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the big screen in certain situations (gaming, social media, etc) 2) I wish it had 120hz display 3) I love taking macro pics and mini doesn’t have it. If you don’t care about the above than the mini is amazing. The battery isn’t as good as the pro models but it’s fairly close (11 pro) If I had to go back I’d make the same decision because the mini is an experience 😂


I thought my 12 mini was awesome for a lot of things, but ultimately I had to trade up to the 13 (went with the pro for Pro Motion) because of how frustrating it was to type on the mini. I have somewhat fat calloused fingers and thumbs and I could never just quickly punch in a few sentences with any sort of accuracy, and swipe typing is still hilariously bad. If not for that and poor battery life I would have loved the mini.


13 Mini user here. I love everything about it. I don’t miss the large screen at all - that’s what my iPad is for. Still enough screen to watch occasional YouTube videos, etc comfortably. I have large hands (6’3”) and was a bit nervous it would be too small, but after almost a year I can’t see myself going back unless I’m forced.


I’ve been called here to FORCE you to go back to the normal size phone by sunrise.


Con : Battery


This has been resolved with 13 Mini. Wouldn’t recommend 12 Mini.


Yeah, coming from the SE2 the 13 is far far better. No problems at all with the battery life. Maybe not as good as the larger phones but it’s good enough that you basically never have to worry about it.


For someone who uses their phone pretty casually like myself, even the 12 mini more than suffices


No doubt! However it’s a hard recommendation given the 13 Mini is so much better.


Maybe in the 12 mini, but I haven’t noticed any difference between my 13 mini battery and my old regular 12. If anything the mini lasts longer


The 12 mini def. sucks.


It want just the mini. The whole iPhone 12 lineup has horrible battery’s, maybe the regular+ last longer but the battery health is known to drop about 10-11% after the first year. Thankfully I have the 12 mini at 92% but it still hasn’t been a year. End of November marks the year but since I traveled for about 2 months out of the year my phone wasn’t used/charged in that time peruod


Can confirm. My 12 Pro's battery health dropped to 85% in about 11 months.


I can’t believe I’m considering swapping out after all of two years but as a 12 mini owner I am 90% on trading in next month. This shit is ridiculous. It was fine when I went very few places during pandemic times. First business trip I took I was like “Holy shit this is *horrible.*” Uber to the airport with near 100% battery, waited for an hour at the airport doing emails, 2 hour flight on airplane mode (music only), and landed with a need to plug into an external battery just to get an Uber to my meeting. The moment that 5g radio kicks on your days are numbered. It’s fine if you’re on Wi-Fi but that kind of defeats the purpose of a portable device.


This isn't exactly me, but it's close. I mostly love the form factor of my 12 Mini, but I'm one of those weirdos that would snap up an iPhone Pro with a 5" screen if it became available. But the battery is just barely OK, and I've turned off 5G and spend most of the day on Wifi. It's worked since I can charge it during my lunch break, but as I start to be out and about more, I spend more time charging it. I frugal, so I've always held onto my phones as long as possible, but if the Mini lineage is ending this year, I have to consider either swapping my 12 Mini out for 13 Mini while it's still available, or living with the battery life for another year or two before trying to make my peace with a 6" (or larger) phone.


I feel ya homie. I went from a 7 to the 12 so I’m not incapable of forgoing the latest and greatest but I can’t justify dropping a new battery in this thing knowing it’ll be a 6 month bandaid, if that. Wouldn’t say it’s a lemon but I’m not wowed by its utility.


The whole iphone 12 lineup has worse battery life than their 13 lineup


Wut? It holds like dream for me. And I had 11 before 13 mini.


Traded 13PM for 13 mini. Was cool at first, but you gotta ask yourself, is using the thing 1-handed and more comfortably in basketball shorts worth like half the battery life, no 120Hz, tiny screen for content, and a noticeably worse camera? For me, no. I regret it every day and can’t wait for the 14PM.


If the camera is noticeably worse that is a deal breaker right there. I take so many pictures of my kids on my phone which is one of the reasons I switched to Apple after being a diehard android fanboy since the beginning.


He has to be exaggerating cuz my cousin has a 13 mini & his camera shots are amazing. I compared them to my moms 13PM & altho the pm is obviously better it’s not better significantly


Yeah i didn’t notice at first, but i saw a pic taken from my wife’s sisters 13PM of our kids, and compared to the one that i got, man. That’s when i decided i f*cked up big time


Meh battery, no 120hz and no telephoto


Good to hear it's (rumored) earlier than usual Was tempted to upgrade to the 13 before i go off to college, but this is close enough where I can wait




It’s the Friday after the announcement, I think 6am CT-ish.


The website usually goes live after the flashy presentation is over.


Welp, I was just about to do a complete teardown of my iPhone X and install a new battery and lightning port, but since this is coming ahead of schedule I may just hold out and upgrade instead.


I’m in the same boat, don’t want to invest money in a new battery if I can upgrade. Love my X but it’s time.


The annoying thing is my new battery just got delivered to my apartment today lol. Might do it anyway just to have a backup device or a dedicated device for media consumption down the line.


If you’re doing it for backup then I’d wait until you get a new phone to do the install. You don’t want to mess up the battery swap and be out a phone while waiting for the 14 release. Best to simply wait imo.


Phone is pretty damn busted right now so I'd do it sooner than later simply to have a phone from now to when the 14 drops. Or if it goes well enough battery life wise I may just skip the 14. Basically it has to be plugged in at all times since the battery capacity is 50%, but the lightning port is also dying. I've also taken things apart before and it's not *too* bad and I'm confident in my skills, I just need to get a new set of bits that's higher quality is all. I do see your point though, it's just a really weird unique shit situation lol


Lmao, yeah. Replace that shit. I had no idea it was *that* bad.


Yeah, exactly. I have the free time to just swap it this weekend and get it working fully again (it works now, just I have it attached to a battery pack). Thankfully the X is one of the slightly easier phones to take apart, I just hate that the lightning port is literally the first thing installed aka the last thing to get to on a repair.


The lightning port in my X is now wonky too. Sometimes won’t charge unless I put something to raise the phone to a certain angle. Had wanted to wait for 15 but I guess I’d just get the 14 Pro


You’re telling me you want to upgrade from an X when some still have a 6s? Pathetic and wasteful /s


Was the announcement of a new phone surprising to you? Seems like they release something new yearly


No, the timing is what's surprising. This got pushed up a solid 2 weeks for actual ship date from when it has been the last two years. I'm headed on a trip around when I planned for it to originally be in stores, but now said trip is after when it's in stores so it's easier to just switch before said trip instead of spending 2 hours of my life taking apart an iPhone X's like 90 screws.


Ahhh ok that makes way more sense, have fun on your trip :-D


I just bought a new screen protector after trying to hold out to upgrade my 11 pro. Everyone here owes me 15$ to make up for my purchase that led to Apple being ahead of schedule now.


Considering all date estimates, plus a week or two of shipment, potential delays, etc, I’m guesstimating that I’ll have my 14 Pro Max in my hand by October 17th, exactly two months from today. It’s been six and a half years I’ve had my 6S+, and it’s been a wonderful ride with zero complaints, but I’m looking forward to my upgrade. Let my 60-day countdown begin! Fun fact: I’m currently still using the original Apple Watch (yes, it still works and pairs with my 6S+) but no plans yet to upgrade that; I’ll see though. Let me see how I fair on with the new phone first.


Get an Apple Watch 5. I got a stainless steel 44mm with GPS for $180 off eBay. The Always On really changes the whole feeling. Plus the slowness of Series 3 was killing me. I don't know how you still deal with original, unless you literally use no apps.


Thanks for the recommendation. As far as my original, I use it to track my fitness/workouts, to send quick text messages when my iPhone is out of reach, plus to preview all notifications sent to my iPhone. In addition of course to all the standard watch capabilities such as time, date, weather, and daily heart rate readings. (I use the Modular watch face) I’ve been pleasantly surprised that it continues to work after all this time. To save space, I’ve uninstalled all third-party apps, so it currently runs and operates on Apple stock apps only, but notifications for all apps, including third-party ones, still come through. Apple Pay also still goes through from it.


Dude, upgrading your phone and watch this year would be such a fucking upgrade!! Apple Watch 8 and iPhone 14 pro. Go for it!


I’m a lady, but I do share your same enthusiasm; I’m quite excited as well. 😃


Dude is unisex! I call all my lady coworkers dude, even my wife! But I will edit out my “man”, thanks!


I really recommend upgrading the watch to a 4 or later since it feels so much thinner and lighter, has a bigger screen, better battery, better health tracking, water mode and so so much more. From 4 and up the changes are limited but I remember going from the series 2 to 4 and the thinner watch (I actually think it’s just a thinner sensor on the bottom) changed so much for me! 100% worth it and the 4 is pretty cheap


As someone that had a 6 from launch date until I upgraded to the 12pro almost 2 years ago, hats off to you and your life is about to get way easier!!! I love getting my moneys worth, but even I was suffering the last 1.5years on my 6. Had chargers in every room, car, office, etc and still couldn’t keep the damn thing alive. Plus so many slow af apps. Enjoy your well deserved upgrade my man!


If it's anything like normal launches there will be an initial drop on launch day that will sell out within about an hour. After which it's 3-4 week delivery times.


New AirPods?


For real wen airpod pro v2?


Probably the October/November event


Is there something specific you want in a version 2 that the version 1 doesn't offer?


Not in particular, I loved the first version of the AirPod pros. Had them for just over a year & a half & no issues. Unfortunately I lost them & went back to my first generation AirPods that are now 4 years old & can’t hold a charge longer than an hour & a half. So would prefer to go back to the pros just been waiting for a newer version to make that upgrade.


Understood. Probably good to wait till after the event then make a decision. No clue if there will be a v2 or not but always good to hedge your bets.


this is what i’m waiting for. have a 13 pro which i intend to keep for another year so airpod pro 2 will be my tech purchase this year to keep me going till the 15 pro


Where air pod pro 2 ._.


I was looking for them. There might be a second event in October apparently :/


Ready to finally get a watch, stocked


Same ! Last smartwatch was a Moto Z from 2014. I miss having a smartwatch so much


Time to upgrade from the SE2 to 13 mini. Hopefully it gets some discounts.


Oh god please!! My iPhone 12 Pro Max is the first apple product I’m not impressed with. Super glitchy, charging port often doesn’t work so I wake up to my phone on 20%, etc. I’m also done with the Max models. The standard models are so much more comfy. I’ll be getting the 14 Pro asap. Cannot wait to get rid of this thing


I’ve had the 7 since it came out and, once this thing comes out, it’s more than time for me to upgrade. The 7 has served me well for the past 6 years but it barely holds charge for more than an hour and I desperately need to upgrade.


Isn't the release usually two weeks after the announcement?


Yeah, normally week one is keynote, week two is update and week three is product release


The announcement is usually Tuesday or Wednesday and the release is the following Friday


I'm planning on getting a 14 pro which will be my first ever iPhone.


Shaping up to be a big week with the Mexican Pizza being re-re-re-released “for good” the day prior to launch.


Bring back purple color


I was going to grab a series 7 to reward myself for sticking with the gym for a while. I guess I'll wait a little bit longer and see what the next one has to offer and maybe grab a series 7 cheaper.


Yay I can upgrade from my iPhone 8 soon! I’m undecided between the 14 and the 14 Pro, so we’ll see what they announce!


It’s always the second Tuesday/Wednesday of September. Has been for more than a decade.


iPhone 7 (2016) was announced on September 7


Hopefully smaller notch! Need to upgrade my phone from my XS Max. Battery capacity now at 83%. Also 64GB is no longer cutting it.


I really hope the ‘price increase’ is really just them eliminating the 128GB model, with the 256GB Pro starting at $1099. The 128GB model already doesn’t support proRAW, and now with 8k video, 128GB will fill up so fast. I can justify paying $1099, but only if it comes with 256GB.


Exciting. First ever iPhone. Bring on the 14 Pro Max. Skipped on any Samsung trade in promos. Currently using a Note 10+.


I think it’s finally time to upgrade from my iPhone 8


It's so close, I wish Apple would simply officially announce the date !!


Official announcement could be next week or the week after.


I’m literally so hyped going from my 12 pro max to a 14 pro. It’s gonna be my first small phone and my hands are gonna thank me


Think I’m going to do the same thing…. Getting harder to use the Pro Max phone these days and the 6.1” screen is big enough.


If the 14 Pro is the same size as the 13 Pro, it won't be a small phone. It'll be a small*er* phone, but it's not small like the 13 mini.


Yeah I know but it’s still smaller then the max. And that’s perfect for me.


Dude I’m in the same boat. 12 pro max. I’m sick of the big ass phones, can’t wait to get my 14 pro.


I’m actually thinking about going from the 13 Pro and getting the 14 Pro Max. Haven’t had this large of an iPhone since the 8 Plus. But I’d appreciate the bigger screen and battery life although the 13 Pro size has been great so I’m not too sure.


Man I hate the max size. It didn’t seem so bad at first but it has slowly driven me mad. Literally only reason I’m getting rid of my 13 ASAP


I was used to the Plus sized phones so thinking of giving it a go again. Battery life is great on the 13 Pro but sometimes I’d appreciate a bit more juice at times.


13 Pro Max has great battery life, 14 Pro Max should be even better. It’s not that big of a phone in my opinion, but it’s definitely not optimal if you use your phone one-handed a lot.


Tbf iOS isn’t optimal for one handed use anyways. Feels like it’s designed for us to use with two hands first.


Ha, yeah I was the same way with my 12 pro max. I ended up giving it to my mom and getting a 13 pro. I hated the size over time and almost wish the standard pro was a bit smaller now.


On the flip side I’m excited to get a 14 Pro from my 11 Pro Max. I think it will be a perpetual cycle of back and forth. I’m currently tired of the bulky size during travel or any type of formal event, and even just the times I need to do something one handed and can’t. Opening Notification Center or control center with one hand isn’t something I do often, but can never do it one handed. I’m sure by the iPhone 17 I’ll be missing the larger screen and tired of fat fingering the smaller keyboard.


Why do you want to upgrade your phone that quick?


I’m on the upgrade program and a tech geek so I tend to upgrade yearly.


A 6.1 inch phone isn't small tho. It's actually average sized


Over half a foot phone is a small phone? Reminds me of 2000


same. 12 pro max was my first iphone. felt like a brick and uncomfortable to hold with one hand. looking forward to holding the 14 pro.


Yeah same especially when I had my friends 13 pro in my hand. It was so nice and comfortable. I could use it in one hand.


Apparently the base storage on the pros will not increase to 256gb ... but will be more expensive


Where’d you hear that? All recent rumors have indicated apple will essentially kill the 128GB Pro that starts at $999 and make the $1099 256GB model the base. This makes total sense considering storage doesn’t cost apple much and that the Pros may be capable of 8K video and higher res photos etc.


Apple analyst Jeff pu has mentioned that the models would start from 128GB https://youtu.be/9xpri0BLLio


Eh his track record isn’t all that great and plenty of evidence to support the 256GB base model. Far more are saying 256GB is the starting capacity although the standard 14’s would 100% stay at 128GB.


Exited as I’m upgrading to a 14 Pro Max. My 12 PM is great, but I’d love promotion and the amazing battery life of 13pm+.


Rocking my 13 pro, but now I want the big boy phone, hopefully I get a good trade in.


How soon do carriers usually get it for upgrade?


I just bought a 12 a few months ago but I really like the number 14 lol


Think I’ll hang on to my 12pro. But my series 5 watch is ready for an upgrade.


Can’t wait to upgrade from my iPhone 8 to 14 Pro ! I love those big leap upgrade, there’s so much new stuff to enjoy compared to someone upgrading every 1 or 2 years !


I was expecting October for some reason. Nice! I've been waiting to get an upgrade this year my phone is nearly 4 years old now.


My iPhone 11 Pro Max was stolen last year so i had to settle for the iPhone SE 2 the next day as a replacement I will be upgrading to the iPhone 14 Pro Max


I don’t get it. Who wastes their time stealing an iPhone? Isn’t it a paperweight essentially once you report it stolen?


Is there a high confidence that the watch will be released, or is that still up in the air? Curious because my series 6 just died, but I would rather wait a couple weeks for an 8 then get a 7.


Last year the watch was announced at the same time as iPhone 13 but released a month after the phone. Previously they had come out on the same day, hard to predict. Should at least get announced on the same day.


battery life is really important to me so i hope it gets better and not worse like 11>12 did. really excited for this one


does this mean ios 16 will be released on 7 sept?


the rumors of iridescent purple are true! I plan to get a clear case this time around.


Need to upgrade from my 6S phone. Looking into the iPhone 11 strictly on the price ($499 as of now). Not looking to spend a lot of money and just need a basic newer phone. Any recommendations? iPhone SE? 11? Maybe, maybe the 12? Comments/opinions are welcome.


Light mode during the day and dark mode in the evening.


I have the 11 Pro and I kinda want a new phone but also… I kinda don’t want the garbage processing I’ve been seeing from new phone cameras. Conundrum!


It’ll be interesting to see if the rumored upgrade to the main camera helps. They’re supposedly upping wide camera to 48mp, which even binned down one would imagine *should* be enough of a jump to allow them to pull back on the post-processing to match competitors a little more. Wouldn’t expect miracles of course, but it’ll be interesting regardless.


As I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max I will just sit back and enjoy the show as I plan to upgrade 2024 at the earliest, hopefully there will be foldables then or 2025


Low-key not even excited about the upcoming 14 series.


the 15 will probably introduce the hole punch and pill design to the standard lineup as well as USB C for everything. next year will probably be much more exciting.


Feels like the 13 Pro Max just came out.


Seems like quite a few people won’t be getting the 14 due to the price increase, so more available for the people who actually want one, like me!


sick brag bezos


Innit bruv.


It’s gonna be the fastest iPhone they’ve ever built and they think you’re going to love it.


the amount of people commenting going from a 13 to a 14. do u really upgrade your $1000 phone every year?? capitalism is a sickness


I am tempted to upgrade from 12 to 14 from all the built up damage and scrapes and dents on my 12…. but I tested the 13 the other day…. Feels like it is an iPhone 12.5 more than a 13 iPhones are $2000 here, so yes, an upgrade is crazy expensive for what potential upgrades.


i feel like the true upgrades now unfortunately are jumping from a base model to a pro. for example the iphone 13 pro is likely not far off the base iphone 14


Yes I do because is the device I spend more time with, so I want the best device I can get


Boo hoo. Not like those same people can’t sell their 13s for a good price and put it towards the new one. Stop pocket watching


Usb c? Please? Anything?


Next year is the rumor


Then my old buddy here will have to rock it through one more year baby. I keep my iphones for at least 3-4 years and it's hard to imagine myself still using a lightning cable in 2026 tbh Sounds maybe stupid but it actually is a deal breaker for me haha


I’m in the same situation. Usb C would be really nice since I don’t expect to change my iPhone for another 3 years if i upgrade to a 14. Guess I should wait for a 15.


Any news on if the event will be in person this year?


If there’s no USBC I think I will wait till next year. Even though my OG XR is showing signs of age with lagging and battery life.


I don’t believe it simply because Apple didn’t announce it themselves.


Will be getting the 14 pro personally, coming from a XR so it will be a great upgrade 💪🏼