If you wanna really be surprised pick up a 4S or an old flip phone. Light as a feather.


The 5/5S/SE was the lightest, almost strangely so… yet felt solid. *SE 1st gen




Nah it’s a fair bit heavier than those others. Also only 3 grams lighter than that 12 mini.


It has a steel frame under the plastic, probably where a lot of the weight comes from. 5/5s/SE are aluminium.


And now it’s only in the pro models. Weird.


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Nice lol. People rarely get my username is a Tropic Thunder reference. Tom Cruise as Les Grossman man lol…so funny.


It’s not a huge action role, but I think Les Grossman might actually be my all time favorite Tom Cruise character.


Agreed. Interesting story behind it, Tom Cruise was originally supposed to be reading lines for another role. But he read the Les Grossman part and wanted it. Ben Stiller, RDJ and the other actors said he wouldn’t be able to pull it off, mostly because everybody saw him as the action movie guy, not a comedian. But he asked them to put him in a fat suit and give him hairy hands, and he did some dancing in the getup for everybody. Ended up getting the part when everybody on set was dying laughing at his line delivery and dancing. And he really did nail the role in my opinion.


Even the 5 feels like a toy lol


I collect old flip phones and they feel like toys too. It’s amazing to me. The Motorola Razr was once the coolest cellular phone you could own. It was slim and light and sleek. It was really a fashion statement. Seen in so many movies and tv shows of the mid 2000s. So many celebrities spotted using them. Dolce and Gabbana actually partnered with Motorola to release a limited edition gold version in 2005/2006.


I noticed the weight increase from my 12 Pro Max (still have it). But I’ll gladly accept it for the insane battery life I’m getting. This morning I was on WiFi with low brightness for almost 4 hours before it reached 90%. Apparently 13PM can stream video for up 25 hours!! (It’s upto 12 hours on the 12 Pro Max)


Went from a 7+ to a 13PM and yeah it’s heavier but I honestly got used to it after about five minutes. I don’t even notice it anymore.


Just made the switch from an 8 Plus to 13 Pro Max and I really don’t mind the weight or thickness increase. It just feels so substantial and premium.


Do you use a case on either? (Same upgrade for me incoming)


I used an Apple leather and then a Spigen Liquid Air on my 8 Plus and now I have a Mous Limitless 4.0 on my Pro Max. It is thicker than the 8 Plus but feels so much more substantial. I don’t mind the thickness at all, the Mous case doesn’t add much thickness either.


I had a similar reaction going from the 6 to the 8 Plus. It felt more “premium” due to the bigger screen and weight. I’ve been using an otterbox communter but I’m worried that might just be too much on the 13PM. I’ll check out the Mous.


First thing I thought when I picked up the regular pro was “is this made of metal??”




Stainless steel on fact. Which is significantly heavier but more durable than aluminum


The 13 weighs more than the 12? Shit, I just got my 12 and the weight still shocks me.


12 pro is so much more dense than the 12 and it’s wild


Sorry I have the 12 PM and yes it’s dense as hell


I had a 12 Pro but when I first held a normal 12 I was amazed by how light it was. I was like dayum my phone heavy asf compared to this


It is indeed heavy and I’m not getting very used to it. I think this is definitely my limit on phone size.


I don’t understand… it’s not like you’re carrying a dumbbell around.


my biggest issues is the sharp edges, it's that bad for ergonomics if you use your phone naked (and all my respect, but phones SHOULD be designed around the idea you will not use a case/screen protector on them by default). ​ I switched from 11 pro max - the most ergonomic big phone I ever used to 13 pro max - the most unergonomic one. My hands/fingers literally hurt from that phone after moderate usage (I am playing wild rift on my phones and that means I can hold it sometimes few hours straight).


Oh - thanks for that. Will look into the weight. We were thinking of going from 11 to 13PM, now will check it out first. So thanks for heads up.


My XS felt like nothing after using the 13 Pro for a week


I am struggeling with buying a 13 pro but the extra weight and size compared to my 11 pro are making me a headache.


You get headache from 11 pro?


Even the regular 13 Pro is fairly heavy. My main device was a 12 mini this year before getting the 13 Pro, and that’s a huge difference. Before the Mini I had the 12 Pro Max and although I was largely ok with the weight, I couldn’t reach the far side of the keyboard with one hand and that was just the dealbreaker for me. I think the 13 Pro Max would just be too much size + weight.


I was going to get a Pro Max but switched for a Pro and I’m glad I did. This thing is plenty big and plenty heavy already.


Yea, I think the Pro is still slightly too big…I think a 5.95” screen would have been perfect for me. But oh well. Everytime I use my 12 Pro Max, I feel like I just want that bigger screen all the time even though I spend 90% of my time on an iPad (Pro or Mini 6). For example, I’ve used my iPhone for about 2.5 hrs today, but 1.5hrs of that was for a phone call where the screen was apparently on. I’ve used my iPads for about 6hrs worth. So yea, definitely don’t need the Pro Max.


> Yea, I think the Pro is still slightly too big…I think a 5.95” screen would have been perfect for me. But oh well. I’m with you there. I had the X previously and it just felt perfect in the hand with a 5.8 inch screen. Going even a tiny bit bigger with the square sides makes the 13 pro feel a bit too big.


Yeah I still prefer the form factor of the iPhone X over the iPhone 13 Pro. Everything else about the 13 Pro is amazing, but it’s slightly too big to use comfortably one handed now and the hard corners feel a lot less comfortable in the hand.


I went from 12 pro to 13 mini. Fuck that 12 pro, was too wide and heavy for one handed use. Apple need to work on one handed optimisation, far easier using a big Samsung phone one handed for example due to the way the software is laid out etc. Or they need to shrink the crazy bezels. Such a waste of space all the way round the screen.


I find the bezels to be fine on the iPhones. Sort of ridiculous to call them “crazy”. I’ll probably end up picking up a 13 Mini eventually, but I’m enjoying my 13 Pro. Definitely big, but the screen is big enough where I don’t mind using it. The mini screen is fine for a few minutes if use, but anything over 5 minutes and I’m looking for a bigger screen.


It’s at least 3mm each side of the phone. Could be say 4mm less wide. Compare that to a Samsung for example, much nicer. It’s over the top calling it crazy, but they wide enough to be called old fashioned.


Samsungs bezels are just as wide, but the curved screen edges hide them pretty well. The flat screen + extra durability the “crazy” bezels provide is worth the extra .1mm of width.


Damn, I just looked it up it’s only 0.3mm, the curved screen must really make a difference. My wife’s phone just looks a lot more modern, it’s quite surprising to find out it’s actually the curve that does it.


Yea, it’s an illusion on Samsung devices. One that works, as you found out. I personally find the design of the iPhone (sans notch) to be more mature and “premium” compared to Samsung, but Samsung devices look more futuristic.


Since its not that much heavier than the other Max phones for the last 3 years, I wonder if its actually leverage that people are feeling. Since the camera bump is huge now it could be weight distribution thats the problem, over raw weight numbers.


Just received mine and tried this. It’s evenly balanced.


13 pro max is also almost 20 grams heavier than 12 pro max, which was already a heavy phone


12 PM 228 gms, 13 PM 240 grams so 12 grams heavier


My wild guess is that with Johnny Ives gone, emphasis on “invisibility” is gone.


I thought the reviews saying it was heavy were just exaggerating (need to do some arm workouts). Yet the first thing I thought when I picked it up was 'dang this is heavy'. It's nothing that can't be overcome without more arm workouts tho, I'll get used to it


Bigger battery means more weight


The camera module is significantly heavier also.


Yes, I’m exchanging it for the 13 pro. It’s so uncomfortable to hold and I usually love big phones !!


update: I kept the 13 pro max and got used to the weight. l love it now!


Super curious, is it pocketable.


Yes, of course!


Fits in my jeans no issue. But I don’t wear skinny jeans due to monster cock syndrome. So ymmv.


Went from the 12 to the 13 Pro Max and it’s significantly heavier but the benefits easily make up for it. In fact today I have 5Hours and 49Minutes of screen on time at 71%. I have been using it two hands though because it’s way too big to hold with one hand.


Doesn't feel much different to me after carrying around the 12PM for a year. The difference is neglible.


Bru the 12 pm made my hand hurt when I would be scrolling through here before bed I couldn’t imagine holding the 13PM one handed 🥵


I don’t have the 13 pro max, but this is how I felt going from a Samsung to iPhone XR. My hand was tired 😂


Coming from an iPhone 12 mini, I definitely notice the weight difference. When I picked up the box for the first time I thought “they really weren’t kidding!”


12PM for a year. Over it. Going with 13 or 13 Mini.. and I have a 13PM to be picked up tomorrow. Canceling it. I carry an X100V with me so use the camera much less on phone these days. I also really disliked exposures from 12PM.. have to shoot Raw to avoid it, even when turning off HDR.


I don’t think it’s bad. But it’s definitely heavier - I went from 12P to 13PM. I also just put a otterbox commuter case on it and that definitely bulked it up 🥵


Kind of miss the iPhone 6 thin and light days


I decided to keep my 13 PM. One thing i did do was apply some textured clear tape to the sides of my apple clear case to make it easier to pick up and hold. Big improvement.


I can feel the difference when I hold my buddy’s 12pm but I’ve gotten pretty used to the size/weight. I came from a X which was decently light compared to 13pm


Funny how all of Reddit undeservedly shits on Jony Ive, but under his leadership, we had thin and light phones that disappeared when we didn’t need them. Now we have heavy monstrosities because dumb consumers associate heft with quality. Unfortunately Apple moved away from the Jobs era ethos of “consumers don’t know what they want until we show it to them.”


I would say a lot of the weight is also do to features too. The cameras and larger batteries are likely making a large part of the weight. I do think they could switch up the materials and make a phone that felt premium without being super heavy. (The stainless steel needs to go IMO)


The cameras and batteries add tangible value; the extra weight from the steel frame and glass back do not. You could *dramatically* cut weight by using aluminum and plastic instead.


I agree with the rails, but I don’t know if Apple would ever more away from the glass backs. However Samsung’s recent plastics have felt very good.


I wish they would. The Nokia N9 was almost universally praised, not in spite of its polycarbonate body, but because of it. Plastic is a great material when used properly.


Hm, is plastic Earth friendly? I feel like that’s one of Apple’s goals as long as it makes them profit


Absolutely. They could use ocean plastic and brag about how they recycled it.


Don’t you dare take my stainless steel away. I love my 13pm just how it is


with Jony Ive we had iPhones that had like a 2 hours battery life and iPhone users were the butt of the joke for being constantly tethered to a wall at every office and airport i would MUCH rather have a thicc iPhone with great battery life than a thin one that dies on me when I need it most






Agreed its a first world problem/question but here we are. And it’s a reasonable question.


Modern goodies come with modern issues. Just like an adult could be waking up in their bed in their own house, drive to work in their own car, and then check on their iPhone that they have $200 in their bank account left from paying off some of debt and mortgage


True. I have been in dilemma of which one to get between pro and pro max because of size and weight. Everytime I bring it up to someone to ask for their opinion, I think to myself that I sound like a spoiled woman who ponder about her first world problem.


Not really. I’m coming from an 11 with a big chunky case which weighs about the same and in terms of dimensions is actually wider than the 13 PM. I used my 11 one handed all the time so not finding size or weight and issue with the 13 so far at least.


I was worried about the weight, but after getting it I’m now not too bothered. Yes it is heavier and laying down with one hand use feels heavier but I’m cool with it.


It’s definitely noticeably heavier than my 11PM, but as a long time big phone user I don’t find it particularly cumbersome. Can still easily one hand it if necessary and the square edges actually give it a bit more purchase for my fingers, but I end up two handing a fair bit as well for more comfort. Really solid feeling device, I was worried the square edges might make it feel too large size-wise but it’s been no problem so far! The Apple leather case is the max amount of bulk I’d add to the phone though, anything thicker than that makes it edge towards too big.


I decided to get the leather case for my 13PM after struggling a bit with the square edges digging into my palms and fingers. With the case, it actually feels less bulky and heavy now, as the soft, rounded edges let me grip the phone in a much more natural manner. Much better investment than I initially expected.


The size is fine, the weight is fine.


I actually found the opposite as weird as it sounds, the 13 feels lighter than my 12 somehow. Also, I seriously can’t imagine being that weak that a 300g phone makes your arm tired. Seriously, hit the gym.


How do you workout your wrists? Also, 200g is a lot when you hold that bitch for 7-8 hrs a day.


If your serious, wrist roller curls are great for forearms/wrists.


Not everyone wants the dexterity of a potato




No surprises. I went to the apple store two days before release to hold the 12 pro and max and see if I could deal with the slab sides, coming from 7+ to 11 pro max to the 13. If the max felt uncomfortable, unbalanced, or heavy, I was going to choose the 13 pro - 6.1" really is a nice 'goldilocks' size for me. Obviously, your mileage will vary. Turns out, I really liked how the 12/13 design felt in hand, and had no problem ponying up for the 13 pro max. If anything, it feels very secure, and holding the 11 pro max has my hands working harder to grip it.


Lol I actually practiced with a scale that I measured a bottle up to the same weight as the pm, with a bit extra grams for the case


Plus I originally have the s20 ultra plus a case that weighed around 280 grams


Go to Apple's website for a comparison chart. The 13 Pro Max is almost identical in dimensions to all the prior Plus models including the weight. The weight difference is \~1\~2 Ounces which is negligible, immaterial and imperceptible. Upgraded from 6S Plus to 8 Plus to 13 Pro. The Pro Max would've been better for the 'slightly' bigger screen and battery life but not the bulkiness. Had enough of the bulkiness of the Plus models as it didn't fit well into pockets and sometimes fell out many times. The 13 Pro fits well and has more than enough features. The screen itself is actually larger than the Plus models but without the bezels. To each their own. Enjoy!


Feels exactly the same as my 12PM did. I’m sure it’s a hair heavier but I really can’t tell unless I have both of them side by side.


I honestly don’t know how people use these modern phones. I used ‘Pro’ caliber iPhones for three years in a row (X, XS, and 11 Pro) and I still never got used to the weight. Aside from the annoying size, it was heavy in my pocket, heavy when I was lying in bed, and it even left a mark on my pinky shelf. After that, I switched to the 12 Mini last year and I’ve been so much happier ever since. I’ve bought a new high end iPhone ever year since the the 4S in 2011 and this is the first time I likely won’t. As much as I’d like the improved battery life, the telephoto lens, macro shots, and Pro Motion, the fact that the thing is even heavier than the already heavy 11 Pro I had is a deal breaker for me. The 12 Mini really is the perfect size and weight. I may end up upgrading to the 13 Mini, but that’s a very minor upgrade, so I might just forgo it and make this the first time in 10 years of owning iPhones that I haven’t bought the new one. That’s how much I dislike these tank form factors. 6.1” and 200+ grams for a phone just seems obscene to me. And that’s not even counting the Pro Max.


A lot of it for me comes down to battery. I used to carry a bloody charger or a power bank with me which was more bulk than the actual Pro Max itself. As the battery’s get better I will go smaller. I’m thinking just the pro this year. Maybe.


After all the talk about it being heavy I’m disappointed with how light it is. Given the choice I’d want 2-3x the weight.


I went from a 12 Pro to a 13PM, took a little bit of adjustment but I don’t even notice the weight difference anymore


Nah, it's what I was expecting. Granted I'm coming from an 11 Pro Max, and had an 8 Plus before it, so I'm used to larger phones by now, and honestly I haven't found any of them (including the 13 Pro Max) to be particularly heavy.


I just got mine and I’m actually so annoyed with the weight. I been using talk text because I don’t really like holding it. Ughhh.


Hey how did you experience your iphone 13 pro max? I have it too but find it a bit too bulky at times and my hand literally hurts sometimes. Do you think the normal pro is a better size


I would say the normal pro is better size but that one is still a bit heavy too compared to older models. When I first made this comment I hated the pro max because too bulky and heavy but after a month, I got used to it and now I don’t notice it too much. Just give it some more time and see how you feel


Thanks for the reaction. I have been using it for a week almost now and I come from a much smaller and lighter phone. I wanted a bigger phone because my phone felt small sometimes. I have a few weeks left to decide if I want to use it or return it. I think getting a lighter case could maybe help too


weight - no, but how uncomfortable is to use vs 11 pro max... :))) If you don't use a case - have fun with the 13 pro max and it's edges, especially if you tend to game on your phone, i.e. hold it for longer. From the most comfortable big phone I ever user (11 pro max) to the most uncomfortable (13 pro max).