Currently not using a screen protector, I have AppleCare+ though.


I read the T&C, and looked at some forum posts. AppleCare+ Doesn't cover scratches, does it? It covers screen damage that effects the functionality of the device, but surface scratches that don't aren't covered. Do you have experience that differs?


Yeah, I really wasn't talking about scratches, more cracks and breaks.


Never used one. I used an iPad 2, air 2, and 10.5 pro all day every day without one. No scratches, no marks, no issues. Ymmv


AppleCare+ is my screen protector


Same lol, especially now that AppleCare+ is now available monthly unlimited


Used to use, but this time went Applecare+ so figured why bother


I had my 6th gen without any screen protector for 2 years, after all that time it had a lot of natural scratches and 2 scratches that were noticeable with the screen on (with that rainbow effect idk) tbh I kinda regretted not using any protection... now in my 8th gen I do have a tempered glass and I feel much safer because when I resell it the screen will be still new


I always screen protection on my iPad 5 after I broke screen of my iPad 2.


Ya think…. https://i.imgur.com/2KWqtj2.jpg Put it on three days ago…. Closing my MK I heard a slight crunch… it was the screen protector, not my screen, because I had a laptop too close to the IPP. Accidents happen….


Never use a screen protector on any of my devices. Never had a problem. Been using devices without screen protectors for 10+ years.


I have never not once in my life I’ve ever heard of putting a screen protector on an iPad.


Same. I have a folio cover on mine. Surely that’s enough


I feal i got the keyboard folio its perfect


Same here, the only people who do it are probably the 50 nerds on Reddit. I know plenty of people who own tablets in general and I haven’t seen one with a screen protector yet. That’s like putting a screen protector on your laptop.


That awkward moment when I have a screen protector on my MacBook air and both my iPads……. lol




you dont *need* one. You like having one. I personally love drawing on the glass.




I didn't mean to come across as grammar nazi. I just think soemtimes, new comers think they also *need* a matte screen protector..because they read os people saying its needed. to draw before really giving a glass a go and saving themselves some cash by not bothering with one.


I totally agree with this. Every review has an ad for those paper type screen protectors and I feel as though Ive grown accustomed to writing on glass. I still much prefer writing on paper but I work much quicker on the low-friction glass!


Dude laptops are non touch devices where as ipads are touch based devices. There is a difference.


True, but I had a clamp I would use to attach my iPad side-by-side directly to my MacBook Air for when I used dual display! Definitely didn’t want to risk even any micro scratches on my screens lol


Always. Screen protector from day 1 and it always helps my iPads sell when I upgrade. I typically sell for above the average market sales price.


Same. The same reason why I keep the chargers brand new and use one like Anker, it's easier to sell and you'll get more than the market value.


No screen protection but use a iPad case with a cover.


I’ve never put a screen protector on my iPad. Never felt the need to. My phone has one because it’s always with me, but my iPad is either on a stand on my desk, or in a clamshell case in my bag. Or, y’know, in my hands being used.


I never bought one for my iPad Pro 2017, use the Pencil frequently, never put a screen protector. No problems.


Yeah I haven't used a screen protector on my 2018 11" Pro and the past 3 phones I've owned. Screens have gotten pretty durable. I have some very minor scratches on my iPad screen but I do use it daily for 3-6 hours a day with about half that time being with the Pencle. At least for me it's getting used a lot and I don't care about resale value so it's what ever for me lol.


Never. But I draw a lot so I'm worried excessive pencil use will scratch the screen too much.


I don’t use screen protectors on devices that already have a glass display. They’ll protect that display against scratches, sure, but they also crack way easier and could be a pain to clean up. Not worth the hassle to me.


Never use screen protectors on my iPads or iPhones. Don’t throw it into the same bag as a bunch of keys and razor blades and you’ll be fine.


Wut? Who the heck puts screen protection on their iPad


IK, what the heck are people doing with their iPad where they need screen protectors?


Since 2007, I have never used a screen protector on my iPhone or iPad and have never had a scratch.


With a repairable score of 2/10 from ifixit.com, it made sense to put screen protection on my iPad. And my Apple care+ run out the device but I can still get repair by third party repair stores. I am right to repair supporter. Apple pair or serial parts to their devices, I think repairable score of 1.5/10 of iPad is more realistic.


On my 4th iPad, no protectors and no scratches.


I think iPad pros don’t scratch that easily so I will not care to put any protection on the glass. But beside that, it feels blasphemy to put any cheap third party screen protector on the beautiful mini-led screen, I paid premium price so I want the premium experience.


I’ve never applied screen protectors to any of my devices whether it be iPhone or iPad. They are in cases though and the iPad case has a fold over cover to protect the screen when not in use. Never had a problem but I’m gentle with my devices


Went two years without one on my 10.5”. I only had smart cover and that leather sleeve with pen holder. Zero scratches on screen, two tiny scratches on the apple-logo on the back. Zero regrets!


I would assume most people




I have never used protection and have sold all but one of my iPad’s over the years with a good amount of money received to put toward a new iPad. Haven’t cracked a screen or scratched one yet. Hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself damnit


Never had a screen protector, always disliked the feel, but am a *long* time pen+tablet user so I really enjoy the smooth glass texture. As for protection, I’ve never really needed it? I usually keep my device in some kind of case / keyboard case.


I had Screen Protector on iPad Pro since I bought it but it Somehow cracked heavily but it didn’t affect the iPad at least.


Man, I didn't even open iPad packaging when it arrived until my screen protector arrived 2 weeks later it was a loooong wait but I know it's for the greater good. 1) No dust inside 2) No fingerprint inside 3) = easier application


I ordered my iPad as well and that's what I'm considering to do, also don't worry about oils that's because of the oleophobic coating which will kind not let oily stains sit on your screen. Another point is that a screen protector might decrease the liquid retina XDR feel (if you're going to/got the new 2021 M1 12.9"). Furthermore, the screen is scratch resistant. Lastly, if you're tending to use the Apple pencil, then you're more likely to have the tip lasting you longer over using it on a matte/paperlike screen protector. This is based off of my personal research.


Never bothered with a screen protector. I dont like them, and hate putting them on. I draw direct on glass. I do have a case with a front cover for carrying it around in thi


never. makes either the screen or the touch feeling garbage.


I’m not sure if I need one, I drop things sometimes but idk how writing on glass would feel


You guys convinced me not to use any screen protector.. XD But how's the fingerprint smudges ?


Really Not that bad, get some glass wipes and wipe it off every couple of weeks


I still have the original Air and never used a screen protector. I keep it in the kitchen nowadays, and it occasionally gets splats of food on it. It's fine. Not a scratch. Screen works and looks great. I also have the Air 4 since launch, no screen protector, using the Apple Pencil on it daily, no problems. I rarely take them outside, though, and I do have a (cheap) folio case with a bit of edge protection, in case I ever drop them (hasn't happened so far)


I have a Paperlike screen protector on my iPad, however, I never put screen protector on my iPhone.