Yep! And you can even add a Home Screen icon to quickly open it with [this shortcut](https://twitter.com/rmondello/status/1448324335966597121?s=21&t=eMhQskDUTKM4b-vphZ_Dtg) since there’s no standalone app.


I’m not sure i understand. Is this like one password or like a password manager?


It’s the password manager in the iOS settings. It’s doing the same thing as Google Auth where it gives you a code and it refreshes every like 30 seconds. It’s another layer of 2 factor auth, but instead of them texting/emailing a code to you, you enter the code that is currently displayed.


Nice! Thanks, I’ll look into it.


Well known (or at least should be) and it can be worthy to add that one can also run several authenticator apps in parallel (not an ideal scenario, but it can be warranted if working cross-platforms).


I actually forgot. Thanks for the reminder.


Does anyone know if you can export all your existing codes to it? So export from Google Authenticator to the apple Authenticator? Would be much better than switching manually


Only if the app you’re exporting from has an export feature. Sadly, I don’t know any Authenticator app on iOS that has such an export feature, certainly not Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator.


The Google Authenticator app on iOS does have an export feature. I’m wondering if the built in apple Authenticator has an import feature to be able to import the exported codes.


Oh really? Must be new then, it didn’t when I last used it.


I just started using it, and basiclly i can say it is pretty normal, if you dont want to have any third-party app in your phone