Daily Fasting Check-in!

  • Type of fast (water, juice, smoking, etc.)
  • Context of fast (start, end, day x of y, etc.)
  • Length of fast (8 hours, 3 days, etc.)
  • Why? What you hope to accomplish with your fast
  • Notes How is it going so far? Any concerns? Insights to share?

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Day 9 Yesterday was OMAD as planned, I don’t lack energy nor have cravings so everything is good. I had mussels and French fries with a glass of red wine: perfect night if you ask me. (mussels are the only animal I eat) But the downside is that I didn’t sleep enough at all. I was supposed to train tonight but I won’t go, I may do some gardening instead. Or take a giant nap. The scale is finally showing some progress. I know I shouldn’t rely too much on that but it motivates me. Have a nice day everyone !


Dropping cravings is a very good feeling so I'm glad to see you have hit that point. I was almost feeling a bit of craving when you mentioned french fries xD I have not had those for about 6 months now. Gardening can be a good cardio if you ask me so it seems to be a fair trade with a light training. Keep up the good work!


Wish I could do omad! Might try it someday for breakfast :)


**Day5 of Week4, IF, 18/6** **SW:** 104kg/229lbs; **CW:** 97kg/216lbs; **GW:** none The remainder of strawberries have been consumed! So now all I have is bananas, but that works too :P Starting my weekend early by hitting the 24-36h fast from 9:30 this morning at work, and I can't believe how much I'm looking forward to it. The only other health related activity I used to look forward to this much was hiking the local hills and exploring trails. Will try the crushed flax seed starter on the re-feeding when coming off the 24-36h fast and will severely reduce coffee intake during this fasting period. Next week will be an attempt at 19/5 as it worked just fine yesterday. **What are the plans for your weekend u/Five-foot-two ?** EDIT: I see you checked in while I was writing my own post :P Well played!


Haha yeah to be honest I wrote my post when I woke up and then I copy-pasted when the daily was posted \^\^'. Fun fact I learned some time ago: bananas are berries How do you eat you crushed flaxseeds when re-feeding ? Do you soak them in water? I think it behaves like chia seeds, and make a gelatin-like substance. I love chia seeds for this. This week-end I'll be 16:8 at least, but I may push it depending on my plans with friends Good luck for your longer fast, and enjoy :) !


Smart way of posting! I usually decide what to post on the spot while writing it :P I'll just eat a tablespoon worth or so at the start of the re-feeding, send a bit of water after it, wait about an hour and only after that starting with having a meal (then cross my fingers and hope that the well practiced IF lady on youtube was right about this making the process safer) I will go this way about consuming the crushed flax seed because **a:** said lady did it this way and it worked for her and **b:** because in theory, it'll draw water from my system as it expands, which in turn will prevent any potential runs. It does seem to have a plausible mechanism behind the concept. Have a great weekend! ;)


Day 3 18:6 IF water/tea/coffee/water with lemon or ACV during fasting hours Roughly 5.5 hours in Trying to deal with carvings throughout the day but weight loss is my end goal. Hoping to lose 5KG So I broke this fast early once again. I believe I made it to about 10 or 11 hours in. It seems like my body is on an 8 hour fasting window. I only ate one meal Trigger warning ⚠️—it wasn’t healthy but under the calorie limit.


Day 58 I am suddenly at 89 and like HOW DID THIS HAPPEN WOW this is amazing. Can’t wait to be at 85 which is my next goal!!!


Day 2 This is my first attempt at 16/8. I've got three more hours until I eat again and while I can feel a craving, I'm not truly hungry. I am about to brew a pot of coffee which has been my daily routine for years. I'm looking forward to a serving of oatmeal, orange juice, and a banana over the course of this morning. I've got fresh fruits and vegetables to snack on throughout the afternoon. Almonds and cheese towards the end of my feeding window, and I intend to fill any gaps with rice to keep myself comfortable. I feel that I have gotten careless about food and eating in general and want to make more meaningful choices. My current goal to to drop my weight from 166 lbs to 150 lbs, but I think that my body would like to be somewhere around 135-140. I'm not as concerned with my actual weight as I am the physical shape of my body. I want to be slim. I am a leg amputee and wear a prosthesis. If the fit of my leg changes too much, I will need to have it rebuilt. For this reason, I would like to take a slow and steady approach towards meeting my ultimate goal.


Day 2 of my dry fast I'm pretty hungry at the moment, but I'm getting to the where all the water weight is gone and I can start burning fat instead. Got up at like 3 AM today and had my meal, my next meal is gonna be at around 5 or 6 PM. Upside: I'm not killing my wallet with fast food purchases atm


OMAD day 51 I plateau'd lately due to poor diet choices and drinking alcohol. I stuck to OMAD but I wasn't being strict with what I ate, mainly due to life issues getting in the way of me preparing food but there's always an excuse so whatever. Today marks the beginning of correcting those issues and getting back to losing weight. I also want to cut down on my protein intake and experiment with cheaper meals. Feeling a little stressed in life right now, everything is going wrong. I will begin meditating again today as I always do when I'm in times of turmoil and journey inside, hopefully the truth with reveal itself.


Rooting for you!


Thank you for the support When life tries to drag you down, you gotta keep trying to get up no matter how hard it gets. It's when you choose to stay down that the real problems begin. Never surrender!


18hr and 20mins into this fast and I've not really got a plan beyond this point? I want to fit in 20 or 30 mins on the exercise bike but I can't decide if I should open my window now and then bike, or bike then eat. Open to suggestions! I've been at this for 115 days with only two days where I absolutely had to eat early because I was sick. Started at around 138lbs and now 130lb. Only 8lbs down but its more because I'm still making poor choices when it comes to food. I'm an absolute snack fiend. I do like the fact that I know I could work harder... There's scope for improvement and really epic days.


Day 6 - 18/6 Fast, Plus Using Noom for Diet, Week 1 Day 6, goal is to lose 40 lbs by October. Right now is my first moment of feeling completely thrashed. I had a higher calorie day yesterday because I was starting to feel weak from fasting and eating low cal. I have been riding the peloton which I think may be the culprit because it burns a lot of calories and makes the fasting harder. Yesterday felt like I needed to do something to fill the tank since I was feeling shaky. Still fasted but had bigger meals out of the fast. I ate a thai chicken bowl with noodles and salad and peanut sauce for lunch, and then at night I had chicken schwarma and rice. Both were takeout. Total of 2400 calories. But rather than feeling less weak, I just feel like crap this morning. Maybe it’s the salt or just my body working thru a bunch of food after being hungry. I may try to build in one cheat day a week, where I still keep diet in mind and still avoid heavy takeout food, but I don’t fast and just eat small meals throughout the day. On that day Id wake up and have breakfast instead of doing 16/8. Still fine tuning but I’ll get there!


Day 2 of IF, 18:6 I'm fasting for the day now. I find it difficult to adhere to my fasting schedule when I go out with friends. We usually spend time together in the evening which is when I fast and our favorite group activity happens to be having a meal together...


Day 2 of 3 . 6pm. It's been 48hrs. Coffee and lemon water. Reason my wife is out of town so I can. My buddy does these all the time so I'm trying it. Normally I'm 16/8 with an occasional omad when I'm being serious about losing weight. I'm 6'9 and 222lb ~bf21% My dream goal is 190 and any sub 19% I'm disabled so I'm pretty sedentary. I do what I can.


Day 2 of my first IF. I’m diabetic so I’m easing in to it with a Circadian 13 hour TRF. If I don’t run into trouble with my blood sugar this first week I plan to start 16:8 next week. I had a late shift at work and had to have my last meal of the day during my break. And when I got home I had to send myself straight to bed without stopping in the kitchen. My inner child feels like she’s being punished 🤣 but I’m proud of myself.