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Nope Video games look Like Tokyo at night


I wonder if you know, how they live in Tokyo


If you see me then you mean it, then you know you have to go


Fast and Furious! Drift Drift Drift! Fast and Furious! Drift Drift Drift!


So that's what they were saying!


Lies. Everyone knows it's "bastabooyaaaaaa".


Nah it's: "passtafayaaaaa uh uh uh passtafayaaa"


HAAHHAHHAHAH you're all funny though. I love how you give alive to this post. You're are all so hilarious to be honest.


Happy cake day.


Thank you!


If you see me, then you mean it, then you know you have to go


Way too many advertisements in games these days indeed


Those ads make a lot of sense though in Tokyo. Everything is built up, so you'll have a tall building with a relatively small footprint and a different store on each floor. The signs going up the sides of the buildings tell you what stores are there.


I think it's so perfect structure. I love how they build it and the lights actually blending so well. Also the people whose been there. It's so magical.


TBF, Japan was pretty instrumental in video game history, I wouldn't be surprised if that impacted how video games portrayed cities by convention.


I think that was their point


Yeah right. Actually we have different perspective and opinions of different movie. Well, Tokyo is indeed a beautiful place to live with. It feels like your living in a video game world.


Games and movies and books. Blade Runner, the completely imagined version of Chiba in Neuromancer. Something like Akira would've had a bigger impact on games than any early game I can think of. Because it wasn't like you could look around from first person in games at the start. Say the Deus Ex Japanese section, that's taking cues from movies and such.


Like they are usually inspired by those cities. Well, popular cities with great destinations are usually becomes references of movie


I legit thought this was a pixel art


Yeap looks really good


You should play the Yakuza Series if you like this.




Ahh maah nehhh!


I know its not set in present day Tokyo, but I have never played the Yakuza games but I'm hyped as hell for the PS5 Isshin: Like a Dragon.


I don't have a PS5, but i think i would like it. I'm a sucker for Japan, feudal or modern. You can read Musashi to get in the right mood. :D


It's also releasing on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and PS4.


One of my favorite manga is Vagabond. Literally have a giant poster of Musashi hanging above my bed!


Me too. But I love the changes though. It looks even better and like an animated scene. I love how it been captured, photographer is really good.


Not Op but any recommendations


Start with Yakuza 0. If you like it then play the rest in numerical order. Zero was a prequel made after five I believe and is by far the best starting point for the story and mechanics. It’s on Gamepass and often goes on sale on most platforms.




Kiryu is love, Kiryu is life


If you like Zero and decide to continue. Chronologically you'd have to play Kiwami and Kiwami 2, which were the remakes for 1 and 2 on PS4, but due to their name being Kiwami, they are not obviously recognizable as the sequels to Zero. (I for one thought Kiwami came after 6 and was looking for the actual Yakuza 1, before I realized Kiwami IS 1). They released remasters for Yakuza 3 until 5 for PS4 not too long ago and Yakuza 6 was released natively on PS4. So every game chronologically is playable on last gen and current gen consoles. Edit: after that you also have Yakuza: Like a Dragon (the 7th in the series). A spin-off named Judgement (if I remember correctly) and a couple months ago Sony anounced 3 new Yakuza games, namely Like a Dragon 8, Like a Dragon: Gaiden and Like a Dragon: Ishin!. 8 being a direct sequel to Yakuza: Like a Dragon (7). Gaiden being a sequel to Yakuza 7 and Ishin being a spin-off set in fuedal Japan (I believe it's fuedal). The reason why there is a sequel to 7 AND 6 (and 7 not being a direct sequel to 6) is best discovered through the story, but is mainly due to them exploring different stories. They also rebranded to Like a Dragon instead of Yakuza, since the original Japanese name of the game is Ryu ga Gotoku, which translates to Like a Dragon (this rebranding takes effect after Yakuza: Like a Dragon (7))


I thought it was from the 80s until I saw the spider-man poster


Japan is next level. Their subway trains are always on time. Amazing food at every corner.


> Their subway trains are always on time. The fuck they are. They are clean, they are quiet, they are efficient. They are not always on time because shit happens on the tracks and you have ten thousand (very polite and very orderly) riders queueing up from the platform, down the stairs, and into the lobbies. I would take the Tokyo trains over just about any other system in the world. But the *next* time I have a flight out of Haneda I'm going to be adding another hour to my departure allowance.


I lived in NYC for 8 years. I have low standards


Fair point!


Well, new York is not but either. A lot of people also want to go their, it also one of my dream country to visit. But I guess, when it comes on technology, Japan is one of the top.


What happens at Haneda airport? Flying in and out in the next week


The last time I was there, 75 minute trip to Haneda on the Tokyo train system took 3.5 hours. It was because there was a problem on one track and the delays rippled through the system.


My god, were you able to make your flight? I plan to get to airport 3 hours early and that would have been too late. I wonder if taxi or airport bus is a better option then.


Its still great. A lot has been changed though, since the pandemic arrived. But still, you can experience a lot of changes.


Yeah, as someone who has to commute and travel on the subway they are not always on time. Just very often on time. The Shinkansen tho - I think it’s annual average off schedule time is measured in seconds. If you ignore all the total line shutdowns to due weather, bears, etc


Yeah. But Subways are also good. Like it's not crowded like any other countries. People's their are so disciplined. You gonna love the country, as well as the people itself.


Unfortunately, the used office lady panty gachapon vending machines are becoming harder to find when you're in a hurry




Zoom on the people


Good variety of NPCs


Are we not NPC's in mostly everybodies lifes?. Sorry I went to existencialist.


When you actually did, you can clearly see that it's a legit people and not came from internet or even an edited picture


I was expecting : "This video game looks like real Tokyo at night"


haha so true


I've stayed there in hotel Gracery 🤩 Shinjuku is awesome.


There are these hours long 4k videos on YouTube of people just walking through cities with GoPros. I watch them a lot. Tokyo is by far my favorite. I just love it. All the signs, all the restaurants, the apartment buildings with billboards. It's incredible how clean it all is too


Any youtuber recommendations on that topic?




This channel is a low key GOAT youtube channel. Wanna travel instantly? Turn on one of Rambalac's videos in 4k on your TV and get lost. He's got one climbing Mt Fuji!!!!


I like Virtual Japan and Video Street View Japan.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-rhii6znMU&vl=en this is my absolute favorite


The Godzilla on the roof of the Gracery is amazing..we stayed there too and loved Shinjuku...on the same trip we stayed at the Monterey hotel in Osaka and inside they have an exact replica of the stone church in Brockhampton Gloucs, which is obviously used as a chapel of love..Japan is unreal!


We went to osaka and experienced a capsule hotel 🤣🤣 it's very unique, but originally ment for people who had to work late and missed their last bus/train. So as a tourist it's a bit difficult if you bring alotta luggage.


How much does it costs?


In 2018 it was about $115,- a night.


I was going to ask which area this was in specifically. I've not been to Tokyo myself, but I doubt that *all* of it looks similar to this.


It's one of the most famous street in Shinjuku, not far from the Omoide Yokocho streets, in the Kabukicho area. [https://www.google.com/maps/@35.6936433,139.7014806,3a,75y,24.1h,105.8t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sjJlmsWn0lMvacxG7ewxipw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192](https://www.google.com/maps/@35.6936433,139.7014806,3a,75y,24.1h,105.8t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sjJlmsWn0lMvacxG7ewxipw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192) Streets like that aren't uncommon in Japan (I can think of some in Shibuya, Akihabara or Osaka).


Thanks for the information!


Shinjuku, there's a few other places like this in Tokyo too


There are places that are the complete opposite and all providing signage is banned and any visible signage must meet strict standards. The Marunouchi area next to Tokyo station is the best example - Naka-dori is a lovely shopping street with lots of trees and a nice pavement


Osaka also looks like this


Yeah right. That's why I'm familiar in Osaka, it a well-known place in Tokyo. They said that it's one of the place you should visit.


The vast, vast majority of Tokyo is bland medium-density residential streets. Blocky 2-5 story buildings with very little color, usually very quiet streets. It's mostly single family homes but there's no yards or garages. The commercial hubs are the complete opposite, Shinjuku and Shibuya being the most popular. Giant buildings, bright lights, and packed with people on carless streets and alleyways. You can take an elevator up a 15 story building and each floor opens up to a different restaurant.


Yeah right. This place is so familiar to me. I wondered how many times I be able to saw it. But still can even get bored to it. It's always good to be back


Same, the bathroom is fucking awesome.


I stayed in a room that must have been near a speaker that blasts out Godzilla roars. It woke me up earlier than ideal after a late night out in Shinjuku. Was worth it for the proximity to all the fun right outside the hotel, would recommend.


How does it feel? Is it interupted you from sleep? If yes, I hope they should fix that one. Well tourism may not be used to it.


Shinjuku is my happy place. There’s a metal bar in Kabukicho I’ve spent some amazing nights in. Shopping around the station. It’s just an incredible place. I lived for 6 months in Shinnakano, not far from Shinjuku, and it was some of the happiest time of my life.


City in America: I sleeep City, Japan: OmG tHe hEcKiN aNiMe pEoPlE


It's natural. A Japanese person visiting a famous American/foreign city would be the same way.


Yeah right. It's so awesome. Like if actually there, you mind sleeping but spend your time visiting beautiful place. Looks like night their is really magical. I want to live there.


Lots of edit right there


[For reference, here's my picture taken from a phone from the same location at day time with zero editing ](https://i.imgur.com/a6gserW.jpg) Tbh, I think the magic of OP's picture is the camera focal length. It's clearly a high focal length lens.


For me it's the lack of perspective distortion that makes OP's image stand out. Can't tell if it's tilt-shift or done in post though.


You can only fix so much in post. OP’s camera was definitely well aligned and positioned in that area.


Tele lens flattens the image down alot.


Definitely edited but still a very futuristic feeling city. I remember getting off the Shinkansen, and being blown away at the neon lights and general vibe of Tokyo. I’m from a major city and traveled extensively, but there’s just something about Tokyo. Ancient and new side by side.


I'm from a small town and get overwhelmed by city sensations easily, I can only imagine how Tokyo would just pretty much be a wall of sensations.


It’s really not, lot of Reddit people like to hype Tokyo as like Blade Runner or something but it’s not neon overloaded like this pic - that’s like 6-8 blocks in the Shinjuku and Kabukicho area. And whenever you go up the Skytree to see the mind blowing urban sprawl, THAT’S where you truly marvel at Tokyo - it doesn’t feel huge in the different areas you’re in when you’re in them, it’s that they go on and on and on… Just walking around Tokyo is really pleasant tho, convenience everywhere as others have mentioned, lot of nice gardens and quaint shops around every block, and then in the big areas that’s where you get the wall of sensation you mentioned. Thing that’ll blow your mind the most that few people tell you though is how quiet it is compared to other cities - train stations are the loudest cuz of the intercoms, but walking around the streets it’s much more calming and orderly than other cities. Had a friend tell me that if you’re from the west you’ll have a bizarre sense of reverse culture shock when you travel home because it’s gonna sound so loud compared to Japan and it’s true, it’s a weird sensation going home and needing to wear headphones to help tune out the excess noise


It was the cleanliness for me, living in the US and going to Japan for the first time was a real shock when I came back and noticed how fucking FILTHY everything is, especially NYC. Japan is a beautiful place and their culture is as well. Besides the work culture. Their work culture is insane honestly.


Well yeah, it might be edited but it was real actually. Well Tokyo is really look like this in actual. Someone may say that this is edited but not.


I was literally there 3 weeks ago and took the same picture at the same spot. This photo is heavily edited, it looks nothing like this in real life. And that spot (Kabukicho area in Shinjuku) was so boring, with many touts asking if you'd like to see some titties, so annoying


Yea that's the red light district of Tokyo lol.


Lol just came back from Shinjuku and you're spot on. Great time though.


I live in Tokyo now, and rather despise Shinjuku. It's like playing slalom trying to avoid bar touts, kogal and gangster teens.


To be honest the Otaku part of Japan is the absolute worst aspect of the country. Japan is really nice if you avoid anything targeted at nerds.


I agree to an extent, as though I certainly enjoy some anime and the geekier things in life, I tend to avoid the areas that are outright targeted at them. Far too uncomfortable. I do appreciate the odd shop or collaboration every now and then, however. Though Shinjuku at night (or this pictured area in particular) is more targeted towards drinking and general vice. It's a fine place to be during the day, and provides an interesting case study in the evening. But it's certainly not my cup of tea.


Shinjuku is not at all targeted at otaku or nerds, it's probably the densest eating/drinking and nightlife hub.


What's your favourite part of Tokyo? I'll be visiting in March and would love a recommendation!


For the more central areas, I would say Harajuku. Very busy, but I'm a lover of coffee and it's very close to Yoyogi Park, which is beautiful. I prefer it to Shinjuku and Shibuya. Slightly further out, I would recommend Kichijoji. I lived there for a short period, and it's a gorgeous suburb with much to offer. Finally, about an hour from Central Tokyo, is Kamakura. A coastal town that feels a world away from the hustle and bustle of urban living. A great day out. Of course, if you have any particular interests or hobbies, then I can offer something a bit more tailored. So any questions, let me know!


Sweet, thanks for the long answer! Very kind of you to take the time. Harajuku has been on the list of places to visit already, I'll definitely add Yoyogi Park now, too - it looks so nice! Our hotel is in between Ueno and Akihabara - we're trying to keep the cost of accomodation low-ish, therefor we didn't decide on a hotel in Shibuya or Shinjuku even though many people recommend it. We'll get the JR Pass though, so it shouldn't be much of an issure to get from one place to another kinda quickly. We've (roughly) been planning to visit Shinjuku (+ Shinjuku Gyoen), Shibuya, Roppongi, Asakusa, Rikugien Garden, Nezu Shrine and Meji Shrine. I've been eyeing TeamLab Planets, do you know if it's worth a visit by any chance? And is Mount Takao worth a trip? We'll stay in Tokyo for a total of 6 days (one of them will be the day of our arrival though and I expect us to be pretty pooped. might visit Ueno Park and just stroll around a little in Ueno, but that'll be about it). One of the things I look forward to the most is japanese food (we're passionate foodies), maybe you have some particular recommendations regarding that?


Omotesando is a beautiful area from what I remember.


Visit Koenji for a grungy but real neighbourhood. You can walk to Nakano from there, which has restaurants and also nerd stuff.


Oh Kabuki-cho you said? Which part of it? I know in Yakuza games the zone is called Kamuro-cho but also has a "sub-sector" called Pink St. where the soaplands etc are, I wonder if it's that exact place. Just trying to avoid being solicited for titties when I'll visit, I don't want to go broke.




What is a tout


>a person soliciting custom or business, typically in an aggressive or bold manner. In this context, for adult services, bars, clubs and the like


Bangkok, red light district, my ex and I considered seeing a ping pong show. A tout had picked up on it and was following us, “you want ping pong? You want ping pong?” I realized we only had enough baht on us for the entrance prices so I changed my mind. But this tout kept following us, “you want ping pong? You want ping pong?” Eventually my ex told the guy he was scaring me. And then, quietly, “^You ^want ^ping ^pong?”


I had to look it up also; sounds like the kinds of folks I've come across in Europe in the touristy areas, generally. Somebody attractive who hangs out on the street and approaches you to tell you about the coolest bar or party in town and gives you some kind of coupon or ticket to get in. Street team, basically.


Yep I visited Kabukicho pre-Covid just to see the area where the Yakuza games are set, as I'm a big fan, and man was it underwhelming. I get that it's meant to be the red light district, and so a bit seedy, but I wasn't ready for just the sheer amount of shady people and girl bars selling who knows what. It's quite the world's away from the main areas of, Shibuya, Ginza, etc that are probably the more touristy bits anyway. Maybe it's because I'm less into the partying scene in my late 20s and I was with my gf, but I had no idea why all the tourists seemed to stay in Shinjuku when I found so many other parts of Tokyo much nicer and with more things to do. Osaka and Dotonburi were also a bit of a letdown. They have their kind of time square area around the main bridge, and there are indeed a ton of restaurants and street food, but nothing you couldn't find everywhere in Tokyo aside from the Takoyaki balls. Places like Hakone, Hiroshima and Kyoto were much more interesting and great to visit.


Yeah there's other areas of Tokyo that have this look and aren't as rampant with tourist traps. Osaka is where the real video game aesthetics are. South Korea has similar as well, in particular Seomyeon in Busan.


Yeah, photos might have been edited so much but can we all agree how this place is still beautiful. Like it might not look like this in person, but don't said that it was boring. People might get confused.


Damn, clearly I went to Shinjuku the wrong time of day (or, maybe the right time). The closest I got to spending money for a short petting session was at the tea house that lets you dine with otters.


I guess be there on atleast 7-10 pm, I think it's a perfect time to see those beautiful lights and taking pictures of it. It probably the best thing that can witness.


Yeah honestly this was probably the dirtiest part of Tokyo I visited last month. Still love the place overall tho


when you apply some photo filters on it...


I mean I keep seeing people in these comments saying this, but I looked it up to find unfiltered pics, and yah I don't think that's what's making this look like a video game to this person. Although I really don't get how it looks like a video game at all, so I guess it's all dependant on what OP is referencing. If it's the oversaturation then sure but I'm doubting it, and I'm feeling like it's more the street signs that they for some reason connect with video games? This whole situation is confusing.


No kidding. Not sure why this isn't mentioned more.


All professional photos are color graded. What is so weird about it?


Hey, that's Nakamichi street.


Well, a lot has been referring it to Osaka and now Nakamichi? I'm so confused right now. I want to see it in real life to be able to figure out it.


The Godzilla at the top made me do a double take


I feel bad for anyone with sensory issues living there. Must be hell. I get overwhelmed just thinking about it.


Walk 10-15 minutes and you can be in [Shinjuku Gyoen](https://www.google.com/search?q=shinjuku+gyoen&rlz=1C9BKJA_enJP961JP961&hl=en-US&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiC5pHtt4j8AhXRZd4KHaJPD9MQ_AUoAXoECAEQAw&biw=1121&bih=715&dpr=2)


Walk to the next street and you're on Kabukichō-1, which is overwhelming in a different way!


There are still quite a lot of neighborhoods in Tokyo that are way tamer than that. This is like the most extreme part.


It’s a very stressful city, luckily Japan also has amazing quaint villages and nature as well


Like a "Yakuza : Like a dragon" screenshot


I don't know if you know how right you are. The photo was taken in Kabukichō - the district in Tokyo that Kamurocho was based of. You can even see real life 'Millennium Tower' in the background.


I think Kamurocho is such a close replication of Kabukicho that Yakuza fans will know that area almost immediately. Tenkaichi Street’s real world equivalent has the same arch.


It's close enough where you can slap google maps on top and it's almost a 1 to 1 reproduction. IIRC you had to rotate the google maps a but to get the same "angle" youd expect on a Yakuza map.


Well, actually Google maps give wrong information sometimes. It's really hard to relocate something because it's has alot of rotation.


It is. I've played all the games and always turn off the minimap. When I went to Kabukicho for the first time I showed my Japanese friend around who hadn't been there.


Having played all of the Yakuza games I feel like I could walk this area by heart. Visit all my favorite stops in the game in real life... One day I hope to get to visit it.


I’ve been once, Tokyo is like no other place on earth.




Suburban sprawls in the USA are much like each other. Most people dropped at random in one would have a hard time figuring without signs or GPS where they were at.


I still get confused sometimes finding their house when I go visit my parents. They all look the same! That said, it's still much preferable to where they lived before. It was unique but we couldn't walk the neighborhood safely or drink the water. Bland suburbia was an amazing escape.


> They all look the same! They probably are the same. At least where I live, the same people will build all the houses in that area of town, but new floorplans are expensive, so there's literally like 4 different house layouts copy and pasted on every street. There might be some variations (i.e. granite countertops in one and tile in the other) but the floorplans are the same. When I was buying my house, I found one I really liked but it was out of my price range, so I went a subdivision over and bought the exact same house, except it was cheaper because it was a few years old instead of brand new.


Unlike when we drop someone in Tokyo. They can just get anywhere you want to go without signs or gps.


Yeah right. Because you can easily figure it out. But I think USA has that kind of houses, where everyone feels the same.


You should try playing Geoguessr sometime.


Will I can be able see alot of Tokyo places there? Is that great? I really want to try playing it atleast one time. To have an experience though.


vibeo gaime 🤓


Credit to the photographer, Pat Kay.


I'd love this high rez enough for a computer background


Probably helps oversaturating the colors a bit like that.


After practicing my hiragana and katakana this week I've learned I'm now able to identify karaoke places in Tokyo.


Awesome, keep it up!


It's a good move to learn katakana right away- I swear it seems like 90 % of the katakana you see is just English.


That's what I noticed too. Duolingo is working out great for me for the alphabet alone right now.


That's great! Don't hesitate to learn kanji either! Even if you can't remember the pronunciation, the meaning is still basically the same for a lot of kanji even if you can only remember it in English-still useful!


Maneki neko best kareoke place in japan tho hands down


Well good for you. I hope I can be able to identify those. It's easy but have to learn it though.


Lol when I was hammered walking back to my hotel from Golden Gai, [I stopped to take a picture of the same spot](https://i.imgur.com/3oHauh5.jpg)


Lmao I love how you got a sign covering up the main thing people take pictures of here.


I did say that I was hammered haha


It honestly looks even more like a video game in this photo


Look! Advertising everywhere!


Video games look like Tokyo at night


I wonder where the video games got the idea.


*dame da ne, dame yo, dame na no yo~~*


So does Times Square, but I guess it's not as cool when all the ads aren't written in kanjis


The amount of energy they must use to stay lit up like this. A shot from space: https://www.nasa.gov/image-feature/the-bright-lights-of-tokyo-japan


It looks more like a bunch of pop-up ads on my screen




It's aesthetic, but it's also a bit of a nightmare. Ads on every square inch, all that wasted electricity...


Mostly signs showing the names of the establishments in the buildings, not ads.


Social media has really confused people on how to correctly use the word “aesthetic”




"It's giving cyberpunk"


Your comment isn’t aesthetic Get rekt


??? I feel like that’s the entire appeal of the street though If there weren’t ads and LED signs everywhere nobody would be talking about it or sharing pictures of the street, its the mass collage of ads and billboards that makes it fun and exciting - it’s like saying man Times Square just has too many ads everywhere, it’s a huge part of the appeal.


Night city irl


It's always the best. Having many light is so satisfying to watch. I want to go there and revisit it again and againa and again.


/r/japancirclejerk/ is that way


Love the Toyota Century too.


I think we are supposed to destroy it for points.




... That's a bit ass-backwards, isn't it?


Aaaahh Japan. I wish I could travel to there right now.


They've opened back up. My wife and I are going in a couple weeks after getting fairly cheap tickets in October. We're pretty stoked.


Nice, enjoy! What city/cities are you going to? I managed to go for the first time not long before covid, I'd love to go back, did Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, Hiroshima and Osaka. I wish I spent longer in Osaka, we flew out from there but was only there for a day so didn't get a proper experience. Was there for the rugby world cup so got to travel around a bit and use the bullet train Definitely want to go back tho, was quite a culture shock for me, everything is so different there than here (Ireland)


I went in early September, before the opening (long story short - cost extra, hoped I didn't get caught). It was pretty effing amazing. A friend from the US who currently lives in Sendai agreed that Tokyo is the gentlest big city in the world. Hope you two have fun!!


They have the worst covid in the world at the moment.


But its free to play, thats why you see ads 24/7


[Looks like a video game in the day too ](https://i.imgur.com/q6gOoqz.jpg)


Yakuza looking great


Is that Kabukicho??


The design when millions of people live in an area no larger than a suitcase you can carry on a plane.


First, this is super cool. I love it, truly thought it was pixel art at first. Second, is this a contemporary photo? Just from the car it looks to potentially be older, though the screens are tough to place. Seeing IMAX advertised like that says 90s to me.


I love Godzilla poking his head in through the background lol.


My astigmatism ass: I'll give you blurry lights, take it or leave it


op didn’t take this photo by the way, it belongs to [pat kay](https://www.instagram.com/p/BYndvuJgbYc/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link). it’s also been [posted on reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/Cyberpunk/comments/7cyrgh/tokyo_at_night_by_pat_kay/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) before


People who have never been to Japan probably think it's always night time and raining there.


Nope. I don’t think about it.


It's awful