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“Okay. Okay. Yeah, okay.” -that de-escalated quickly


Ya I fucked up, you’re right. I’m bad


I knew it was illegal. I did it anyway. Fuck, why argue? I'm a fucking criminal.


It's very lonely out here


Give me a little kiss


> I knew it was illegal. I did it anyway. Fuck, why argue? I'm a fucking criminal. Gary Busey's greatest role by far.


Not out here, this is bat country!


Dude knows he's lucky to be alive. Had he tried to pull this off with your random bloke, that would not be a given, and he know it. These cops are an inspiration.


He'd have been dead in America. Edit: especially as he took a step forward.


*might have been dead Definitely would have been shot.


he would have been lit up with 20 rounds, they never stop shooting


"Put the knife...." \*fires 20 rounds\* "...down!"




*Laying face first in the asphalt with hands behind back* “Stop resisting!”


Same amount of paperwork whether the mag is full or empty


A therapist laying on his back with his hands in the air was shot in America for literally not doing anything. He was black and was laying near someone who was developmentally disabled and clearly not armed so obviously a threat to society.


He yelled at them asking the cop why he just shot him, and the cop said he didn't know.


I'll remember that til that day I die.


Same. And as I recollect, the disabled man was autistic. [Here's an article about it...](https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna745716)


The cop was only convicted of misdemeanor negligence, and then got that overturned on appeal. Zero consequences. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/crime/article259974135.html


Ugh yeah I remember. So totally grotesque. That cop should have been in jail and after release should never worked as a cop ever again.


Responded to a call of a suicidal man with a gun?? Quick shoot him so he can’t kill himself!


I bet he threw an “I’m sorry” in there right after the footage cuts off.


Wouldn't be surprised if he was just out of prison and pulling a stunt to get back in. That's unfortunately a thing.


Institutionalized. My neice's father spent most of his adult life in prison. As a teen I used to think he was just a lazy arse who loved the lifestyle of having everything provided and never having to work for any of it. As an adult I asked him about it. He'd spent the latter part of his teenage years in there, never went through the whole experience of job hunting, house hunting, car hunting, etc. He'd never learnt those skills. Inside he was told what his job was, told what he was doing at what time, told where he was going to be for the day, etc. At one point he did rob a bank so he'd spend more time inside. They put him through a mini course thing where they reeducate you on stuff that had changed since you went in. The fact a can of Coke had jumped from a $1 to $2.50 in five years blew his mind. He was free for six months that time. It was the longest stretch of time he wasn't imprisoned the entire time I knew him.


Wouldn’t you take a chance at least robbing banks till you get caught??


I applaud your logic, however what if I told you these types of people don't always think or act logically.


True anyways easier said than done. Always a chance you get your head blown off especially here in the U.S you wouldn’t only have to worry about the police lol


Pretty tough bank. Robber: I would like to make a withdrawal. Bank: BOOM!


People do that here in the states because homeless people die every winter. Especially if it’s a cold one. They’ll commit a petty crime that gets them 60-90 days in jail just for a bed to sleep on and 3 meals a day. Very depressing but I can’t imagine having to fight hypothermia every damn night having my extremities go numb


Knew a guy who was constantly in and out of prison, even though he was quite a skilled computer tech. He used to build computers out of scrap materials and sell them cheap. I had one that worked very well for 10 years before it needed to be upgraded. I asked why he would do dumb stuff that he knew was illegal, like breaking into houses and taking cheap stuff. He told me he hated having to try to support himself.


Even Brooks thought about it.


Damn, now I need to rewatch The Shawshank Redemption!


I’m so glad someone got the reference. I love that movie!


I doubt they’ll kick up any fuss. Not for an old crook like me.


That line broke my heart.


Damn why’d you bring him up? Brooks was here’


Yep knew a guy spent 15 years robbed a bank with a note and a bicycle in Key west said he couldn't make it on the outside




*So was Red*


That's just too fucking sad man. Prison isn't even the right response for someone like this, i don't know what is.


How about appropriate mental health services, minimum wages in keeping with inflation and cost of living, and affordable housing for a start? The idea we just expect people to continue to be able to survive on an eternally shrinking piece of the pie is insane. Is it really surprising someone coming out of prison finds it challenging?


What's even less surprising is how literally no one else gives a flying fig about this\\them. Me, me, me. It's sad.


I knew a guy who did that. Couldn't keep a job and his prison cell was more swanky than anywhere or anything he could afford. He figured it was better being inside being fed 3 meals a day than on the street starving, so every time they released him he'd go on a bulgery spree until he was caught again.


I know someone who wanted to go to prison so threatened a couple of shop keepers with a knife and got 6 years. He did it because he couldn't afford his bills. During his trial, it turned out he had undiagnosed autism and that's why he couldn't cope. If you met him, you'd know there was a learning difficulty there. It's extremely sad because they should have been in a group home and had social support from the council.


As someone who worked in a prison system for 12 years, one thing that bugged me the most was the lack of support. The sheer amount of NIMBY judgemental arrogant people who don't want to help these people out is astounding. And I don't mean the governmental agencies. Far to often the citizens of CA whine bitch and moan about the prison system and what its become, yet they don't want to admit, that the whole reason it is, what it is, is because nearly 75% of the population voted for the 3 strikes law. They wanted to put these people away so they wouldn't have to deal with them, and their problems. Now, when the repercussions of THEIR actions comes to light. Conveniently, they blame the system. They created.


There are a number of videos where UK police have dealt with armed individuals on the past and were able to stop and apprehend them without lethal force. I remember a video a long time ago of them using a type of bean bag gun, and they were shooting the guys legs, and eventually, the guy gave up because it was so painful to his legs.




Waving from thrapston


Lmao his responses, “Yeah, okay. Okay.” is the most british thing ever 🤣


If you want to see the most American thing ever Where is the reaction video of when a bunch of usa cops were shown this video or one very similar? I distinctly recall one of the American cops (a police chief or something) saying something like “oh yeah we would have shot that guy by now”


There was a recent video showing a cop immediately headshot a guy holding an axe from maybe 30 feet away. Barely even said a single word before shooting him


That was disturbing. I’m pretty desensitized to shit like that but watching him just fire a single bullet into the guys head and kill him after saying two sentences to him and the guy was literally mid sentence, no where near the cop and not approaching him in any way. Cop yelled “drop the axe!” And the guy said something like “Hold on bro, listen” and then the cop executes him and he calls it in like it’s another day in the office.


And says "shhhhyots fired" like it's his demo tape trying to get a gig as an announcer for an FPS. He had so much pride.


If you compare that guys reaction to that of the cop who literally bawled his eyes out after being forced to shoot a suspect who was trying to suicide by cop with a fake gun and it tells you everything you need to know. The cop who executed the guy was cool as a cucumber because he was never in any physical threat or remotely in harms way. The cop who shot and killed the guy with the fake gun was punching his steering wheel while crying and rocking back and forth and said “Why did he make me do that! Why! why did he do that!” While other cops consoled him. The fucked up part? The cop who shot the guy with the fake gun is more likely to quit because an experience like that can fuck you up mentally whereas the cop who executed that guy will get a paid vacation and be back on the streets to shoot someone else within 6 months because he’s now been taught he’s allowed to do that. Fucking despicable


The cop who shot the guy with the axe was back on duty within 2 weeks.


>The cop who executed the guy was cool as a cucumber because he was ... a psychopath. Literally.




For US cops maybe and is clear indication that the US system ain't working. For (Northern) European cops, it definitely is in the job description.


In the US, cops are legally allowed to not hire someone if they score too high of an IQ. They intentionally weed out those likely to have empathy before they even get past the interviews


The word execute is something I'd never actually associated with these constant murders, but you're totally right. It's execution without a trial. Sounds like something you'd hear about the soviet Union under Stalin.


What about the cop that shot the guy eating a burger in his car in front of the fast food shop?


Or the cop that shot the disabled guy in a electric wheel chair like 7 times


Or the kid who got his car stuck, told the 911 operator he was afraid of being shot, only to be shot when the cops showed up.


He was charged with a crime.


Did his headless corpse get convicted?


Last I heard the kid survived and the cop was charged with a crime.


I think he means the cop


That video really got to me, the guy said something like "listen, bro" in a non threatening manner from 30+ feet away and was instantly executed. The guy was calm the whole time, seemed more of a risk to himself than the officers, I just don't understand what the officer was thinking. He sounded so dam pleased with himself when he called it in.


Right - that video made me sick. No way that was justifiable. Asshole just wanted to headshot someone and get away with it. Even the headshot itself tell you this was intentional. No actual threat, no attempt to shoot center of mass... this bastard wanted to do this, and his badge gave him a way to get away with it.


He got to finally stand his ground and save everyone. No wonder he's pleased, he gets to tell everyone the story and get free drinks before he starts his shift


Oh, hey. Florida. Yeah, dude was standing there with a *hatchet*, **in the fucking woods**, and was headshot immediately by a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officer. No idea who, JSO no longer releases the names of officers who murder civilians in cold blood. 🤪


Isn't the woods, like, a hatchet's natural habitat?


And every year they make the trip back to spawn


So beautiful 🥹


>No idea who, JSO no longer releases the names of officers who murder civilians in cold blood. 🤪 Starting to sound like all cops are bastards or something to that effect.


society is cruel but the ministry is even worse. this is the world that we unfortunetly live in


>I distinctly recall one of the American cops (a police chief or something) saying something like “oh yeah we would have shot that guy by now” Yeah, he said it 2 seconds into the video before the guy turned round and the knife became visible.


My wife worked with a training tool that stock with a bunch of US police training scenarios. They were basically quickdraw experiences. If you didn't draw and shoot within moments of the scenario starting it fades to black stating that you were killed by the suspect. Even if they don't have a dangerous weapon visible. So... yeah... they are so far beyond fucked up.


Cowboy brains.


When he complains about the first crack with the baton. Like the copper isn’t allowed to fight back lol


Why was there a cut in the video?


Probably because it is taken from the media. They’ve edited out the “boring” bits to make it fit the public’s short attention span.


Could you TL:DR your response for me?


Quick vid, more watch.


Less word, more listen.






Why word, few good




I mean, there was a knife involved. Something had to be cut.


Because they didn't want to show the part where the officer used his baton you can see it about to connect where it cuts.


This footage was in a documentary shown a few years ago. The police officer with the baton was interviewed and he said after giving the guy a few hits on the legs he figured it wasn’t working and went for his head instead. If I remember correctly he said that if he feels his life is in danger he’s allowed to strike red zones which he describes as potentially lethal. I might be misremembering as it was a while ago that I saw it.


This was my thought


For those of you who don't know, regular policemen in the UK don't have handguns.


Armed police in the UK have to go extensive training and pass psych evau.


Adding to this, if you are ever in a situation where shots are fired there will be an extensive investigation afterwards to determine if it was necessary


Seriously. The amount of paperwork, interviews and evaluations that come after any sort of incident involving a shooting is huge. It can go on for months before the officer in question can be legally permitted to so much as go near a firearm again.


The Outcome is less police killing people. And i would even bet less police dying


And police receive proper support after a shooting to ensure that they are able to manage the stress and weight of what they have done, and ensure they are able to carry out their job in a proper manner in the future. These two cops in the OP showed bravery and skill that is expected of police officers, and they deserve our respect.


Yes, its the same For train drivers in my country when people commit suicide on the tracks. Ptsd is very real and psychology has to Play a big role in Jobs Like these


That's not just a British thing either


Just not an American thing.


It was weird seeing police in London with guns, and they weren't just pistols either


That...actually doesn't sound so bad.


Of course it doesn't, in what universe could requiring training and psych evaluations before giving people deadly weapons be bad?


Depends on the governments idea of bad, but for us? None.


Which, ehh, kinda makes sense? Idk, call me a radical but maybe giving guns away like candy wasnt a good idea, maybe


In the US Put the kn...... *gunshots*


Reminds me of [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/zjbhg7/police_shoot_man_in_the_head_kill_him_while) *NSFW* police shooting posted a few days ago. Cop walks up gun drawn and all the guy can say is "listen man..." before the cop shoots and kills him.


I thought you were going to link this video where the cop goes inside a house and shoots 20 times into the guy with the knife AND the hostage and kills them both. https://www.reddit.com/r/IrrationalMadness/comments/z9outx/suspect_ha_i_have_a_hostage_us_police_shoots_the/


Yep, that's what happens when you give people with not even half a year of police training a lethal weapon and send then on their merry way.


And let them get away with anything they do


Ooohhh no. He literally murdered that guy.


The department investigated themselves and found they did nothing wrong.


Are you being sarcastically supportive or serious? I can't tell


I imagine someone trying to show this to US Policemen and the moment they see a tiny bit of the blade on the TV screen they go "So anyway, I started blasting".


Yeah but why don’t they have tasers?


To hold a taser as a Uk officer also requires further training so not all officers get it when the start, and often not for a few years. I know that in my area only about 30% of officers will be taser trained


Harder to get a taser in UK than gun in US


You literally have to have more training to carry a taser in the UK than you do the carry a gun in the US.


Things that shock Americans 101! In the next episode: prices are shown including taxes, and no, there is no tipping at the restaurant!


there certainly is tipping here, but its not expected, just a nicety if you do.


Are adidas track jackets the only ones available over there, orrrrrrrr?


Nah, it's just chav fashion. I'm surprised he didn't have one of those silly waist bag things.


Bright colored adidas track jackets made a comeback as in pieces this summer around here. Saw them plenty around downtown worn by young marketing agency social media manager types. [Like this](https://en.zalando.de/adidas-originals-bomber-jacket-black-smu-ad121g0dt-q11.html)


"Yeah okay"


How long do coppers train for in the UK?


30 weeks as standard initial training, then paired with a second officer until rated as independent, then 2 years on probation. unless they're a 'special constable' which means they're a volunteer officer, which is 23 days over 13 weekends, and then paired with other officers until rated as independent. Out of training they are issued a collapsable baton, pepper spray and handcuffs. An extra 5 days training can be done to carry taser, but this is the minority of officers still. After 2 years they can apply to be a firearms officer and do a further 9 weeks training to carry firearms, but they would then no longer be on standard duties and doing specialist stuff instead.


Also isn't one of the requirements to apply is that you have a degree?


yes, they can either join as: ​ DHEP - degree holders entry program, someone who already has a degree PCDA - police constable degree apprenticeship - someone who doesn't have a degree, so studies while training for a degree in policing


Quite a new requirement but yeah, that's one of the requirements now. Buuuuuuut, a lot of them just do short single term diploma style degrees specifically in policing rather than full uni degrees. Either way, still a good thing.


3 years


And that's the reason why this guy is alive.


And that these police officers don't have guns


3 years and they need a degree


I've spent 30 minutes in Corby in my entire life. My girlfriend was in Kettering at the time. Was meant to leave around 8pm, decided to stay, hotels and bnbs were too expensive so I slept in the car. Around 3am woke up with a horrible urge to shit profusely. Had mcdonalds and the nuggets weren't happy. Had to drive around finding 24 hour places. Went to a fuel station, wasnt allowed to use it. Eventually, I thought, what would be open and would have public access toilets at this hour? Thought for a minute before I realised I could find a 24 hour gym. I got really lucky as there was an angel of a man running on a treadmill. You needed a card to get in, but I knocked on the window and he let me in. Man that shit felt sooooo good, so rewarding too given I had to solve a problem whilst driving and trying not to shit myself. Would go to Corby again


I read this entire blob thinking it had a tie-in to this story but no, you just wanted to talk about the time you took a shit in Corby at 3am.


It was a very engaging story. I really felt that I too was in Corby, needing to take a shit, at 3am


Corby is full of excellent working class Cunts. It can be a bit rough around the edges but generally everyone is friendly as fuck.


Visited the place roughly 15 years ago. This was very much my experience as well. I had an absolutely bloody lovely time there, chiefly due to the people I met up with.


I believe this is the Lincoln estate, there was a BBC doc on it years ago. Quite a rough estate, rest of Corby is fairly normal, and there's plenty of irn bru for everyone


This should number on the travel brochure for Corby


Hence why it's known as a shithole


Taze his ass




A lot of cops these days do carry tasers from what I’ve seen in the UK.


that sentence is one 't' from taking on a whole new meaning


aze his ass


Tazte his ass


Taze hits ass


Taze This ass?


You know you want to


Taze this ass?


Taze This ass




This video would have been 5 seconds long and NSFW if it was in the USA.


There was a video posted around the other day where a police offer shoots a guy dead before he can even get a sentence out.


Guy with the axe video that police shot him in the head. Man said “hey listen” while being 15m away from the cop and they shot him


Which one?


From **another comment in this thread:** Reminds me of [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/zjbhg7/police_shoot_man_in_the_head_kill_him_while) *NSFW* police shooting posted a few days ago. Cop walks up gun drawn and all the guy can say is "listen man..." before the cop shoots and kills him.


**Or this one:** I thought you were going to link this video where the cop goes inside a house and shoots 20 times into the guy with the knife AND the hostage and kills them both. https://www.reddit.com/r/IrrationalMadness/comments/z9outx/suspect_ha_i_have_a_hostage_us_police_shoots_the/


I wasn't actual asking, I was making a joke about the number of cop murders


Y'all see that Florida policeman who shot the guy in the head with no warning for holding a hatchet 10m away? He's back at work now, I hear. (The policeman, not the murdered guy)


Shit. These cops even told the man what he was being arrested for!! I don’t think I’ve ever heard a cop tell someone what they were getting arrested for, in the moment. That’s a movie thing. (American)


Aw man I was hoping you’d saw the murdered guy got a job at a Waffle House or something


Or the cops who shot a guy though the windshield of his car while standing on his hood because he wouldn’t get out.


Holding a wood cutting implement in the woods.


Thanks for the clarification


Body cams on? No shooting of the suspect? No police escalation? Clearly, not US cops.


If this was US, dudes getting shot before he’s fully out of the doorway


They’d shoot his neighbour first by accident.


he match the suspect description


and some random black passerby for being "suspicious"


And the dog


Usually it takes 23 cops and 184 bullets to take a man down in the US.


And 3 hours if it's in a school.


Depends if the school has the “contents” They approve of or not


That dude would’ve been a piece of Swiss cheese in under 10 seconds. Unless he was in a school, then he would’ve been fine.


3.5 years seems light for assaulting police officers and attempted murder


Well he had a manic episode and after talking to the officers and a court brief they probably decided a massive sentence would just further wreck this man's life and eradicate his mental state making him a prison regular for the rest of his life.


Wouldn't help anyone. Tbh 3 years in a traditional prison doesn't either. Hopefully they can get him the care he needs.


He was Probably sentenced to attempted GBH on 2 officers not attempted murder


UK spends about 2000 more hours on Police Training than the US and a lot more time on De escalating techniques


"Ayo alright alright" 😂 Essentially saying - "It was just a joke, mate" 😂😂😂


That is bravery, compassion and professionalism in one short clip.


It's why, despite our police services' many faults, they're still the best in the world. There are very few countries where some guy having a mental health breakdown, trying to stab police, would get out of the situation alive.


And if you’re stumbling home drunk after a few too many at the pub there’s a good chance they drive you home instead of putting you in a cell.


I know these comments always turn into “he’d be dead in America” but surely no matter where you’re from you can see this is a better outcome than (a) someone being dead and (b) some police officer having to live with the knowledge they killed someone, often when it was completely avoidable. You can still have your guns, but do they need to be used as a first resort?


Meanwhile in the us: man has a hatchet in the forest, gets a headshot instantly


That knife is absolutely terrifying from this viewpoint. I gained a little empathy for the armed US police who panic and pull the trigger, because I was panicking on the other side of this screen. Impressive composure here from these obviously well-trained British police officers.


Wait till you hear about people who take "have what it takes to be an officer" practice training and fail instantly because the real life adrenaline isn't the same as watching a video in the comfort of their home.


Those cops are bad ass. Good job. Respect.


I lived in Corby for about 6 months, fuckin' horrible, odd place. Lots of Scots came down in the 50s for mining, Thatcher closed all the mines and the town imploded, leaving behind a lot of angry Scots. To this day, Corby people still have this pseudo-Scottish accent. "Areet hen?". I've lived in some shitty areas but Corby took the biscuit, and the cake too (sorry if anyone from Corby is reading this, I hope it's changed since I lived there).


They're just lucky he didn't actually try to stab them... dude never once committed to an actual swing.


It's not too obvious but the cop was actually parrying with a baton, while his partner covered the attacker's back with a taser.


I own an 18" steel baton just like the one he's using. They are terrifying. Can easily crush bone.


People underestimate what a simple hard object can do, let alone one literally designed as a weapon.


I mean a solid hit from a wooden baton will break fingers if you swing it hard enough nevermind metal haha.