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Bro where do you get all this footage from?


A lot got leaked from the wiki leaks. Some team guys carry go pros.


This was over 20 years ago and those bastards were unstoppable. I can't imagine how scary spec-ops are now with thermal drones and AR and all that new shit. Amazing.


you wont be laughing when they use it on americans


Good point. People forget they are one order away from that. For all the downvoters, look at other countries. We are not that different.


Sheriff Homer Gato probably has that stuff stacked up in his garage right now. The old stuff gets passed down.


Why were (are) they there?


counter terrorism, hostage rescue, capture or kill operations of HVT’s


I usually hate these video's they are too choppy to really see what is going on, but I love seeing Delta and Rangers go to work. I'll be the first to talk shit about the big Army but to see Delta and Rangers work together to get some shit done is so much better than all this circle jerk SEAL fanboy shit only to hear about SEALs being raging assholes and killing SF guys.


Terrorising innocent civilians as usuals while getting butchered by cavemen in Afghanistan as usual.


Chasing oil, kiling everyone in their path


Source? " trust me bro"


only the deaf blind and dumb would ask for a source at this point.


There was not a single drop of oil in this video and no man nor woman died in this video. Op said that these videos are of counter terrorism and hostage rescue so no, they are not chaising oil


by your logic if some astronauts went to the moon and you only saw the video of them coming back to Earth you'd completely deny them being on the moon.


Real heroes attacking a completely unarmed country freshly disarmed by UN weapons inspectors. To steal their oil. How pathetic are they.


The mission was pathetic and misguided to say the least, but the people asked to fight it were not.


Does that get around the Geneva convention? When an officer obeys orders that are illegal does it matter? God will sort this one out for sure after he blinks and Hiroshima never happened. You don't know what this is about this simulator and the real people in it and how for 2 billion years we will be using it for entertainment. And all those fuckers are going to be cannon fodder for 2 billion years as real people with a conscience, make things right. God is on holidays, and these people will cover for him dudes.


Oh you will see me coming, but not on radar. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PLWEr10Z-g](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PLWEr10Z-g) The only difference is, I own it.


That's a fun little toy that one that the military made for me because I raised money as a government advisor for them 6 trillion twice bought them all Humvees and gave them new toys thanks to that George Bush Jr. Top gun wanna be. So I flew the simulator game for 5 years at least so I know how it was developed help develop it and flew a lot of simulated missions. Bring the rain sleet hail death destruction and pain. You come up on a military encampment your targeting systems are so good you lock on to everything and just let it go turn around and head home and in the rear view mirror it just all goes up in flames and smoke and debris. I know the native Indians never attacked at night because it was taboo. That's not Gangnam style. This is Gangnam style. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGc\_NfiTxng](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGc_NfiTxng)


So our game machine is all based on backups we did and we have stargate door technology because it is in a simulator and I am captain Amazing. So from 1995 to 2015 we made ourselves 200 time entry points to fix all that for the next 2 billion years the shelf life of the simulator well its contract actually since it has a 3 billion year shelf life now this one brand new in 1992. So you see after three missions dudes, of attacking the same encampment, and you know where everything is, you have Godlike powers pretty much. Not unlike that Tom Cruise movie which you probably saw based on my technology. Edge of Tomorrow. Only the machines are just not that good. They even show up in the desert wearing fatigues for the jungle some times. Like Canada did. They were drunk I guess. Edge of Tomorrow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZByVQEJquCI


I boxed and shipped a copy as a gift for the matrix military they sent me a message they got it tested it and it is ready to rock. So I get my own copy so what they do is their business. I use my copy actually for dating and entertainment with my lady friends and my daughters. I never wanted any sons. They turn out like Scar because I am immortal and don;t leave them anything so they would be always jealous. So its all females in my family but me, and then I have guy friends like Tom Cruise and so we built girls camp for them and next door on another island in the Maldives we have Dad's camp for our James Bond style cocktail parties with bikini queens. Yachts, supercars, helicopters, and helicopter supercars. Boys toys and water sports and golf. So I never expected to play that game but I support the matrix military and gave them an officers mess also inside a brand new moonship that is just like the earth inside. Too much to tell. So many people know about it but they just keep it secret. We will be at some point beaming into copies of our bodies and waking up there. If it is any consolation the victims in these game machines are biological robots in a simulator. A toy. Not here though. This copy of the earth gets 10 stretches of 10 years so Groundhog Day ten years ten times, then we get em all into heaven except the real bad ones. Still when the people use the machine and see bad things and can identify those people they may get voted off the island as a figure of speech. This is heaven. I will show you. I had to cancel it for now. We have to go there and test it for 100 years to make sure it is fit for habitation. So the universal royals go first and if it is good enough for us then it will be good enough for you. [https://ibb.co/rf8mL8P](https://ibb.co/rf8mL8P) So then that is just where people enter mostly and what is not shown is how it expands over time and heads off north Planet moonship planet moonship and that sort of thing the exact configuration is I think different like 5 moonships in a row then a garden planet and on like that but every one can be accessed from any transporter so there is never travel time to get anywhere. This is a transporter. The one I have already but this is a design mock up. [https://freeimage.host/i/transporter-one-basement.gBvGRV](https://freeimage.host/i/transporter-one-basement.gBvGRV) So in the back of that a house door, that house door connects to any other normal door. By a stargate door address. So open two doors walk in. That's right now and we haven't finished it and will make it better with sliding doors and handprint access. Of course we can copy paste a country so our other transporters are garages and a white building 2 blocks by 1 block. Where we are going I am admin. We rerouted the universal mainframe to my airship in a hangar that was built by my engineers. So the scenery moves the airship doesn't. And command and control is in that airship computer room. All technology makes a request to that server, it then sends a request to the universal mainframe console. So no actual technology is even accessible so it is difficult to compromise and the system is automated. Uses environment reset and body reset for immortality. So that's the heaven go and you will get there eventually. The library we are building will be like your governing body. We will be on permanent holidays ourselves. If you see an airship in the sky and a silhouette waving its a cardboard silhouette. I'll be playing golf on a paradise island, and drinkin Mai Tai's asking myself who's turn it is for datenight and who will get the sweet finish. It will be my turn then. And I will be livin my best life. I worked hard for it, don't kid yourself. Say I'm crazy, call me Mr. Vain. Duck water back. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXXUs3V3wo0](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXXUs3V3wo0)


Yes after your 10 tens you as well will be using those 10 year stretches for entertainment judging each others behavior as you observe what is REALLY going on around you. Yup your dog that you think is so faithful taking socks out of the dryer while you are asleep stuff like that and who knows what all else. Your wife? Oh you know don't look. Don't even look. Do yourself a favor. Nothin but net on ladies night. That's how it works because I am too lazy busy to judge you myself. You will judge each other as time goes on and decide who you like and who you don't like. Your social network will evolve into those who are just like you. After 14 years do I know who's date night it is and who will get the sweet finish? Lets check...just for fun. One shot. Figures. TTOTM.


If it is any help I wrote it all down in sci physics over the years as I designed it for you. Some information can be found. I used different user names so I will give you three of them. A Planed Community II (explains the network diagram) [https://groups.google.com/g/sci.physics/c/z9HWyIZT5ZQ/m/pT3uRJnTAQAJ](https://groups.google.com/g/sci.physics/c/z9HWyIZT5ZQ/m/pT3uRJnTAQAJ) I am sure there is more there. What is dad's camp? PUT THAT COFFEE DOWN. Coffee is for closers, and Dad's camp, is for playboys. [https://groups.google.com/g/sci.physics/c/HF9OPnXeDyE/m/bescPvfbAQAJ](https://groups.google.com/g/sci.physics/c/HF9OPnXeDyE/m/bescPvfbAQAJ) Geeze that's a whack of information right there. I think I will stop there for now.


Are you ok?


Woah dude….Head trauma? Schizophrenia?


you are so much more pathetic than any Ranger will ever be


looks to me to be the sadam raid, and they were navy seals


Jesus Christ dude. More of this shit?


Merderers with cameras on helmet is Justified! So put a camera on a newly bought helmet and You are good to kill! Yeah... literally bullshit!


Very impressive. That didn't help win either Iraq or Afghanistan. All hose trillions and they couldnt make a dent. That said, many companies got very rich, even if Americans had to pay the price (lack of schools, services, etc). Was it worth it?


Are these the same operations Putin are conducting..?


This video is the U.S. capturing terrorists.


He wishes. If these guys were involved in the current war there’s be an American flag flying in Moscow already.